Play Has No Limits: Digging deeper into yesterday’s PS5 announcements

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Play Has No Limits: Digging deeper into yesterday’s PS5 announcements

Get more insight into yesterday's PS5 announcements from Eric Lempel, PlayStation's Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience.

Eric Lempel is PlayStation’s Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience. And he has a deep history with the company, spanning way, way back to the pre-PS2 days. That made him the perfect guy to shed new light on yesterday’s PS5 announcements and hardware reveal. 

Listen to our full chat on the new episode of PlayStation Blogcast. Read on for some key excerpts from our conversation, condensed and edited for readability.

PSB: Why has it taken so long to see PS5 games in action?

Eric: Coming out of PlayStation 4, all of the success we’ve seen, and the fans’ passion for the brand, we really wanted to make sure we delivered strongly with PlayStation 5.

As we’ve said many times, PS5 is truly a next-generation console. It’s a leap ahead. And we wanted to wait for the right time when everything lined up. And I think, and I hope, that fans saw that we had a great mix of content from our partners and our studios, and that we delivered on expectations. 

Eric Lempel / PlayStation’s Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience

PSB: We also got our first look at PS5. Can you give us any insight into how the console design made its way out to the public?

Eric: I’ll give you a little story. Many months ago, I was in Tokyo. I got an invite to a meeting with Jim Ryan, our President [and CEO], and a bunch of other people. Pretty small group. And it was on a floor in the Sony headquarters building that I’d never been to before. The subject of the meeting was, “design.” So I thought I was going to a design meeting. And I got to this floor, and… there were a few doors you had to get through… you finally end up in this mini vault, a walk-in vault type of thing. There are these nice lights up above shining down. And there it was. Everything you saw today… PlayStation 5 was there, both units. The whole line of peripherals.

And while I think everybody got a good view today, with all the shots you saw in the show. When you see this thing in person, there are a lot of nice, surprising features… it’s gorgeous, it’s just a marvel. I think people are going to love having in their home, it’s something they’ll want to show off.

PSB: We’ve learned that there are two PlayStation 5 systems. What can you tell me about the logic and the strategy there?

Eric: The idea here is, there’s a second [PS5] that represents the growth of the digital business over the years…. And a lot of consumers have shifted the way they interact with our products. Part of my job, and my team’s, is to talk to consumers all the time, understand what they like and what they want. And there’s a segment of consumers that just want to go digital.

So this is the answer to that need. It’s a discless version [of PS5]. It’s important to note that, it’s essentially the same product. You’re not talking about any change to features, or any change to power. It’s the same product, with slight cosmetic differences, and no disc drive. So it’s all digital.

PSB: What is the strategy with PS5 when it comes to exclusive titles and working with partners?

Eric: Similar to what we did with PS4, our teams spoke with developers well in advance of releasing the product. And we talked to developers about what they wanted in a next-generation console…. and a lot of their feedback went into the design of the PlayStation 5 architecture.

And with that, we found that along the way, they were creating some great games that matched up so well to the platform and the ambition we’re trying to achieve. So we’re really fortunate because there are a ton of great titles, as you saw today, and a lot of them are exclusive.

All in, we showed about 13 titles that are launching exclusively on PlayStation 5. And those exclusive arrangements range from a few months to a couple of years. You saw some great titles: Godfall from Gearbox, Death Loop from Bethesda, Project Athia from Square Enix… 

What I’m really happy about is that, this time around, there are a large number of independent developers who are also going to be with us around the launch timeframe. So you saw some of those titles today: The Pathless from Annapurna, Bugsnax from Young Horses. And then a franchise that goes back to the first PlayStation, with Oddworld. We have Oddworld Soulstorm from Oddworld Inhabitants… it’s great to see how far that franchise has come, and how it will be introduced to a whole new generation on PS5.

PSB: I was somewhat blown away by the number of titles that were shown by PlayStation Studios. Is it the most that have ever been debuted as part of a new console cycle?

