Marvel’s Spider-Man series is coming to PC

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Marvel’s Spider-Man series is coming to PC

Insomniac Games’ critically acclaimed titles launch on PC this year.

That’s right, the acclaimed PlayStation action-blockbuster hits Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are heading to PC.

Developed by my Insomniac Games teammates in collaboration with Marvel, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered introduces you to an experienced Peter Parker who’s fighting big crime and iconic villains in Marvel’s New York. At the same time, he’s struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of Marvel’s New York rests upon his shoulders. The same goes for our version of Miles Morales as he rises to the challenge of becoming a new Spider-Man for his community and the city. In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – currently available on both PS4 and PS5 – Miles is adjusting to his new home in East Harlem while following in the footsteps of his mentor Peter Parker. But when a fierce power struggle threatens to destroy his new home, Miles realizes that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Miles must take up the mantle of Spider-Man and own it to save Marvel’s New York.

Before we further discuss the PC versions of each game, I’d like to pause and express Insomniac’s profound gratitude for those of you reading this post who have already purchased and played the PlayStation console versions of Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4, PS5). Let me tell you, there are a lot of folks to thank for your passionate support! With that in mind, I’m both ecstatic and humbled to share that the Marvel’s Spider-Man series now has sold through more than 33 million copies globally, as of May 15, 2022.

Now let’s look more closely at Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC. We’ll divebomb into tech specs another time, but I hope after you watch this trailer, you can envision just how visceral it’s going to be hurtling through the skies of Marvel’s New York and taking on the most sinister rogues gallery around.

Marvel’s Spider-Man series is coming to PC

Look at that gorgeous footage! That’s just a tiny sample of what to expect in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC. Wait until you get your hands on the sticks…or mouse and keyboard (feature confirmed)! Of course, you can count on additional standard PC-specific features such as adjustable render settings and ray-traced reflections, with more features and details to be announced later.

We’re grateful to our PlayStation Studios partner studio Nixxes Software for fully optimizing Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PC. Our production team has been thrilled with Nixxes’ collaborative spirit and commitment to quality. We see a lot of ourselves when working with Nixxes.

We asked Jurjen Katsman, Nixxes’ Founder and Senior Director of Development, if he’d like to share a few words about the games’ PC development journey, and this is what he had to say:

“I am extremely pleased with our collaboration with Insomniac on the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, the shared support provided between our teams and their dedication to quality above all is inspiring. It allows our team to leverage our technical expertise and focus on creating the best possible PC experience that takes advantage of all the exciting possibilities the PC platform has to offer.

Our team has always been big fans of the work from Insomniac and partnering with them to bring Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to PC in the best way we can is something we are incredibly excited about.”

We will have more details to share about both Marvel’s Spider-Man PC games as we approach their respective launches. For now, we can reveal that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will launch on PC on August 12, 2022 while Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will launch on PC in Fall 2022.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC will include the full main story and its continued narrative in Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC, which features three accompanying story chapters in Peter Parker’s journey along with additional missions and challenges for players to discover.

Thanks for reading, and as always, for supporting our original take on Spider-Man. We love our fans.

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  • Interesting since I believe the State of Play only mentioned Spider-Man: Remastered and not Miles Morales. Miles Morales marks the first actual PS5 game (cross-gen) to go to PC.

    • x__xWhySoSeri0us

      And still no free PS5 uprgrade or to let us buy Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PS5 in the playstation store. More love for PC users?

      It’s so stupid that you need to buy Miles Morales Ultimate to playMarvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5.

    • They knew it is in bad taste. So they hide it in words

    • not true, thats death stranding, unless you count the fact the last gen and current gen versions are purposely separated from each other, in the form of the original game on an current gen console with an extra DLC forced onto it

  • This is it. The day im leaving gaming has come. Sony you just made PS5 most useless playstation, nice. No exclusives GG. Time to cancel PS PLUS.

    • Suuure, not one person has ever stopped playing games because even more people can play it. Most console gamers don’t enjoy PC so it doesn’t affect anything apart from Sony getting more money and ppl getting to play games who couldn’t play. ALSO every PS exclusive has come to PC after 2 YEARS. Thats some exclusive time.

    • PC ports don’t devalue consoles. They’re seperate audiences. Plus the first game’s been exclusive to PlayStation for four years. I don’t get why it’s suddenly a problem now when they clearly gave enough attention to the console versions of these games and they made a ridiculous amount of money

    • dude, PC doesn’t compete with consoles is a different audience, restricting games to only one platform is what killed Japan Studio…. PS games going to PC is as much of a benefit for you than for everyone else. More sales on PC = devs not going bankrupt = better and more games… but sure stay salty if you want I guess, just be happy more people can enjoy the stuff that you like.

