Introducing PlayStation Indies and a day of captivating new games

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Introducing PlayStation Indies and a day of captivating new games

Nine titles debut alongside first details of our new PlayStation Indies initiative.

Hi everyone! As some of you may have noticed, I have long been a big fan of indie games, and ever since I was appointed as Head of Indies Initiative for PlayStation in November the last year, I have been working closely with all departments at Sony Interactive Entertainment to elevate our efforts to help make indie developers’ lives easier and their titles shine in this super competitive videogame market.

I’m pleased to formally announce the PlayStation Indies initiative. With PlayStation Indies, we hope to spotlight and support the best of the best indie games being published on PlayStation and the entire indie community as a whole. Our goal is to make PlayStation the best place to develop, find, and play great indie games.

Introducing PlayStation Indies and a day of captivating new games

The indie community is increasingly important for the future of the video game industry, as AAA game development has grown so financially demanding that big companies are finding it harder to take risks to invest in new concepts that may or may not work. We trust indie developers with strong vision will continue to bring ideas that have never been tried before, creating whole new genres of games and advancing the art and meaning of video games. PlayStation has always embraced games with completely new concepts, like PaRappa the Rapper, Katamari Damacy, LittleBigPlanet, and Journey, and we look forward to seeing what surprising new ideas will come next!

I was so excited to see the strong reactions to the amazing indie titles featured in the PS5 Future of Gaming event a few weeks ago. Do they not look charming and interesting? I, for one, could not get the Bugsnax song out of my head for a few days since the show went live.

While details are still forthcoming, we are also happy to confirm a new indie title will join the PlayStation Now service every month, starting with Hello Neighbor in July. Please look out for our monthly PS Now posts for more information!

Today, alongside news of the PlayStation Indies initiative, we’re happy to debut nine imaginative and exciting titles coming to both PS4 and PS5. Stay tuned throughout the morning for these reveals, which we’ll gather up here once they’ve all concluded. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

July 1 Indie Reveals

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  • I’m really excited to see the drive from PlayStation for Indies some of my favourite games these last few years have been Indies big and small . Looking forward to seeing how this all works out

    • Enter The Gungeon, Transistor, Pyre, Valfaris. These are some of my favorite games this gen. Resogun, Alienation, Nex Machina as well, if you count them as indies.

  • lobotomies4free

    Shuhei getting us the GAMES

  • Love me some indie games. When can use PS Now on iPhones and tablets?

    • GaMeR_bOi_83
      Never say that again. PlayStation games are to play on a Playstation

    • Tew-SP-BR Sony is trying to do what they can by trying to make it more accessible to play games wherever you can. Deal with it. If you can’t deal with it, then leave the Playstation brand.

    • Uhhhhh…is someone not aware that PS Now is on Windows?

  • sonicmayhem3787

    “Make indie developers lives easier” if that were true then why don’t you get rid the requirement for indie devs to have a static IP address and non-public email addresses. My studio and I have been trying to apply for your indie developer program for at least 2 years now, but your application states we need a static IP address to gain access to the Playstation development resources and a non-public email address (can’t be Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc). Static IP addresses and non-public email addresses are mainly only offered with business class internet. This is a very difficult requirement to meet for indie devs especially if they are a small group, still in startup, or don’t have a physical building for their studio.

    • It’s pretty easy to get a private email address… like.. really easy and only costs a couple of pounds. How has this taken you 2 years?

    • You would be surprised how rarely your dynamic IP changes. I run a staging web server from home and have only had to update my dns a couple of times over the last four years. For email you only need a domain and a cheap web hosting. Easy to setup and very low cost. Certainly worth it for the security it adds

    • It’s extremely easy to get both…a domain from the major domain sellers usually comes with a email address…which is typically $15 a year. I mean you need to find a person who can help you with these business things. If this was the only thing hanging these up I would have searched high and low to get both of these ASAP.

    • No offense, but if you can’t even manage that how do you plan on developing a game that requires far more amount of work and dedication?

    • DM me if you would like an AWS setup that would provide this for you pretty cheaply. If you’d rather work this out yourself, you’re looking at a total of ~$15/month for server hosting, dedicated IP and domain name registration.

    • That is the most basic requirement possible and yet you say this blocks your studio from an easy signup? They need you to have a static IP so that you don’t start giving your login and password to their platform to everyone. They need a valid domain name to prove you are not making everything up, which is VERY basic proof. You can buy a domain name for like 10$ per year and as someone else said, it will probably include an e-mail adress, else you can make one easily anyway. There are tons of registrars, just google it, godaddy makes a lot of ads and is a cheap and easy one to use for example. I have a static IP adress at home for personnal use and it costs me 5$ per month. For a business, it’s maybe 10$ a month. If your internet provider can’t provide you with a static IP adress because you have a residential account, get a business account, it’s that simple. How do you want Sony to believe you actually have a studio when you can’t even afford a business account for your internet needs. Also, another advice: if you want people, companies, the press, events and all the others to take you seriously, don’t send out e-mails using a hotmail or gmail account, that is for personnal use and it makes you look very unprofessionnal anyways. No offense either, I am just giving you advice and hope you will get conseiling because these are pretty much the basics of how internet works.


