Aeon Must Die ignites the galaxy on PlayStation 4

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Aeon Must Die ignites the galaxy on PlayStation 4

Survive a shattered dimension in this sci-fi beat ‘em up

Hello everyone! I’m here to introduce you to Aeon Must Die!, a brand new take on the beat ‘em up genre that blends slick action combat with an existential sci-fi epic across the galaxy. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover as we introduce the story, the fighting systems, and everything in between. Let’s get started.

You play as the new host for Aeon, the symbiotic and recently overthrown emperor of the universe. After wrestling for control over your body, you and Aeon must go on a violent journey across the stars; you must save the last of your species, while Aeon seeks revenge. It’s a pastiche of classic films like Road Warrior, Yojimbo, with more modern influences like Gurren Lagann. With Aeon and your trusty sentient Bike by your side, you will have to negotiate, battle, and/or betray the four warring factions and their generals.

Aeon’s invincible armor is the only way you will be able to tear a path to your goal. That’s right, the armor is indestructible, meaning you cannot die (at least, not in the traditional sense). You will have to use a mixture of normal and special moves to fight and combo enemies into oblivion. Normal moves heat up Aeon and specials, although devastating, cool him down.

Overheating Aeon gives you free reign to unleash as many special moves as you want without the heat cost, but a single hit spells defeat. Cooling down too much causes Aeon to reach his drained state, where he cannot use special moves, and will be defeated in one blow.

Aeon Must Die ignites the galaxy on PlayStation 4

Every defeat you experience leaves you with an important choice: Will you get up and fight again? Or will you die with honor? Standing up to fight once more will chip away at your mental barrier, letting Aeon closer into your heart. He will start manipulating your choices, affecting your decisions and letting the pieces fall where he wants. Choosing to die means restarting your adventure, but keeping all the upgrades and progression you’ve unlocked. Sounds tough? Well, there is a third option… but we won’t reveal that just yet.

We are extremely excited to get Aeon Must Die! into the hands of PlayStation 4 players in the coming year. We’ve got a ton of information to reveal over the next few months, so, to stay tuned.

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