Play Has No Limits: Digging deeper into yesterday’s PS5 announcements

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Play Has No Limits: Digging deeper into yesterday’s PS5 announcements

Get more insight into yesterday's PS5 announcements from Eric Lempel, PlayStation's Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience.

Eric Lempel is PlayStation’s Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience. And he has a deep history with the company, spanning way, way back to the pre-PS2 days. That made him the perfect guy to shed new light on yesterday’s PS5 announcements and hardware reveal. 

Listen to our full chat on the new episode of PlayStation Blogcast. Read on for some key excerpts from our conversation, condensed and edited for readability.

PSB: Why has it taken so long to see PS5 games in action?

Eric: Coming out of PlayStation 4, all of the success we’ve seen, and the fans’ passion for the brand, we really wanted to make sure we delivered strongly with PlayStation 5.

As we’ve said many times, PS5 is truly a next-generation console. It’s a leap ahead. And we wanted to wait for the right time when everything lined up. And I think, and I hope, that fans saw that we had a great mix of content from our partners and our studios, and that we delivered on expectations. 

Eric Lempel / PlayStation’s Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience

PSB: We also got our first look at PS5. Can you give us any insight into how the console design made its way out to the public?

Eric: I’ll give you a little story. Many months ago, I was in Tokyo. I got an invite to a meeting with Jim Ryan, our President [and CEO], and a bunch of other people. Pretty small group. And it was on a floor in the Sony headquarters building that I’d never been to before. The subject of the meeting was, “design.” So I thought I was going to a design meeting. And I got to this floor, and… there were a few doors you had to get through… you finally end up in this mini vault, a walk-in vault type of thing. There are these nice lights up above shining down. And there it was. Everything you saw today… PlayStation 5 was there, both units. The whole line of peripherals.

And while I think everybody got a good view today, with all the shots you saw in the show. When you see this thing in person, there are a lot of nice, surprising features… it’s gorgeous, it’s just a marvel. I think people are going to love having in their home, it’s something they’ll want to show off.

PSB: We’ve learned that there are two PlayStation 5 systems. What can you tell me about the logic and the strategy there?

Eric: The idea here is, there’s a second [PS5] that represents the growth of the digital business over the years…. And a lot of consumers have shifted the way they interact with our products. Part of my job, and my team’s, is to talk to consumers all the time, understand what they like and what they want. And there’s a segment of consumers that just want to go digital.

So this is the answer to that need. It’s a discless version [of PS5]. It’s important to note that, it’s essentially the same product. You’re not talking about any change to features, or any change to power. It’s the same product, with slight cosmetic differences, and no disc drive. So it’s all digital.

PSB: What is the strategy with PS5 when it comes to exclusive titles and working with partners?

Eric: Similar to what we did with PS4, our teams spoke with developers well in advance of releasing the product. And we talked to developers about what they wanted in a next-generation console…. and a lot of their feedback went into the design of the PlayStation 5 architecture.

And with that, we found that along the way, they were creating some great games that matched up so well to the platform and the ambition we’re trying to achieve. So we’re really fortunate because there are a ton of great titles, as you saw today, and a lot of them are exclusive.

All in, we showed about 13 titles that are launching exclusively on PlayStation 5. And those exclusive arrangements range from a few months to a couple of years. You saw some great titles: Godfall from Gearbox, Death Loop from Bethesda, Project Athia from Square Enix… 

What I’m really happy about is that, this time around, there are a large number of independent developers who are also going to be with us around the launch timeframe. So you saw some of those titles today: The Pathless from Annapurna, Bugsnax from Young Horses. And then a franchise that goes back to the first PlayStation, with Oddworld. We have Oddworld Soulstorm from Oddworld Inhabitants… it’s great to see how far that franchise has come, and how it will be introduced to a whole new generation on PS5.

PSB: I was somewhat blown away by the number of titles that were shown by PlayStation Studios. Is it the most that have ever been debuted as part of a new console cycle?

Eric: This, by far, is the biggest [first-party] lineup we have ever had in the history of PlayStation. We’re so fortunate that we have so many beloved titles and characters that people have grown up with over the years. I’m amazed at how well our studios are delivering against the launch timeframe. Today you saw really big, well-established franchises that people have known for years… Gran Turismo, Ratchet & Clank. 

