PS VR Spotlight returns today

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PS VR Spotlight returns today

A day of new game announcements for PlayStation VR.

PS VR Spotlight, which focuses on upcoming games for PlayStation VR, returns today.  Unlike last time, we won’t be making you wait too long to find out what the reveals are: all the announcements will be dropping throughout the day.  Every half hour in fact, right here on PS Blog, with the first happening imminently: in 15 minutes at 7am PT / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET.

Not long to wait. There’ll be six announcements in total and all new reveals of PS VR games launching later this year. 

We were delighted by the enthusiasm we saw from the community around last week’s announcement of our next-generation VR system for PS5. We’ll have more to share in the future. But in the meantime, stay tuned right here to learn more about some of the amazing PS VR games launching in 2021!

PS VR Spotlight announcements

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  • Nice. Looking forward to what you got for us PSVR owners

    • I wonder if Fallout 4 VR will ever come to the PS VR.

      Heck, 2K should make the Bioshock trilogy all into VR too!

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  • Saweet! Can’t wait to see some new PSVR games!

  • Exciting stuff! – I’ll be checking in throughout the day.


  • Let’s go !!!

  • I only want VR games if they support PS Moves or PS Aim. till you release new VR controllers. Hitman 3 VR is such a letdown… :(

  • Nice! Can’t wait 😊

  • Please continue to do these PSVR spotlights, I really like them as a PSVR owner makes me excited for what to come, already really happy with the first announcement, also please do more PSVR PS5 enhancements!! I would love games like astrobot and farpoint to be enhanced on my ps5

  • Cant wait…. but you are late….

  • Awesome that you’re still supporting PSVR but did you know that MOJANG has kept Minecraft PSVR bugged for 4 MONTHS and it’s still UNPLAYABLE on it’s current state?

    bugs. mojang. com/browse/MCPE-109860

    • Yes, that’s shame!! I don’t get why Minecraft PSVR mode is not fixed after 4 MONTHS!

    • Yeah, it’s insane how a game as big as minecraft can have a game mode broken for 4 months with no communication whatsoever.

    • Not that insane when you realise they are owned by Microsoft lol. They are probably still busy getting that “high fidelity VR” ready for Xbonex………. oh wait, that console ceased manufacturing 10 months ago, whoops.

  • Maybe you should update the article to clarify you won’t be posting the info literally here, but as new articles on the blog. It reads as tho you will make the announcements here.

  • Great news! (:

  • I am so happy Sony is still supporting VR. Im sure i wasnt the only one that was worried they would just drop it…like a certain Kinect product haha

  • Awesome!!!!
    I have a lot of great gaming moments on the PLAYSTATION VR. Always interested in seeing what the teams come out with next!
    I’d love to hear a KILLZONE 3 VR remaster for VR

  • Very cool! Thanks for supporting PSVR!

  • Looking forward to the reveals. I have two requests:

    1) Would be great if we get a confirmation on whether or not, current PSVR games will be compatible with the next-gen PSVR headset.

    2) I haven’t received the PSVR adaptor for PS5 (and frankly lost hope on receiving it through your dedicated online page). Are there any plans to sell it through retailers for a reasonable price in the future?

    • If you did the in the early stage (say right around the time they announced it like I did) you might have gotten a confirmation, like I did, but no case number. Even though I received an email saying that my cable had shipped in Dec., come Feb and still nothing. Try calling the support number.

      1-800-345-7669 Opt 1 for PS5

      They gave me a case number and my cable showed up in 4 days.

    • Thanks a lot! I will look into it.

    • Don’t worry that much it takes a while to arrive i ordered mine on boxing day and it came at the start of february but it is inconvenient.

  • Looking forward to the announcements. First one is a good one in Doom 3 VR. Really happy with the support PSVR has received over the years and great to see it continue.

  • Started playing Farpoint on vr, the free game this month, made me jump a few times already, decent game

  • Nobody cares about vr
    Stop porting your exclusive to pc

    Fire jim ryan.

    • “Nobody cares about vr”

      Except the other people commenting on this very post, and the millions who’ve bought PSVR, Quest 2 etc. But yes, nobody apart from them XD.

      “Stop porting your exclusive to pc”

      Stop wanting to gatekeep good games.

    • Agree.

    • @ Kinky_Friedman – “Stop wanting to gatekeep good games.”…wow you really said that?…LMAO.

  • What does it matter there aren’t any PS4s available.

