Rewriting history – Alan Wake Remastered brings the writer’s story to PS4 and PS5

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Rewriting history – Alan Wake Remastered brings the writer’s story to PS4 and PS5

Remedy Entertainment’s psychological action-thriller lands on PlayStation on October 5. 

At Remedy, our passion are the stories we bring to our fans through the medium of video games. With great pleasure, we’re proud to bring the complete version of our classic story-driven horror experience Alan Wake to PlayStation for the very first time.

I’m thrilled to announce that Alan Wake Remastered is being released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, giving you the chance to finally take part in Alan Wake’s journey into the night on October 5. Alan Wake Remastered is the graphically enhanced version of the original game first released in 2010. Now, we are bringing you the complete Alan Wake experience, including the two story-expansions The Signal and The Writer, originally released as DLCs, with all-new 4K visuals, updated environments, cutscenes, and a brand-new making-of commentary where I take a trip down memory lane. 

Rewriting history – Alan Wake Remastered brings the writer’s story to PS4 and PS5

The story so far 

Alan Wake, a bestselling writer, comes to behind the wheel of a crashed car. It’s night. He is in a primordial forest outside the small town of Bright Falls, Washington. Wake has hit his head. He is missing a week. His photographer wife, Alice, is missing. The couple came to the idyllic Bright Falls to heal, a departure from the pressure cooker of their celebrity life in New York City. Wake hasn’t been able write in a long time. Their relationship has seen better days. Now Wake finds pages of a novel he seems to have written, even though he can’t remember writing it. The story is called “Departure”. It’s a horror story. He is the main character in it. In the story, Bright Falls is taken over by a Dark Presence. The story is coming true. Locals, possessed by supernatural darkness, stalk Wake in the forest. As his journey spirals deeper into the darkness of the night, Wake tries to hold on to the tattered remnants of his sanity, to find answers to the nightmarish mystery he faces. Using the light of his flashlight as a weapon, he is forced to fight for his life, and the life of Alice.  

Talking tech 

There is a lot of subtlety in the visuals of Alan Wake, now enhanced by the power of the new PlayStation consoles. On the PlayStation 5, the game runs at 4K at 60fps. The PlayStation 4 Pro offers a choice of Performance (60fps) and Quality (4K at 30fps) modes and PS4 version runs at 30fps. A lot of time has been spent optimizing the game for each platform to offer the best possible experience. On top of that, each weapon Alan uses feels unique thanks to the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive trigger having different feedback depending on the gun you are using, from the revolver to the flare gun. There are also Activity cards for each episode and mission of the game.

Our hero’s character model has been completely re-done. 

Many of the original developers of Alan Wake, myself included, were involved in the creation of this remaster. Above all, we wanted to preserve the identity and unique visual style of Alan Wake, while still elevating the graphics to meet modern players’ expectations. Almost everything in the original game has been retouched: a ton of individual items, from environment scenes to individual props, textures, sound effect files, and the art for the UI. As it’s a hugely important part of creating the unnerving atmosphere of the game, there was a dedicated team working hard to ensure the trees and foliage would look as good as possible. 

It’s all connected 

Some of you first met Alan Wake in the AWE expansion of Control, another game set in the Remedy Connected Universe. There we shed some light on Wake’s long-dormant mystery in the dark depths. We learned that the strange events in Alan Wake had been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Control as an “Altered World Event” – a crisis caused by dangerous paranatural forces seeping through into our reality. This was how the story of Alan Wake was perceived through the lens of the story of Control. Both Control and Alan Wake exist in the same world, the events of one story tying into the other. Now, we’ve taken the writer’s origin story to a new generation of brave players.   

With Epic Games Publishing, we’re happy to finally bring Alan Wake to the PlayStation community, and for you to experience the thrill-ride for the first time.   

Welcome to Bright Falls, Washington, again, for the first time. Remember, whatever you do – stay in the light. 

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  • Can’t wait. This better ne good as everyone says it is

    • You’re in for a treat. Can’t wait to replay it.

    • Yep, RemasterStation 4 and 5.

      This is how they think:

      Publisher #1 “Well, JimBob, it’s looking mighty dry out there for new games”.

      JimBob. ” Yepper” “Waiter minute, I gotter me an idea”. “We release us an old game; do some cheap upgraderin’ for it; call it new”. “That ways, we ain’t gots to do no heavy thinkin’ or nuffin’s, and we takes more money from doofers for the same game!” “That thinkin’ stuff sure hurts my head”.

    • Just ignore bs4mykneemiss for being a total ass.

      Its a game that deserves a remaster/remake. That person also ignores the fact that Alan Wake was a Xbox 360 Exclusive so it never hit the PS3 at the time. So its actually a new game to Sony.