  • Doumo arigatou gozaimasu Yoshida-san!

    Great to hear that we’ll be getting an indie title every month via PSNow.
    I’ve been wanting to play Hello Neighbour for a while! I really hope this initiative will be good for indies long term as well. :-)

  • Love this!

    Excited to see them

  • WarriorOfLightRB


  • killerlightning

    Well hopefully unlike Vita, PS2 on PS4 and PSVR you will actually stick to this. It would be nice and smart like Gamepass does at times and put some of these games on PSNow day one. Only thing I worry about it will give you an excuse to give us these potentially bad games as PS Plus games.

    • don’t say psvr they did a great job with the first itteration. The headset is selling and so is the many awesome games. The psvr2 is going to be 10 times better. 100

    • Tbh psvr will be 100 times better once it jumps to ps5, games are blurry due to the ps4 limits non the vr, i just hope the psvr2 is lighter and maybe wireless

    • PS4 has been phenomenal with indies because of Publisher/developer deals with companies like Devolver, Housemarque, Arrowhead, SuperGiantGames, ect.

      Off the top of my head here are some indies that are either exclusive or released on PS4 first (prior to XB1).

      Rocket League
      Salt & Sanctuary
      Unfinished Swan
      Enter The Gungeon
      Nex Machina
      The Witness
      Axiom Verge
      Edith Finch
      Death’s Gambit
      Nuclear Throne
      No Man’s Sky

    • “VR2” is about as likely to happen as the Vita 2 (the Vita sold more, so maybe less).

      Sony invested money in the original headset because lots of “experts” thought everyone would buy it. Now we know that’s not the case, and it’s unlikely many more users or developers would bother, it’s not really a tempting investment.

  • Gravy_Biscuits_

    I love Indies!!! Thank you guys so much for supporting them. Also great to see we’re getting monthly PS Now updates. I just extended my PS Now until 2023😃

    • killerlightning

      Wow have to say that is a pretty stupid reason to extend it that long. Dont think you will be getting evey indie title on PSNow so your spending over $100 for indie games you may or may not ever get on PSNow. When you can get them for about half or more less on sale, pretty bad financial decision on your part.

    • let that man live and spend his money how he wants. Aside from the Indies ps now has alot of great titles

  • Seems like many good indie games have been PC/Switch only the past few years, so I’m really glad to hear this.

  • As long as the indie game doesn’t take away a AAA title I’m well happy.

    • killerlightning

      Knowing Sony’s past it will. I am hopeful it won’t but already not excited by the first indie title bc already been on Gamepass. Most likely be an indie and 2 other games.

  • Please don’t take away Spider-Man from PS Now.

  • YES!!!! This is awesome and I hope the initiative continues. Thank you Shu!!

  • Can’t wait for ps5 indie games, kena, little devil inside, stray and bugsnax looks interesting :)

  • Shuhei Yoshida does not release PlayStation games on the PC that devalue the PlayStation.
    PlayStation doesn’t need the PC to sell games, PlayStation’s success is due to EXCLUSIVE games.

    • Can you please explain why you’re so passionately against the idea of playing PlayStation games on non-PS hardware? Even streaming them via PS now?

      Are you worried that this will negatively impact their business and eventually lead to the end of PS?

      If that’s your concern, I can assure you that these moves are meant to have the opposite effect. It doesn’t take a degree in business to know that releasing several-year-old games on a platform that’s not an alternative to a console for most consumers will not affect the numbers negatively. Nor will giving users an option to pay for a service that allows them to stream games to other devices. In fact, these will certainly increase revenues, ensuring that you get to continue playing your favorite games on your favorite platform for many years to come.

      Do you disagree? Please explain.

    • In the end, both Sony and Microsoft will make their own launchers on PC and that’s inevitable. Microsoft already has on Alpha their Xbox launcher and Sony has PSNow on PC, and both bring some or all (Xbox) their exclusives on PC. And that’s not a bad thing as the above user said.

  • Most indie games aren’t a tenth as clever as their creators think, or more like hope, they are. That being said, get some titles that aren’t just another platformer or another metroidvania and we’ll see.

