Tiger Blade pounces onto PS VR2 November 17

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Tiger Blade pounces onto PS VR2 November 17

New trailer shows off super slick slash ‘n’ dash arcade action.

Hello! We’re thrilled to be sharing a brand-new Tiger Blade trailer with you! Since we first announced the game back in June, we’ve been working hard fine-tuning the combat and movement, and further bringing the world of Tiger Blade to life with extra polish and detail to the environments. In addition to showcasing Tiger Blade’s high-octane and highly replayable arcade action, the trailer also reveals the game’s release date–Tiger Blade will be debuting exclusively on PS VR2 on November 17!

So, what can you expect from Tiger Blade when it launches in a few weeks? Intense, fast-paced combat is at the core of the experience, and you’ll be rapidly switching between your sword and pistol on-the-fly as you fight through the urban locales of Sewoon (the game’s neo-Korean setting).

During the development of Tiger Blade, we’ve come to refer to the game’s most central mechanic as slash ‘n’ dash. It’s pretty self-explanatory–you use your sword to slash an enemy or a slash-friendly part of the environment, and then you auto-dash to the next point of action.

It’s not the only method of movement–you’re also armed with a grapple which you use to hook and swing at designated spots–but the slash ‘n’ dash is the primary means of moving through each level. We feel it’s a winning combo that keeps the action at an exhilaratingly dynamic tempo.

Despite the razor-sharp name, Tiger Blade isn’t just about using your sword. Certain enemies can only be defeated with a firearm, and we’ve made sure switching between your sword and pistol is seamless and becomes instinctive very quickly. If a gun-toting enemy manages to pop-off some shots, you can deflect the bullets with your sword before returning fire and taking them down.

The grapple completes your toolset and if used smartly, it can give you an edge when you find yourself outnumbered and/or outgunned. Certain enemies can be targeted with the grapple to swiftly swipe their gun straight from their hands and into yours, giving you access to some superior firepower, such as a shotgun or SMG, until the ammo runs out. The grapple can also grab temporary cover, which is used like a shield by raising your off hand, protecting you from bullets or strikes from a sword.

After trying Tiger Blade’s shootouts, we think anyone familiar with Time Crisis probably won’t be too surprised to learn there are a few fans of Namco’s classic light-gun shooter on the team!

While combat takes center stage, we are also incredibly proud of the environments that make up Tiger Blade’s world.  Based on real Korean locations, you’ll find yourself pursued and hunted through a variety of interior and exterior areas, including docks, marketplaces, and alleyways. We’ve designed these to be as immersive as possible, and we’re continuing to add layers of detail and polish to textures, lighting, and VFX as we approach the finish line of Tiger Blade’s development.

We can’t wait for you to try Tiger Blade when it hits PS VR2 on November 17. Reading about it and watching the trailer is one thing, but wearing the headset, becoming fully submerged and feeling like a skilled assassin smack-bang in the heat of the action is something else!

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