Then you’re seeing somewhat new franchises making an appearance on PlayStation 5, like with our big closer [Horizon]. Then we have one of my favorites with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Miles has become such a beloved character, people are absolutely obsessed with him. And now you’re going to get to play him on PS5. Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of my favorite titles, it’s the last Platinum trophy I received… we can’t wait to get these out.

Play Has No Limits: Digging deeper into yesterday’s PS5 announcements

There was another big one in there, people have been looking for it for years. And that was the Demon’s Souls remake… I’ve been fortunate enough to see it, and play it just a bit. It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s stunning. When people see this… especially if they’re fans, they’ll be amazed. And if they haven’t played it, this is the way to do it.

Listen to the full interview on the Official PlayStation Podcast.

PlayStation 5 – The Future of Gaming

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  • I would love to see the rear ports of the PS5. Does it have a rear USB port for external drives?

  • Does anyone know if PS5 is going to be able to connect with more than 4 controllers

  • I feel stupid for assuming but I’m guessing that when the PS5 is vertical the disc’s logo goes facing the left side?

  • People complaining about backwards compatibility – Sony has already solved this problem with PSNow. Because of the prior custom architectures it will not be possible to have backwards compatibility for 1,2, and 3. They would all have to be locally emulated. PS4 should be no problem. If I get PS5 I will still own my prior consoles and can just use those for the games not on PSNow. Xbox has always been Intel x32/64 architecture so its not a big deal for them to provide easy backwards compatibility.

    • Exactly!! I honestly was skeptical about PSNow but its legit great! If they can add PS1 and more PS2 to the library it will be amazing!

  • Seeing the physical hardware, games to look forward to, and hearing about the specs and performance capabilities of the PS5 are no doubt all important details. However, despite the importance of all those things I really have a lot of interest in how the next generation will improve our experience from a UI standpoint.
    There is no question that the existing PS store has many flaws in it’s functionality; a lack of filters, duplication of the same promoted products on multiple pages/locations, and a general rudimentary feeling all around.
    I would really love to see many improvements in the store, not only to make my own browsing experience more enjoyable, because I can’t imagine it would not be advantageous for Sony to have better ways for players to find what they’re looking for, and also provide better ways to find things they didn’t know they were looking for.
    Many of the categories have already been built, the problem is that you have to look in several locations for the same thing because not everything similar is put in the same location, as you would expect. For example right now (in the US store) if you wanted to find sale items you would look at the Deals page, there you could find the Days of Play, 75% sale, games under $15, and PS+ deals. However for PS+ deals you could also back out and head to the PS+ page or to the PS+ from the home screen. This will still not show you everything that is currently discounted in the store though, doing a search for Judgment you will find that it’s 60% off, but featured on none of the sale pages.

    I think the existing store leaves much to be desired compared UI expectations of the current age of online shopping, some very basic improvements could consist of:

    1) Better sorting options; the ability to jump pages (as opposed to simply scrolling through), the ability to jump to specific characters (IE: When sorting alphabetically you may also choose to skip directly to the first game starting with a specific letter/number/character as opposed to scrolling)

    2) Better filters; being able to select multiple filters at a time to narrow down searches to reflect a specific criteria (IE: If you own a motorcycle you may be familiar with RevZilla, I want to be able to search for a game the way I search for something on that site), being able to view lists of games categorized by developer or producer, year, specific high/low price ranges (customizable values determined by the user, not fixed price ranges), specific common tags/genres/game styles (IE: To use some of the existing store categories such as: RPG, FPS, Music, etc… but to also use tags such as: Openworld, Sandbox, Indie, etc…)

    3) Repurposing the predetermined pages to showcase useful and unique information and removing duplicate and convolution; (IE: “What’s Hot” and “Popular” are the same thing, “Just for You” is useless because everything “purchased” generates recommendations, even games purchased that are unliked, or free PS+ games claimed but never played), an actual page in the store where Indie titles are showcased would be something welcome that could replace the useless/broken “Play This Next”. “Free” and “Free to Play” exist in at least four locations, one main category page of “Free” with it’s subcategories of games, add ons, avatars, themes, soundtracks, etc… should suffice. “Featured” also stuffers from the same duplication issues as “Free”, it shouldn’t be main category for a rotating billboard, it should have it’s own subheadings under it. Currently in the US store (last time I opened the store) “Featured” is showcasing the Days of Play, which can be found under “Deals” and also under it’s own main category heading a mere 6 lines down. In short, we don’t need to see the same things on every page of the store, or sometime the same thing twice on the same page, and if that’s going to be the case the store could probably be cut down from 17 main categories to probably more like 10.

