Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay trailer revealed, and Horizon Forbidden West gets update including New Game+

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Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay trailer revealed, and Horizon Forbidden West gets update including New Game+

New gameplay trailer shows Guerrilla’s upcoming PS VR2 title from an awe-inspiring perspective, plus a big update for Horizon Forbidden West goes live today.

In early January we offered you a glimpse into Horizon Call of the Mountain, a new adventure created exclusively for PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2 system currently in development). And now, we’re excited to share a new trailer with you, featuring some of the action and adventure that will take place in this upcoming game — have a look:

Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay trailer revealed, and Horizon Forbidden West gets update including New Game+

Meet Ryas, Horizon Call of the Mountain’s protagonist 

The world of Horizon is spectacular up close. In Call of the Mountain, you’ll be seeing it through the eyes of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior who hopes to redeem himself by investigating a grave new threat to the Sundom. He is a master at climbing and archery, two skills crucial to survival as you step into his shoes, scaling perilous mountains and taking down mighty machines like the Thunderjaw.  

Throughout your journey, you’ll master various tools and weapons and use the world’s many materials to craft additional gear, equipping you for any situation. But you won’t be going it alone. Along the way, you’ll meet Horizon characters new and old, including Aloy herself. 

Alongside the game’s main story, Call of the Mountain will also offer an exciting, immersive River Ride experience. Take a seat and enjoy the gorgeous views of the world of Horizon, but look out; some uninvited machines may try to come aboard! The River Ride is the perfect way for a player using the PS VR2 headset to share the magic of PS VR2 with your friends and family as they watch along on a connected display.

Horizon Call of the Mountain has been proudly developed together with the talented team at Firesprite. You can read more about the game at PlayStation.com We can’t wait to welcome VR fans into the Horizon community.

Horizon Forbidden West gets a big update

Of course, at the studio, we’re continuing to build on Horizon Forbidden West, which launched this past February.  

We’re so thankful for our incredibly talented community and are happy to announce that a major update will be released today. It includes the much-requested New Game+ feature and Ultra Hard mode for those who want challenge themselves further, but also a host of quality-of-life features that we know our community would appreciate: the transmog feature allows players to easily customize the cosmetics of their equipped outfit to look like any other owned outfit, and with respec players are enabled to freely reset their skill points and redistribute them.

Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay trailer revealed, and Horizon Forbidden West gets update including New Game+

Think you can still take down that Slaughterspine? This update also comes with a dedicated trophy pack so you can track your victories as you revisit the Forbidden West on Ultra Hard through New Game+!  

Additionally, there’s a new Herbalist vendor who sells animal parts, and we’ve revamped Temporal Anti-Aliasing to improve the visual fidelity of our Performance mode on PS5 and rendering on PS4 Pro. We’re already working on an upcoming patch which will include VRR support and a 40FPS Mode, so stay tuned for more.

*PlayStation®VR2 system currently in development.

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  • VRR support and a 40FPS Mode is amazing to hear

    • Any idea when that would come out?

    • iamtylerdurden1

      VRR and 40 would be superb.

      I already Platinumed the game but I’m redownloading it now for New Game Plus on ultra hard. I want those three new trophies as well. This was a great surprise for what is easily my 2022 game of the year.

      Call of the Mountain looks much better than I expected and quite honestly looks awesome. It’s definitely not on rails and definitely not a walking simulator. The combat looks tremendous and the traversal in terms of leaping and climbing is going to be so satisfying with the new controllers. I can’t wait to meet characters including Aloy and experience the world in VR. RE8 is going to be phenomenal but this is my most anticipated VR game and it’s tremendous that Guerrilla is actually co developing it.

    • AmazingCass_2019

      @ iamtylerdurden1: Horizon Call of the Mountain will be the reason I buy a PSVR2 system. And that is coming from someone who never picked the original PSVR (I know, shame on me!).

  • The VR gameplay looked pretty cool.

    • Yes it looks awesome. But it also looks like pure motion sickness. Free movement, walking and quick strafing all lead to sickness in no time.
      This is going to be brutal, if they don’t have a comfort mode or teleport movement as an option.

    • Yeah, having different options is always a good thing for your users. Hopefully the motion sickness isn’t too bad.

  • thats great vrr coming can’t wait i would like to see that for horizon zero dawn even though i know its a ps4 game but for people that own a ps5 i wish they would add a vrr update the that game to i understand if they can’t for that game.

  • Very pleased with this update, downloaded insanely quick & brings many wanted features. Cant wait for VRR update too, thank you Guerrilla games!!

  • omg yes yes yes yes yes. i can’t wait for VRR support. this game’s visuals are truly amazing and i’ve been afraid to beat it or platinum it in fear the update would come and i would be in a position i currently am when i platinumed Rift Apart before i got my 4k tv, so i seriously am super excited to jump back in. also VR2 is gonna blow my mind. been collecting some dust with my psvr, only cause PS5 games are just O_O

    • Yep, I haven’t played it in a couple weeks so I’m gonna wait to play again until VRR 40fps comes.

