The Pathless is coming to PS5

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The Pathless is coming to PS5

Giant Squid details how PS5’s next-gen technology sends the game soaring.

We finally get to announce it: The Pathless will be released later this year! And not just on PS4 — we’ll be launching on PlayStation 5, too!

I’m thrilled to share some new details of our game. In past dispatches I’ve told you about how you play as the Hunter, a skilled archer tasked with cleansing a cursed island with the help of an eagle companion. Now I get to tell you a few of the ways how the PS5’s next-gen technology will enhance the experience.

DualSense controller

The PS5’s DualSense Controller is a game-changer. It’ll let you feel the heartbeat of our world — the tension of drawing back a bow, the wingbeats of an eagle soaring higher, the rumbling of a distant boss readying to attack… our goal is to immerse you in the vibrant world of The Pathless, and the DualSense controller will make it feel like you’re there.

Immersive 3D audio

We built The Pathless with highly spatial 3D audio sources. We split ambient sounds into many small sources all around the environment to really immerse the player in the world. Our game features a number of exotic biomes, and the PS5’s audio technology will make it feel like you’re running, sliding, and shooting through each one of them.

Seamless open world

From day one we’ve been focusing on creating a seamless experience with no load screens on PS5. We stream our level from the disk as fast as possible, and with the unparalleled power of the PS5’s SSD we can stream in distant parts of the level with no loss of performance. Slowly filling progress bars are a thing of the past; the only thing you won’t be able to do is check your phone.

The Pathless

This is only the beginning. There are plenty more innovations to come. Stay tuned for more updates!

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