    There are plenty of other improvements to be made but some of those basic changes would make a world of difference. I realize that the categorization, and filters is a lot of work to create and manage, but there are plenty of companies much smaller who are doing it with many more products, and I do not believe it to be an unreasonable expectation for a technology company to be able do the same.

    My last cause for excitement is the actual UI of the systems home screens and menus. I hope to see the PS5 being as customizable as a smartphone in terms of organization and aesthetic.
    The PS4 has some very nice features, the customizable quick menu being one for example (definitely a keeper), some minor changes could really make the PS5 feel very unique from user to user. However the PS4 also has some aspects that I find infuriating, the good news being they could be very easily be rectified.
    There is again, plenty of room for improvements by making some small changes to many things, and maybe an overhaul or two. Some of the basic improvements I have considered that would be complimentary would be:

    1) Complete customization of the number of
    icons and locations of icons on the home screen, this means the option to remove/hide things like; “What’s New”, “PS Now”, “Live”, etc.. (We should be able to remove EVERYTHING that is installed from the factory from the home screen should we choose)

    2) Complete customization of the categories on the home page, this means the ability to rearrange, hide/remove categories like; “PS+”, “Communities”, “Trophies”, etc…(Basically all of them except settings should we chose)

    3) The ability to create actual custom themes (for use locally only – not for sale/transferable) using custom GFX for icons, BGM, SFX, wallpaper (home screen), and BG colors (for system menus/PS Store) A database could potentially be available for free options from any devs who have made themes for users to choose from for GFX/BGM loops/SFX or users could load their own files from a thumb drive to use.

    4) You guys (Sony) aren’t going to like this one. The ability to delete non-essential apps from the PS4, like; Playroom, PS Now, TV& Video, etc…

    5) The ability to customize the color of the LEDs on the controller based on profile settings (As opposed to P1 always being blue by default, P2 red, etc…)
    On the subject of controllers, I would suggest an option for controllers be sold with built in back buttons. I would also suggest considerations be made to split the touchpad into two buttons (like a mouse), with the touch feature functioning as normal across the two sections, but with two clickable buttons (customizable mapping option perhaps?) as opposed to one. Perhaps future games will make more use of the feature, but most games I’ve played use the entire touch pad as a giant menu button, which I find to be wasteful of space on the controller in general.

    With that, I’m looking forward to the next generation of gaming, and have high hopes and expectations from Sony.

  • What are the dimensions of this beast?

  • Sony please!!!! Be backwards compatible with ps3 I don’t care about ps1 and ps2 but my wife said I can only buy the ps5 if I got rid of the PS3. I have so many games that I play. I can’t sell the system unless I can keep the games an play them with the Ps5

  • Thank you for information
    We need know the price and what day can pre order

  • Can I use external storage to save downloaded PS5 games? I mean, I know I cannot run them, but I just want a place to store downloaded PS5 games so that I don’t have to re-download them when I want to play. It would be great if I could simply copy or move them from external storage to internal SSD whenever I want to play some PS5 games.

  • I still don’t get how a digital console helps people go digital that want to be all digital.
    Even with a disc drive, a person can go all digital. I just don’t see how the presence of a disc drive stopped people from buying digital games.
    The marketing isn’t working on me.

  • I always was a PS fan ever since 1996 PS1, but i’m not gonna buy this console.
    It is absolutely DISGUSTING. One of the worst designs i’ve EVER seen.

  • Please for the love of god you will be releasing a all black version of the PS5????

    • I’m with you 100%, i was going to get one at launch but I’m going to pass due to the hideous colour. It will look very out of place with the rest of my electronics. It will be the first time I’ll skip a launch PlayStation :’(

  • An all black version please. Someone rendered one on Reddit and it looked much smarter, less toy like. The white one would look really odd in my setup.

    • yes ore abel to replace whithe pieces whith black ones after .

      2 colors black = beter to in mi living room.

  • My only concern question is,
    Will PS5 be quieter and not overheat

  • Guys!
    They said in the reveal “launch holiday 2020”.. when is that?
    I’m not from the US so I don’t know if they mean Christmas or earlier in November or something.
    Any ideas anyone? Would really help if someone knows this :)

  • i like = how ps5 looks
    wil suport ps5 disk version = old games + movie on disk

    i buy a lot of digitale versions of games ( when sony + other publichers want to sel more digitale = do somting ath price of games )

    3 questions to sony

    1=-extra interne ssd = in empty slot ore you need to swap out the one already inside ? = stupid if you need to do ith . + you gone sel you own ssd ?
    also i hope exttenal ssd wil be suported to play old games ore to store new games .

