Meet the friends and foes of The Plucky Squire’s storybook world

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Meet the friends and foes of The Plucky Squire’s storybook world

Watch the new trailer and meet a host of weird and wonderful characters as you embark on this page-turning adventure.

In The Plucky Squire, our hero realizes that they are now the main character in a storybook. They must deal with this mind-blowing revelation while also grappling with a rather nasty villain who wishes to take control of their book. More on him later. The storybook land in which our cast of characters reside is called Mojo – a realm of creativity.

Here are some of the friends and foes you’ll meet there.


The Plucky Squire himself, Jot is a brave adventurer and the champion of the land. He is also a writer, and details his escapades in a series of novels that are bestsellers among the people of Mojo. Jot is dashing, nimble, brave of heart, and can K.O angry honey badgers with a single punch.


Jot’s childhood friend Violet is a trainee witch who’s also an artist, full of creative energy and passion. She may be a bit messy with her paints and potions, but she’s good-hearted, determined, and has a fantastic eye for colour and composition. She’s a city girl who hails from Mojo’s capital; Artia.


An easy-going mountain Troll and a wicked metal drummer. Thrash left his tribal land many years ago, descending from his mountain to roam the land of Mojo and take in its beautiful sights. He’s a mellow dude but has a strong set of principles that he will unwaveringly stand up for. Thrash is also Jot’s childhood friend, and, along with Violet, the three form a tight-knit trio.


A wise sorcerer who also likes to DJ in his spare time. Eccentric, curious, and formidable, Moonbeard is a one-of-a-kind wizard with magical energy buzzing from the tip of his hat all the way down to the soles of his stylish flip-flops. Moonbeard guides our young heroes on how to live up to their potential and one day become warriors of Mojo. He is also one of the few people in Mojo who knows the secret of its reality and has his watchful eye on anything that might threaten its pages.


A little mouse with a big heart and a can-do attitude, Pip is Moonbeard’s buddy and helper. You will not find a braver rodent in all of Mojo.


A horribly bad-tempered sorcerer intent on turning everything in the land of Mojo upside down. He despises the Plucky Squire for all the praise and attention he gets, and wants nothing more than to kick Jot out of the book so that he can become its main character – rewriting its story to be about the most interesting subject of all – him, him, him!

Off The Page

In order to thwart Humgrump’s dastardly plans, our heroes must adventure across the land of Mojo, to its very borders, and even…beyond. Jot leaves the book’s pages and finds himself in a strange new world – a desk full of oversized paint pots and toys.

He must explore this new realm to find items that might help him in the battle against the nefarious Humgrump. During his excursions on this desk, Jot will fight huge beetles, jump inside illustrations, and even jetpack through the air.

The Plucky Squire will gain new abilities from his time in this unfamiliar realm, but Humgrump also has a few tricks up his wizard’s sleeve. Jot and his friends will need to summon all their might and plucky spirit if they are to keep Humgrump from tearing the very pages of their world apart.

You may not be a character in a storybook, but you can become one in The Plucky Squire – and write your own tale of adventure on PlayStation 5 this year.

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