    • get rekt, buy a pc peasant

    • @LadrilloSK

      close the door when you leave

    • If you get this upset about PC ports maybe we’re better off without you lmao

      Also, if you’re paying for PS Plus in the first place that’s kinda your problem

    • I agree. playstation loses its uniqueness

    • I don’t know why people keep saying more people get to play? There is nothing stopping them for buying a PS to play like we did. So that is flawed logic.

      @vherostar me and many other PS gamers will be moving to PC. Alot of people moved to PC during the PS3 generation and never came back. So it does hurt the console.

      @phantom_sees PC ports do devalue the console and many people who have a PS and PC are going to play on PC only. Its been a problem because that time and money spent on PC ports could go to PS games. You must be blind because Sony has not made the PS5 worth owning.

      @Gohan11216 PC is not a different audience. All the top streamers game on PC and have a PS console as does many none streamers. Mo one benefits from PC ports except PC customers.

      The games are not getting better as Horizon 2 has a on of flaws and there are not more games at all.

      Your logic makes no sense as PC ports have nothing to do with improving the console experience or devs going bankrupt. Japan studio was closed because Jim Ryan does not care about Japan.

      This crap about “just be happy more people can enjoy the stuff that you like” makes no sense when they can buy a PS console to play them and the PC ports sell poorly right now.

    • They’re not competing platform. That argument only works if you’re completely in denial. Sorry. 😃

    • Cope

    • Mans just mad because he just lost a reason to proove to his pc friends that the ps5 is worth it

    • Bye, trust us we won’t miss you with that attitude. When you have stopped throwing your little child tantrum you why would your care where another player is playing their single player game? That little thing under you telly, you will be lucky if you see another two more out of Sony they will be seriously paired back devices , a little box to stream your game from a data center that you tablet or phone as you went about your day and then ended your day playing on the PC because you don’t have access to TV that night.

    • I don’t really see the problem here. PC now gets games from both Sony and Microsoft. The PC gaming market is just too big to ignore these days.

    • Ironic coming from a guy with a Crash Bandicoot avatar.

    • @mvpjones
      Kind of silly to say the PC market is just too big to ignore. I can see that if your targetting people with low end GPU and older games. However many of these games are barely a year old and intended to run on flag ship hardware.

      Just looking at the steam hardware and software numbers, it doesn’t look good for high end games.Less than 12% have GPU’s over a 2060Ti in terms of performance. That isn’t exactly a mind blowing GPU. At 30 million concurrent users we could say maybe they are living in the realm of 90 million. You might see 10.8 million with hardware high enough to run these games. That’s with my generous 12%. That’s less hardware than the PS Vita sold in its entire life span. Less than the Wii U. You’re not getting licensing, first party profits, full sale price (as PC gamers don’t tend to be release day buyers), no subscription fees, Only thing you’re saving on is what you need to sell to break even on each PS5 sold.

      Now in the short run ya you’ll make money off the users that would never buy a PlayStation. Eventually you’ll start using your bread and butter and swaying people away from your platform. The PS5. You’ll be handing your licensing benefits for PS5 to Steam instead as gamers stop buying PS5 games. Not all of them will, but your pool of players could shrink by another 20 to 30 million. PS2 had 150 million players at the height of its life time. PS1-4 had pretty awesome attach rates for software. 10 games to every system at their peaks some times more. Imagine that disapearing. Imagine the money they use to make at sony, now being made by valve instead.

      Basically canabolizing yourself and putting yourself in a position to be bought out by valve or even microsoft in doing this. You’d also be disassembling the physical games market in the process. Maybe that’s what sony wants. Maybe this is there way of throwing int he towel. Or myabe they seem to think they can create a digital market place that doesn’t blow.

      All this rhetoric about more people bieng able to play and non-overlaping audiences, it’s just bad math, bad science, bad deduction, bad forsight, and honestly bad business.

      Guess we’ll see, but you won’t be finding me sticking around on PlayStation if this keeps up. I do have a 3080 and a PS5. If I just have to wait a year to play my game on steam and steam deck, then what is the point. I already have 30 PS5 games. A good number are 3rd party titles. Who knows how long games like Judgement and Lost Judgement will be exclusive to consoles. I know Yakuza Like a Dragon isn’t. Hades, Scarlet Nexus, and Guilty Gear arent. Hell the Pixel Remasters aren’t even on console. How long till this encouragement on PC results in critical mass for PC gaming and results in games like Stranger of Paradise finding its way to PC.

      Right now I’m not all doom and gloom like the OP, but sony does need to increase that window a bit. 2 years minimum. I think with Spiderman we’re seeing that. In doing so they need to start sweeting the pot for some PS5 owners. there are updates for games like HZD they could have been brought to PS5 from PC and were not. It paints a rather ugly picture for console whe you’re treating your players like second class citizens in your echo system.

    • Everyone except sheep and people who can’t operate a computer will leave.

    • You’re all being unreasonable. Don’t you know? All you need is a PC (EPIC’s free games + Steam), GamePass for PC, and a Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation exclusives will come to PC now, or you can opt for PlayStation Plus Premium to stream to PC.

