Resident Evil Village is coming to PSVR2

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Resident Evil Village is coming to PSVR2

Find out how the ultimate survival horror experience is becoming even more immersive with PlayStation VR2.

The PlayStation 5 version of the award-winning Resident Evil Village is coming to PlayStation VR2! Development is currently underway to bring the story campaign in its entirety to be playable in VR.

Resident Evil Village is coming to PSVR2

The PS VR2 system is currently in development, and Resident Evil Village will be able to provide an even deeper immersive experience by taking full advantage of the vivid graphics possible with the headset’s 4K HDR display, PlayStation VR2’s eye tracking, PS5’s 3D Audio* and more.

Soak in the gorgeous details of Dimitrescu Castle, from its beautiful chandeliers to the textures of its furnishings, In PSVR2, you’ll feel the castle’s inhabitants’ presence all the more as they stalk you through its hallways, and be prepared to get overwhelmed by its owner, Lady D…

In addition to the PS VR2 headset, you’ll use the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers to represent each hand in-world. Try guarding using both of your arms and Ethan will guard in the same way; hold up a gun and Ethan will hold up his. You are also now able to execute dynamic actions such as firing your gun while holding a knife with the other hand, or holding a handgun with one hand and a shotgun with the other. These advanced controllers increase the player’s immersion with the game.

We showed you some special battle scenes we prepared just so that you could get a feel of the battle system in the PlayStation VR2. The ultimate immersive survival horror experience, this game will put you right in the world of Resident Evil Village. Become Ethan Winters and take on this death-defying adventure!

Please stay tuned for further information on the release date and pricing.

*3D audio via built-in TV speakers or analog/USB stereo headphones. Set up required.
*PlayStation®VR2 system currently in development.

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  • I was wondering whether a VR version would be a thing or not given how popular RE7 VR was. Good to see that PSVR2 is getting some support.

  • GoGreenAndGameOn

    Excellent! Well done SIE and Capcom! 👍

  • Will this be available to those of us that already own RE8?

  • More established games and no original VR games. Same issue that happened with PSVR1 and I will not be buying PSVR2.

    • You said you were selling your ps5, how would you get a vr2 🤪

    • ^ Gottem

    • earth_inheritor

      What’s your problem here? PSVR1 had plenty of original and amazing VR only games. PSVR2 will as well, but they arent going to announce those before a full PSVR2 event. They will hold onto them until the official full announcement. If you ignored all the amazing PSVR Only games then thats your fault.

  • Ooooh, I’m so ready to see the Dimitrescu family in VR. Buying a PSVR2 just to replay the castle over and over again.

  • This a smart easy launch game to get out.

    If the PSVR2 really works, i’ll buy a dozen.

    They need to do a lot to get hold outs like me, The first one is still a glorified gimmick to me with mediocre tech/performance and a lot of tech demos labeled as games. Still this is an obvious good option for the early adopters. They need to confirm the VR2 back compatibility that would help.

  • I have been waiting for that since the Village announcement, this is gonna be an amazing experience, thanks Capcom!

  • Exactly what I was hoping for. Bought it day one and yet to play it, hoping for a VR version after RE7.

  • I can’t wait!!!

    Will this be a free upgrade, paid DLC, or a standalone separate purchase?

    • Lawe12345

    • GreyMatterShades

      In the State of Play they said something like “more info on a release date and pricing soon” so I’d guess it isn’t free. Hopefully there’s a reasonably priced upgrade option for people who bought it already, sort of like the PS4 to PS5 upgrades.
      Should be worth a few bucks if they did a good job bringing it to VR and so far it looks like it’ll be amazing!

  • GreyMatterShades

    I’m glad I held off on playing RE8 for this. After playing RE7 on PSVR 1, I couldn’t go back to playing flatscreen horror games. The graphics look incredible. I can’t wait!

  • So psyched for this. Held off from playing in hope this would come out. Re7 on psvr was easily one of my fave VR experiences.

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    PlayStation VR2’s eye tracking is going to be dope with this game

  • I’m disappointed that it’s not being made for the original PSVR. I loved resident evil 7 in vr and wouldn’t play it any other way. At the price that I paid for the original vr I believe a game should be release for it. Even if the quality is less. I don’t feel it’s right the have to upgrade already to a PlayStation 5 to play a game that is available for the 4.

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