The Foglands launches October 31 on PS VR2 and PS5

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The Foglands launches October 31 on PS VR2 and PS5

Fresh gameplay details and new trailer for the upcoming roguelite.

Jump into PS VR2 and smack some monsters around, then sit yourself down and play with a controller on your PS5 while you cool off. The Foglands will release with an FPS-mode on PS5 alongside PS VR2 at launch October 31. So no headset required! Either way you play, the fate of the Hold is in your hands.

Welcome to the Foglands

The Foglands is an upcoming anti-Western atmospheric roguelite that puts you in the boots of Jim, a brand new Runner. As a Runner, the people of the Hold rely on you to bring home scavenged goods and fend off the twisted creatures of the Fog. When a hulking behemoth from the depths threatens the survival of the Hold, it’s up to you to go out there and put a stop to it… and die trying.

Lucky for you, the mysterious figure known only as The Stranger is eager to lend a hand. His eldritch deck of cards can grant you supernatural abilities to boost your running prowess – for a price. He’s also got a few tricks up his sleeve, namely preventing Jim from yeeing his last haw. Explore, fight, loot, and die… and then do it all over again!

You’ll navigate an ever-shifting world of fog, exploring, fighting, and collecting along the way as you seek to defeat the giant, worm-like creature that threatens your Hold’s survival.


Many things get lost in the Fog – but the more you look, the more you find. While adventuring through the floors that change with every run, rooms that shift their contents with each visit, and the diverse biomes that would rather see you dead than alive, you’ll uncover the secrets the Fog clings to along the way. You won’t just find lost keys that belonged to Runners of old to unlock their secrets – you’ll even find some of those lost Runners themselves!


With a healthy mix of barfight melee and shoot-em-up gunplay, The Foglands uses the best of the PS VR2 eye tracking and precision latency to deliver a mix of fist-fighting, gunslinging, and aim-assisted throwing. Intention targeting and eye tracking allows any grabbable item to become a weapon – after all, Runner training advises you think on your feet and not rely too much on shootin’ irons (you never know when a Scuttler will steal your trusty hand cannon). The more you develop your personal playstyle and land those sweet combos, the more the time-slow effect will assist you in fending off the denizens of the Foglands.


The Foglands might seem like a desolate hellscape of creaking metal and lurking predators, but there are riches for those who know where to look! Collect Scrap and Fog Oil to unlock gear upgrades, new items, and new areas. But take heed: death means items you’ve gathered are left behind, so make sure to use Loot Chutes to send your Scrap home to spend on the next run.

There’s more than material acquisitions to be found out there: while on a run you’ll collect Abilities from The Stranger’s Cards that make you ever-more-powerful. Play to your strengths by choosing from three distinct suits that enhance each playstyle: Fists (melee), Guns (uh, guns), and Keys (exploration). So get out there and start lootin’!

Pre-order now

Now that you know what it takes and what’s at stake to be a Runner, you can prepare for your first day by pre-ordering on Playstation Store today. See you out in the Foglands, partner!

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