New Final Fantasy XVI trailer revealed, launches on PS5 Summer 2023 

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New Final Fantasy XVI trailer revealed, launches on PS5 Summer 2023 

“Dominance” is the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XVI.

Hello everyone!

I know how long you have been waiting for this, so it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of our latest trailer “Dominance.”

In previous interviews and updates, we didn’t delve too deep into details about the game system, but hopefully with this preview, you all were able to get a better picture of what actual gameplay will entail—namely, high-octane battles featuring our protagonist Clive Rosfield wielding a full arsenal of attacks unique to the game’s many Eikons (summons). Not to mention epic clashes between the Eikons themselves that put you right in the action.

The team, under direction of Hiroshi Takai, has entered the final leg of development and is focusing on polish as they continue their march toward master up and launch. I, for one, would like to personally thank them for all the hard work they’ve put into the project.

With the power of the PlayStation 5 behind us, we’re looking to take you on a seamless, story-driven, white-knuckle ride that will rival even the most thrilling roller-coaster. So buckle up, the wait is almost over!

– Yoshida Naoki
Final Fantasy XVI Producer

First, allow me to apologize for making everyone wait so long for new information on Final Fantasy XVI…but the good news is it’s finally here!

In our latest trailer, we’ve introduced several new Eikons, as well as provided a more detailed peek at our action-packed battle system and the freedom it gives players. As for development progress, I’m happy to announce that the game is fully playable from start to finish; though, from optimization to brush-up, there is still a mountain of challenges to tackle as we head into our final push.

Until then, please stay tuned. We’ll do our best to not keep you waiting too long before our next update!

– Hiroshi Takai
Final Fantasy XVI Director

Introduction of the Dominants of Titan and Garuda

We here on the Final Fantasy XVI team hope you enjoyed the trailer and we wanted to give our fans a little bit more information about the Dominants of Titan and Garuda that you just saw.

Permanent Economic Adviser Hugo Kupka’s meteoric rise to prominence was sudden, if not unexpected. Once a nameless foot soldier in the Republican Army, his awakening as Dominant of the Eikon Titan thrust him to the forefront of Dhalmekian politics. It was here he used his newfound position as the most powerful man in the republic to exert influence over both the nation’s armies and its policy making—amassing a personal fortune in the process. Yet while it is said that a man who has everything wants for nothing, Benedikta Harman will teach him money and power are far from all the world has to offer.

Having emerged from the storm of youth coldhearted and ruthless, Benedikta Harman—Dominant of the Eikon Garuda, Warden of the Wind—turned her talent for swordplay and subterfuge into a command of Waloed’s elite intelligencers. It is on a mission to find the elusive second Eikon of Fire that she crosses paths with a like-minded Clive and is forced to face her past.

Development Staff Introduction 

Speaking of the team, we would now like to introduce some of the key development team members behind Final Fantasy XVI. There are some veteran members you may already know of and some we are announcing for the first time, but they all share the same passion and excitement for the next standalone entry in the Final Fantasy series.

ProducerNaoki Yoshida
Main DirectorHiroshi Takai
Creative Director & Original ScreenplayKazutoyo Maehiro
Localization DirectorMichael-Christopher Koji Fox
Art DirectorHiroshi Minagawa
Combat DirectorRyota Suzuki
Character DesignKazuya Takahashi
ComposerMasayoshi Soken

Landscapes of Final Fantasy XVI

Valisthea— the setting for the protagonist Clive Rosfield’s arduous story. We would like to present a selection of screenshots to leave you with a glimpse into this realm.

The development team is currently in the process of further improving the game experience and quality, as well as optimizing the game for PlayStation 5. We hope you continue to stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

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    • No. Thank god

    • PS5 is dominant, and only the dominant.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      2023 is big for games switching to current gen. FFXVI, Spider-Man 2, KOTOR, etc. Of course multiplats as well. Boy, how does PS5 already have an incredible 2023 lineup? At least 3 HUGE AAA exclusives dated for 23 and Microsoft doesn’t even have ONE dated for 2022 lol.

      Hey, I’m allowed to be Petty I was conned into buying an Xbox series and a year of Game pass so I’m allowed to be salty that they have no games because it actually impacts me. Really wanted to get my money’s worth with Stalker, Starfield, Redfall. Definitely not renewing.

      But yes, FFXVI looks epic and the setting is exactly what I wanted. Now when is the acquisition announcement, I mean you made them sell off their Western division for peanuts can we get the announcement already?

  • This looks incredible.

  • Great trailer, and I’m looking forward to playing the finished project when it’s ready.

  • This state of play shows that Japanese games are the best

  • can’t wait until i get to play this!!! :D

  • Door_to_Light_95

    I’m so happy we got a release window and a great look at the combat and story itself! It looks excellent! I look forward to hearing more details when the time is right (hopefully soon).

