The City Where Play Has No Limits

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The City Where Play Has No Limits

PlayStation global brand spot reimagines play.

First off, I want to thank all of you for your passion and support for PlayStation and the entire video game medium. Following today’s PlayStation Showcase, I hope you can see that we’re devoted to this art form as well — its power to move us is singular. 

And we’re just getting started. Pushing against limits and resetting our ideas of what is possible is in PlayStation’s DNA. And today, we are bringing this vision to life through a new global brand spot. 

The City Where Play Has No Limits

We believe it’s powerful to challenge expectations and present bold new possibilities. This new spot takes the viewer on a reimagined journey through one of history’s oldest and most revered games. In a fantastical city as the backdrop, play is governed by rules and limitations — and we see what happens when one player defies conventions and stands triumphant, proving that play has no limits. 

As you watch the spot, keep your eyes peeled: we pay tribute to some of our favorite games. Can you spot them all?

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  • Great games and trailers, but the fact that they didn’t announce the final release of the new OS to let us use SSD drives was a complete letdown. At this point it’s just becoming an utter joke.

    • We seem to have many limits on PS5. Could you come up with a slogan that better represents the current state of PS? Like, “Delayed” or “We tell you one thing, but mean something else” or how about, “PS, Like dealing with clueless and greedy leaders? -You’ve come to the right place!”

    • Completely agree, at least provide a date. I have the SSD but I’m currently having to offload stuff to a connected hard drive. I don’t think the people making the decisions are actually aware of the user experience.

    • Well,today the newest upgrade is posted,we can use our fast ssd konw.

  • Uncharted coming to PC? Never thought I’d see the day. For shame.

    • We all ready knew that from the investors calls. Why are you saying it like you are hearing it for the first time?

    • And why do you hate PC gaming? Is it because you think it is the worst way to play games and that you want to force PC gaming to die as a whole forever? Cause it sounds like you are!

    • Don’t be selfish…There’s absolutely no reason to think of this as negative news.

      1) Sony will worry about the brand being devalued, it’s not our job to speculate, especially since we don’t have internal data. Also, as marketing/business major, the brand is NOT being devalued.

      2) These releases are old and done selling on Playstation and moving units. It’s more $$ to fund WWS exclusive, which we should all want more of.

      3) More PC only players get to experience great content, and join us in discussing Sony’s awesome games.

    • Lol at the PC gamers replying above. If you believe that this is good for PS and PS gamers, you’re a simpleton.

  • There were a lot of big games, but nothing that really interested me. Actually, it was annoying to sit through a lot of games that had already been announced and I didn’t care for before. This is the first showcase that I have skipped through large sections of.

    • Interesting, Gran Turismo was the only exclusive I was looking forward to. There aren’t any good racing games on PS5 and yet they keep releasing RPGs.

  • This Ghetto trailer spot is proof that Sony is falling and out of touch with the gamers buying the games. And i agree with the SSD update the PS5 and the huge data that these games have its 5 games and done or switching around back and forth to a physical hd just to burn up the SSD down the road. Have to say i have been a huge playstation fan for 24yrs and this past yr has been a big let down for me, even with the PS5. Its mainly more shooters and the same formula games over and over, and then a Marvel game, and a sports pileup and most turn out not to have much replay value in the end.

    • I have no idea what content you are viewing, but PS5’s library is not even close to being filled with shooters. SSD switch I guess is annoying but I just delete games I”m not playing. Sorry you don’t like what’s being offered, but objectively speaking there’s huge amount of variety. And WWS games not announced doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This is year 1 of PS5. Sony is releasing a brand new PSVR next year and just acquired two studios that are very different from current WWS output.

  • That was a huge letdown to be honest no factions 2 still not anything at all on it but show Deathloop and GTA 5 for the thousandth time and really Uncharted 4 remastered is a joke enough but also on PC? What a spit in the face Spiderman 2 and Wolverine are cool and thanks for finally showing GOW but literally you show nothing all year then give us a showcase full of games that we could see anytime on your YouTube channel and hyped it up like it was a big deal.Get out I hate this PlayStation you are a shell of what you once were.

  • They won’t give you one too busy sniffing their own farts and think how to screw over their console fanbase further

  • Some really great reveals today. Very excited about playing them in the future.

  • Man do I miss Shawn Layden…

  • You should start a petition about it and post it on Neogaf.