    • Sony been struggling since ps5 release

    • I am a pc player. I loved spiderman as a kid and always wanted to play marvel’s spiderman but could not because I can’t afford ps5 and I hardly upgraded my pc.I am so happy that this is happening.Why you guys are upset for? It’s not like they are releasing new games on day one on pc. I mean don’t you guys like the fact that more people who can only manage to get a pc can finally will be able to play a legendary game you guys enjoyed for all this years.come on.we all here love playing video games,then why this much hatred towards sony. and keep your ps5,or you will have to wait 4-5 years to play the new god of war and spiderman games.There is even a chance that those games might never come to pc as well.Think about it.

    • People just have no idea what it’s about… More players playing the games you like? RIGHT… 1 million GoW sold on PC and 2-3 times as much downloaded ILLEGALLY…
      WHAT AN EXCELLENT EXCHANGE and you can add 1 million to that NOT even paying full price…
      The Playsation is just a box for time exclusive games…

      The PC has millions of configuration options, for what do you want to program there?
      Let’s assume the hardware of the PS5 is really unique…and the I/O works exactly as it claims…NOTHING IS ANYTHING like it on the mass market PC…so what’s the outcome when it all comes to PC GOT TO?
      Right the hardware of the PS is NEVER used properly because the PC needs an implementation.

      7-9% of the PC gamers play in full 4k the rest has hardware that has the performance of a PS4 pro.

      8/16/ 32 Gb memory..a graphics card with 6 /8/ 10 or 12 Gb memory
      PCIe 3 or 4. HDD or SSD over SATA or SSD over PCIe /NVME

      OR MILLIONS OF THE SAME DEVICES where you know EXACTLY which hardware is available and can use it optimally…
      You also have to think a little further than a few sales that aren’t worth mentioning when you compare them to the console market.

    • @Nemicon because I shouldn’t have to shell out a few hundred dollars just to play a couple of games. Just because YOU chose to buy a PS console doesn’t mean everybody wants to buy one.

  • Still trying to figure out how you wanna sell PS5s when everything is going to PC afted 1.5 years or so and GPU prices are going down so fast.

    • Do it. There isnt much of a point staying on ps5 anymore anyway

    • No use for PS5 anymore, glad I didnt waste my money and built a PC, PCMR is here, looking forward to get this game at sale on steam and play with better graphics

    • And what’s the issue of PC players getting the game two to four years later? Are you gonna burn your console? lol

    • Guess it means one less console to worry about.

    • Well what kind of gaming rig on pc can you buy for $430?

      $70 of that $500 is the dual sense

      Are you going to be able to watch 4k blu rays on that rig? does it have the ssd speeds and size?

      You’re hard pressed to find a gpu worth a damn for that much less the rest of the stuff and windows you would need.

      You drop the sense for $70 in keyboard mouse etc what are you getting. additionally you have any wired headphones around that are 3.5 and you can plug them into the sense.

      This pc argument only holds if you inflate the budget up and your content to wait years for ps games, while missing out on most of their library entirely.

      keep crying and go ahead do it get the pc.

      I am happy with my ps5 and my friend is happy with his gaming rig, one of us spend a vastly lower amount, ill let you ponder that one at your leisure.

      heres a hint i traded my old pro in and brought my cost down by $340cad, good luck doing that on pc.

    • it’s actually what kind of gaming rig on pc can you buy for $330

      $70 on the sense, because all digital ps5 is what pc is.

      there are no physical sales, no resale, not trading in, no lending and no collecting just the steam that is psn.

      pc is more open than this and has no plus online restrictions but the main comparisons remain.

      bragging about steam libraries filled with games people don’t finish as well as how everything on mustard race is better graphics, while dropping the bad ports, bugs, bad optimizations and all the rest.

      Theres room for both platforms, it depends on the user but the cost advantage for what these systems do remains squarely in ps5 and series X favour.

      Just as sitting on a couch with a large tv and proper audio setup remains my preferred way to play almost every game genre and the only way to play with friends and family that isn’t complete bu ll sh it.

  • So… Will we be finally able to buy the Spidey Remaster on Ps5 by itself?

    • yes but only for 80€, while 30€ on PC with more features

    • I don’t mind that PC players get to play 2 of my favorite games years after I did, like at all

      But I think they should let us buy the remaster if it’s coming to PC as a stand-alone product

    • if you put a miles ps4/ps5 disc non ultimate in it eill offer the digital ps5 spiderman remastered purchase.

      if that’s all you want and a friend has the disc, borrow it and buy the game.

  • You don’t want us to be jerks, but they’re going to pirate it. Why should I continue giving your my money for full price. Answer this PlayStation

    • Paid 60€ for Spidey day 1 and 80€ Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, PC pirates are getting this for free or 40€ Complete Edition, im done and many other too, btw Ragnarok is day 1 on Pc

    • You should not not and I will pirate their games once I move to PC.