Eric: This, by far, is the biggest [first-party] lineup we have ever had in the history of PlayStation. We’re so fortunate that we have so many beloved titles and characters that people have grown up with over the years. I’m amazed at how well our studios are delivering against the launch timeframe. Today you saw really big, well-established franchises that people have known for years… Gran Turismo, Ratchet & Clank. 

Then you’re seeing somewhat new franchises making an appearance on PlayStation 5, like with our big closer [Horizon]. Then we have one of my favorites with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Miles has become such a beloved character, people are absolutely obsessed with him. And now you’re going to get to play him on PS5. Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of my favorite titles, it’s the last Platinum trophy I received… we can’t wait to get these out.

Play Has No Limits: Digging deeper into yesterday’s PS5 announcements

There was another big one in there, people have been looking for it for years. And that was the Demon’s Souls remake… I’ve been fortunate enough to see it, and play it just a bit. It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s stunning. When people see this… especially if they’re fans, they’ll be amazed. And if they haven’t played it, this is the way to do it.

Listen to the full interview on the Official PlayStation Podcast.

PlayStation 5 – The Future of Gaming

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  • I’m just waiting for price and SSD size to know if I’ll be an early adopter or if I’m waiting.

    • The ssd is supposed to be 825gb but a few months after launch Sony will release a list of compatible ssds that can be used for extra storage

    • Well you gonna have to wait either way pal. We all are.

    • I would pay money for a sony official external hard drive that matches the design aesthetics of the console. Just saying.

    • Here’s what I believe the price will be.
      400$ for the All Digital Edition.
      450$ for the 4k Blu Ray Edition.
      Sony does not want to go to 500$ because the asking price is too high especially since we are in a global economic crisis, the currencies “like the Canadian dollar and many more” have dropped sharply as well as work hours and salaries.
      So a 400$ USD 💲 is now 600$ Canadian dollars and the minimum salaries have not increased, but decreased instead.
      450$ is exactly the cost of the system and they want people to buy PS5 consoles ASAP to have a lead above Xbox Series X otherwise they would loose billions down the line if they aren’t competitive right from the start and many could flip to the Xbox, loosing that potential revenue.
      I know I can’t afford 600$.
      SSD size is odd at 825Gb, hopefully that’s with system memory.

    • gfccc

    • bbbvbbbb

    • How much will the ps5 be when will I be able too pre-order it

  • I’m really excited for the PS5. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have done for this. But my main question is what is the price for the PS5?

  • I hope they are going to copy Xbox with their philosophy of “enhanced” backwards compatible titles. That alone is a major selling point for Xbox alone. Playing a back log of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games enhanced into 4k? Let’s hope PS5 will do the same with PS4 titles. Many of us have big back logs I’m sure. I’d love to be able to play some of those games I haven’t gotten to yet, in 4k.

    • just plug in the old hardware.

    • They confirmed a few months ago that this would be the case. Weird that they haven’t mentioned it again here or in the console trailer.

    • @Jisatsu. Yeah he just has to plug in 4 older consoles in addition to PS5. Great advice, not!

    • @Jisatdu_Kiddo

      No thanks. PC and smartphones have proven that people want their existing software to transfer between devices. No one wants to use their old phone, PC, DVD player, or console to access their content when it can easily be used on new devices.

    • it is, stop pandering to people who wanted to play older then one generation ago.

    • One gen previous support may have been good enough if the competitor was not offering support leading up to their first console. Besides you missed the whole point of giving “enhanced” BC titles which isn’t possible by using older hardware. Now that the competition does it, PS approach is distinctly inferior and a key differentiator between next-gen consoles.

    • Simillar to the PS4 and PS4Pro it is the developers (Studio) and not the Plattform holders (SONY IE, or Xbox:SmartDelivery) who decide if a game is enhanced. Depending on how the game is coded on current gen it might improve (Loadtimes, 60fps framerates, 4K resolution) with no issue, generally other ps4 titles with no PS4Pro enhancement will stay the same even on the PS5, no devs will be willing to invest 6+ months to improve a game with no renumeration that just a couple of people will play, especially if the game itself was discounted to $10 since PS4 lauch

    • ArunTahlan

      you remind me of the adage of the chicken and the chessboard.

