PS VR spotlight kicks off today

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PS VR spotlight kicks off today

This week sees new reveals and updates on upcoming games, as well as a VR-focused PS Store promotion .

Hey all. Over the next few days, we’re going to spotlight some upcoming games coming to PlayStation VR, including some announcements and updates for previously revealed PS VR titles.

It kicks off today at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 7am PST, and we’ll have further updates to share each day at the same time through to Friday.

And as mentioned, this is all about the games. So to manage expectations, there’ll be no PS5-related news. 

There’ll also be a PS VR promotion on PS Store kicking off this week. Read on for more! 

PlayStation Store PS VR sale  

Starting this Wednesday, September 9, PS Store will be hosting a PS VR promotion. This sale will showcase the diverse range of experiences only possible on the platform with a range of titles available at a discounted price for a limited time*. 

That includes titles such as: 

  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • Blood & Truth
  • Borderlands 2 VR
  • Everybody’s Golf VR
  • Farpoint
  • Firewall Zero Hour
  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR
  • L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files
  • Superhot VR
  • Tetris Effect
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

From Wednesday, September 9, head on to PS Store from your PS4 or browser to check out the full sale list when the sale goes live. 

*PS VR promotion runs until September 23, 23.59pm BST/PST.

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  • You know what would be cool for the PS5 to have?

    The ability to put in your own GPU on your PS5 (custom made for PS5).

    If the PS5 had an NVIDIA 3080/70 graphics card, it would be an overkill beast of a console.

    Xbox can have the Sandbox market of the cheapskate 4 Tera flops model. You want PC players, that buys a ton of games, to purchase a PS5.

    It would further put into to the minds of consumers that Xbox are toys and Playstation is the true place for Hardcore Gaming.

    You already have an APU and therefore will be compatible with an added graphics card easily.

    Granted, you will tell people that PS5 is truly for Hardcore enthusiasts that are willing to pay extra for those extra graphics capabilities.

    I’m willing to pay the extra price and I know the base PS5 is already expensive.

    It’s something to think about.

    • But the PS5 is not a hardcore system and will not be. The XBox series X is already all around better and kicking PS5’s butt. Sony is too scared to come out with any information as it is because they want Xbox to first.

    • We dont care about your graphic cards in console gaming, we just wanna launch the game and play, no need to configure anything or be vulnerable to hacking or lame OS, just gaming, no way to have a personalized upgrade, if you want more power just build your pc. PC gamers are so overrated, nowdays the tendicy is lower thank god for that, i would just buy a pc for any moba or a competitive shooter, but for anything else, console are just great and a keyboard will never replace a classic controler.

    • Bro this is some straight up cringe

    • Consoles are engineered in a way that gives you the best possible performance with the components being used. You can’t just replace one component thinking it would increase performance.

      Again, if you want these options then just go with a PC.

    • This makes no sense. If you want to build a custom hardware, you have the option of customizing your own PC. The advantage of a game console is that the specs are closed so developers can optimize their games better and get the most out of the hardware. This also guarantees compatibility throughout the life of the device.

    • @DirtyD0814 That petty excuse is long dead mate. People said Sony were scared the first half of 2020……….then the PS5 showcase happened and its still all the games industry applauds.

      Microsoft dropped the ball. You are STILL going to talk up that series x power when they haven’t shown a confirmed thing running on it to date and it launches in around 8 weeks time???

      The only one running scared is Microsoft. For example, what IS series s? If its a weaker series x, do developers really want to be making their next gen games on this in 2026, like the way they don’t want to be bringing games to the 2013 Xbone since 2018?

      Microsoft are probably frantically changing series s to be a digital only version of series x, like the way PS5 has one since 2 months ago.

      Even the most hardcore Xbox fans are worried since Halo Infinite delay because it looked THAT bad. It must be a great bubble you live in though.

    • DirtyD0814

      This troll has no platinum trophies and is level 11.

      The only are Series X has a legit advantage is GPU. Looks look.

      SSD – Sony by a mile

      Ram – PS5 is overall faster/more cohesive

      Audio – better tech and superior software via Tempest engine

      Controller – PS5 by a mile. Xbox added a share button while Sony actually made innovative improvements ie adaptive triggers, haptic sticks, built in mic, ect.

      CPU – virtually identical

      GPU – advantage Microsoft

      DLSS tech – Sony

      Games – Sony

      VR – Sony

      Appeal/marketshare/3rd party deals/publisher deals/1st party quality – SONY

      Also, PS5 will have true next gen exclusives while Microsoft will be forced to support the weak XB1 for 2-3 years essentially making next gen Xbox games current gen remasters rather than cutting edge experiences. Oh, and after that 2-3 year window Xbox will be brought down by the 4tf Series S.

