30-player battle royale Hunter’s Arena hits PS4, PS5 August 3

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30-player battle royale Hunter’s Arena hits PS4, PS5 August 3

The magic-and-melee-infused brawler joins next month's PlayStation Plus lineup.

Greetings, Hunters!

I’m Sanha, Project Manager at Mantisco, and our team is excited to officially reveal new PS5 footage of Hunter’s Arena in today’s State of Play.

30-player battle royale Hunter’s Arena hits PS4, PS5 August 3

Hunter’s Arena takes you to a beautifully crafted ancient East Asian world where you play as a Hunter who must fight deadly demons as well as each other to survive in the one-of-a-kind melee battle royale. During your journey, you must master skills of swordplay and martial arts to defeat everything that tries to claim your life. So, grab your sword and brace yourself as we take a deeper look at the threats lurking in the dangerous and mystical world of Hunter’s Arena.

Your ultimate goal in Hunter’s Arena is to fight your way through 30 other players and prove yourself as the deadliest Hunter. You must always plan out strategies before diving straight into the action – stay cautious, as at any moment you could become the hunted in this unyielding world.

As shown in State of Play, you will always find yourself in the middle of the action. Instead of engaging in PvP fights right away, you can encounter and slay ancient demons to collect loot and grow stronger. We recommend that you take your time exploring and battling demons, as each has distinct fighting patterns and drops unique rare items.

Each time you enter the arena, you will be able to choose from 17 different Hunters. I recommend that you try out different Hunters as they range from close range to long range. Close range Hunters can deal great amount of damage if you manage to close the gap between you and the enemy. Few of them even have abilities to pull enemies towards them or create shockwaves that will draw enemies to a spot. Long range Hunters are perfect for kiting enemies from a distance. However, even though projectiles deal large damage, it will require practice to perfectly land them in fast paced fights.  

There are three modes available in Hunter’s Arena: Solo, Trio, and Tag Match.


Solo mode is a 30-player free for all where your skills as the ultimate hunter will be tested. You will experience boundless freedom as you won’t be forced to constantly battle other players to claim your victory. Instead, you will be given the freedom to explore dungeons and hunt dangerous boss demons to collect loot and grow stronger. Another interesting element is that you can temporarily team up with other players to hunt down a strong boss demon. It’s all mind games from here: As soon as you finish off your foe by working together, it will become a life or death battle for precious loot.


In Trio mode, you will enter the arena along with your friends or other players as a team of three. You will face harder battles as trio composition comes in play in Trio mode. Communicate with your teammates before the match starts to include Hunters with different abilities to successfully coordinate your fight. For example, Gyeonjo can be utilized to keep ally Hunters safe by providing shields and being able to muscle his way through enemy projectiles. Jun, my favorite Hunter, can pull enemies in from afar — a great way to weaken enemy trios.

Tag Match

Lastly, Tag Match is a special mode where we put your survival skills aside and compete solely based on your skills of swordplay and martial arts. You will enter the arena with two Hunters of your choice and go face to face with your opponent until one defeat the other. It is very similar to traditional fighting games and acts as a place for you to show off your combos and fighting techniques. The core element of Tag Match is about how well you know your Hunter’s abilities to string your combos and make fast decisions to enemy’s attack. So, if you feel that you are ready, take your fight to Tag Match and climb the rankings to become the deadliest Hunter of all.

I would also like to share few combat strategies that can be useful on your hunt.

Drop Strike

This is a deadly move that strikes the enemy from high grounds. By successfully using Drop Attack, you can ambush unexpecting enemies from above and deal massive damage. Locate an enemy underneath you, carefully time your strike, then launch yourself to get


Quickstep is an essential move that separates a rookie hunter from a master hunter. Quickstep is quick dash that can be used either offensively or defensively. If you are too far away from your enemy, you can use Quickstep to get up close and personal with your opponent. You can also utilize Quickstep to evade enemy skills and reposition yourself to turn the fight around.


Slipstream is a small air stream that is created behind a running Hunter. You can run faster in someone else’s Slipstream, which is useful for chasing down an enemy running away from a battle. If you find a Slipstream, you can follow it to guide yourself to an unsuspecting enemy.

Our team is thrilled to announce Hunter’s Arena is one of August’s PlayStation Plus titles, both for PS4 and PS5*. We’re so excited to finally be able to share the game with you, and we hope that you will enjoy the action-packed world we created for you. Head on to the merciless battlefield by yourself or grab your friends to have an epic fight like you have never experienced before. We will see you again soon, Hunters!

*PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring fees until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. See here for full terms & conditions. PlayStation Plus monthly games are available to play for the duration of your subscription only.

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