PlayStation Showcase: the complete recap

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PlayStation Showcase: the complete recap

God of War Ragnarök, Gran Turismo 7, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Remake and more.

Today’s PlayStation Showcase included updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond. 

PlayStation Showcase: the complete recap

Alongside a pair of big surprises from our friends at Insomniac Games, there was a lot to digest. So without further ado, here’s everything else announced during the show,  including additional insight from the developers of the games featured.

PlayStation Showcase: All the announcements

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  • Awesome showcase

    Sid PLEASE, there’s a problem with PS Plus locking delisted versions games (like Hitman 1 and Destruction Allstars) even with an active membership. Support can do nothing and SIE hasn’t said anything, while many are having this problem for more than a month.

  • PS Showcase: all the announcements… Where‘s that Radiohead game at? Did I just imagine this? That looked awesome!

  • No Knack 3, then I no buy a PS5.

    Simple as that Jim.

  • Where is the unlocked internal storage already. Why is this such a problem. Unlock ps5 internal storage.

    • Agree.

    • Everyone is not a spoiled, pampered little rich boy that mommy & daddy gets them anything they want. Internal storage is at a current price were it costs about $50-$75 for each extra game to be stored on the PS5. It doesn’t make sense to buy a 500 GB storage upgrade just to get an extra 5 games on your console. 2 TB would be the minimum to even think about at $400. If it’s that important to you, just buy another PS5, it’s the same price.

  • What are the release dates for all games from the showcase 2021

  • This show gave me what I wanted and more like I never expected Wolverine and Kotor remake

  • Announcing Uncharted (now an ex PlayStation icon) for PC during a PlayStation Showcase is another big middle finger to your fanbase. Just change everything PS/PC from now on.

    Buying a PS5 was a huge mistake.

    • 3 games ported to pc from a ps4 is the reason buying a ps5 was a mistake HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! the only reason buying a ps5 can be a mistake is to buy it from a scalper for 1000+ dollars

  • This new direction cares more about PC than PlayStation.

    It’s just better wait for the games being released on PC, no point to have a PS anymore.

  • When are the ps5 console be back instock and I trying to get a hold of them.

  • Stop whining you baby

  • I was really hoping for a Legend of Dragoon remake or sequel!

  • All of this sounds good I just wonder where is the storage Extension For the PS5 so I can add more games

  • Great,
    Waiting for God of Ragnarok,
    Spiderman and Wolverine..
    Great news while we are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.🔥👍🤝

  • Storage is a big deal. How can we stress this any further. How can you claim to build something so amazing and yet lacks the main aspect of functionality that gives purpose system. STORAGE.

    • I have option for beta software to test the additional storage.. can’t buy a firecuda 530 ssd to install and test.. 1sr world problems thanks to covid.. slow it down. Better waiting and having it be rock solid then messing up your ps5 outside of warranty.

  • I mean it wasn’t all bad, but I set myself up for disappointment…
    I was expecting some news about a big PS5 update (interface, m2 support, etc…) and a PS Plus revamp as well…

    I expect them to give us some news about it in a near future maybe?!

  • Nag nag nag. That’s all I read in the comments. Seriously stop playing on PS and go on another platform please and go nag some more there.

  • They said they were opening the ssd slot but they did not I’ve got lots of games sitting about

  • Does everyone have eny information on the ssd slot to the public not the beta

  • so you want to dump on a platform because other people on other platform can play playstation games why is that a bad thing on playstation you have trophies it make that platform unique you have a different controller a operating system like no other those are things that make playstation special and even if all playstation studios games come to pc so what no one is taking those games from the console not everyone wants to game on pc if you want playstation games you get a playstation and play all games on it 3rd party included if you want xbox games but not a pc you get xbox and if you dont like to play on a controller and want one device with most of those games you get a pc simple

  • yea a company thats only reason to exist is to make money wants to make money playstation is not a religion its a cheap plastic box that plays games 100 000 000+ ps4 users ~10 000 000 ps5 users bilions of pc users so they see money in those numbers shocker

  • It’s not like they’re a major business or anything. Besides the more money they make the more money they have to use towards making more consoles, new and more accessories and quality games.

  • Nice games but when will more PS 5 be available?

  • I am not buying a PS5 tell my PS4 is no more and in saying this why is Sony going up to over $85. 00 for a PS4 controller and now none in Game Stops and other stores .. that’s not right.

  • Necesito un Ps5 ya que mi hijo cumple el 20 de septiembre y quisiera hacerle esa sorpresa

  • …relax

  • Does anybody know how to get an invitation to buy the ps5 ?

  • I love the add for ps5 and it looks really cool but imma stick with my PS4 for now

  • Please help me get a PS5. Shame on Sony for letting scalpers have their way. Ill never buy a console from those low lives. Do you right thing Sony. We deserve better and besides you lose money if we don’t buy games and such for a console we don’t have.

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