    • This meme that PC players pirate games is nonsense. You do realise you can pirate games on consoles too, right?

    • Lol what a stereotype. Plenty of PC gamers buy their games. If you don’t have the patience to buy your games on sale you brought this on yourself.

    • Don’t buy games day 1 anymore bro, specially since Sony have been supporting pc more than their own platform, what the hell has happened to PlayStation, oh that’s right Jim Ryan and Herman Hulst

  • Day one purchase. With Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series coming it’s going to be a magical experience, I’m hoping for 144hz/1440p with ray tracing.
    In the meantime my punny RTX 3070 will have to do.

  • benzandchrysler

    You are devaluing your exclusives all in the name of making a quick buck Miles morales hasn’t been out two years and it’s supposed to be built from the ground up for the ps5. So you lied about taking advantage of the ps5 all these cross gen games are going to PC very disappointing

    • By the time Miles Morales is on PC it will literally have been two years or at least extremely close to it

    • Devalues nothing games still exclusive to ps5 for 1-2 years.

    • Absolutely. Now we know why all these games are cross gen. It’s so that they can work well on slow PC HDDs, because if they were built for PS5’s SSD then almost 0% of PCs would be able to play them well.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      I’ve been gaming on an SSD on PC since 2012, a full year before the PS4 launched. Thanks for the laugh, though!

    • @mjc And not a single PC game you played was built for that SSD. It’s cool that you enjoyed the placebo effect though.

    • Don’t buy their games then. You know any game from them has or will have the potential to go pc down the line. They have stated their business strategies, making ps5 available, now with plus, pc ports live services and mobile.

      They have put it out there, later this year you are going to say they lied to us on last of us 2 factions. Meanwhile they bought bungie a live services company.

      It’s obvious what sony is about these days. No one is looking at a Sony exclusive and saying yeah that looks awesome buying it launch window, then years later feeling cheated under any scenario.

      Only johnny come latelys that didn’t buy launch, had no interest in the game and are just wingeing for the sake of it.

      It’s very similar to people crying about games going on sale after launch, dlc being added after launch, game every year editions (bad trade values for gsmestop crowd) and all the rest. it’s how it is fool me once etc.

      You know returnal was coming to pc, if you had both maybe you opted to wait instead of getting it on ps5 or for those that only had pc, so what you had 2 years with it on ps5 by that point the game is barely worth half, let pc the option. If you wanted a game and its sub 50% price you really weren’t interested.

      It’s not a quick buck it’s a methodical tactical business strategy that mirrors their main rival. Sony customers aren’t platform holders are we?

      Theres lots of stuff Nintendo does i dislike, but when they release a great game i take note and buckle up for full price no sales.

      If pc ports are a deal breaker move on. My son is the only reason i went back to nintendo after wii and he loves it and playstation.

      you know what he could care less about? pc ports of playstation games because he recognizes the truth that we give up nothing from that, nothing and they get more money to invest in their business.

    • Devaluing? They still made a pretty good profit. As of June 2022 they sold over 33 million copies of the game on PlayStation. Now they’re just branching out to the wider market

    • You realize that there’s such a thing as “minimum specs required” for PC releases, right? There are games on PC that require SSD for optimal experience now.

      Also, PS5 is just a midrange AMD PC anyway, just like the PS4/Pro and the Xboxen. All PS5 games can be ported to Windows PCs easily.

  • Enjoy PC players. The absolute best Marvel game of the last decade. Absolutely worth your time.

  • Maybe I should sell my console. Pirate stuff on PC instead.

    • only a very small percentage of PC gamers pirate. STEAM has made it so easy to play games and PC prices are so cheap id say 95% of ppl who get on PC will pay for it. Piracy isn’t like it was in the 90s.

    • this is the way bro

    • @vherostar God of war was pirated more than it was sold on pc

    • God of War sold less than a million on PC. The game that absolutely defined last generation. They all whined “why is it $50 on PC when it is now 10-20 on Playstation?” and they pirated it instead. Playstation is destroying their brand.

    • That is what I will do. Why pay for the games when you can get them for free? Thanks Ryan.

    • You can pirate games on ps4 as well.

      You really think they are not aware of the stats and what makes sense for them to do or not do?

      They are doubling down on pc ports.

      If there is attrition to piracy, how does that change value on ps5.

      Look at Ratchet at $40 now barely older than a year, the games have a launch value to bottom sale range as it is and the pc ports hit after the games are in the bow of the curve.

      People just looking for an excuse and others to cup their balls for being thieves. You don’t see the value don’t buy, what gives you the right to steal it.

      It’s like adults that never had a father tell them some people do bad things but thats not what we do.

      What often is not communicated with these “stats” is what parts of the world are pirating these titles and additionally value isn’t just in the acquisition of a digital thing it is in the loss of an actual sale or taking from others.

      If i pirate a movie game show music album etc, but i don’t finish it, was never going to buy it etc is this the same as a legitimate sale that was lost.

