Face your nightmares in Doom 3: VR Edition for PS VR

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Face your nightmares in Doom 3: VR Edition for PS VR

Experience id Software’s action-horror shooter in virtual reality.

Take a trip to Mars you won’t soon forget with the power of PlayStation VR and Doom 3: VR Edition. The game arrives March 29 for PlayStation 4 and is backwards compatible on PlayStation 5. Take your Aim controller in hand, put on your PS VR headset, and step into the armored boots of The Doom Marine. Fight for your life as one of the few survivors left in a UAC facility overrun by demons.

Face your nightmares in Doom 3: VR Edition for PS VR

Doom 3: VR Edition features Doom 3 and its expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, retooled for PS VR technology. Uncover the secrets of the UAC’s unholy experiments, encounter uncanny monstrosities in claustrophobic environments, and wield an arsenal of iconic (and even otherworldly) weaponry with new textures, shaders and sound effects as you survive against the forces of Hell across over 15 hours of heart-stopping action.

Doom 3: VR EditionDoom 3: VR Edition

Feel even closer to the terror with all-new VR enhancements that allow you to peer around corners, angling your shots with flashlight-mounted weapons using motion controls, 180-degree quick-turn functionality to catch demons sneaking up from behind and an immersive wrist-mounted display to track your health, armor and ammo. Combined with the original Doom 3’s critically acclaimed blend of action and horror gameplay, virtual reality fans are in for one Hell of an experience with Doom 3: VR Edition. 

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  • This is awesome!! Very very cool :)

    • Pretty awesome but I implore ppl to purchase the fantastic shooters that were published by Sony first. They’re extremely cheap atm. And try Farpoint if u want the best AIM support in the biz. Iron Man is another, but for Move.

  • NOPE! Nope!
    This game was too stressful for me even without VR! xD

    Seriously though, it’s a great idea for those who enjoy a good jump scare (so not me) ;)

    • Man, I feel ya on that one. I still can’t finish skyrim vr because those bloody giant spiders doesn’t go well with arachnophobia. Gives me the shivers every time. :D

  • BreezyPlaysStuff

    AIM support or no? What’s the general control situation?

    • It says right at the start that it supports Aim. I’m more curious about other controller solutions since they don’t mention those.

    • BreezyPlaysStuff

      Oh yes. I scrolled to where the video was and started reading after that. My bad.

    • I imagine it will be a similar set of control and comfort options to Doom VFR but it would be nice to have that confirmed

    • The first paragraph says “ Take your Aim controller in hand”. Why don’t people read the actual articles anymore, instead of just the headline?

    • Yep, looks like aim support. It’s gonna rock!!

  • Wow out of nowhere. Getting this day 1. So glad it has Aim support

  • Hmm, recently Simon Brown, aka DrBeef made a good unofficial port for the Quest (Nothing illegal, you would buy the game for PC and then apply his Quest patch). A coincidence? If not, is he involved?

    • dr. beef work is awsome and he is dooing vr port since cardboard vr. his port are fabulous they should have hire him to do the doom3 port since he understand vr needs better that the guys at bethesda.

    • sorry id software not bethesda

  • I just hope se can play it using our dualshock controller while aiming with our head…
    If it only supports aim controller… :/

  • Now do Quake 4. The strogification scene alone warrants it.

  • Great news! Maybe the team that is working on the DOOM3 PSVR port could fix bunch of well known annyoing issues in DOOM VFR?

  • Let me guess, it’s not going to be a free upgrade to the previously-released PS4 Doom 3 game; you’re going to make us buy it all over again just for VR mode?

    Let’s hope you add left-handed Aim Support. We’re still waiting on that left-handed AIM support patch for Doom VR that you promised us three years ago.

    • I remember speculation of a left handed patch but I don’t remember any promises being made. Also the entire purpose of a business is to make money, not charging for this would be incredibly dumb. Oh and Sony isn’t the publisher or developer, you should complain to the publisher about cost, and the developer about game features.

    • of course they will make you buy it again it the vr version why not ? (sarcasm)

      they will have done they minimal effort to make it work in vr so why not loll

      they will of course drop any real work on it like do a left handed mode.