  • I liked the show, mostly, but this opening was a waist of money and was not needed. Above that it went on too long and I went from WT* is this to when is this thing over.

    • That’s why you always ALWAYS watch live shows after they finish. That way you can skip all the boring bits/filler.

      Knowing 40 minutes earlier about all of these things that don’t release for ages isn’t very useful.

  • lol
    I actually agree with you on this though, there shouldn’t be an Uncharted remaster to begin with, and F PC.
    It’s all about the money, like they didn’t make enough of it from PS4. PlayStation exclusives don’t exist any more, which is sad and devalues the consoles.
    Only on PlayStation? Yeah OK, Jim.

  • Right after Uncharted on PC is announced, Hulst appears talking about the importance of exclusives. Is this a joke?

    • He’s talking about new PS5 exclusives and Uncharted 4 is all ready been on the market for 5 YEARS. So it kinda makes sense to bring it to PC so can PC players experience for the first time a masterpiece of a game.

    • If by a joke, do you mean a terrible joke that is literally not funny? If that is the case, then yes! That is the definition of a joke, you PC gaming hating clown!

  • You are 100% correct.

  • Why does it matter? This just means more people get to experience what we’ve already experienced. If anything, it could entice them to move over to Playstation, at least for a couple of games.

  • On the store I’ve seen them advertise them as “console exclusives” now, lol.

  • More PC elitists who ridicule us for being console peasants (with good reason for a change). Entice them to move over? If anything, it will do the opposite. Where in the past they might’ve been convinced to get a Playstation on top of their PC for the exclusives, now there’s no need. Meanwhile Sony’s own audience feels betrayed and get their games raised in price after the PS4 generation that introduced online costs (I wonder what it’ll be next-gen, PC gamers must be having a good laugh).
    The whole thing seems detrimental to Sony, and console gaming in general.

  • That is by far the worst ad I’ve ever seen from Sony Playstation. I would also get rid of the silly catchphrases “This is for the players”, “Play has no limits”, …

  • So you paid Derrick Zoolander to make a Playstation advert, but didn’t actually tell him what a Playstation was…

    Because that’s the only way to explain this… 😂

  • Some great freatures

  • “Play Has No Limits” that slogan is so ridiculous these days.

  • Right now I’m not even bothered about what games are coming out.

    My first priority is; when is 1440p native going to be released?

  • if half of this guy creativity would have gone to the showcase……

  • i do believe with all my heart that “Play Has No limits” is the perfect phrase for this gen….
    its an incomplete one, sony left out …. “If you are a Scalper”

  • Ads should not have been a part of showcase, especially as it’s already only a short 40 minute show!

  • There is some games from the showcase I am excited about, but overall it wasn’t too great. I wish we would get more Japanese RPG’s though.

    One thing that annoys me is charging people to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 when you shouldn’t need to pay for that when you already have a copy that you paid for.

  • I wish that Spider-Man could come out in 2022

    • I know what you mean but we don’t want it to be a buggy disappointment like Cyberpunk. It’ll be worth the wait 😁

  • Yes! It is enough for you to buy a gaming PC and let consoles go to obscurity, you Sony pony!

  • And why do you hate PC gaming? Is it because you think it is the worst way to play games and that you want to force PC gaming to die as a whole forever? Cause it sounds like you are!

  • Watch your mouth and stop calling Sony a bunch of scumbags you harasser and toxic culture fanboy! You’re going to get permanently IP banned from the internet for harassing people with death threats and vulgar slurs!

  • Also, why do you hate PC gaming for the rest of your life? Is it because you think it is the worst way to play games and that you think consoles remain superior until the point you want to force PC gaming to die as a whole forever?

  • Who cares? Can you play the games on PlayStation? Yup. Case closed. Stop defining your identity based on a brand.

  • Together with first party reveals this brand spot was one of the highlights of the showcase for me. Great to see PlayStation constantly innovating & breaking conventions!

  • Gamepass was when the Playstation queen was captured. It didn’t matter as evidenced by her laughing during capture. PlayStation then went on to capture Xbox’s crown!

  • Did anybody else five themselves a little disappointed that the whole chess thing wasn’t a trailer for some kind of new open world game?
    Also, was it all CGI or only partial? Some characters were obviously CGI – skin textures weren’t quite right but others looked convincingly real…

  • Honestly, this ad makes no dang sense.

  • When will ps5 restock in Australia

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