      Most people that pirate games don’t finish stuff and were never going to buy anyways so it’s a moot comparison.

      Just as trying to say everyone said oh $50 and pirated, theres a huge potential for more sales over time with sales especially with steam and others wishlist systems (a nice ps5 addition finally as well)

      Just as usual people looking for an excuse to act like they are justified to steal, and or Sony us stupid. The latter is clearly not the case.

      They way to send your message if you care to is to not buy exclusives ironically enough.

    • Get ready for ” Only a small percentage of pc users pirate” yeah hence why God of War was pirated more than it sold lol jokes on Sony though

  • It’s safe to say that from now on all the games will be ported to PC. Soon it will be day one.

  • Think about it, Sony did more for PC this gen then for PS5 users and they always brag about PC only special features lmao 😂 and people saying its worth to have ps5 because u have 1.5 year exclusivity u crazy guys, u are paying 80€ for games while PC players will just get it for 20€ or pirate it 😂

    • Jim Ryan is a PC fan, or lacks innovative thought on how to make more money without spitting on the folks who put them where they are

    • thx for beta testing this game for US PS players, but now the PCMR is here, looking forward to get this game at sale on steam and play with better graphics

    • Exactly. No GOW release date, no first party PS5 only games and nothing new for PSVR2. PC is the best option now and you also get all the third party and Xbox games too. Then you can pirate the games. Win win and I embrace it.

    • Sounds like you don’t have a ps5, and you have a massive case of loser denial about it.

      If you had one you wouldn’t be so desperately salty.

      As for the mustard racers keep enjoying the games years late, you really have us bent over lol. 😂

      I love me a good mustard race crowd talking crap hunched up to his dirty cup noodles splashed monitor on his sweaty chair. Absolutely wrecking third person sony games on a mouse.


      keep on keepin on.

      But my keyboard has rainbow lights guys, rainbow lights. 🌈

    • That’s just the PC tax. You get DLSS or FSR and call it a day.

    • Do you have 3d audio, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on PC and PC for $400 capable of ray tracing and 60fps ?

  • This day marks the end of Playstation. Useless station 5.

    • Go outside for a bit. Take a bath.

      And enjoy the great console that is the Playstation 5.

      It’s simple.

    • dude I have a PS4, Vita and a PC and is not like that…. PC is a different ecosystem, just be happy devs can get more money to make even more games… PC and consoles can coexist

    • @BlastThyName The PS5 is trash and there are no exclusives. My PS5 just sits and collects dust. Funny how your trophies are private. Why?

      @Gohan11216 PC is not a different ecosystem. They sell the same games. Why buy a PS when you can get Sony games, MS games and third party on PC?

      Devs don’t need PC to get sales for more games. That makes absolutely no sense. The PC ports are not even selling and they are being pirated.

    • Some people here do not have ps5.

      If you do and you are just a full hater which all your comments here confirm Necronomimom, why don’t you sell your ps5 off?

      You will never have a better opportunity to cash out, easily getting all your cash back or likely more for you as thieves tend to also be scalpers. Sell it if it’s so dusty and you have a gaming rig. The fact you apparently bought ps5 knowing the pc ports and you had to have 🤦‍♂️ and are sand bagging it is on you not ps5. Theres too much overlap for that to make any sense.

      Go ahead and psn profile me for your am i a real gamer credibility attack like you attempt on blast. The reason people block that stuff to strangers is for freaks like you on the blog.

      So no neither myself or blast needs to let you “vet” our trophies for character assassinations on the blog, frankly what relevance does it have.

      I could go and look for ps5 trophies on yours, but who cares really it doesn’t change your claims and your fishing doesn’t invalidate blasts. For a state of play this was on the good end, the amount of crying in here is not up to objective reality.

      You don’t like ps5 sells yours and enjoy your pc. Brick loves lamp so there is no helping them. By his logic ps5 ended before it began.

      Jokes about on you whiners anyways theres a huge line of prospective buyers for it and Sony is about to move big numbers with the plus relaunch.

      Just mosey on off the blog and find stuff you do enjoy.

  • This is awesome news. Can’t wait for PC players to get their hands on these spectacular games—truly some of the best games in recent memory. I’ll have to play through it again once it drops on PC!

  • This day marks the end of Playstation. Useless station 5. Just dont buy games from this scam of a company, PS5 is now play first for 80€ in lower quality.

  • Congrats on the 33million! I will say as a console player, if PS studios games go day and date onto PC, I will stop buying consoles. The PlayStation console gamer should always come first.

    • They did come first for the past 4 years. At best, you guys will get 1-2 years of exclusivity then Nixxes will port it over to PC.

  • Wow this is absolutely amazing, and is being ported by Nixxes <3

  • No point in buying anything beyond Ps5 at this point. Thanks for the confirmation

  • So many games going to PC yet the ones that would benefit the most (Dreams and Destruction AllStars) have no PC ports in sight..

