Everything revealed in the June 2022 State of Play

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Everything revealed in the June 2022 State of Play

Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy XVI, PS VR2 games, and much more.  

What a show. Where to begin? Today’s State of Play gave us our first look at Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter 6, plus a spectacular new Final Fantasy XVI trailer. And between, nonstop new reveals and surprises, including the debut of titles in development for PlayStation VR2. 

If you missed (or want to rewatch) the show, you can find it below: 

Everything revealed in the June 2022 State of Play

Many studios who have partnered with us on today’s State of Play offer more information and additional insight about their games in the below PS.Blog articles. Click through to get the full story on each, direct from the creators. 

  • Resident Evil 4 is coming to PS5 next year: get the first gameplay and story details.
  • Street Fighter 6 has been fully revealed: first details on new fighters coming to its roster, the Drive System, World Tour, and more.  
  • Final Fantasy XVI launches summer 2023. See the new trailer and get new story and gameplay details. 
  • Intriguing feline adventure Stray launches this July as part of the new PlayStation Plus.  
  • Skate parks turn into bullet-ridden combat arenas in futuristic bloodsport Rollerdrome, by OlliOlli World’s creator. 
  • Delightful foxy adventure Tunic is coming to PlayStation later this year. 
  • Dating sim meets action adventure in Eternights

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  • Where are the PS5 games and GOW Ragnarok release date? Another trash a$$ State of Play and nothing for PS5 owners. If I knew this was the plan all along I would not have bought a PS5. I do not need one and it is irrelevant. The only game I want is GOW and that is a PS4 game. Everything else is on Xbox or PC.

    • I own a PlayStation 5 and I’m enjoying it very much. The performance is night and day compared to the PS4. I’m excited for GOW Ragnarok. But you need to find a good group of friends to play other game’s with online in order to appreciate gaming to it’s fullest. Try some FPS games. Or get yourself into some racing games. They are fun too. Most importantly remember we play games for fun. Don’t burn yourself out. Go outside and have fun too.

    • luiswrestling99


      I am on the same boat. I am enjoying my PS5 a lot, but I do not care for FPS, racing or spotrs(matterof taste). Also, games are quite pricy, so buy what I really care for (will never pay good money for a racer for example). Online multiplayer or multiplayer in general is not my thing either, I am a single -player guy and quite enjoy it that way. My PS5 is mostly functioning as a PS4 Pro + lol, but I do like it. like you said, game peformance is great, and I love the few PS5-only games I have. As stated in the end. Games are about fun, they are here to have fun, not to be mad about. A bit of fresh air is good for usas well (y).

    • luiswrestling99

      @Nemicon Guess you bought your PS5 quite early then. Also, remember this State of Play was a tgrird-party only event, so we knwe there will be no GOW news at all on this event. Times are different now, the gens are not like back then when the consoles were completely separated. With the PS5 being backwards comppatible, it will take a while until PS5-only games become a thing.

    • Everything else is on Xbox??? How can you be taken seriously after that?

      No, you meant PC and just leave it at that, and even then, not every single thing shown will be on PC.
      VR is on Xbox (7 years after Phil Spencer’s “high fidelity VR” lies)?
      FFXVI is on Xbox?
      Spiderman is on Xbox?

      If you want to make a point, then do it, but don’t straight up lie. There is already enough of the media doing that for Xbox for the first year and a half of its PATHETIC console generation so far.

  • Can Polyphony Digital respond to tell us if they are going to support PlayStation VR2 for Gran Turismo 7? It would be the one of the main reasons why I would buy a PS VR2 headset. I still need to see a stronger lineup of game’s for PS VR2 before it’s worth buying a headset that I know will cost as much as the PlayStation 5. My expectations are low so please tell me I’m wrong.

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    love the soothing music

  • Why RE4 Remake not coming to PS4? Like everyone at 2023 has a PS5???

    • Yes everyone will have a PS5 by 2023 so better start looking for one.

    • luiswrestling99

      @zaltman lol, By 2023, it will be hard to get a PS5 the traditional way and will still be expensive. Will not happen. That uis why Sony expectes PS4 releases to got until 2025. Third marties it another matter though. They decide on their own.

    • We’re finally getting next gen games only and still somebody complains.

  • the state of play was good playstation need to keep that standard up hype for re4 & fx16 2023

  • sony how do you counter microsoft event you drop ragnarok state of play & realise date the community wants this info

    • GOW will have it’s own State of Play

    • What do they need to counter? One of the biggest events from Xbox E3 2021, according to Xbots, was Back4Blood being on game pass day 1.

      And we all know how that utter trash turned out. But it didn’t matter because game pass right?

    • Well, here we are. How was the counter Sony needed for that massive Xbox E3 Showcase?

      Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Riot games unlocks on PC versions, Forza Horizon 5 DLC, Sea of Thieves update, Fallout 76 patch (lol), Grounded Actual Release Version.

      Basically things you should be spending 0 seconds on at an E3 showcase. Xbox proved for another year that Sony can continue doing whatever it is they are doing right now.
      And that big E3 showcases have been dead since PlayStation stopped attending years ago.

  • Why isn’t it released on ps4?

  • luiswrestling99

    Cool little State of Play here. It was a 3rd party-only event, so I did not set my excpectations high.

  • I don’t remeber the last time I’ve seen a show like this where I wanted to play ALL of the games presented!