    • no they will not do such effort just for us left handed folks were not that much only about 10% of the world population loll

    • TheOmenBoy:

      1. They actually did promise a left-handed patch and completely bailed on it. But hey, what do you expect, Doom 1 & 2 still still require an internet connection so they can phone home every seven seconds despite them claiming to remove that requirement. Oh, wait, that was just the “Bethesda.net log-in”, that’s right. Terminology.

      2. They’re already making money off of the base game; an added “feature” shouldn’t cost extra. What next, “Hey, buy this brand new version if you want 4k”, “Hey, buy this brand new version if you want HDR”, “Hey, buy this brand new version if you want 60fps…”

      3. I’m not complaining to Sony; I’m complaining to the publisher/developer. First off, if you look to the top of this post, you’ll see it was written by a Bethesda employee. Second, you’re just naive if you think that the publishers/developers don’t read these posts about their games.

    • It’s an entirely remade version for VR. Why would they give that to you for free? That’s absurd

    • It is not entirely remade, what in the world gave you that idea? Open your eyes and watch the video. It is a port with added VR functionality and a couple extra models so you can see your hands.

    • Uh no: DOOM 3 VR Edition includes Resurrection Of Evil + The Lost Mission, completely retooled for PSVR

      Also includes
      – new textures
      – new shaders
      – new sound effects
      – flashlight mounted weapons
      – 180 quick-turn
      – wirst display for your health

      They put a lot of work into getting this to work on VR. It’s not a simple thing to do. Stop being an entitled child and expecting it to be handed to you for free

    • All those things that you listed are ALREADY INCLUDED in the Doom 3 port we got for PS4 back in 2019. The only thing new is the VR addition. Don’t tell me how hard it is, I actually make games. Me calling them out for being greedy is not self-entitlement. It’s standing up against unethical practices. Maybe the real question is why are you white-knighting them? You think they’re going to give you a free copy if you suck up and defend their shoddy practices?

    • You make games, but you think implementing full VR support and motion controls to a FPS is so trivial that no one that worked on it should get paid? For a game that’s only like $10 on sale already? Sure, pal. Let me guess, you got the trial version of GameMaker Studio, copied the code to some 2d platformer from a YouTube tutorial series, slapped some stolen sprites on it, and think you’re a game developer now? You’re clueless.

    • First off, I never said they shouldn’t be paid. They are getting paid for the BASE GAME. You should not be releasing a separate full-priced release just for a single feature.

      Second, yes, it is actually quite easy to add VR and motion controls to games. I’ve done it.

      And finally, I’ve been making games since the late ’90s, I don’t need “Game Maker”. But if that’s the extent of your game dev knowledge, I can understand why you think the way you do.

      Whatever, I’m done arguing with you children who have no concept of ethics. Feel free to pay as much money for whatever you want, but don’t go crying later on when they’re trying to charge you for the same game multiple times just to add one extra new feature. “Coming soon: Version of Doom that lets you use your cross button! Two years from now: New Version of Doom that lets you jump! Give us your money!”

    • “Let me guess, it’s not going to be a free upgrade to the previously-released PS4 Doom 3 game; you’re going to make us buy it all over again just for VR mode?”

      I don’t think people should be charged full price if they already own the base game, but I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with them charging for an upgrade, since it does involve time and effort to modify it for VR.

    • I agree with Apostrophe. Its technically the same game with a few changes. For those people who think someone wont get paid for giving out a free game is absurd. Those who worked on a game that is being charged or not STILL MAKE MONEY. Look into it cause Im not explaining all of that. The game should be free multiple reasons.

      1. Game is technically owned
      2. Reworking coding on existing structure is very cheap.
      3. DOOM 3 itself made MILLIONS. (More than enough to pay everyone handsomely and make a free VR version.)
      4. This is NOT a brand new game. Its a version.
      5. VR needs all the attention it can get. Player base is low. Charging wont attract people. Quality does.
      6. Free products DO generate money. Sometimes more so than if they were charged for.

      With more reasons than I care say. I used to be a marketing specialist. Many people would be surprised to know that you have potential to make more money by giving out something free than to charge.

      For example if DOOM VR was $30 in one scenario. then a far less pool of players would submit to a purchase based on multiple reasons.