    • My take on it is that indie games are no different from AAA games in the sense that they can range from fantastic to dull, and it also doesn’t guarantee that anyone will like the specific style of game (in fact, not being published by a large publisher means it likely is less appealing to the masses)

      Still, the fact that a game is independently published doesn’t inherently determine if a game is good or bad, but more so the resources made available to them.

      So sure, indies typically have lower budgets or smaller teams and that won’t make it look as polished as a AAA title, but there HAVE been AAA flops, and there HAVE been incredible Indie successes.

      Look at SuperGiant, Thekla + Jonathan Blow, Night School. There are some killer indie devs out there. So just like AAA, you have to kind of know where to look.

      Still, initiatives like PS Indies *hopefully* may increase the amount of quality indie games that exist, especially if indie devs are getting additional support they usually wouldn’t otherwise.

    • A budget has nothing to do with whether a game is good or not, that’s right. Which is why I wish all of the incredibly uninspired for the most part retro throwback, ultimately purely average in every way types of common low budget games would quit getting off so easily. For every one Journey there are a thousand of that type of game.

    • You probably haven’t played Journey, cause it’s still different than most of the 3D platformers out there. Unlike RiME, Hob, Ratchet & Clank and others, this doesn’t have either combat, or collectibles (in a way). It’s about, as the name implies, the journey and not the purpose of it.

      Still, we’re talking about one game, but there are also many other innovative indie games, gameplay or artstyle wise:

      – Dear Esther defined the infamously-called “Walking Simulator”.
      – The Witness mastered the puzzle genre, giving hundreds of puzzles to solve and environmental puzzles to uncover.
      – LittleBigPlanet, which was an indie title back then, inspired Mario Maker and allowed players to use their fantasy and create their own LBP-like games.
      – Minecraft is a major hit till this day and the golden standard to sandbox games.
      – The Unfinished Swan, even though not that popular, clearly stood out due to its unique artstyle and way of navigating the player.
      – Little Nightmares, Limbo and Inside, also due to their artstyle, stand out from other side-scroller titles.

      To conclude, there are many unique indie games. It’s fine if you’re only interested in AAA titles only, but you shouldn’t downplay the indie video games industry.

  • I’m glad that you are over this Yoshida. That inspires confidence that indies will continue to be supported both in quality and numbers.

  • Great stuff!

    If I may make a suggestion, I see that PlayStation Indies spotlight titles have the “PlayStation Indies” tag on them on the blog, but that isn’t very visible and I doubt I’ll ever utilize that. Maybe a “PlayStation Indies” banner or something in the thumbnail would help draw our attention to the indies that have specifically been introduced through PS Indies? Either that or something like a PS Store page.

  • Hopefully this will help towards garnering some of the indie sector back to playstation-been rather frustrating not only seeing timed exclusives/extra content on other consoles ala switch but also make the processes easier regarding Indie sales too. Been a few indies mention communication regarding applying for sales discounts being non existent/difficult with sales heavily curated by Sony, whereas they say applying for eshop sales etc. just involve filling out a form. Had a number of indie titles wishlisted since their release last year or earlier & they’ve had sales on just about every digital shopfront bar the PSN! :-(
    And get the blog sorted out-one month on & after only a couple of lacklustre new release posts its being “rested” for a few weeks? That’s pretty poor service to indie releases who need all the coverage they can get & potential customers of the psn in the meantime!

    • I know how you feel. I’ve been waiting for Elliot Quest to go on sale, but it hasn’t happened even once. Meanwhile, last month it went on sale on the Switch for 9 cents.

    • @ShadeSplit Yep,know how you feel all too well! Been waiting on the likes of Blazing Chrome,Time Spinner,Castle Crashers Remastered, Battle Princess Madelyn,River City Girls,Xeno Crisis & After Party just to name a few that’ve never had a sale (All 2019 or earlier), or Cursed Castilla & Super Hydorah (last sales Aug 2018). :-(

  • I hope this is a rebirth of the great first party indie years where we saw countless great indies like Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and Sound Shapes. It’s about time for Velocity 3.

    • Now that would be great. You are reminding me of why I used to respect Sony quite a bit.

    • Wozman23, those are some truly great games that you named.

      I hope that there is a Velocity 3. I remember when PlayStation Plus introduced the original Veloicty (in the Minis line), as well as Velocity 2X for PS Vita & PS4 a few years later. They were both amazing games. I’d love to see the next game in the series continue this tradition, and appear at release day on either PS Plus or PS Now.

    • Oh man I’d LOVE that. And not just from second-Perth devs, but also from first-party ones. LittleBigPlanet, Journey, Sports Champions, Buzz, Start The Party, EyePet etc. were games I used to play the most back in the PS3 era. I think these were the ones that made PS3 (and Xbox 360) so unique. I hope they make it happen on PS5 as well, even if they are timed console exclusives they show that they care and fund indie titles. I’m really excited for Kena and Little Devil Inside currently, but I hope there’s more to come.

