Resident Evil 4 comes to PS5 next year: first gameplay and story details

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Resident Evil 4 comes to PS5 next year: first gameplay and story details

Survival horror reimagined for 2023.

Hi PlayStation fans! We are excited to finally be able to talk about Resident Evil 4!

Resident Evil 4 is a remake of the 2005 game Resident Evil 4. When it first came out, Resident Evil 4 revolutionized the Resident Evil franchise with its new game-style that combined action, shooting, and resource management elements, subsequently setting the standard for future Resident Evil titles.

Resident Evil 4 comes to PS5 next year: first gameplay and story details

This time, the game is being developed to achieve state-of-the-art quality for a survival horror suitable for 2023, while preserving the essence of the original game. We aim to make the game feel familiar to fans of the series, while also providing a fresh feeling to it. This is being done by reimagining the storyline of the game while keeping the essence of its direction, modernizing the graphics and updating the controls to a modern standard.

The story thus far

Six years have passed since the biological disaster in Racoon City. 

Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the incident, has been recruited as an agent reporting directly to the president.

With the experience of multiple missions on his back, Leon is sent to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the president of the United States.

He tracks her to a secluded European village, where there is something terribly wrong with the villagers.

And the curtain rises on this story of grueling survival horror and rescue.

Resident Evil 4 is the latest survival horror game where life and death intersect with terror and catharsis. Scheduled to release on March 24, 2023.

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  • I wonder if – like the Resident Evil 3 Remake – whether any content was cut for this remake.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of. I never got to play the original RE3 back for PSX and was disappointed when they didn’t let you explore the building with the clock tower (and some other areas too, I hear). I have mixed feelings about this one now.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Well it seems like there will be content added in terms of psvr 2 which was my big takeaway.

      RE8 fully in VR and RE4 VR content. I’ve been talking about this for a long time but I love the fact that Jim Ryan is doubling down on big IP for the second iteration of PlayStation VR. RE7 was the most impactful game on PS VR and we are needs to leverage big IP in order to bring in casual fans. Platform will not survive on enthusiasts alone.

      Yet another brilliant decision by Jim Ryan. Everything that’s trending with PS VR2 is positive. People love to hate this guy but you have to acknowledge the good decisions.

    • REmake 3 was done by a side team. REmake 4 most likely had the same team that made REmake 2.

      You can easily see REmake 3 was just a rushed cash grab taking advantage of the REmake 2’s success.

    • VR gaming is niche for a good reason. That’s all I need to say. Oh and the games are NOT going to look that great in VR graphically. At all.

    • LOVE IT ❤️ BUT ☝️🏻The most important thing for me is it’s should be a shoulder view
      And thanks 😊

    • RE7 did look pretty bad in VR, but it was still a blast. Gameplay is king!

    • RE7 visually was obviously unimpressive running on a 1.8 teraflop system with a VR set that had extremely low specs. Yet it’s still galvanized people and was the most impactful VR game to date.

      RE8/4 is completely different. 10.28tf of power running on a headset with exponentially more impressive specs and tricks in order to maximize performance. Foviated rendering/eye tracking and so on. Now you throw in a real dual controller setup with finger tracking, haptics, sticks, motion sensor etc and the experience is going to be leaps and bounds above RE7. I truly believe the visuals will be acceptable as the tech is so vastly Superior this time around on every level.

  • Very excited for this. Planning to do playthroughs of 2 & 3 remake first, neither of which ive played. Great State of Play, I thought.

  • balloonmusic646

    Will it also be on PS4?

  • This trailer looked nuts. This doesn’t feel like a 1:1 cover. This feels like a wholesale remix. I’m stoked.

  • In 2024 2025 , it will be free on ps plus extra so im waiting until 2025!

    • Always waiting for greatness. Do you ever buy any games? you always talk about waiting and wishing for plus.

      You know being a video game hobbyist means actually buying games on occasion.

    • Yes i did in the past, i stop doing that many of games i bought they came on ps plus for free, not worth spending 30euro for 1 game sorry to dissapointed you.

    • Need to get a better job if you can’t buy 60 dollar games,waiting two years is crazy considering its such a cheap hobby to begin with..,

    • Hassan your also going to need a ps5 by 2025 to play it

    • @fbase8818 I usually wait two years before i even get around to buying a game on my lists (unless i really really want to support a dev and i buy at launch or close to it), but that’s because i have a backlog from hell (even back to PS2 lol) and can never seem to catch up….