  • Please re-release all previous FF and DQ games on consoles

  • Looks so good! Great trailer Summons look amazing

  • Much prefer to see the next episode of vii remake.
    Main line Final fantasy is basically just nonsense… I came to that conclusion when I finished 15.
    The remake of 7 was outstanding though

    • Your conclusion is unfounded, YoshiP made the best story ever, FFXIV.

    • That’s your opinion and you are in the extreme minority.

      7 remake is much further out, why cry about multiple games?

      You could argue the same for 7 by your logic. 🤣

    • 15 was generally a terrible game, though that had so many production problems the fact that this was is already playable from start to end and they’re taking a year to polish it will hopefully make this a better product.

      FF7R 2 is however developed by a different team, although they said 2 won’t take as long as 1 they have been really silent in terms of updates on that. It might be the companies strategy to ignore that until after 16 as to not take away its buzz, but who really knows what they will do with it. Much looking forward to FF7R2 as well.


    Will be a Switch and Xseries versions?

  • $70 already out of my wallet.

  • Love the look, the setting, and the story bits so far, but really not a fan of how the combat appears to work. If I wanted to play an action game, and I mean a PROPER action game, I’d pick up DMC, Ninja Garden, or any notable Platinum title like Bayonetta, MGR, Nier Automata. Let Final Fantasy remain Final Fantasy…

  • I had SE’s site up prior to the State of Play for the Collector’s Pre-order lol. I am so glad we got to see the game again and a release window. I am really interested in the lance wielding character from the empire I presume. He seems to the dominant of Bahamut, I wonder if he’ll be an adversary to the Mc seeing as both have opposing attire and hair color. One light one dark, anyways it was cool to see the game again. I guess I have time to finish A Realm Reborn and possibly go through Heavensward before FFXVI’s release.

  • This game looks incredible! I can’t wait to pre order it!

  • Hello! Presently I don’t own a PS5 or console of any kind but I have been keeping up with keen interest in the progress of FFXVI! Glad to see that the wait will be indeed worth it, despite the grumblings of others. Far be it from me to wanna hurry the process along, but I anticipate rave reviews upon rekease!

  • Hello!

    This games looks truly amazing! Incredible summons. But I think that HUD do not fit in this game.

  • I’m so glad that they’re doing a story focused game. I also think that the departure of the party that we’re accustomed to in FF games is a refreshing change of pace. This reminds me of Lightning Returns, with FFVIIR and FFXIII stagger mechanics. Changing Eikons to change your moves and battle style is extremely reminscent to the paradigm shift in XIII, as well as changing outfits in Lightning Returns… Heck, it’s even similar to changing styles in Devil May Cry, Dante for example. I’m shocked this is the first FF game that lets you be an eidolon/summon. The emphasis on the Eikons and the combat in this trailer is stupendous. Music is what to expect from Soken. More XIV glory.

    This new trailer is packed to the gills with somewhat easily missed details. Even though it didn’t formally reveal who the dominants for Shiva, Ramuh, Bahamut or Odin are in the same vein as who Garuda and Titan’s dominants… you can definitely tell from the Dominance trailer who they are. The only exception is Shiva’s dominant. She is no where to be found. And, upon re-watching the Awakening trailer, the very beginning there’s a hunt for Shiva’s dominant. That trailer also doesn’t show who her dominant is. So clearly that is going to be an important story element. I really hope it doesn’t turn out to be Jill. I hope they’re keeping her dominant’s identity a secret for a reason and that we’ll get another Aranea hot character out of it. But for now, there’s no other person that could be Shiva’s dominant, so it is her by default.

    My critique with how the game looks so far, the UI is pretty radically different. I think I can get used to it, but it feels a little too similar to Takai’s The Last Remnant. I think he should make the health bars a little smaller, they seem to take up a little too much screen space as it currently stands. Other than that, they definitely need to improve the framerate with the final build of the game. But clearly that is a huge reason why the game still needs another year of polishing. The game is going to be perfection when it’s complete.

    It’s been a long 18 months without seeing or hearing (practically) anything about XVI. The wait was worth it, though. Easily my most hyped game. God of War Ragnarok, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Elden Ring all breathe a collective sigh of relief that XVI isn’t releasing in 2022. It will be game of the year.

    Looking forward to more updates.

    • Also… please give us a $400 Ultimate Collector’s Edition with a sexy shirtless Clive figure, among other things. Please and thanks!

  • A while left until release but looks great soo far, hopefully we get some FF7R2 info soon at SUMMER GAMES FESTIVAL.

    ADD ME, If interested in joining a Final Fantasy group on PlayStation or just want to be friends :)

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    PS5 and PC is the only combo you need

  • grandenterprise

    But you can’t buy a PS5; so what’s the point?

  • As impressive as this is, it feels very dark and weighty. I hope XVI has many light-hearted moments like the earlier games did.

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