New Immortals of Aveum trailer highlights enemies of the realm

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New Immortals of Aveum trailer highlights enemies of the realm

Summon your power, stop the Everwar, save realms on July 20.

Are you ready to save the realms from the Everwar? The fate of Aveum hangs in the balance as Rasharn pushes Lucium and its allies to the brink of destruction. But fear not, because Jak and the Order of the Immortals are here to save the day. In Immortals of Aveum, you’ll get to experience an action-packed single-player first-person magic shooter.

Know your enemies 

In this new trailer, you get a sight of Sandrakk, the Tyrant of Rasharn and Grand Magnus of the Order of Masks, who is hellbent on conquering Lucium and winning the Everwar for the control of all magic. He is your nemesis. Sandrakk is protected by his champion: The Hand. Her lightning raids across Lucium’s borders have earned her the fear and enmity of the Immortals. She masters force magic and leads the Order of Masks. Then, we have the Morbane. He’s an Oathbroken of Kalthus who’s now part of Rasharn’s Order of Mask and Sandrakk’s Butcher. He led the siege of Lavenry, the capital of Lucium, and he did it with pure brutality and fear. 

New Immortals of Aveum trailer highlights enemies of the realm

Powerful bosses and battlemages are not the only enemies in this world: your skills will be tested to the limit by fearsome fantasy beasts and magical constructs. First up, we have the Brutes. They are Nightblades who have been  magically-augmented warriors. They were originally created for the Kalthus campaigns, but now they’re being used as shock troops in Rasharn’s northern attacks. 

Next, we have the Leylodons. These creepy, worm-like creatures from the Shrouded Realm are attracted to weakened leylines like a moth to a flame. They come to feast on the last of the magic in the area, and you do not want to be around when they do. 

Then there are the Chroniclers. These magical constructs were driven insane by the Gatterond and now roam the sky-islands of Oremen, causing destruction everywhere they go. 

Last but not least, we have the Howlers. These massive, winged beasts are the first wave of Sandrakk’s invasions north of the Wound. They’re fierce and relentless, so watch out when you hear their howls in the distance. 

Fast and fluid spell-based combat

You’ll need to be strategic with your magic spells, using all three colors of magic to your advantage. Want to shower your targets with Blue Magic Shrikebolts before finishing them off with a devastating Red Magic Blastwave? Go for it in a theatrically big finish! 

Or maybe you’ll want to use Lash to grapple foes within range and engulf them in a flurry of Red Magic Fragfire blasts, shredding their armor and softening them up for a deluge of rapid-fire Green Magic Stormshards. 

Of course, there’s no harm in focusing on the pure melee simplicity of a lunging Bash attack to stagger even the toughest enemies. 

Whatever your strategy, you can use each color of magic to discover and unlock combos: Red Magic embodies entropy and carnage. Its spells can create, rend, and harness energy in devastating ways, manipulating it to unleash a destructive beam or disrupting it to disorient enemies. Blue Magic embodies force and the physical manipulation of matter; precision bolts, shields and defensive walls, or manipulation of gravity. Blue magic also powers a Magnus’ ability to grapple, push, or pull objects. Green Magic embodies growth, death, and transition. Spells manipulate enemies and objects by altering them or their surroundings. Bind objects in place, misdirect with illusions, or rend an enemy’s ability to use magic. 

Get ready to face off against a diverse array of enemies, each with their own unique abilities and weaknesses.

Venture into new worlds

But it’s not just about combat. You’ll also get to explore the lands of Aveum, each with its own unique environment and aesthetics that you can see in the trailer: 

  • Kalthus – A rugged land surrounded by mountains, covered in cold swaths of snow, and draped in forested beauty.
  • The Pale Forest – This ancient forest in eastern Lucium hides mysterious secrets.
  • The Underdwell – A vast network of underground tunnels and caverns, near Mount Dresnyr, a large dormant volcano.
  • The Library of Akoth – A library once dedicated to the distribution of magic to the masses, located in the Sky-Islands of Oremen.

So what are you waiting for? Summon your power, dive into Immortals of Aveum, and help Jak and the Order of the Immortals save the realms from the Everwar! Pre-order the Standard Edition and get the Purified Arclight Sigil – A unique blue Arclight sigil that increases Shred on Jak’s blue Strike spells, while also boosting damage of his Shatter Fury spell. Pre-order Immortals of Aveum Deluxe Edition and get the Ancient Relics of Aveum Pack, containing nine exclusive items that will boost your powers and spells. Discover them here

Immortals of Aveum is developed by Ascendant Studios, an independent AAA team led by Bret Robbins, creative director of Dead Space and Call of Duty, and published by EA Originals. The game launches on PlayStation 5 on July 20, 2023.

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