  • GoGreenAndGameOn

    Make SURE this game has a FULL VR mode. Not just side content. Otherwise it’s a no buy 👍.

    • The phrasing they used does concern me, but it’d be bizarre to do a full VR version of 8, and not a full VR version for 4.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      I think they worded it this way because Capcom is pushing just to get the actual game out and whether they or another Studio are handling the VR portion they probably can’t guarantee full compatibility just yet. How greedy can you be though? RE8 fully in VR, just be happy there’s any talk of RE4.

    • The only reason they’re doing anything in VR is literally because Sony paid them to. Just so you know.

    • GoGreenAndGameOn

      @iamtylerdurden1: Greedy? Did you see what happened to PS VR1 so quickly? Hardly any AAA games released after the first couple years, and the platform seemingly abandoned by SIE. Not going to buy another new headset (and console) with questionable VR support again, and SIDE CONTENT as opposed to hybrid games with FULL VR modes. The developers need to know this. Greedy? Lol. This ain’t charity, they’ll get paid for what’s worth my business.

    • @GoGreen

      Yeah, GREEDY. A few days ago we had none and now we have two RE games on PSVR2.


      You say after the first couple years there wasn’t much support for psvr are you kidding? Take a long look my friend. Everyone who questions this take a look at reality.

      Significant games that came out around 3 years after psvr launched or later.

      Hitman 3
      Blood n Truth
      Moss 2
      Star Wars Squadrons
      Iron Man
      Doom 3
      LA Noire
      TWD Saints & Sinners
      Sniper Elite
      After the Fall
      Everybody’s Golf
      Five Nights at Freddy’s
      Vader Immortal
      Until You Fall
      Layers of Fear
      Lucky’s Tale
      Song in the smoke
      I expect you to die 2
      Pistol Whip
      TWD Onslaught
      Battle wake
      Vacation Simulator
      Doctor Who
      Stardust Odyssey
      Hatsune Miku
      Paper beast
      Budget cuts
      Falcon Age
      Ghost Giant
      Fisherman’s tale
      Ace Combat
      Mage’s Tale
      The Wizards
      Immortal Legacy
      Tokyo Chronos
      Groundhog Day
      Operencia Stolen Sun
      Pixel Ripped 95
      Altdeus Beyond Chronos
      Synth Riders

      You said after a couple years support died when in reality the two-year mark was the jump off. At two years exactly we got Beat Saber, Borderlands, Astro Bot, Creed, Firewall etc and support only increased. All of the games on the list above are 3 years or longer post launch for psvr. Not every game on the list is AAA but they are either known IP, quality, or significant projects for the most part. Don’t cherry pick the bottom of the list, it doesn’t erase the first half. PSVR continues to receive support.

    • @GoGreen

      You got served.

      Either you have an agenda or you are too casual to pay attention to games releasing.

      Even I’m surprised looking at that list particularly the first half.

      Yeah no support after 2 years..

      Guess u never heard of Star Wars, Iron Man, Doom, Hitman, The Walking Dead, Darth Vader, LA Noire, Sniper Elite…

      I mean I would expect you to be too casual to actually understand great new IP like Moss, Blood n Truth, Dreams, Until You Fall, Pistol Whip etc but I would also expect you to know the huge, world-renowned IP like….Star Wars lol.

      Maybe go back and play some of these games now that you know they exist. Now that you know your HMD actually has some great content you are unaware of. You’re welcome.

  • You spelled “Raccoon” incorrectly.

  • FreshFromThaDeli

    Very excited to see what they mean when they mention to change some of the storyline but keep to the essence of thr care game. This is a beloved game of mine that I hold in high regard.

    • FreshFromThaDeli

      The core game*

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Probably similar to seven remake but not as extreme with the changes because we aren’t going from PS1 here.

    • I did notice some things in the trailer that I didn’t remember from the original game, so that does confirm things for me. It makes sense given that RE 4HD or RE 4 in general is very much playable everywhere, even in VR. So wanting to make things fresh story wise is a given vs paying $70 for potentially a mod.

  • This is looking damn good— but, I really wish it was “Code: Veronica” instead.

  • Please keep the merchant!

  • Looks awesome (RE4 is one of my top games of all times), but come on Capcom, we needed CODE VERONICA first. Hopefully a CV remake will come later.

  • Got this at launch on Gamecube, The best game that year by a huge margin. Honestly doesn’t even really need a remake, but I will be there for this at launch on ps5.