    • Just let us play ps1, ps2 & ps3 games. Digital only works. I have a huge library.

    • @Jisatsu Looks like you ran out of your bad tech advice and finally resorted to insults. Predictable fanboy behavior, lol. Calm down buddy.

    • @ Jisatsu, if the competition is offering backward compatibility with previous systems, Sony needs to offer it too. If you have no interest, you don’t have to use it.

    • He’s right. We want full backwards compatibility.

      PlayStation 5 needs to target 60fps in all games to make them run as smooth as possible.

      That is what the majority of people want, they don’t want bad 30fps gameplay.

      If Xbox Series X plays games at 60fps when the PS5 plays them at 30fps, it would be like how the PS4 was better in 1080p vs the 720p.

      Granted, I doubt that will be the case with so little % Teraflops more but Sony needs to target 60fps, Godfall is targeting 60fps and many more too.

    • When I get the PS5 I’ll just have two consoles plugged in to play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, & PS5 games. :)

  • Looks like a NASA/SpaceX Spaceship LOL
    Im excited for Resident Evil 8 & Hitman 3!

    PS.. would LOVE Onimusha 2 right about now!!

    PPS.. wheres the DROP?

  • Anyone know if the PS5 will be compatible with the PSVR?

  • Still tons of unanswered questions.

    Will there be Crossbuy?
    Backwards compatibility with PS1-3?
    Legacy accessory support like Gold and Platinum headsets?
    What ports are on the back?
    What’s happening with VR?

    • Will there be Crossbuy? – like last time its a per title thing

      Backwards compatibility with PS1-3? no, but ps4 yes

      Legacy accessory support like Gold and Platinum headsets? bluetooth so most likely

      What ports are on the back? i would say optical, power, hdmi and usb

      Price? i’m guessin about 500 or 600.

      What’s happening with VR?i don’t think they have said anything about vr yet.

    • answer to these question is subjected to change so no announcement yet. Also if they reveal all at once they will have nothing to say in later events. They had a technical event with Mark Cerny, they just had a PS5 Games and Console reveal event, i assume a console teardown, Operating System i.e User interface, release date and price event is on the way

    • Just make ps1-3 happen

    • i’ll answer them in fully detailed answers even if they were answered in a previous comment.

      crossbuy: depends on the title, third-party it depends on the publisher. EA will let you get the PS5 versions if you own their games on PS4. all upcoming PS4 games from Sony will have to be playable with PS5 from July onwards. This could be only backwards compatibility, or actual PS5 versions. (this means Ghost of Tsushima is on PS5 in one way or another)

      PS1-3 BC: no. BUT you can play your PS2 classics that are already ported to PS4. no words have been said about PSNOW, but expect to it to have it, meaning you can Streaming PS3 games if you have that Subscription

      Legacy Support: YES. previous headsets will be usable. Another legacy accessory that people have asked about, is the DS4 controller, that will be usable with the PS5, one feature uses the DS4 lightbar that the Dualsense doesn’t have (more on that later)

      PRICE: Nothing has been said besides them saying they are targeting US$500 for the price, they don’t want it to be anymore than that, but expect it to go over that price if the Parts come out to be more expensive than hoped. With this in mind, no more than US$600

      PSVR: Yes, 100% YES. mostly all PS4 games are compatible with the PS5 (some need testing, all new ones should work), This Includes PSVR games.

      One thing you asked before is Legacy Accessories. The PS5 will have the default Camera port that is on the PS4, the new PS5 camera will use the same the Port, so you can either buy the New PS5 camera, or use your old one. (probably better to use the HD camera, not the old one though, as it will find your PSVR and Move Controllers easier.)

      Hope This Helps.

  • Anybody know if the PS5 will be compatible with PSVR?

  • good stuff!