  • I am currently boycotting sony playstation because I feel sony is sabotaging the ps4 to get consumers 2 buy the ps5 and I will not stop.

    • I bet you’ve got Sony worried 😄

    • Sony are doing the absolute opposite. They’re releasing almost all big games on PS4 and PS5 (and that is even extending to God of War 2 and Horizon 2). There’s actually very little reason in terms of games to force anyone to update to PS5. I’m more annoyed as a PS5 owner that they’re supporting the PS4 so much and plan to do so for a long time to come. I just want big, sparkly, PS5 only games but not going to get that for quite a while. So you can stop boycotting because boycotting is the only way you’ll miss out on the hundreds of PS4 titles that will still be released for the next few years.

    • Umm, if you’re thinking they’re sabotaging PS4 what would you call blocking publishers from discounting their games on PSP, PS3 and PS Vita? :D

    • It’s surprisingly the contrary man.I’m 1st in line to bash Sony for their lack of respect with their older system when they release a new one and I expected them to work hard to make people forget PS4 and focus on PS5 but they’re doing the opposite.I’m mad surprised but then again PS4 is not like PS3 back then…there’s way too many people playing PS4 vs the small number of sheeps who bought into the PS5 fable and scalpers don’t really care about PS5 games ha.Another reason for them to be releasing so many of their new games on PS4 too is probably because of the scalpers too.

  • Problem is, Jim Ryans a slackoff! You cant get excited about a new PSVR and its games when the company just keeps moving forward before they deal with the problems at hand.

    Sony are choosing to ignore the elefant in the room, like it doesnt exist. Theyre not doing ANYTHING to address it, and they sit quietly in their offices sipping tea and going on “holiday” as they like to call it, without digging in and addressing the PS5 shortage and scalper issues. Maybe Sony actually controls the scalpers to create scarcity and maybe theyre buying up Microsofts consoles, its a plot, alright maybe not, but Sony, who taught you business? If you want to sell add-ons, youve gotta sell your primary product first, so why are you saying as little on thr subject as possible instead of constant updates?

    Why should anyone buy a PSVR 2 that doesnt have a PS5 to play it on? Am I the only one completely confused by this logic?

    • The PSVR2 won’t be out until at least 2022, by which time the pandemic will have passed (hopefully), and supply will be ramped up.

    • No man, the issue isn’t exclusive to Sony.

      In fact the issue isn’t well understood by the public because of echo chamber reporting of covid and scalper causes.

      Covid did play a part in that companies grossly underestimated their needed orders in anticipation to a drop off in sales, not sony, but like, they auto industries and other places.

      It’s really more about Taiwan and geopolitical turmoil.

      China claims Taiwan, they claim themselves… China wants war to get them back but the USA and other nations have a clear interest in them being sovereign since they provide many of our top technology companies with premium silicon wafers from tsmc. We are reliant on them and if China takes over that would be bad. So, we’re not receiving many chips from china’s fab SMIC and we’re having to lean more in other industries on taiwans jewel TSMC more for automobiles and other stuff…. TSMC is at full capacity and they make both xbox and ps5 and ps4 chips and although they are increasing capacity its still not enough.

      Once things calm down and other supply chains are satisfied, scalpers won’t matter. They only matter now because supply is severely constrained. It’s a temporary problem.

      Unfortunately we have a whole year to wait for the new psvr. I’d take it now if they could make it. But I don’t fault sony for any of their actions. They are a solid company with brilliant technology and magnificent ideas. I’m very excited to see what they come up with.

  • Please patch in 1440p output with a firmware update for the PS5. For those that don’t know, plugging in a 1440p monitor into a PS5 will not be recognized as such, and will only output to 1080p. Due to the number of pixels on a 1440p display, when 1080p output is upscaled to 1440p it looks quite blurry. Often times I am hearing the excuse that Sony is marketing for gamers playing on TV, but if you already have NATIVE mouse and keyboard support for games that support it along with games such as Demon Souls, Apex Legends, etc. rendering internally at 1440p without issue then you should absolutely without question offer the ability to output at 1440p as well. Last generation Xbox One offered this and Xbox Series X/S have offered this since day one.

  • I’d really welcome some visibility of how Mojang has ignored that they’ve broken Minecraft VR and then just ignored the issue in the meantime. During the pandemic, when we all want to use the game, they refuse to tell us if they’re fixing it or if they will ever fix it.

  • Hey Gillen

    DeoVR developer here. Any chance we can get DeoVR player on PSVR? We don’t get any follow up for our application.

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