PS VR action-adventure Fracked launches this summer

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PS VR action-adventure Fracked launches this summer

It’s the end of the fracking world.

Grab your PS VR and Move controllers! A true, trailblazing made-for-VR action adventure is coming this summer! Fracked seamlessly combines fast paced, 1:1 run and cover gunplay with exhilarating free running, skiing and climbing that has never been seen before on VR.

You can check out the teaser trailer here:

PS VR action-adventure Fracked launches this summer

I love gaming and I love VR – it has so much potential especially for us gamers.  Since I started working in VR many years ago I’ve longed for a proper action adventure that includes the gameplay depth and freedom of traditional games with the immersion and control you only get in VR. I don’t just want to play games and watch movies on a TV when I can literally be the hero in my very own VR action movie. I’m also frustrated by the limitations of on-rails and stationary experiences – we’ve moved beyond this. So, with Fracked we set out to create a VR game from the ground up that does all this, seamlessly combining combat and free traversal gameplay in a single experience, just like transitioning between on-foot and driving when getting in and out of cars in an action game.

In Fracked, we’ve cast the player as a hero thrown into the fight. Stuck deep inside a mountain fracking facility the region has been taken over by an army of gun-wielding, interdimensional maniacs known as (you guessed it) the Fracked! As the last hope for the world, you must take them down before it is all too late… We’re not going for subtlety here – it is bold, brash and uncompromising in its vision.

And so is the gameplay – it is fast, exhilarating, and accessible.  Skiing, running, climbing, base jumping and ziplining are all possible and all happen seamlessly and fluidly. No on-rails gameplay and cinematic cutscenes here, everything is 1:1 and driven by the player’s controls, movements, and actions. Combat is unconstrained too, combining free movement for outflanking foes with 1:1 grabbable cover and tactile weapon reloading. What we’ve shown so far is just scratching the surface – we can’t wait to show the breadth and variety of the game in the coming months.

Here are a few other nuggets about the game I’d like to share:

  • This is unashamedly a true VR game only possible with PS Move controllers! Climbing, ziplining, reloading and in-world interactions are all driven 1:1 by the player’s hands. We couldn’t do this using a traditional gamepad.
  • Skiing requires you to physically lean to steer and control. As with the rest of the game it is integrated with the combat – we’ll be showing this in the weeks ahead.
  • We have nicknamed the combat “run and cover” gunplay because it mashes run and gun action with an innovative 1:1 grabbable cover system to create an all-new VR-only combat style. Not only does it play differently to what you’ve experienced before, it feels different too.
  • To maximise VR’s 360˚ potential and our free movement vision we have designed arena style combat encounters that double down on verticality.
  • Whilst we have aimed for a new, stylish take on classic action cinema – think a 2021 version of Die Hard or Cliffhanger – below the surface there is a Robocop-style cutting-edge satire about corporate greed and the climate change emergency. If Paul Verhoeven made a VR game (which would be AMAZING), we don’t think it would be a million miles away from Fracked!
  • The game is getting PS5 enhancements! Those playing on PS5 can expect improved framerates, loading times and resolution. For those playing on PS4 and PS4 Pro, never fear, it looks incredible and plays the same.
  • We can assure you that it is a complete coincidence that the name sounds a lot like a popular/unpopular profanity.

We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it. Fracked will be launching this summer exclusively on PS VR. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think!  Let us know in the comments below.

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  • This looks awesome. nDreams has made some good stuff too.

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  • BreezyPlaysStuff

    What the FRACK! Looks great.

    • YouFromTheFuture

      Dear dev,

      If possible, can we please get floating forearms, instead of just floating hands. Although it won’t stop a purchase, to me, as a VR veteran, floating hands are kinda immersion-breaking. I would say see TWD: Saints and Sinners. Thanks in advance (Reow)

  • Looks great! Another promising release, thank you!

  • Fracking? So unless this is about searching for oil then someone must be a huge fan of BSG :) Looks great and so glad you are pushing PSVR again.

  • Interdimensional Fracking? This sounds like a good time. I am curious about the free traversal system in VR.

  • This looks amazing, but also like a nausea inducing nightmare. Any options for those sensitive to VR sickness?

    Also, any plans for a native PS5 version for the recently announced next gen PS VR?

  • This looks awesome. Well done everyone involved, will be keeping an eye out for this one. Any Chance of Aim Controller support? I’m assuming climbing will make things like that difficult.

  • Wow color me pink, that looks fun. I shall keep you on my radar.

  • I’m curious as to how the dev has implemented movement with the Moves. If it’s something like Killing Floor Incursion then I’ll be happy (I’d be happier if Sony released a version of the Moves with analogue sticks but that would be too much for them :) ).

  • This one looks rad

  • this was unexpected

  • Yippee-Ki-Yay

  • This game looks really good. You know what else would be really cool, PlayStation Home in VR. Imagine walking down the plaza to the bowling alley and playing a round of bowling, or shooting a game of pool.

  • something tells me it is gonna be lit

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