      It’ll be this gen all over again. Microsoft has the more powerful system with 1X but having to support the weak XB1 brings down the overall potential of these games hence why PS4 exclusives are still better looking than XB1 exclusives even when comparing Pro and 1X.

      Microsoft might have the more powerful system but they are also hampered by having the weaker system (XB1, Series S) and yet again it will be their downfall.

      Who care if it’s native 4K or 60 fps when the game looks like Crackdown 3 or State of Decay….Or dare i say Halo Infinite. Halo was so badly received it went from flagship launch title to delayed for possibly 1-2 years and a complete redesign with former Bungie devs joining in an attempt to salvage it. Poor Craig.

      Nothing that Series X has shown looks remotely next gen and both Series X shows were laughed at. Meanwhile Sony continues dropping great games and giving fans what they want. Funny how Microsoft owns Minecraft yet the only console u will play Minecraft VR on is PS4..this month.

      PlayStation has decimated XB for 7 years straight. You can’t play Spiderman, VR, or the best Soulsbornes (Bloodborne/Nioh) on Xbox. The exclusives scheduled for the first 12 months of PS5s lifespan out do the exclusives over the last 7 years of XB1. Think about that.

      Horizon FW, Spiderman, Demon’s Souls, R&C, GT7, Kena, Returnal, Deathloop, Ghostwire, Sackboy, Oddworld, ect. What you got for the first year? Funny thing, Silent Hill, God of War, and Project Athia are rumored to be released within 2 years of launch as well. But do enjoy The Goop at launch..Maybe one day Halo will release and not look like a 360 game ;)

    • This is just hilarious. Something only someone very young would say. As for that Xbox….if you go to metacritic and just look at the top 10 game this gen for each console. Xbox has 2 exclusives….PlayStation has 7. Drop mike.

    • LMAO.

      At this point would be just easier to do a PS5 Pro or PS6…

      2 years from now Nvidia will release the 4080 cards and you will be here asking for them to create a custom version for the PS5 aswel…

      Just understand that consoles never did and never will beat PC in performance and raw power.

      If thats all you care about, just get yourself an PC.

    • Consoles are not only made on budget constraints.

      But also power constraints and thermal constraints.

      If got so impressed by Nvidia latest teraflops numbers, maybe a console won’t be what you’re looking for.

      Consoles are made for convenience, budget, exclusives and on.

      PC will always have more teraflops, resolution, framerates, water cooling and on.

    • Just build a PC, it’s the best thing to do. You can play Sony games, plus Game Pass and exclusive PC games.

      Nvidia stole all the thunder from next- gen consoles, even Sony knows that.

    • You need to at least announce the PS5 release date and price.

      Microsoft has Nothing! No Games to Showcase. No Exclusives at launch and if you are to wait for them to make the first move, they will DELAY their console until next year because Halo is not Ready.

      Also the 300 dollar Lockhart is real, it’s 4 Tera flops.
      They are going to undercut you regardless.

      You have all these exclusives games ready to go so strike while the iron is hot. You can always drop the price as sale later on if need be.

      Microsoft WILL, NO MATTER WHAT, drop it’s price because they HAVE NO Exclusive Games.

      So be Bold and move forward.
      Microsoft only plans to sell 1 million, and may delay their console till next year and you have 10 million from here to the end of next quarter ready to go.

      The Hype is real for the PS5 so go ahead Fearless, there’s nothing to worry about. People are ready to spend more for quality next Gen console. If they spend 700$ on a graphics card alone, they will spend 500 or even 600$ on a PS5.

    • I think most of us disagree entirely with everything you just said.

  • Yeeey another week without PS5 news…

    Such a nice way to treat your fans Sony.

    The marketing guys should change the slogan of the PS5 from “Play has no limits”, to “Wait has no limits”

    • Nah, Microsoft already owns the trademark for WAITING.
      Wait for Kinect removal powa, wait for directx12, wait for cloud powa, wait for the games, wait til E3, wait til next year, wait til next gen, wait until Halo Infinite’s gameplay reveal, wait FOREVER.

    • Wait 2 more days – 25th Anniversary of PSX nearly here, rumours say it’ll be the day.

    • @PS-3-P0
      “we’ll have further updates to share each day […] to Friday. […] there’ll be no PS5-related news”

      I mean, I guess it could technically mean there could still be PS5-related news outside these daily updates but it would be a really weird way to say it.

