State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

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State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Nine minutes with Deathloop, plus first looks at Moss: Book II, Arcadegeddon, and more.

Miss the live broadcast earlier today? We’ve got all of today’s news collected in one handy spot!

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Catch the highlights of the latest State of Play episode with this quick video recap.

Moss: Book II

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Quill returns in this intriguing follow-up to one of the most beloved PS VR titles of all time. Get your first look in today’s brand new trailer.


State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Early Access begins today on PS5 for Illfonic’s kaleidoscopically chaotic loot-based shooter. 

Tribes of Midgard

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Norsfell Games’ action-RPG launches July 27, but that’s just the beginning. The team dives into its post-launch plans in this State of Play update.

F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Robo-rabbit Rayton takes center stage in this exciting look at his combat abilities, aided by his giant mechanical arm. Explore this unique world on PS4 and PS5 September 7.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Leap into 30-player melee matches when Hunter’s Arena joins PlayStation Plus August 3*. This combat and systems overview could be the edge you need on launch day.


State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Fight, fall, fight again in this latest look at Sloclap’s kung fu beat ‘em up. Each time the hero gets KO’d, he does rise again… but ages each time. Excited to learn more as we close in on the game’s 2022 release.

Jett: The Far Shore

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Thoughtful exploration and an inquisitive atmosphere make this adventure stand out. Learn more about the game’s laid back approach in this new State of Play trailer.

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

See Tanjiro and the Tsuzumi Mansion episode in this latest look at Aniplex’s upcoming anime adventure. The popular series comes to PS4 October 15.

Lost Judgment

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Equal parts grisly and goofy, this trailer for the anticipated sequel is sure to turn heads. Attempt to solve two impossible murders when Lost Judgment hits PS4 and PS5 September 24.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Your first look at the enhanced and expanded Death Stranding experience for PS5. New missions, new equipment, and more await, porters.


State of Play July 2021: All trailers and complete recap

Even when armed to the teeth and sporting supernatural abilities, Colt’s mission to take down his targets and break free of Blackreef’s time loop will be a challenging one. See him track Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey in this nine-minute gameplay sequence. Arrives on PS5 September 14.

*PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring fees until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. See here for full terms & conditions. PlayStation Plus monthly games are available to play for the duration of your subscription only.

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  • It was fine I’m excited for Death Stranding dc, Lost Judgement looks cool, Demon Slayer I haven’t finished season 1, and deathloop looks fun

  • Oh wait those people saying Sony doesn’t support indies how stupid do those insiders look now lol 😂

    • Ой , подождите , это что инди игры по цене AAA проектов ? Как же глупо выглядят те люди которые берут такие игры за такие прайсы , а сони и рады . Их политика только поиметь своих фанатов …

  • Lol who says Sony doesn’t support indies,that’s about all they do.Theres so many indies on PS4 an already getting that way on ps5.

  • Add another 6 months to a year, for “delays”.

  • Would have been cool to have seen Moss 2 announced live but you blundered this show putting that tripe Deathloop front and centre. Never bothered watching it.

    And Death Stranding is certainly a nice upgrade on PS5 with new added improvements to the game throughout for only 10 quid. Well……. anything is better after that terrible 30 quid decision to be able to play the exact same vanilla Ghost of Tsushima on PS5……… which I still will never be touching Sony, a person who bought and supported the Collector’s Edition here.

    • Why would you rather see the reveal live in YouTube’s garbage streaming quality when you can watch it later in better quality? Why does it even make a difference when you watch a trailer lmao

      Also as much as I agree with you that charging for a patch is absolutely trash, the PS5 Ghost of Tsushima patch is $10, not $30. But yes honestly sony can suck a day one for that. I actually sold my disc copy of the game just to stick it to them over this lol. Sony for the love of god never charge $10 for a patch that every other dev has given for free ever again. Right after Metro blew me away with their RT Global Illumination remaster of the entire game for free, too

    • suck a fat one, is what a meant to say.
      You and your $10 patch can suck a fat one, Sony lol

    • I don’t get how people are missing there’s a whole expansion DLC that’s with the PS5 upgrade. So your paying for the DLC not just $30 for the PS5 upgrade. I’ll be there day one can’t wait for the DLC and PS5 upgrade.

  • Im looking forward to sifu, fist and the death stranding director’s cut!

    Hey playstation any chance we can get a digital deluxe upgrade option for sackboy: a big adventure? Oh and a media player for ps5? And dynamic themes for ps5 as well!