    • That is how out of touch and delusional Sony is. Those games going to PC makes sense as does VR games, but those are not being ported.

    • you guys should apply for management jobs at playstation

  • Oh boy Sony, third time is the charm, right?

  • Lmao, just built a PC, best thing I could ever have done, thx for beta testing this game for US PS players, but now the PCMR is here, looking forward to get this game at sale on steam and play with better graphics

    • Nice! I will playing it also. Got a gtx 1070 ti. No need to upgrade right now. Can no doubt play 60fps at 1440p on medium.

    • Quantized_Qubits

      There’s no way you’re over 18 if you’re typing corny, cringe stuff like this everywhere. Wipe off the Dorito dust and lay off the Dew, bro. It’s clearly turning your brain into mush.

      I’m excited about the PC release as well (double dipped on almost all the exclusives) but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and act like a kook.

    • darkslayer? More like lightpuppyeyes…

      Little puppy doesn’t even know that you cannot beta test a product on an entirely different ecosystem, or how to properly form a sentence, calls himself “master race”..

    • Can’t wait for them to announce the DLSS/ FSR support. I honestly thought about getting a PS5 for these and Demon Souls , but then this happened 😂

    • *puts pirate hat on*

      cuz fck em, that’s why

  • The main reason I have a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and a PC is the exclusive games. The reason I did not buy an Xbox Series X is because I can get the same games on PC.

  • Nice to see that if some PS Studios games are ported to PC are only some of them and are 2+ years old games.

    I wouldn’t like to see all games there and specially newer games there because in that case it wouldn’t make sense to own a PS console.

    • Thanks Sony! With these news you made clear that buying consoles and games from you are less relevant than ever. Worst management in the history of the brand.
      I guess I’ll be moving to PC, with regional pricing stores, free online and the best version of your scammy ‘exclusives’.

    • It’s literally the best management. And porting older games to PC is the best move in the history of games. Truth to be told, Microsoft forced them to do that, but that is great actually. Kudos to both Microsoft and Sony. Oh, the interesting times to be alive.

    • Technically it now actually currently makes sense to own a Sony console anymore really.

    • Never, ever own one. God put an edit button on here already you morons.

    • Sid you call them the morons, but you did all the steps. 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅

    • Pretty good too because the only thing i ever saw you write on here that was favourable to Playstation was also against your best efforts.

      Just goes to show what a complete lifer of a troll you behave like on the blog. I’m going to screen grab that too so i can quote it back to you in future, as it will obviously rub you. 👌

  • Thanks Sony! With these news you made clear that buying consoles and games from you are less relevant than ever. Worst management in the history of the brand.
    I guess I’ll be moving to PC, with regional pricing stores, free online and the best version of your scammy ‘exclusives’.

  • RIP PlayStation

  • I’ve been a PlayStation gamer since the PS2 and I didn’t get into PC gaming until 2019 (one year before Sony started porting their games to PC) and I’ve decided that I’m only going to support PlayStation via 1st party. I’m not going to double dip and the minute you decide to go day and date I will no longer have a reason to support your PlayStation. As a consumer I can only support a product if I find value in said product and your exclusives is the only thing that gives the PlayStation any value. I know you’re doing this to make more money but we all know you make even MORE money when people buy through you and not through retailers like Steam and Epic.

  • Probably not the best place to announce it.
    I mean people tune in to see new games for the platform you sold them.
    Like seriously, what was you thinking 🤣
    I mean there’s nothing wrong with releasing games on PC, SCE did it in the 90’s too with some of the PSX games.
    I don’t know, it’s hard to believe Sony didn’t see this coming 🤔

  • This marks the end of Playstation.

  • As a PC gamer that loves PS5 and PS4 and actually every PS… I love this :) Great news and I will get Spidey also on PC.
    What we do need is also Spiderman remastered as a standalone game on PS. Not just as a part of morales deluxe edition.

  • Sony joining the bandwagon of considering their own console gamers peasants. Eh, more games that can be gotten for free. Supply shortage flattering them.

  • Esta marca hizo su grandeza por una comunidad de fans muy grande y genial y ahora por esas cuestiones corporativas de llevar todos sus juegos ala pc llevarán ala marca a ser una más de poca importancia en el mundo del videojuego y ojalá me equivoqué pero están entrando a un mundo q no es la identidad de playstation y eso puede acabar con los fans.

  • I will be selling my PS5 and moving to PC. Still no GOW release date, not PS5 only games, uninteresting third party games and no new IPs or sequels to games we have been asking for several years. PS as a console is dead and it is time to move on. Good Job Ryan and Herman.

    • Good exit stage right.

      I hope i don’t see you on the blog character assassinating people over trophies 🏆 in future.

      Enjoy your pc, if you have a good rig you never needed a PS5 for it’s “third person walking simulators” anyways.