      That being said, I started seing tons of PS5 ads in sponsored posts on Facebook starting last week, so it must be getting closer.


  • I know how important the Playstation 4 will still be, to some. But guys, we’re all aching for next generation news! We need to organize. We need to plan our purchases. I think you want us to buy the PlayStation 5 but man, we need more information about them! You’re killing our hype, day after day. I know that you can change that with just one “simple” post like the DUALSENSE one, some time ago. You can shake the Internet with just that. But still, you’re giving us nothing!

    • Their not releasing it until it’s too late. They want the pre-orders and then will release info right before launch so the word will not get out about how bad it lacks so people will not be able to cancel their pre-order before hand.

    • Yet Microsoft apparently has a Series S console releasing in 2 months that they won’t even admit exists because the specs are so pathetic.

      Let’s talk about why Microsoft refuses to acknowledge one half of their console lineup this fall.

      Talk about deception. Microsoft wants to act like Xbox will be the most powerful console next gen….but in reality they will also have the weakest. Not by 1.7tf either. The Series S is apparently so weak that it’s less powerful than a PS4 Pro. Ppl get hyped about SX being 1.7tf more powerful than PS5 yet Series S will be 6.3tf weaker than the PS5 and that is the system games will be designed for after the 2-3 year XB1 support ceases. It’ll be the default next gen Xbox. In 2026 developers will be designing their games for a 4 teraflop system. Good luck with that. It’s current gen all over again with Xbox help back by the weaker system. That XB1 mistake will haunt Microsoft fans for 2-3 years next gen until Series S takes up the mantle.

  • Yeah yeah, expectations managed
    We’re in the filler episodes boys, waiting for the main Arc


    • Yessir, I have been searching for any crumb of ps5 info on the internet and I guess it’s all fake. Come on Sony! Tell us if something is wrong. This is the time to build the hype and you’re dropping the ball.

    • Genuine question. If the PS4 is 499 and or 599 will you purchase it on launch?

  • Finally some PS VR love!

  • So I’ve been seeing a trend with sales now taking place on Wednesday. Is this now when the PS Store updates or is it simply when we see new sales? Also, I can’t log in to PS Store in Safari lately, what’s changed?

  • Can you access the VR content on the original copy of LA Noire for PS4 or is this a separate purchase?

  • Listen guys, this staring contest with Xbox has to stop. Just… blink. Otherwise we will get price and launch date no sooner than in November!

  • @GillenMcAllister

    I see your a Wipeout fan, me too! Can you please talk to somebody about getting Wipeout Pure to work on American PS Vitas? It apparently works in other countries and its available digitally here bit I can’t play it on my Vita! Make it happen, I beg you!

    Go to Petrifying Pumkins on YouTube and go to 💦💦

  • Get all your moist VR news over at Petrifying Pumpkins on YouTube.

  • Have you guys ever considered special edition PS VRs? Like we should get a Star Wars themed VR unit that’s got that cool color scheme from Squadrons or maybe even a Superhot red edition or how about a Borderlands cel-shaded limited? I smell hot-cakes!

  • Superhot-cakes!

  • Woof.

    I defended the slow PS5 info roll out but it’s now 2 months away.

    There are only 2 scenarios at play here:
    It’s £599 so you don’t want to show price first (as you know it will be DOA)


    It’s not coming this year.

    I think it’s time to acknowledge that you are dropping the ball and say something.

    • In all fairness, they said Holiday 2020. That can still very well be Christmas, unfortunately but unlikely.

    • They already said it was releasing this year!

      Postponing it would gain them nothing. They would however lose out on the Holiday shopping season.

      And just because you wouldn’t buy it if it’s “expensive”, doesn’t mean a lot of us wouldn’t.

    • Third scenario: waiting for Microsoft’s pricing. And Microsoft is doing the same. So, waiting till eternity ends😙

  • What I want to know most about PS VR, is “How will VR be taken to next level on PS5?”

    • You’ll have to wait for PSVR2, which will supposedly come out in 1-2 years and fully utilize the power of PS5!

    • Sadly, I’m waiting on PSVR2 to come out. Hopefully it is only a year away – the money is sitting here waiting to be spent.

