Face the unknown in new Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer

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Face the unknown in new Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer

Backed by a faceless entity, a supernatural threat envelops Tokyo. Uncover the truth and save the city.    

A mysterious fog descends upon Tokyo, causing nearly all the city’s population to vanish. As an enigmatic masked group takes responsibility, you’re left with nothing but questions and waves of supernatural Visitors to contend with. Explore the haunted city and hone your own ethereal abilities as you face the unknown and uncover the truth in Ghostwire: Tokyo. 

Face the unknown in new Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer

Discover the source of Tokyo’s Supernatural Takeover  

Step into Tango Softworks’ vision of Tokyo, an ultra-modern cityscape of skyscrapers, traditional shrines, narrow alleyways, massive crossings and neon-lit shops – now teeming with spirits and supernatural happenings.  

Players awaken in an abandoned street crossing as Tokyo’s population disappears, without a clue as to where they’ve gone or why. There’s no time to question why you’ve been spared as otherworldly Visitors attack the city, seemingly led by a masked man known as Hannya and his acolytes.   

These Visitors are no mere apparitions. You’ll need to master Ethereal Weaving – a powerful art that attunes the elements with spiritual energy – alongside other equipment and ghost-hunting skills to face such a threat. Wielding the power of wind, water and fire, you’ll combine abilities to tackle a variety of supernatural foes, including: 

  • Agile spirits in the form of headless high school students attack in groups, using speed and acrobatics to catch you off-guard 
  • Dolls based off traditional teru teru bozu weather charms that fly through the air, as if hoisted on invisible strings, and shoot fire from a distance 
  • Faceless ghosts that roam rainy environments in funeral attire that can deflect attacks with their umbrella as they approach to strike at close-range 

With the aid of your newfound allies and abilities – both conventional and supernatural – only you can root out the truth behind this seemingly impossible phenomenon, fight off the Visitors encroaching Tokyo and save the city before Hannya’s final plans are made manifest.   

A Next-Gen Experience on PlayStation 5  

Using the advanced hardware capabilities of the PS5, Tango Gameworks brings their vision of a haunted, modern-day Tokyo to life. Designed with next-generation technology in mind, players will walk through rain-slick streets rendered in cutting-edge detail, amplified in fidelity with the PS5’s ray tracing and 3D audio technologies. Making use of the system’s SSD storage and high speed, near-zero loading times as you explore the city make traversing Ghostwire: Tokyo seamless.   

The action is also more immersive with the DualSense wireless controller, implementing the controller’s built-in audio capabilities to bring voices from the other side to the player, approximating a sort of ‘sixth sense’ to help detect things normally unperceivable to humans as they explore the haunted city.   

The DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback also simulate executing and developing your abilities. Without looking, players can tell the difference between wielding a barrage of flames and loosing precise blasts of wind while they use Ethereal Weaving. While attempting a Core Grab, a gambit where players can pull out a Visitor’s essence at close range, the triggers simulate resistance as the spirit tugs against your finishing move. As your skills become stronger, so too does the response from the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, allowing you to actually feel the sensation of becoming a stronger and more capable ghost hunter.  

Prepare yourself for ghost-hunting action, otherworldly mystery and next-gen adventure across a vision of Tokyo like no other when Ghostwire: Tokyo arrives on PlayStation 5 in 2022.

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  • Looking forward to trying this out.

  • I would love to watch an anime adaptation of this

  • It will be ported to PC when the sequel is about to release. Sony is doing this with the FFVII Remake. It is a nice strategy. PC fans will get the first one, but PlayStation owners will be receiving a new one a few months later. PC owners will either wait a year or two (Maybe more) for the port, or they buy a PlayStation Console and PLAY NOW! Also, when a game has been out on PlayStation for a year or more, it will only cost $10 or less on PlayStation, but for PC (or any other console) it is now $60. This is also when Sony will give its 130 million PlayStation owners the game for free. Its all about timing the HYPE. The over 130 million PlayStation owners is why Betas and Early releases happen on the platform more than others, free testing and play data. CD PROJEKT RED should of used this to their advantage with Cyberpunk.

    • hey man sorry to disappoint but if this game gets a sequel it will be xbox/PC exclusive. Microsoft owns this studio now and playstation just bought timed exclusivity on it before xbox bought out the whole publisher. This will be on game pass a year tops after release on ps. Also I think this releases on PC same day as PS.

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