  • kastuskalinouski

    Nice interview.

    But I have one important question about Playstation 5 Digital system. A lot of countries (such as Lithuania, Belarus, Serbia, Latvia, Egypt, Estonia, etc.) still don’t have access PSN. In those countries, without PlayStation Store, the only way to play games on PS5 would be physical media.

    How you will solve that problem?

    • Buy the disc system then. Problem solved.

    • Buy the regular PS5(with bluray)

    • Change your location to a country with PSStore/PSN, but you will have to pay games at their price., or buy the Disc-Ps5

    • No, the question was specifically about PS5 Digital version.

      I’m just curious how they’re planning to solve that problem in those countries, since there are people who’re ready to move to “digital only”.

      Plus, that question wasn’t about me (I’m aware how to make account in different region/country and buy digital cards/codes).

      I’m more worry about regular consumers, who just won’t bother with this. And there are some other (minor issues, but still), like people can’t use flag from their country in GT Sport or other game, or participate in leaderboards (world map in Tetris Effect).

      Another thing, I wonder why PSN worldwide roll-out is so slow. Like, Google Play/App Store/Steam/Netflix/etc. available in every country (well, almost – except North Korea, and China for Netflix). Meanwhile PSN still stuck in 2000s – early 2010s.

  • Trophies on PS5?

  • Need to see price and also next gen features – like I want to see the no loading features. All I saw was better graphics. But that’s nothing special. PCs already have that.

    • Every new console showcases advanced graphics as the main selling feature. PCs are always ahead of consoles thanks to them being upgradable.

    • It did demonstrate no loading features with Ratchet & Clank when in game was jumping from world to world through those portals each with a lot of rendering happening through each one. That was an in-engine powerful example of the Custom SSD.

      Multiple games also included Ray Traced lighting and reflections (including R&C), so that is something next-gen that isn’t on current consoles.

      Outside of that, nothing definite was shown other than better graphics. Not sure what else you were hoping for right now. Without hands-on, we won’t have a lot of insight into the new controller, gameplay, or other features.

      Things they haven’t shown off yet is the UI, the Create button, PLUS/NOW PS5 Integrations, PSVR 1.0 compatibility with the new Camera, PS4 games running in PS5 “Boosted” Legacy mode, release date, and price.

      But they did demo features, they’re just saving stuff for later. Pretty normal.

  • The Disc version PS5 will sell more.

    • Doubt it. Discs are obsolete and dying out. PC’s and smartphones are digital only devices, no one buys PC software on disc anymore. Plus everyone uses services like iTunes, Spotify and Netflix for their movies and music, no one buys music CDs anymore.

    • Do PC games still come on disc? No. Steam (and the internet) killed discs on PC and no one cared. Smartphones don’t use physical media either and no one cares. Music and movies are accessed digitally these days and no one complains.

    • Digital wouldn’t be practical in large swathes of the planet where internet speeds aren’t great. Like most the US outside of a few cities. I know quite a few US people who live on satellite internet, with ridiculously tiny data caps (they couldn’t even download a single 30GB game).

      Also in the large areas of the planet the PS store has bloated prices. Sony practices unfair regional pricing with discounts for some and price increases in others. Digital games in Europe can cost 50-200% more than those in the US, for no reason (and no “sales tax” wouldn’t cover anything over 15%). Along with some weird practices like only offering “deluxe” editions (e.g. GoW). Disks also stop Sony having a monopoly over pricing and add consumer benefiting competition in pricing. Monopolies are never a good thing for consumers which is exactly what would happen with an all digital console.

      BTW, you shouldn’t confuse “I don’t do something” with “everyone doesn’t do something”. CDs are still sold, in large numbers, as are Blu Rays (if you care about highest end quality or have bad internet streaming isn’t really an option) as are PC games and software on disk. Until the worlds internet improves, and digital becomes competitive in pricing, digital only isn’t going to work.

