Journey to Foundation brings Asimov’s epic sci-fi series to life on PS VR2

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Journey to Foundation brings Asimov’s epic sci-fi series to life on PS VR2

In this story-rich adventure, the future is in your hands.

80 years following the release of this epic sci-fi book series, Archiact is bringing the world of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation to life in VR. The groundbreaking saga that has been incredibly influential on science fiction, having shaped much of what we see today.

Adapting Asimov’s work into an immersive VR narrative adventure has been an incredible journey for our team, and we can’t wait for people to experience it first-hand.

In this story-rich world, players are plunged into an epic journey through an area of space called The Periphery, where relationships will be strained, loyalties will be tested, and they must decide which factions will rise and fall. In this game, the future is in your hands.

Journey to Foundation brings Asimov’s epic sci-fi series to life on PS VR2

Journey to Foundation

More than just a title, Journey to Foundation embodies the mission you’ll embark on that will reshape an empire.

You play as Ward, an agent of the powerful Commission of Public Safety, who is sent to investigate civil unrest at the edge of the Galactic Empire. The Empire has kept peace across the galaxy for over 12 thousand years, but cracks have started to emerge. Stagnation, apathy, and internal revolt all threaten to break it apart.

Your mission takes a turn when you discover a group of defectors who are planning to abandon the Empire and make their way to the Foundation, an organization that was formed by famous psychohistorian Hari Seldon, who used mathematics to predict the Fall of the Empire. The player must join with the defectors to learn more about the Foundation and their plan to save humanity.

In the end, you’ll need to decide who to trust. Will you fight for a dying Empire, or will you defect to the Foundation and help rebuild what has been lost?

Caption: A mohawked figure garbed in bronze and blue that looks equally like armour as it does a space suit, gazes out of a window into deep space, watching the sun rise over a nearby planet’s surface.

Become a Galactic Spymaster

Whether you employ subterfuge and diplomacy, or use threats and manipulation to get your way, you have an arsenal of equipment, weapons, and special tools to approach every situation with.


The power of mental science allows you to uncover and influence the emotions of people around you. Use this to your advantage to gain information peacefully… or forcibly.

Participatory conversations

Converse with or coerce the people around you and build relationships with your companions using an intricate conversation system.

Choice & consequence

Characters will respond to your actions (or lack thereof). Keep in mind: how you approach each situation will impact the world around you. You have the power to influence your environment; will you rely on stealth and diplomacy, or take a more direct approach?

Shape-shifting arsenal

Let your weapon do the talking. Blast your way through areas with a set of swappable components to cover you and your companions in any situation.

Cutting-edge tools

At your disposal are the best spy tools the Empire has to offer: a plasma torch capable of cutting through the toughest alloys, a nanotech disguise that allows you to infiltrate enemy camps, and a sophisticated hacking tool that can penetrate the most complex computer systems.

Releasing Fall 2023

This autumn, immerse yourself in the world of Asimov with Journey to Foundation on PlayStation VR2.

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