    2=in front you see 2 usb = 2 type
    in back you have more ports ? (to les if you use external hd ore ssd . i have ssd whith you 2 usb options = so i am gone put ith in fastest on )

    3= i want to prorder in you store next ac valhalla +dying licht 2 on ps4 ( + hope them patch ore give upgrade on ps5 ) eny news on ith please ?

    games i like untile now = horizone 2

    price = 399-450€ digital only
    499-550€ disk version
    ssd 2 tb 250 € ( future ) hope in emty slot ore option to be as fast in external version
    controler 70 €
    jear abo
    ps+ licht version = storage of saves + online 20 €
    ps+medium version = same + lots of % of games 40€
    ps+ ful = al + 3 games a month 60€

    why i want ps5= to not need to hear a jet in mi living = grrrr
    to play next gen games of elderscrols – falout……

    i do not want micro crap in mi games
    ful price = ful games
    extra dlc = when you like main game you buy

    please cod + other games = size of you downloads = desaster , i hope you find solutions on next gen .

    i want option to only dowload max to 4k hdr + 1 language paket you pick + option online ore multy – ore both

    also if you can not run a game in 4k 60fps = put in every game a option of 180p 60 fps

  • Play has no limits…………. except whatever Sony censors (to protect us….lol)

  • Remember folks. Sony is testing the waters with releasing two consoles.

    Obviously Sony is hoping that the Digital Edition sells better, so they can control the market.

    I’m buying the normal PS5 which plays Discs and Digital in one package. Yeah it maybe a little beefier around its edges, but its going to save you lots of money in the long run and gaming itself.

  • :^, I’m curious whether PS5 will have an Undelete feature to recover accidentally erased Saved Game files and such? Even better, the User Data and Operating System could be on separate hard drive partitions. This way, no matter how corrupted the OS Partition gets, the User Data will be safe. I believe this is the way the Safe Mode partition still works when the OS Partition goes wonky.

  • What do you think about the leaks?
    Do you reckon the 20 November release date and 499$ price tag is legit???

  • Will data from my PS4 transfer to my PS5 (data, themes, etc.)

  • Did ps5 preorders hit amazon on june 11th. lots of listings on ebay for preorders



  • I love the design and cannot wait to have it in my hands! Kudos Sony!!

  • Is any one hyped for the PS5 release and any new Call of Duty games in the future. Also, who thinks there should be more Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) DLC Packs on the PlayStation Store. And is anyone else gonna start saving up for the PS5 ?

  • I really want to know what the true specs are for backwards compatibility.
    I also would like to know about the specs for cross play and share play.

  • will ps5 support 1440p resolution? i hope so

  • PSVR(PS5) support for RE8 and Cyberpunk 2077 please!! It will sell lots of PSVRs :)

  • Stop saying that hardly nobody cares about backwards compatibility…There’s almost all of us that care…I traded in over 100 PS2&3 games because the PS4 did not have this function I would have never done that if the system could do this…I currently have about 30 PS4 Games. I don’t even have the controller for my PS3 anymore (I use the media remote to watch movies on it). And I’ll be damned if I’ll have a PS3 a PS4 a PS5 and a PSVR system on my freaking entertainment stand…just so I can play older games. Hell they don’t or barely even support the Vita anymore which I still use on vacations & business trips, and it seems like they are getting away from supporting the VR too. They SONY needs to figure it out because if they don’t I will probably switch to PC gaming all together at least there is backwards compatibility and the VR systems are still being supported…I am 41 now and do not play games like I used to anyway..when was up until 6am knowing I have to be to work 9am. Now I have passed that stage in my life, but I am also the only one in my household that can afford to buy a new system THINK about that SONY.


  • dragdev12345yuio


  • dragdev12345yuio

    big problem amd CPU zen2
    no CPU socket , reballing GPU/APU chip !!
    30FPS 4K ??? … nooo
    60FPS full HD !!! noo
    no RTX mod ..!!! .yes
    no DirectX 12 !!! yes?!
    GFX: Linux graphics drivers !!!

  • What kind of backwards compatibility will the PS5 have? I currently have 3 consoles filling my tv stand so I can play games I love, but keeping up with updates is problematic.

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