    • Glad it worked for somebody, polar opposite for me. I can’t remember such an underwhelming state of play 🙁

  • That was a really enjoyable State of Play. I liked the variety on offer here and felt like a mini-showcase. A good balance between PlayStation Studio announcements (which I don’t really care for) and solid third party ones. I like that no one thing really made the showcase as all shown looked to be quality.

    I think going forward State of Plays should be handled like this. I want to see lesser known games like Star Ocean 6 and Indie titles but clearly they can’t hold their own in a State of Play and I feel like when there is no massive highlight games of lesser perceived caliber just get labeled trash along with the event. Also perhaps create an indie specific event category that isn’t linked to State of Play and reserve the best indies for State of Plays. Eternights and Stray are definitely perfect for State of Plays.

    Just shooting out some rough ideas, I really enjoyed this event but thought the March State of Play was pretty great for RPG fans also. If PlayStation can keep up the level of presentation that they showed us June 2 I’ll be really happy.

  • The content in the show was good, but I miss a face, a human talking to me. It now feels like a faceless corporation and I don’t like that.

  • Good event 😌 8/10.

  • Sony add this to ps5 game update history like can on ps4 games needed feature

  • When are we going to get 1440P resolution please 🙏

  • AMAZING 🤩 but I’m still waiting for that raccoon 🦝 to pops out

  • sp00kyband1t299

    Consoles are good got ps4 pro and ps4, another muggy SOP, don’t know about anyone else either bug this PS Plus thing feels like a cheap trick, the £££s spent over the years i had online and now if I wanna keep some of the games (that I paid for) I gotta up my subscription again. cheers PlayStation customer loyalty top of your list again I see 🤣

  • This was the best state of play imo I’m defiantly hyped for Eternights, FFXVI, RE4, and Stray and hope for a good showcase in a few months

  • Tbh I don’t feel like spiderman should really be on this list. I know it was announced but how does this effect Playstation players at all. I know it was a ps exclusive but still we could have gotten a PC port for Bloodborne and a “remaster” for ps5 as well

  • With a forget console (I think they were using marketing speak like beyond console) PC-first approach coming into play, been looking into it and seemingly PS studios games are cracked either on or pretty close to release day with vastly superior resolution and performance/DLSS. As PC launches eventually become day-and-date with console, that makes the choice pretty easy. Sweet.

    Replies are not monitored.

  • BEST State of Play 😍
    Very good show👌
    I hope to see God of War Ragnarok SOP soon.💥💥💥

  • So many games that peaked my interest, great job with this showing.

  • playstation best state of play ever facts & hope the rumours true bout appearing at summer game fest need to be something big like ragnarok metal gear last of us remake or silent hill

  • Wow! Things SF didn’t need, I’d say am open world format would be top of the list.

  • You guys need to convince Square Enix to release Live-A-Live on playstation. That game is seriously one of the best games of all time.

  • How about you get your priorities straight making announcements about exclusives going to PC before announcing what exclusives are coming to PS5 after leaving us guessing nearly a whole year.Sick of this PlayStation this generation you have truly done a HORRIBLE job providing content for PS5 owners really horrible job 20+ years on PlayStation and this generation has without a shadow of a doubt been the least exciting

  • Stray looks very tempting. Since I love animal and animal-being character.
    But if Final Fantasy keeps following the road to more and HD-graphic and less and less Japanese Anime-Style, the series will loose me. As sad as it sounds.

  • And if I may add something.
    I miss the back- and front line jobs from FFXI Online. And i dislike that RPG became a side note in FFXIV, that everyone gets placed in the middle of the battlefield, that mages got robbed of protecting magic and that people can go in raids naked, swim suits or in seasonal fursuits, turning fights into a joke. And that Square Enix did not give us Role Player an option to blend like level 50 job sets on those people’s character JUST on our screen, to keep the immersion alive. (FFXI had such an option with level 1 starter sets.)
    The play speed of FFXIV could also be (if FFXI Online == 0f && FFXIV == 10f) = 7.5f.
    And my chocobo training is only my duty, and has no relation to other people. be it their free community or single houses. atleast on abilities, my chocobo only uses on me.
    and please give the blocklist it’s purpose back and let it keep others we don’t like from playing with us again.
    Thank you.

  • And one last request for the online game friendlist. That we could see all of our friends characters on any of our current played characters like in FFXI was heavenly, too.

    1st.: first added char
    2nd.: current char
    3rd: linkshell/free community
    4th: current location/server if offline.

    To have our friendlists separated on each of our characters and to have to ask others to add each next character anew, just blocks friendships.

    Thank you, again.

  • Sony really need to stop putting PlayStation games on PC that’s not making any sense

  • More like PC state of play, you don’t even need PlayStation to play most of these things. Very underwhelming especially for PS5 owners.

  • PLAYSTATION 4 PRO best console ever!

  • It took SEGA much much longer to the stage of NO 3rd exclusive and port most 1st titles to other platforms.

  • Sony, where is the internet browser? Please make a deal with any of the companies to add a browser ASAP (a thoroughly missed feature of the ps4)

    Some of us thoroughly enjoy using our console for more then just games and apps like Netflix (speaking of) where’s Disney+, I couldn’t care less for the free games please start working with other companies to start including more apps on the Playstation store, it’ll make up for having to pay monthly to use the online features of the games I already own.

    Also please start working with peripheral companies for compatability with wireless mouse’s and keyboards.

    It’s time to make the console more of a go to when it comes to all sorts of media.

    It will propel you’re sales 10 fold, when a person has the option between a mediocre gaming laptop and the ps5.

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