Journey with Frey to Forspoken’s fantastical world next spring

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Journey with Frey to Forspoken’s fantastical world next spring

Square  Enix  and Luminous Productions  sets the  stage for Frey Holland’s  journey from New York City to  Athia. 

Hey PlayStation Blog readers! My name is Raio, and I’m the Creative Producer at Luminous Productions, working on various aspects of our upcoming game Forspoken.  

Today I’m happy to introduce our brand new trailer that showcases Forspoken’s hero, Frey Holland, and her background story. It answers many of your questions like: “how did she end up in Athia?” and “what’s up with her sneakers?”  

So without further ado, here’s our new story introduction trailer: 

Journey with Frey to Forspoken’s fantastical world next spring

Frey is a directionless, gritty yet street smart young woman who has persevered despite her rough upbringing in New York City. And her life hasn’t really gotten any easier now that she’s about to turn 21. Things take a turn for the unexpected when she’s magically transported to Athia, a land where fantasies and nightmares are suddenly very real.  

Playing as Frey, you’ll need to harness newly discovered magical abilities to battle the terrifying monsters that inhabit the land. To have a chance of returning home, she’ll also have to contend with the Tantas — destructive and twisted all-powerful matriarchs who have dominion over Athia. 

As previously announced, Frey is performed by Ella Balinska, so I hope you enjoyed a longer look at her performance in the trailer. I’m excited to reveal more characters from Forspoken and some of the fantastic actors behind them too: 

  • Jonathan Cake plays Frey’s companion “Cuff.” Cuff is a magical, sentient bracelet of uncertain origin who helps Frey navigate through the sprawling landscapes of Athia.  
  • Janina Gavankar plays Tanta Sila, the strongest and most formidable Tanta in Athia. While she once protected Athia with her unparalleled prowess in battle, Tanta Sila is now a dictatorial despot who is mad with power. 
  • Keala Settle plays Johedy, the hard-nosed archivist who provides Frey with guidance during her journey in Athia. 
  • Monica Barbaro plays Auden, a kind and open-minded young woman who prioritizes the needs of others before her own. She is quick to accept Frey in Athia and sees more in her than Frey does in herself.  

You may also be wondering about the music in the trailer—pretty amazing, right? I’m happy to announce that the track was composed by the legendary Bear McCreary, who you may know from God of War (2018) and The Walking Dead.  

We’re so excited that Bear has joined the Forspoken team as he can bring the immersive world and all of its twisted beauty come to life by fusing contemporary electronic beats with a fantasy tone. But why stop at one legendary composer when you can work with two? In addition to Bear, the renowned Garry Schyman (BioShock) is also composing musical tracks for the game. So go ahead and set those expectations high — you’re going to be wowed. 

Finally, I’m excited to announce some of the talented writers behind this game. They include Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Amy Hennig (Uncharted series), Allison Rymer, and Todd Stashwick. Together, they’ve worked to craft a beautiful story of Frey’s journey of self-discovery that I have no doubt you will enjoy. 

On behalf of Square Enix and the entire Luminous Productions team, I hope you’re just as excited as we are to join Frey’s journey next year. Forspoken will be releasing on PlayStation 5 in Spring 2022.

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  • I’m still not yet captured by the dialouge and characters (hopefully that will change as I play through the story), but the visuals, the way you travel and the magic attacks are intriguing.

    • Same here. Gameplay looks interesting, story not so much.

    • The gameplay does look nice.

      But the main character acts like something from a children’s cartoon and is a bit annoying.

      So hopefully there’s an option to either not be her, or have different voiceovers.

    • Agreed on dialogue and character. The world looks big but empty, combat not really doing it for me either. Travel looks like the most intriguing aspect to me here but not feeling this game overall.

  • Looks great, can easily see myself picking up this game day one

  • New IP that looks amazing. Hopefully this one finishes baking well in the oven. I will keep my eye on this one.

  • Easy Day one for me.

  • Looks great and interesting.

  • I am super excited to play this game. I am looking forward to hearing about the release date 😊

  • This game stood out of the crowd of new games that isn’t part of any series to me, it looks very promising, hope it pulls trough and turn out to be a great game.

  • Will this be running at 60fps?

  • Not a fan of the facial movements and dialogue and main character’s dialogue sounds like it was recorded on a cheap mic, but the world, spells and enemies are absolutely stunning

  • Very interesting title, I just hope the face models and facial animations get fixed before launch

  • ” Amy Hennig”

    All I needed to preorder. Is there a CE at Square’s Website?

    Any Chance of seeing her collaborate on a remake of the Legacy of Kain series?

    Take that Naughty Dog.

  • Best game of the PS showcase event for me. Next-gen only graphics and gameplay looks amazing.

  • There’s so many people saying that Frey’s dialogue is bad and the combat doesn’t look good, but I don’t agree in the slightest. Her character voice is amazing (she feels like a somewhat normal person, which I like) and the combat looks fantastic, but super different. And, of course, the traversal looks incredible.

    • Do you actually know any normal people who go around commenting on everything they do, talking like they’re from a children’s hero show?

      Because that would be really weird..😁

    • That’s literally a trope of lots of single player games, especially on PlayStation. Nathan Drake, Peter Parker, Joel and Ellie from TLoU all talk to themselves. It’s a normal convention in contemporary gaming. It’s a way that player characters convey info to the player.

  • This looks amazing!!! I can’t wait for this to come out!!! Im psyched!!!

  • Looks interesting, will keep an eye on this

  • This looks and sounds amazing! Absolutely getting a physical copy on day one — you’ve got my pre-order.

  • Ella Balinska is a great choice for the lead. She’s so beautiful and elegant. Charlie’s Angels was a trash movie, but that’s not her fault.
    I’m always happy to see strong female leads in big budget games. Will definitely buy this game to play with my 3 girls.
    Nice work Luminous and Squenix!

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s great that female leads are getting more of their own AAA games now and are becoming mainstream. It’s not so long ago that female characters were mainly relegated to in many cases only being playable in certain missions in a few games or only in the DLC. Even as recently as 10 years ago it was rare to play as a female protagonist in a game that didn’t have “Tomb Raider” or “Metroid” in the title.

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