      Nothing wrong with Remasters. Because people like that forget that the generation that can play it now couldn’t play it at the time. So now an entirely new generation of players can enjoy a classic.

    • If you don’t care for remasters then don’t play them simple as that. Do not take that choice away from other people. Most people only have one console. There have been plenty of entirely new games released on PS4 as well.

      One of the best (former) Xbox 360 console exclusives is being released on PlayStation, and people still find a way to complain. Ridiculous.

      It’s effectively an entirely new game for people who only own a PS4 or PS5 as it has never been on PlayStation before and it’s even launching at £24.99 which is considerably less than full price.

    • You seem to have issues in your thinking, earth.

      Check this ish out:

      People WILL have opinions that differ from yours.

      This game does not ‘deserve’ a remake.

      You say I ignore that this game was on the box – You expect me to spill every single piece of info I know on this game? No.

      Remasters stifle innovation, and it’s a quick cash grab – those are facts

      Remasters are no good; I’ve already played them until I’m finished.

      That’s my opinion for yuh. If you don’t like it, you’ve got two options, cry or whine.

    • By “played them already” I mean …. you know what I meant.

  • Awesome. I miss this game. Glad we’re getting it on PlayStation, and remastered! A day before my Bday so I think I know what I will get myself. :]

  • Was enjoying my play-through on PC until I got stuck. Now, I might just have to pick it up on PS5 and start all over!

    It looked pretty amazing on my PC, which is not as powerful as my PS5, so I can’t wait to see it there! The only thing that would be better is if the rumors of it being a Plus title are true. Any comment, Sony?

  • October 5, you say? First tuesday of the month… last time that happened we got Virtua Fighter 5 on PS Plus. If we get Alan Wake on Plus in october, perhaps the last couple of months of horrible games are forgiven.

  • Epic Games publishing? Guess that means no Steam release

    PS5 it is!

  • So no American Nightmare?

  • Basically a PC version

  • Lol I’ll get this crap if it ever goes to the Plus lineup…not paying a cent for this.I pity the so called PS gamers paying for this and no bots I’m not missing anything.

  • 30€ max… :)
    but that remaster looks really cool

  • Really enjoyed alan wake on my 360 glad more people can play this soon. Updated and more gorgeous.

  • Please add a 30fps option for PS5 owners as well. It’s the closest cinematic frame rate for video games and it’s actually visually appealing to some of us, if not just accessibility wise (‘some are nauseous to high frame rate). Thank you for making this game available for PS owners!!

  • I appreciate the game is coming to PlayStation as I never played it and it’s one of the few games I wanted to play on the Xbox when it released so long ago. This being a dark game is a given for HDR but it unfortunately isn’t implemented. Also the American Nightmare DLC is missing while the 2 other DLC’s are there, not sure why it’s excluded and it is disappointing.
    I hope some of the story content of Console will make more sense but it’s unfortunate Alan Wake wasn’t released earlier because of that.
    Although the graphics look rough I will eventually pick this up.

    • I didn’t think American Nightmare was a DLC – isn’t it a standalone game? I know I got it separately on PC, though I haven’t even started it.

  • Ta gra to totalna porażka.

  • Sounds great, will most certainly be checking it out. Thanks for the update on the enhancements.

    Still waiting to hear what is enhanced in GTA V Rockstar and Uncharted Sony.

    And what “upgrade” are you planning for Uncharted? If there is not even any basic ray tracing in it Sony, I’ll be avoiding it like I did Ghost of Tsushima PS5 which is identical to PS4 Pro visually and identical in motion to the PS4 backward compatible version on PS5. It wasn’t even native 4K!!!

    Let’s see if we can go another week without you infuriating me in some way. Not sure how we ever got here though.

  • Can’t believe there’s people calling this game trash…

    The way the game is divided in chapter, each with it’s own theme, arc, and song. The excellent story. The feel of the town…

    To each it’s own, but normal people don’t go calling trash to each damn battle royale there is or every single CoD that comes up, even though it’s the same formula over and over with 0 improvement.
    People on the verge on this one should know that it is an amazing game with fun mechanics, well written story and mysterious backlore.
    And feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but I think it has more than 1 ending.

    • Sadly some people just can’t appreciate quality narrative-driven single-player games these days. Some younger gamers don’t even know what single-player is nowadays, and think playing a multiplayer/co-op game “solo” is the same as playing a single-player game like Alan Wake.

    • I didn’t care too much for it.

      But, ziro, you’re not the only opinion out there.

  • Is this a cross buy title?

  • I’m wondering if it was coming to Plus would they have announced it on this post? Hmm

  • Look amazing!

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