    • I hope so. I am tired of waiting 6 hours or more before I can play my games thanks to the very very very slow download speeds. Physical media is the way to go. I can go to town to my local game stop buy my game there and I an play within an hour on the release day. Or if I pre order the disc online I might be able to get it even one day before the release day. I will use Physical media as long as they are a thing. I am going to get the Blu Ray Disc Model for sure.

    • ….If it is at the same price as the discless-PS5, Yes!
      But if the Digital-PS5 has 1Tb more SSD space or cost $100 less than Disc-PS5, the Digital will sell more

    • I don’t know. I think I’m going to go digital only. I see discs fading out, for example, last month I bought Street Fighter V on disc and it used 650KB from the disc and downloaded a 50GB update from PSN. It just doesn’t make sense to own a disc version anymore. In my country you can save 60% or more by buying the digital version. Even to play the disc version you still need broadband internet, for example, FIFA 18 downloads a 6GB update upon install. That’s impossible for someone with dial up or similar.

    • I agree. People keep saying about all digital and it still has not happened. Sure for little things like music but for larger games it could take days or weeks at some speeds to get them! Yea, even here in the USA some of us have no access to super fast internet. If digital games were 40% cheaper then I might take the time to download rather than buy physical but when they are the same price, no point (for me with slow internet).

      Streaming movies are great when you are feeling lazy or don’t want a bunch of discs laying around but if you want true quality you would buy the discs and never think about playing digital junk on your 120″ screen at 4k/8k. Digital is great for tiny screens but as you get bigger and bigger you need more an more bandwidth to be able to get close to achieving true 4k. What will the requirements be for true 8k? 1gbps? So sad people think digital looks as good as the physical.

      Predictions –
      Disc version will outsell the digital version by 60% IF they are within $50
      Disc version and digital will be 50/50 if they are $75 difference
      Digital version will outsell the disc version if they are $100+ difference in price.

      None of this matters much until they release the price, shipping date and tell us the actual truth about backwards compatibility.

    • The digital version may be cheaper, but then you’ll have to pay an idiot tax for bloated digital game prices.

      Yes, I love to pay the full release price for old digital games, while the recommended retail price has dropped to a minimum.

    • You can sell your game after finishing it and buy another for lower price. Everybody got full mouths of ecology and all that false virtue signalling but when it comes to prices, physical mediums are mostly cheaper than digital distribution! Physical need to be printed,plastic packages, transport , you name it. Aren’t digital stripped out of all that hassle?

  • Please don’t be “$599 US Dollars” like PS3, the high price almost killed that console.

  • Hardware one day will go away but until that day comes there is nothing like seeing a new unveil. Goose bumps all over and I will miss that when games become just subs and a loading screen from the internet. Today was like buying a new car and that car was a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or whatever super car you would love to have. Great show and I cant wait to hand over my money to Sony.

  • I hope we can use External SSD hardrives like we could use external hardrives on ps4 but with ssd external hardrives for ps5 games i will probably use my external hardrive that i use on my ps4 which is 8tb on the ps5 for the ps4 games so it won’t take space up on the ps5 and use the solid state drive for ps5 games or a external ssd for more space for ps5 games if we can.

    • for PS4 title it is possible, already concerned. But PS5 Games only play on the new SSD and approved 3rd party SSD

  • PlayStation: play has no limits
    LBOX: we have a limit; no games to play

  • I would like to know if game share between my primary and secondary console will still work the same as it does on ps4.

  • So how is backwards compatability with PS4 games on disc going to work with the PS5 digital console? Is everyone with disc based games going to have to buy the disc version of the PS5 or rebuy their games digitally? Or is there going to be a disc to digital trade in program?

    • Of course not. DON’T buy the digital version console if you want to put your PS4 physical media, proof of ownership of a game, into a PS5 console.

  • PlayStation 5 you are my next goal to get in this Christmas holidays! 💙

  • Great Interview!