    • Let people be happy and play their way. I think it’s great that the barrier of entry is breaking down: not everybody can spend $3000 to own every console and the necessary accessories plus games.

    • Bye bye salty kid :)

    • close the door on your way out. :)

  • What a mess Playstation. What you are doing to your brand. A few questions:

    1. We payed $70 for the Miles + Spiderman bundle, that was the ONLY way to get Spiderman Remastered. Will you charge $70 on PC?

    2. If games like Returnal go to PC, will you require PC players to subscribe to PS Plus in order to play co op and online on your servers, as you require of Playstation players?

    3. Are you downgrading your PS5 games because you know that slow PC HDDs can’t keep up?

    • Slow PC hard drives *chuckles* you need to research more.

    • Check the Steam Hardware Survey. 10% play at 1440, and only 8% play at a resolution above 1440. Everyone else is stuck at 1080. Weak old PCs rule the PC gaming scene. They didn’t even ask “do you have an SSD” because every single PC game is made to run on slow HDDs. Meanwhile PS5 requires a cutting edge SSD and all 20 million PS5 gamers are playing top tier graphical masterpieces like Demon’s Souls in 4K or 1440, their choice.

    • The higher they charge spider-man on PC the more likely it will get pirated lol

    • They can try and fail to sell the game at $70

    • LOL

      1. PC players have a long history of preferring higher framerates over resolution. 1440p is something most people go for only if they can maintain 120-144fps.

      2. SSDs have been common on PC since 2015, and many games releasing on PC today have a minimum requirement for SSDs. And speed isn’t really a problem considering it’s been proven that PS5 games like Ratchet & Clank can easily run on much slower SSDs.

      3. Technologies like DLSS and FSR are getting to the point that video cards weaker than the PS5s are outperforming the PS5. Giving developers plenty of overhead.

      You have no clue what you’re talking about, and you’re spewing your salt all over these comments. It’s sad.

    • parolecontrol, you are painfully ignorant but your fanboy tears are delicious.

      Om nom nom.

    • @xxv Can you tell me which PC games specifically require an SSD in their minimum specs? You say MANY but I can’t find any. PS5 games require a fast gen 4 NVME SSD as a minimum spec to ensure a high standard.

      @SentientBacon I’m sorry that the facts and statistics from the Steam Hardware Survey hurt you this bad. You must be in that massive overwhelming 82% of PC gamers that are stuck at 1080 trying to maintain a playable framerate. You will leave the majority of PC gamers that have 1GB to 6GB of VRAM… some day.

    • Answers :
      1) $39.99
      2) No such BS needed for PC
      3) PCs started using SSds since 2015 . now almost all pcs haves ssds are they are cheap AF
      Bonus Answer
      4) Yes without a doubt the PC version will be the definitive edition of the game just like GoW PC.

    • @zbuu In your other comment on this article you say that you “hope” the PC version will be the best version. Clearly you are insecure about your weak PC’s ability to keep up with the PS4’s Jaguar Core from 2013. Keep saving and you will catch up to modern PS5 performance by the end of this decade.

  • Looks like I can cancel PlayStation and get a PC and I will still play exclusive PlayStation games :/

  • Well that settles that, I’ll never have to buy a PlayStation console for Sony games ever again. Excellent. How DARE you trick me with your 30fps capped lazy console version though. Utterly lazy, just like Ubisoft and everyone else that does that.

  • Only on PlayStation lol

    • ROFL.

      Only on PlayStation …”Beyond the console”.

      I want my money back for this trash PS5 Sony.

    • Xbox says the same, they have been full on pc for years.

      hahahahahahaha marketing

      did you really think the ps3 only does everything as well?

      heres a thought, sell it and use the money to get a switch and some games, donate that to a children’s hospital or a woman’s shelter.

      or as is donate the ps5 to a children’s hospital.

      Spread some cheer to some children who could use it and would he over the moon.

      You are more bitter and cynical than the woman in your avatar. God get over yourself. You feel cheated cash it out above cost likely or today at what you paid. People are desperate to get one at msrp.

      If your so cheated over it the children’s hospital or womans shelter, boys and girls club would all be a huge thing for those childrens and their lives in those moments and could turn it positive if you really feel so sour over it. my god.

    • but you won’t, it will stay at home and you will use it. You just like crying for attention on here.

    • @Skeetlejuice Stfu

  • Lmao imagine being mad more people get to play a game, this is great for playstation since they’re expanding to more platforms. Now if we only get gravity rush on pc as well.

  • Thanks for give me a great reason not to buy your next console. PC all the way,yeah?

  • Theres a lot of crying go on here xD

    • How dare customers who spent their hard earned money on a console with no games worth playing express their disappointment in a company who lied to them and are ignoring what they want.

      You have no trophies either. Another person who barely plays games and mostly has games from PS+ or PSNow. You have not even completed GOW or played it since January

    • Go out and touch some grass, life is not about trophies, yet you spam about it all the time. I do have both my PS and Steam account set to private, and it is none of your business what I play, so suck it up.

