Towers of Aghasba hits PS5 next year – new gameplay details

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Towers of Aghasba hits PS5 next year – new gameplay details

Maintain the balance between nature and civilization while restoring the land of your people.

Open-world builder games are amazing, aren’t they? We definitely think so, which is why we set out to reimagine the genre. We fantasized about a game where you could shape the towns and the environments you encounter. A game where you don’t just experience pre-designed creations but become a creator yourself. This sowed the seed for our studio’s very first game.

Towers of Aghasba hits PS5 next year – new gameplay details

Dreamlit is thrilled to introduce Towers of Aghasba, where players can build vast settlements and grow sprawling ecosystems on their fantasy island. Express your creativity by developing your island in any way you want, while striking a balance between advancing your civilization and maintaining the island’s ecosystem.

As a young builder returning to your ancestral land of Aghasba, you are tasked with helping your tribe rebuild their lost civilization. However, the desolate island can barely sustain the people of your tribe.

The gods of Aghasba are wary of the return of humans to the island as well. They fear the destruction of the land that came with the growth of human civilization in the past. To appease the gods, you must learn to strike a balance between rebuilding your civilization and fostering Aghasba ’s mystical ecosystem. Maintaining this balance creates a unique dynamic that sets Towers apart from other building games.

Regrowing Aghasba’s diverse and complex ecosystems will ensure the survival of your tribe, while earning the favor of the gods. Every ecosystem attracts unique flora and fauna that will provide the resources you need to build your settlements and advance your civilization. Watching the dead lands come back to life from your own actions is a sight to behold!

To support the return of your tribe to Aghasba, you need to build multiple villages and settlements around the island. Every village offers unique items, tools, and buildings that shape how your tribe develops. Express your creativity by building structures in your settlements that celebrate your people’s history.

Towers of Aghasba also offers a surreal atmosphere and original lore, with its mysterious, expansive world teeming with wonders. As you explore the dynamic, ever-changing island, you will encounter strange beings, brave the treacherous Withered Lands, uncover your tribe’s lost history, and unravel the mysteries of the island from its mountain peaks to the depths beneath its waters.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, creativity, or wonderment, Towers of Aghasba promises to offer a fresh take on the building genre for all players. We are beyond excited to introduce this gorgeous and surreal world to everyone.

We have plenty more surprises in store for you in the coming months. Be sure to keep a close eye on all our social media channels to stay updated with the latest news and announcements. Towers of Aghasba is set to release on PlayStation 5 in the summer of 2024.

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