    Obviously there are alot questions PlayStation want to keep close to their chest for the moment (Price, release date, preorder etc), but since we’ve seen the console now it would be very useful to know the exact dimensions of the PS5. There is a lot of guess work/misinformation going around the Internet to figure out the size. It is looking like a fairly big footprint increase over the PS4 and may require some of us to purchase larger TV cabinets. It would be very helpful if we could get dimensions so we can reconfigure our living rooms well before the outlay of a new console later in the year.

  • Definitely I will not buy it, if white is the only color!!! Will there be a black PS5?

  • I don’t care about any of these questions. Give us a price already, then I’ll see if I’m interested or not.

  • It just dawned on me that they didn’t talk about a single feature of the console itself during the reveal.

    I guess that’ll be for the show in July? Oh man… Features and then price in the same show is my guess. Fingers crossed for $399!!!

  • the-twilite-zone

    Backwards compatibility is a massive selling point for me, if they don’t have that I’m just buying a gaming PC. I’ve been waiting 10 years for a new Splinter Cell game and they won’t make it, nor will they remake them for PS4, so no BC, no sale. I know I’m punishing Sony for Ubisoft’s failures, but that’s the way it goes.

  • We have in Egypt more than 5 million players and we hope to see an Egyptian store please make us happy and make our wish true

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I will be buying PS5, Arigatou Gozaimasu! 💌

  • Hmmm the design is different that’s for sure.

  • please add facebook live on ps5 please

  • Play does have limits. If play had no limits, then we’d be able to play PS1-PS5 on one system, with no problems. Yes, I prefer to play new games, and yes I still have my old systems, it’s just the ease of having one thing to plug in, no messing with av cables or power cords. One system. Boom done. Sometimes it’s nice to go back and play the old games to see how far the graphics have come. We don’t need trophies for the old games. We done even necessarily need the game to upscale, although that’s nice. PSNow could be the solution, but that lack of PS1-PS2 games makes it non desirable. Yes, Sony would have to contact those game studios to get them to allow it, but if you have the disc versions and can just pop it in the PS5 and play, less work on Sony’s part. They have all the technical info on how to emulate the ps1 and ps2. They did it on the ps3, yes the early ps3 have added hardware. And yes not all games work flawlessly, we understand, but there should be no reason not to at minimum have the PS1 emulator on the PS5. And BOO on Sony for not doing it because they can resell it as a digital title. Double dip much?

    • The amount of people who want to play PS1 games on PS5 is tiny. Its a market not worth catering too. Emulating Ps2 on PS3 was one of the reasons the PS3 was so expensive and that really hurt the console in the beginning. Better to start off running.


  • Anybody knows if ps5 resolution is going to be 4K and 8k or only 4K?

    • 8K, confirmed literally over a year ago

      “While the next-gen console will support 8K graphics, TVs that deliver it are few and far between, so we’re using a 4K TV”

    • This is 1000000% not 8k!

    • They announced 4k and 8k, but that is subject to change. I’m actually worried if it will support my 1080p older TV.

  • I definitely Like all games and the new design for Ps5 beautiful¡¡¡¡

  • Can the disk player play 4K movies? I haven’t seen any mention of this

  • I would like to learn more about storage expansion and backwards compatibility. I really would like to have full backwards compatibility with PSone, PS2, PS3, digital PSP and PS4 games on the PS5.

  • Yeah, its a big number of titles alright but how many are launching with the console? Will we know more about this when you announce the release date of PS5? I’m assuming that is why we didn’t see any release years like 2021 or 2022 for anything made by Sony.

  • please we need to have egyptian digital store to be able to use our credit cards for purchasing instead of the difficulties that we are facing to buy games, plus or gift cards

  • Great games. Lovely design. Amazing features. I’m finally excited for a launch day console.

  • When and where can I preorder also is there a black version?

  • You gotta be kidding. Every time Sony releases a new console they always talk about backwards compatibility.YET they always end up back peddling. Stop trying to blow smoke up our asses. Why is it Microsoft can achieve leaps and bounds and we end up chasing their achievements. I loved my ps2,my ps3,ps4. But I think I’m going to have to stop there. You have such a large fan base with a large library, and just to make us pay up the ass for another console. Unless the ps5 is seamless to run past console games, you will not see another dime from me.