      If free in another it could boost the player base for PSVR and pull attention to other DOOM games. Technically a gamble but considering that PSVR is still on shakey ground I would not charge for it. Honestly they should hold off altogether until PSVR2 is available.

  • Yeah same here im still waiting for a left handed patch for doom VFR ? classic case of i dont give a f… from bethesda now again with doom3. im sure they didnt care to re-wrote some code for left handed gamer.

  • also same with the sheild in skyrim it was supposely hard coded into the game so the sheild cant be use in right hand

    they didnt care to re-write the code ! too much hassle and effort to make only about no more than 10% more sale

  • And also no man sky . Now im waitting to see if the game will support left handed mode before pre-order or buy.

  • if sony care about every gamer no discrimination , they should have not let doom vfr on the store because there is no left handed mode.

    Come on the aim controller was created for either left or right handed people so why….

  • Will there be a Platinum Trophy?

  • Trés trés bien;trop bon de flipper un peu en réalitée virtuelle , faites en autant avec “RESIDENT 8” ou le dernier ALLIEN ! et la ce sera du kiff à l’état pure! LOL

  • Shutup and take my money!

  • Well that’s exciting. The DOOM VR before was probably one of my favorite games on the PSVR so got to get this.

  • This is great and all. Finally got the room to setup my psvr up again. Can’t wait to try it on the ps5.

    Any chance you can put in a word to make more Move controllers available please. I sold my old PS3 ones like almost a year ago when I put my psvr in storage as they where selling for silly prices. Can’t believe they are still so hard to get hold off a year later. I refuse to pay £100+ on eBay.

    • Yeah me too. I ordered my PSVR adaptor 4 months ago from Sony, and they haven’t sent it to me yet. I had to buy one from ebay. I will receive it in a couple of weeks, just in time to play this game.

    • Good luck on getting your adaptor. I was lucky enough to get it from Sony.
      I also received my PS Aim yesterday :)

  • Will Doom 3 VR support PS Aim controller?

  • If its anything like the last DOOM VR then I wont be buying it. I can play it for 2 minutes before becoming incredibly motion sick. They should just wait until the tech gets better.

    • “They should just wait until the tech gets better”

      Why? VR is fine now for these sort of games. I played as many others did doom vfr without issues. Not having ago but just because your self and other people get motion sick using current vr tech does not mean people like my self who don’t get motion sick have to wait for better tech.

      Just wait until the better vr tech is released then buy this game if it’s something your still interested in.

  • The first one was freaking awesome. Can’t wait to play the new one.

  • I know it says that it will have aim support but I hope it has move controller support (unless it says that somewhere and I’m just not smart enough to see it)

    • From what I’ve tried finding out I think only the Aim and DualShock will be supported, which sucks as the Move is all I have. I was really looking forward to it, but not having the Aim I’ll have to pass.

  • The best thing since FarPointVR and DOOMVR!

  • So can i use the motion controllers

    • From what I’ve read on people saying supposedly the devs have mentioned only the DualShock and PSVR Aim is supported, and there’s no Move support.

  • Will most likely going to buy this title. I would like to see a “ Duke Nukem Resurrection VR”

  • Is this digital only or physical too?

  • I can’t believe the people complaining that this should be free – especially the person who claims to be a game developer. You can tell by the video that this isn’t just Doom 3 with some vr tooling. It looks like quite a bit of effort went into it. The previous VR versions of Doom 3 on PC and decently on quest, while awesome!, are not up to the level of this version and they took a MASSIVE amount of effort from multiple people over a long period of time. Yes, they should absolutely charge money for this. I doubt it’ll be more than 30 bucks, and if that is a large sum of money for you, maybe you should choose a cheaper hobby.

  • How long until it’s up for pre-order in the Playstation Store?

  • I love how you guys are trying to sell this game on the competing platform than the one you’re owned by. Why don’t you sell this to game to the XBOX owners? Oh, that’s right! Microsoft doesn’t support a VR on their platform. Good luck with your last second money grab from PS5 users. Hopefully, sales for this tank.

  • I’ve just bought the game and it came with a surprise that the right analog usually does the moving and the left the looking.
    So just the opposite of about all video games. It makes it unplayable and it cannot be changed. Why? Just why? The developers never played any videogames before?

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