    • Yeah or at least give us the PS4 Media Player until then that could still at least play 4K media and such.
      And I know you can play off a USB from the Media Gallery section but its very featureless and half the media doesn’t show up in it for some reason.

  • Well, Tribes looks fun, and I’ll probably upgrade Death Stranding, so this was better than I expected. Still a bit baffling as a follow up to E3, but oh well.

    In a related request, though… please unlock storage expansion already! Where am I supposed to put that shiny ps5 version of Death Stranding?

  • Sifu is one of those rare indies I’m stoked about. Love brawlers and the animations are great. First looks cool, too. Will probably upgrade Death Stranding because I’ve been waiting to continue on PS5. Deathloop I might try on a decent sale.

  • Thank you very much. It was good. I look forward to the PlayStation’s great event.

  • Sony were sick of waiting just announce the ps event we wanna see more horizon forbidden west god of war GT7 final fantasy 16 etc and more game announcements

    • I think we’ve already seen enough of Horizon. Not majorly hyped for God of War myself (liked the old ones better). So far I’m only hyped about Gran Turismo… Honestly I want to see more new IP’s instead of sequels and more of the same.

  • No they only listen to the PC community that never supported them and Xbox’s stupid leadership thats constantly in last place

  • @stonerhrow yeah new ip’s would be great

  • You know that’s a lie? They’re literally just giving you the same free stuff Sony already gives for free. MS hasn’t been giving stuff like Party chat, f2p multiplayer etc for free like Sony. That’s all they’re making free. Online multiplayer for regular titles will still be paid. They’re just trying to get people to buy Gamepass over gold

  • Just 3 words – boring, lame, disappointing 😩

  • 3 days later and both F.I.S.T and Sifu’s trailers from this show have more views then your precious, wasted money, paid for, Deathloop.
    Well done Sony. Hate to be the one to tell you that you didn’t listen and screwed up again but………………. you didn’t listen and screwed up again. Nobody cares about Deathloop, you can’t deny this now.

    And I was right about it being the worst viewed State of Play of all time too. I certainly didn’t watch it. I have no idea why you just will not listen to the fans that got you where you are today. You’re on a slippery slope and you need to course direct. Let’s start by bringing back Jerry Lambert to play Kevin Butler again but make him a global marketing face this time and not just in the US. It would be a start.

  • Xbox live gold will never be free. They LITERALLY tried to charge double for it 6 months ago which backfired spectacularly. Were you still claiming this “free” crap back then too?

    @iKickBullies Don’t forget something like SharePlay which has been a free standard on PSN since 2014 too.
    Shareplay is free, a thing that goes hand in hand with Party Chat and Microsoft are still charging for standard party chat the past 16 years lol.

    Just don’t bother trying to explain this to somebody like that who never understood the real facts staring them in the face.

  • Tribes = intresting
    Always online = nope

    Stil no news oon ssd expansion list = geting a bit of a huge 🤮

    Horizon 2 = 2022
    Do not rush it out

    Also to late to pre order the game
    Whith diablo 2 remasterd
    Far cry 6
    Dying licht 2

    Wil not have time to play horizon 2

    Next jear
    Horizon 2
    God of war
    Harry poter game ….
    You have a killer jear
    Stupid stil no list of compatibel ssd when them have great deals on ssd ath moment .

  • No offense, but no one’s gonna buy a console for $800, especially when Xbox has a similar machine selling only for $500.

  • waiting for next state of play

  • Good preview of new games coming in the future but I cannot buy anything else Sony because I have NO ROOM left on my internal SSD. Sorry but I play several games back and forth and COD is 1/3 of my whole drive space itself. I am ready to buy the SSD expansion as soon as you release it but in the meantime I cannot give you anymore money!

  • Blue box game studios keeps delaying the app seriously just show us more of abandoned what crack are they actually smoking does abandoned =silent hill?

  • It’s an interesting idea, personally I would just buy a PC for 1000€. PlayStation is low-cost, but high-tech, it’s a nice place to be in the market. For me, PS4 Pro is still high-end, PC resembling it would cost 1200€ in my country.

  • We want demos, not videos. What do you think this is – television? This is a gaming platform, remember?

  • Where is Zombies Ate My Neighbors + Ghoul Patrol?

  • I don’t actually care that Sony’s exclusives going to pc it’s ok people

  • Only Sony ponies care about ps games going to pc

  • deathloop looks interesting, glad I pre ordered!

  • Lost Jugment – the only true PS game that won’t be available on PC sh..t

  • Technology is too far advance especially taking advantage of all the free platform games tv etc

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