    • No one is forcing you to sell your PS4 in order to get a PS5. Keep your PS4 so you can continue to play your PS4 games.

    • @MrThew125, You are missing the point. Microsoft is doing BC on their console. Sony would need to follow and improve their offering. Not everyone wants to have so many boxes on their tv stand.

    • Why can MS do it? Because they are using the same architecture across all their consoles. Sony has had a different chip architecture for PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4. PS5 will be similar to PS4 so that should be easy. This is no mystery. If what is important to you is playing games from the 1990s then go to MS. Very few people care about this but they all post everywhere about it. Its a non-issue for 95% of people buying the console.

  • We need store in Egypt 🇪🇬

  • @PS_man1984

    There are many classic films on Blu Ray that you simply can’t find on most online media services, like Neflix and so on. This is why I collect many classics on Blu Ray, because I can’t be doing with the monopoly market.I have tonnes of rare classic films that you simply cannot find on online media sites.

    • Let’s not forget those of us with 3D TVs. I still have 3D games and movies that are great party items.

    • Also with ongoing cancel culture who knows what movies the crazies will cancel and you will not be able to get them anywhere.

  • I’ll wait for black and slim probs. It’s so ugly!

  • As much as its gunna kill me to not buy at launch, I can’t have that white one in my entertainment center, it will just look to much out of place for my liking. The design is fine, but not the color, we should have the choice of an all black version at launch. Im sad really.

    This is obviously just personal choice, but looking around on the net, im not the only one who would like an all black console??

  • Will PS5 support Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X surround sound formats?

  • Will PS5 allow us to put PS5 games on external HDD? It would be great if we could do so, since the internal storage is too small to keep many games. Swapping PS5 games in-and-out would be a great feature!

    • PS5 games will not work on a HDD period. The PS4 games will work on external HDD with PS5. We have to wait for compatible SSDs, but it has an extra internal SSD expansion bay.

    • I’m hoping the same, it will be a lot quicker to move a game between internal SSD and external HDD than download it again. I already do the same on PS4, I put an SSD inside then have a large external HDD with my entire library on it and move the games around that I want to play.

    • I think Cerny mentioned that we will be able to play PS4 games off from PS4’s HDD on PS5. I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t swap PS5 games between PS4 HDD and PS5 SSD. Anyway it would be a good use of PS4 after buying PS5.

  • I would very much like such a powerful console as the PS5 not to be left without one of the best Wipeout exclusives. A large number of true fans of this game are waiting for the release of the new version of WipeOut. Tell me, is the development of new parts of this legendary game underway ?

    Очень бы хотелось, что бы такая мощная приставка как PS5 не осталась без одного из лучших эксклюзивов WipeOut. Скажите, ведётся ли разработка новых частей этой легендарной игры ?

    • Unlessl they’ve got another team working on wipeout my guess is no.
      Studio Liverpool was disbanded at least a year ago and they were the creators of wipeout.


  • If Sony is truly trying to match or go after the PC gaming industry, they must step it up and allow more customization of the console like game cases. I am not talking about a skin (which is old news), but actual interchangeable cases. No other consoles offer this option so stay a step ahead. Imagine having a see-thru, elegant wood, chrome, carbon fiber, florescent, other type of case to highlight personal tastes. Nearly everyone has a cover in their phone to identify with their personalities, so customizing a PS5 will give that true “furniture” concept Sony was attempting to satisfy at launch. Allow people to truly make it their own. Free advise!!!

  • I am just going to point out that digital only version does lack a feature. The ability to play discs. Also Cerny mentioned something else.

  • Its a lot of whining going on in the comments lol. Idc the price just let me know the release date, I got $3000 saved up and ready to go. Let’s get these preorders up and running Sony. Depending on price point I might grab two at launch. Only thing I kinda want is my PS4 digital library to be able to up and run on my PS5 because I went all digital with the PS4.

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