    • Stop with the psn profiles trophy character assassination.

      Theres lots of games, they didn’t lie and you need to take a breath.

      Sell it or shutty.

      seriously though going after people over their psn profile and their trophies like that is asking to get banned. You need to stop. Many of us on the blog and in general disable public viewing. Especially for the blog for people like you, because of this exact bs. It has no bearing to anything other than those that also engage the metagame as a fun / challenging aside. In the same way if your an old customer or respective one also doesn’t really have bearing unless it is the stated subject.

      Would you go at a 9 year old like this over their psn trophies, hmmm a lot of worthless lego game trophies. Barely any progress on minecraft. etc it’s ludicrous and you need to stop.

      My son loves trophies and its a fun side thing we enjoy when we play, he gets stoked out of plating minit on a weekend or when he got the plat on the hardest time trials trophy on astrobot, but trophies are bs really overall, its whatever and its a dumb way to try and marginalize someone’s credibility as a gamer. Im actually glad nintendo doesn’t do it it allows him to enjoy his switch games the way i enjoyed nintendo as a kid on our own terms.

      You called him out over gow not playing or completing since january. So what, if he has it from igc on ps5 he has no forced need to get value. you would try and scrape for anything. Only easy plats, not enough plats, doesn’t finish games, the wrong genres. It’s never ending with the psn id assassinator trolls on the blog. I have the gow plat, i bought launch, so what?

      Stop with it you make yourself look foolish and it is not the way to treat people.

      Lastly speak for yourself, i’m disappointed.

      most of us are happy with Sony, they are killing it, their main issue is they cannot produce units fast enough. They showed some great games today objectively. and objectively the majority of users are happy.

      You gonna check Sony exects psn ids next my guy? just stop. Sell the ps5 or settle in for the ride, theres cool stuff coming.

    • Truth!

    • Nemicon really digging through peoples profiles like a sad individual lmao. Who gives a damn how many hours they play? Not all of their game time is on playstation.

  • Guess it’s time to build a PC after selling the PS5.

  • By speeding up PC exclusives, you diminish the attractiveness of the PS5.

    You have no respect for your PlayStation community.

    my only wish:
    ousting Jim Ryan as soon as possible to bring back the PlayStation magic.

    This guy is destroying PlayStation and its history.

    • That makes no sense, the Magic left a long time ago. The last bit was when they closed Japan Studio, evolution studio. AAA blockbuster is not the heart of gaming, they typically take less risk and do little to force more unique engagements, focuses on politics. not taking anything away from polished AAA which I love. If the brand diminishes overtime because of Ports then thats on them doing less for PS fans. I’m for the games and they deliver on that consistently. a lot of people like consoles for their ecosystem and Low entry. A PC cant match this price but People that would buy consoles for exclusives will just play on PC, yes. they sell consoles to sell games, not the other way around

    • By helping Sony make extra revenue?

    • Extra revenue? That won’t mound to much if Playstation gamers start abandoning them in groves.

    • amount*

    • All the smart people will move on.

    • lol more money for Sony is never bad.

  • At this point, just rename the event to State of PC.

  • Ooh yes, the modding possibilities. I just need to know what platform it’ll be on (I think Steam is the usual?)

  • Sony really pulled the bait and switch this whole generation. Talked about their “exclusives” yet they’re all on pc in basically no time…talked trashed about cross gen just to do it. Charge us $70 and then make ps plus a subscription service.

    • PS+ has ALWAYS been a subscription service LMAO!!

      Y’all on the Blog comments are too much. Hahah!

    • Obviously talking about this gamepass ripoff garbage they are doing. Sad this has to be spelled out.

  • Sony stop this you are going to kill your console

    • Can’t anyone just ignore the “console wars” and just enjoy great games? The war between fans of xbox, and fans of playstation, need to stop complaining about exclusivity.

  • Right, so expect Spiderman 2 in 2024 then. When you compare this with the 7 months of Guerilla’s time that was utterly wasted on the PC port of Horizon 1 and then the sequel getting delayed, missing out on millions of holiday sales and no competition from GT7 or Elden Ring, then of course history will repeat.

    And all for few measly pathetic thousand sales. God of War hit 3 million units sold on PS4 in 2018 after only 3 days. What day since launch are we on the PC port now? Has it even broke a million yet lol?

    But whatever, you keep doing you Jim Ryan, i.e. devaluing the PlayStation brand and your developers one day at a time.

    And I literally just explained why it IS damaging to console players, for anyone that thinks otherwise.

  • Throwing my PS5 in the trash and getting a PC as I can purchase Spiderman remastered in a store of my choice. F you Sony.

  • mysticalwizard04

    Such a disappointment, it’s just been 1.5 years since miles has released and you guys are already porting it to pc, how are we exclusive ? 4 years gap is understandable but this is a big disappointment, sorry Sony but I am really really disappointed

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