State of Play August 2020: The complete recap

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State of Play August 2020: The complete recap

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, GodFall, Spelunky 2 and much more.

Today’s State of Play gave an update on a wide range of PS4, PS5, and PS VR games, kicking off with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and ending with an extended look at PS5 melee epic Godfall.

Check out the list of announcements below, where you can watch trailers and learn more from the game’s developers.

State of Play August 2020: All the announcements

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  • Any updates on Budget Cuts for PSVR?

  • I’d like to point out that the PS Blog RSS feed only stores the last 10 blog posts. If you’re going to post 11+ at once, people will miss out on some. I know there’s links to the other posts in each post, but I like to hold onto RSS items for games that sound promising.

    • They simply don’t care.

      We ask questions. We’re told not to be jerks in the comments, but those that run this blog don’t have the common courtesy to respond.

      We’ve asked repeatedly for a coming soon like we used to get, but since they merged, we get nothing. Not even an explanation.

      The people that run this blog are incredibly rude.

  • It was a solid show. Hitman in VR is probably the most exciting thing to me but The Pathless continues to look good and I’m very excited Temtem is coming to PlayStation. I wish so much time wasn’t spent on Godfall as that game doesn’t look good and Crash 4 we already know so much about. Those 2 things took up almost half the show.

    • I expect Godfall to score in the low 60’s because the media appears to have made up their mind about it, but i don’t understand the negativity.

      It appears that the game might have a sparse world, no story, and fodder enemies, but that’s just heresy.

      What we’ve seen is tremendously deep and nuanced combat, wonderful high fantasy inspired by some of the great sci fi/fantasy novels, and beautiful visuals.

      For the ppl saying Godfall had mediocre graphics, no, not at all. Watch the footage in UHD or even 1080p, it’s beautiful. Reflections and surfaces are stunning and the fidelity overall is impressive. Compare it to a current gen game with similar art direction. Godfall absolutely looks like a step up in terms of visual quality to a game like Darksiders 3.

      Why wouldn’t they advertise Godfall? It’s among the few AAA launch exclusives and Sony paid for exclusivity (timed or otherwise).

      Great combat, deep loot, beautiful visuals, a huge emphasis on DualSense feature implementation, three player co op, no MTs, stunning high fantasy, AAA production, and we’ve already seen a wealth of gameplay 3-4 months prior to launch.

      It could be a hollow game, but we can only judge what we’ve seen. It looks like a mix between Warframe and Darksiders. I applaud Counterplay for not doing another Souls-like and for doing something different. A looter-slasher with guidance from the kings of shooter-looter. I hope the game has a passable srory or at least great lore. I hope it has an entertaining loop and fantastic progression, but at this point i’m in day 1. Deathloop and Godfall should make for a nice AAA launch exclusive sandwich as the bread around Miles Morale’s meat. Shooter, slasher, spider.

    • I worry about Pathless actually.

      I wasn’t impressed. The demo was boring and i loved Journey and enjoyed ABZU day one.

      At it’s absolute best you can argue it’s Journey meets Shadow of the Colossus, but both games were risky and very few imitators have been successful.

      More likely it’ll be Rime meets Vane or a worse version of Fe. The world appears more sparse than Rime’s, which was a very overrated game to begin with. Gameplay seems shallow besides the likely rare boss fights. Visually it looked identical to ABZU in terms of fidelity and technical prowess. It looked like an indie on PS4. Tbh, it just doesn’t appear to hit that Journey or even ABZU level of serenity you get just from existing in the gorgeous and detailed world.

      I feel like The Pathless will be a day one PS+ game and it doesn’t excite me. We’ll see, but i don’t understand these devs deliberately omitting combat. I believe the game would be better served with at least a modest selection of open world enemies.

    • Pathless caught my eye as well. I enjoyed Abzu, and assuming Pathless has a lower price point as well it could be a fun game to lose yourself in for a bit, especially of the concept of being able to explore the open world in the way you want.

      I kind of have mixed feelings on Godfall. I like the concept of a non-live-service looter slasher… Borderlands with melee essentially, however:

      a.) Is Gearbox just publishing this BECAUSE it is Borderlands with melee

      b.) Some of the visual feedback didn’t seem very satisfying. Hits didn’t seem to pack any punch: no screen feedback, no audio feedback, no damage numbers or health bars. Combat seems a bit weak in that regard.

      I’m not saying I 100% won’t get it, but it’s not a definite buy either. Need to keep my eye on it more and see as time goes on!

  • You left out The Pathless. A great State of Play, IMO. I live for fun indie stuff, thanks guys!

  • For experiences that will be chiefly exclusive to PlayStation at launch, Hitman VR and Spelunky 2 are looking great.

  • When will the people that run this blog are going to finally answer questions from users?

    Simple questions like: when are you going to return the Drop? When are you going to respond to questions by those in the community?

    Why not just bring back the former writers of this blog because they were far more professional?

  • Well nice State of Play they show Hitman 3 but not anyother PS5 games but weve got no info on release date or price about PS5 but there are not enough intresting games at the release of PS5 to justify its purchase this fall…
    Then im gonna wait until Sping 2021 to purchase 1
    Also you can get all new games on PS4 and paying them at lower cost then you can upgrading them later on PS5 for 0$ then where are the emergency to brough a PS5 this fall…..

  • Nice show. I really like the format of State of play that actually focuses on showing the gameplay with some game info from the devs. Much better than CGI trailers that dont show anything from the game they are trying to sell.

  • The system software 7.51 is having a big problem like he make my PS4 pro Soo slow and take Soo much time to open

  • The system software 7.51 is having a big problem like he make my PS4 pro Soo slow

    • Try a “database rebuild” you dont loose any data. is sort of like a defragment on. i do it ever month.

  • Was the runtime a little longer than before? I like it better this way, feels more like a little show. Crash 4 looks great! Want more cartoony games again. Pathless looks like the kind of indie I’ll enjoy too. Reminds me of Journey with more gameplay.

  • Bunch of Nintendo Switch games, some other multiplatform things, meh… Sequel to game that was never good. Pffff, dunno.

  • Sony, Kenna: Bridge of Spirits is ONLY a timed exclusive for PS5? You’re going to let amazing animators from Ember Labs slip through your fingers and go to Microsoft? That kind of quality is what separates PlayStation developers from Microsoft developers. I’d buy Ember Labs or convince their animators they’re working for the wrong studio. Don’t settle for a timed exclusive with that game, take it and own, that’s a talented studio, PlayStation needs that.

    • True,well said.Kenna was the only impressive game on the PS5 presentation and to learn it’s not PS exclusive is…well…

    • You’d think ya’ll are majority share holders in Sony or something, albeit with short sighted analytical skills. Shouldn’t the decision as to who publishes their game as they please be Ember Labs’?

  • Wow Crash 4 looks incredible and the graphics damn are simply gorgeous…looks like activision finally learned the lesson,the skins was a standard yet great idea for Crash.Expected more form The Pathless and The Pedestrian looks cool kinda reminded me of Echochrome.Aeon Must Die and Anno looked pretty cool too plus that presentation guy gave for Spelunky 2 was great.Very nice State of Play.

    Godfall still looking bad and the other 2 PS5 games lol what a joke,specially Hood…hahaha that “next-gen”.

  • If it isn’t already, please give us some ultrawide options on PS5 <3
    More than capable.

  • i just want to know how am i able to pre-order the system from sony because i’m interested?

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