    Protip make sure you shoot into the lake.

  • spacepatrolnova


  • Gameplay?
    Where was the gameplay?
    It was all just cutscenes.

  • It’ll be great….on PC.

  • I wish u guy made the ps4 version too because ps5 is not available here if someone selling it their price here in India are too high like 70 to 80 thousands rupees please try and make it

  • My preorder is confirmed. It will be a privilege to play this genre-defining masterpiece day one.



    Best Survival Horror game ever is on its way…

  • NinjaRemoteplay


  • This game should be cross-gen. There’s no reason why it couldn’t run on the PS4. VII, REmake 2, REmake 3 and Village all run on the PS4, so REmake 4 should too. Also, where’s Code Veronica? There should be a CV remake. As for that DLC for RE Village, where is it? Any news?

  • Iam a huge resident evil fan,my first ever game was resident evil 4 and Iam very happy that it is getting a remake but sad not for PS4 because here in my country PS5 is very rare I can’t find one and won’t be able to bye because of the prices I beg Capcom and Sony to please make this a PS4 as well it’s not a big request

  • Iam a huge resident evil fan,my first ever game was resident evil 4 and Iam very happy that it is getting a remake but sad not for PS4 because here in my country PS5 is very rare I can’t find one and won’t be able to bye because of the prices I beg Capcom and Sony to please make this a PS4 as well

  • Theres about 120Milion PS4 in the world in comparison to 20M PS5s. Why they doesnt bring the RE4 to PS4?
    Don’t talk about hardware requirement, all RE so far runs nice on PS4, and if a publisher wants to sell its game doesnt matter of hardware,
    i mean look at DS, it got more than 4 Call of Duty!

    • Time to upgrade,especially by next year..,ps4 is almost over

    • @fbase8818

      Upgrading would be easier if not for how fast the PS5 sells out when in store plus the price.

    • @fbase8818

      Here’s why some of us won’t upgrade to a PS5 just yet;

      1. It’s a frequent occurrence that first time released consoles come with major problems and get outdated quickly. Case in point the original PS1, PS2 & PS3 consoles in comparison to their slimmer versions that were released after.

      2. The current PS5 is too big, looks cheap and definitely less durable than a PSP. I’d rather wait for a slimmer or Pro version of the console to release than buying the PS5 at its current design.

      3. Memory on the console is very small. 600gb??? No thanks. I’ll continue to wait for something with more long-term value for my buck.

      4. Some, like myself, have money to “upgrade” to PS5, but with all the above stated, I’m sticking with my PS4 Pro until further notice of a re-design on the PS5.


  • Please Capcom, make it 100% playable in VR, don’t just settle with some (additional) content.

    RE8 PSVR2 will be so damn good, can’t wait to finally pre-order that helmet.

  • RE4R and the rest new games deserve have all coming together consoles. None of poor people don’t have ps5 yet

  • What happened to the PSVR2 content part at the end of the video? Why does this article not mention anything about the PSVR2 content part?

  • REmakes 2/3 were awesome and can’t wait for REmake 4!

  • Don’t have a PS5 at the moment but this is a day 1 buy for me. Another game to add to my PS5 list even though I don’t have the system for the moment.

  • Resident Evil 4 should not be released for just PS5, but also it needs to be on PS4 as well similar as RE Village

  • lindalefriscokid

    Please include a COUCH CO-OP Mercenaries mode in this game!

  • christian_stoles

    Lovee all Resident Evil game been a fan of 1994 to 1999

    Resident Evil 4 Remake looks so great have every remake of Resident Evil lovee

  • I don’t want to appear ungrateful, because I’m really excited for this. It looks great and l’m loving the darker tone but I was really hoping you would release a remake of Code Veronica before this. That needed a remake before this did and I want to see RE2 Remake Claire (Jordan Mcewen) in another game. Code Veronica’s creepy atmosphere, the incestuous Ashford twins and the dated camera would be a perfect reason to give that game a new fresh remake with the same darker tone we are seeing with these other games.

  • I hope capcom make a remake like evil 2 remake not like re3 remake.
    Capcom must respect the fans and follow the orginal game tips.

  • I really hope resident evil 4 remake releases for the playstation4 and I really do not care if the graphics will be bad unlike the ps5 because I am a huge fan of resident evil and I can’t afford a ps5 so that’s why I want resident evil 4 to come to ps4

  • If Village is a cross-gen release, why is this remake PS5-only? There should be a PS4 version.

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