  • You guys should add the monthly psnow games post on the same ps plus games post. Instead we have to wait until the day that they get added to know what games are coming to the service.

  • Shu is right that AAA games are increasingly difficult and costlier to make, so to maximize investment and return, gameplay is rehashed, assets are reused, corners are cut, and franchise-milking and monetization start to take precedence over the experience.

    I’m glad that Sony is taking the initiative to scout indie studios with fresh and innovative ideas, and give them funding and technical expertise, as well as coaching to make their efforts bear the best fruit. Games are everything, and making sure Playstation is the best place to play is a surefire way to make everyone win: Sony, Playstation, devs, and gamers.

    Shu is such a powerful figure, and at the same time so passionate about the craft, open and down-to-earth, that I’m positive he’ll be able to get results so impressive that even indie-averse gamers will warm up.

  • Glad to see PS Now getting more indie games !

    psst… Tokyo Jungle 2 please.

  • Really would like to subscribe to ps now. Any idea of when it will be available in Brazil?

  • Personally, I cannot wait to play Kena. That game looks absolutely incredible. :D

  • YO! This gets me so hyped you know why? This is something I’ve liter suggested PlayStation start doing with PS Now MONTHS ago! Back at the Dec or January PS Now games reveal I suggested that Sony work close with indie to have new indie games launch on PS Now. So the fact that it’s ACTUALLY happening is so awesome. Like, I said before it would be a win for everyone!

  • Some good stuff here that I’m really looking forward to. Recompile and F.I.S.T. are right up my ally.

  • We already have a few indie games.
    I mean, they would HAVE to be. Gilson B pontes has released three games which are complete TRASH on this system (well, trash on ANY system. His games are awful!). Aren’t those indie?
    His games should really be taken down from PSN.

  • mschulze01010111

    translation: we’re not going to have enough big games at launch, so we need the indies to step in. after that we will drop them again like we did during the PS4 era.

  • So you’re incapable of posting the trailers directly on this page?

  • CloudsOverSalem

    Indies are the perfect distraction from the AAA monotony.

  • Have to say it’s a bit hard to take this seriously when they have promoted games like black tiger and asset flip games on the network. The pstore will end up looking like steam did 5 years ago.

    • Not really, since they still have a couple more restrictions when they allow the distribution of games on PS Store, than on Nintendo eShop or Steam, that most of the time they deliver shovelware instead of proper indie titles. But who knows.

  • Thanks Shuhei! Can’t wait to see what this new initiative brings!

  • CloudsOverSalem

    Carto, Maquette, and Creaks. These are the ones I’m interested in.

  • Lots of interesting titles, Creeks, F.I.S.T, Maquette, Worms and possibly Where the heart is

  • Eventhough i dont play indies, I still hope that we start getting 1 indie + 2 AAA games every month for PS NOW. This way we could get much more higher quality AAA games because now there would be only 2 big games Sony would have to aquire for ps now instead of 3. Games such as Red dead redemption 2 and Witcher 3 might finally have a chance to join ps now!! :D

  • They all look great but I like Marquette and Carto the best. Great work everyone!

  • OK, so any info on how I can become an indie developer, or are the requirements still oppressively strict?

  • We salute you, Shuhei, for continuing to encourage innovation which drives the industry.

  • casshern_sins12

    I just now read about the Indies, but I’m also wondering if any of them will also be free to play

  • These games look amazing, you should add “The Beast Inside” it’s a horror pc indie game that looks amazing… Please try to add it to Playstation store

  • Wow, they look grear. I’m very stoked. Keep up the awesome work ;-)

  • How about a PlayStation Indies PS4 theme to celebrate? That image at the top sure is pretty.

  • Ah, yes, games, games, and more games! Life as a PlayStation gamer couldn’t get any better. Thank you, Shu and company for your vision, passion, and drive to continuously elevate the PlayStation brand.

  • I love indie games and it’s great to see so many indie game devs being promoted on PlayStaion! But…we are still waiting for Neon City Riders by indie game devs Mecha Studios to arrive on PS EU Store, over 3 months after it was released worldwide on all platforms and all PS storefronts except for EU :/

  • This is great! On Twitter when you show these games off it’d be helpful to @ the developers so we can follow them easier:)

  • Brilliant news! I’m infinitely tired of the ‘AAA’ cookie-cutter games that dominate the market. Virtually every single indie in this list will be a first-day buy for me. Just a fabulous line-up. Please keep this trend going!

  • So great to see an article written by Shuhei on here! You are so beloved by the Playstation community, and I’m so excited to see that your new role is already bearing fruit for us. This new initiative is exactly what we need right now. Keep up the great work!

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