      I’ll focus on other games for the next fe a months.

  • I pre-ordered this game, had already got the platinum. Will also do new game + dlc trophies. 😘
    Now Sony please Give Me God of War 😡

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Yeah I’m in the same boat I already Platinumed and did every quest and even though I don’t typically like to replay games I am excited to do New Game Plus on ultra hard and clean up the last three trophies because this game is truly phenomenal.

  • Finally Guerrilla is listening to what fans want!That 40fps Vrr mode is very welcome just like more improvements to the visuals of the performance mode that still looks horrible on OLED TVs due to the shimmering!

    • Maybe now i van get back to play the game again on my 4k oled display…let’s hope this update fix the horrific visual shimmering!

    • iamtylerdurden1

      I’m not playing on an OLED but for me the shimmering problem went away after one of the early patches and right now it’s no different than virtually any other game where the foliage has ever so slight shimmering that’s barely noticeable. Quite honestly it’s no worse than the shimmering in Elden Ring but of course being Sony people have to exaggerate and trash them while others get off easy.

      And finally GG is listening? They always patch and support all of their games. They gave us a completely free PS5 upgrade for Zero Dawn, free content in multiple Killzone, this team works so hard to please the fans you guys are pathetic.

  • I’m glad Call of the Mountain isn’t on-rails like some were fearing. I just hope it’ll have a decent-length campaign.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Honestly I think it was just the people who were trying to stealth troll saying it would be on rails. I know the boat scene scared people but it was a teaser. Why would it have ever been on rails we aren’t using the move sticks anymore. This is a full-fledged full motion game with real combat and traversal.

      But I do understand because that was a narrative thrown out there and even though I never feared it would be on rails once I saw the trailer I was still relieved that it wasn’t. And quite the opposite as there seems to be serious traversal and climbing in a multitude of ways. The game looks amazing.

  • Sweet! I’ll wait for the VRR / 40fps mode then to continue playing.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      I’m so perplexed that this many people in the blog chat haven’t finished the game. The story is excellent and the game is a masterpiece I don’t get it.

  • Great updates to forbidden west. I tried it from the library (it is a thing where i live) and the game is great. I need to finish zero dawn so i didn’t preorder west, but i will absolutely be buying it new to support guerilla and have respect that you take great care over your games. Your point about improving performance mode on ps5, how i was playing that gives me confidence when i am done dawn to pick it up. I actually have dawn 3 times, the base one then i upgraded to complete and it was given digitally during the pandemic. Big games.

    Just a shame Eldin Ring overshadowed West despite them being different genres both excellent games. west is just another level presentation wise than most games, only ratchet has impressed me as much visually on consoles.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Ratchet & Clank and forbidden West are the two best looking games ever made in my opinion.

  • “exclusively for PlayStation VR2” lol give it one year and you will port it to SteamVR

    • Six months.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Also, Sony has never ported a first party VR game to Steam.

      Diego, you told everybody forbidden West was coming to PC within 6 months after release. It’s been nearly 4 months already so that means you have about 2 months left to be correct and we don’t even have an announcement yet. I’m going to make the bold prediction that you will look like a fool and be woefully incorrect and I’ll push it even further and say forbidden West will not even be announced for PC this entire year let alone release on it.

  • can somebody at guerilla please lobby on behalf of the players for a more accessible implementation of VRR like freesync? only so so so few of us will ever be able to experience forbidden west at its fullest potential when vrr is only accessible to people with multi thousand dollar TVs

  • Very impressed by the performance update guys! VERY!💪😃 , Can’t wait to see what you guys get to do with the new Vrr update that’s to come🙃 , Call Of The Mountain looks absolutely Amaze balls!!😍 And the presentation here given was near perfection..👍❤👌

  • PSVR2, can’t wait!!

  • I just respect Guerilla so much when it comes to image quality and best in tech that it did’nt sit well with me, fixes game in the end so I’m glad I waited.

  • Sony give us a update for horizon forbidden west it sucks I can’t even play the game 😡why give us a update for not even working 😡

  • Horizon FW’s VRR+40fps modes should make sure it allows 40+ when VRR is activated. So effectively 40-60fps when combined with VRR.

  • Nice VR Game 👌
    And thank you a lot for supporting and Updating HFW ❤️ I really love this Game 😍

  • 🙄Just when you thought you was out they pull you right back in🙃👍

  • I finished the game and started a new one a couple of days ago.
    I just tried to start a NG+, and the option isn’t there.
    Is it because I am not on the game play where I already finished the game? is it a bug? is there a way to start a NG+ without finishing the game for a second time first?

  • Looks great! I will buy this game but I am still trying to buy a PS5 thats first on my list.

  • Looking forward to upcoming developments and launch dates. 👍

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