  • I assure you Sir that you are seriously killing the hype right now. I know it is a strategic decision waiting for Microsoft but Microsoft has nothing to lose. Microsoft can wait because they don’t have anything to show at all. You on the other hand already have high demand and could lose some of it because not everyone will preorder a console, that hasn’t shown anything besides the controller and a few videos of games. We don’t know about the UI, you had no teardown (though Mark Cerny promised one soon) and we still haven’t seen gameplay of for example Spiderman MM, let alone pricing. So yes Sir you have something to lose right now and you are starting to lose it.

    • I understand your frustrations, but they probably know better than us. There is a reason behind the waiting game and I trust that it’ll pay off well!

    • The wait has never been this long. Someone’s seriously dropping the ball or something is wrong. That’s all there is to it.

  • Ugh. Just ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Uuuuugh.

  • Jeezo! So much hype around the PS5 and how it is only TWO MONTHS away from being released and we have ZERO INFO on the price, release date and where we can preorder. And now, after so many rumours saying that there will be a surprise State of Play for Playstation’s 25th Anniversary on Wednesday to showcase PS5, we now have a week long spotlight on PSVR. Damn.

    Well, I’ll probably get Astro Bot on sale, and possibly Arizona Sunshine – maybe hope that Walking Dead Saints and Sinners gets some money off.

    But seriously, Sony. Get your PS5 showcase together and show your fans and consumers what we will be getting in November. The battle with Microsoft is beyond a joke now.

  • If only my headset will switch on. Processor unit wors fine but headset won’t switch on. Bought the launch edition and replaced the cable to try and fix it but no success. Love the vr. Really sad

  • This made my week!

    • 8 weeks until 9th generation starts and no price and preorder yet

      Christmas will be here and still no preorder yet

      This game of chicken with Microsoft is rubbish and unfair

      I’m a hardcore ps fan but I dont care about VR even though I got a ps VR but I dont use it it’s in box havnt been used 1 year ago so ps5 all I careabout

    • not mine…

  • I am as die hard for PlayStation as you can get. But, this is not the info we want right now. Come on Sony! No on here cares about Xbox, just reveal everything. The hype train slowly fading due to nothing to keep it moving.

  • Seriously sony no ps5 news this week I couldn’t careless about VR only ps5 this game of chicken between Microsoft is getting pathetic

    I got £500 pound saved for my ps5

    Sony your taking the p*** out of us gamers

    I’m sick listening to bs rumours on youtube

    Its 25th anniversary of playstation on wensday

    C’mon just reveal the prices already ffs😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Its frustrating that’s sony hasn’t announced the ui of the ps5 teardown or price and preorder

    Sick of this game of chicken 😡😡😡😠

    • Did you see theWhy do you even care? Even if it was a week before launch, the release date will be the same

      You are getting mad for no reason.

  • I just had enough . Here is a tip I want you stop playing cat and mouse like Tom and Jerry with MS and show us the realse date and price because I got my money ready to spend. You have better games than MS so you should not be afraid at all. If delaying the console this year I am fine with it but let us all know

  • Plus I’m a hardcore PlayStation fan so please stop cat and mouse

  • Come on Sony. Time to blow us away with a PS5 update again like in June. We are ready and waiting. Get Lambert back to play Kevin Butler and get him to announce the price and release date ^_^

  • When you have all the games on Sale already 🤠

  • Does the store sell headsets?
    I can never find any….

  • Sure… suck out all excitement we had about PS5 this week…

    • Because of fake rumors? It is your fault for believing the rumors not theirs.
      So don’t blame them

    • Now that Xbox prices are out… Announce it already… don’t care much about PSVR unless it’s PSVR2… Neither, the games being promoted are new… So why a week for psvr and not get done in a day…

  • This is getting beyond a joke now.

  • ikr? just delay the damn thing we should all spam reveal ps5 news on the stream

  • Thanks for the sale! I’ll be checking it out for sure!

    I really hope that the next gen PSVR will be wireless. I use mine all the time (whenever the wife wants to watch TV, I play on the headset 🤣) but it’d be nice not to have cords!

  • Any development on wireless adapter to make PSVR headset wireless?

  • The fact that we are in September with no pricing info for the PS5 means either they are delaying the console or it will be a very limited launch because they couldn’t produce enough units.

  • This is getting ridiculous, two months till the ps5 is supposed to drop and still no price or pre order. I’d like to play for it over time with a pre order instead of dropping 1k in a day on all that I want. You guys need to hurry up and just get out the details. A lot of us are sick of waiting.

  • What they all said. This is becoming a severe disappointment. Coming from someone who’s been a fan since the PS1. This is ridiculous. End the wait and all of our suffering already. Give us something better than this. Especially with this week being the 25th anniversary for PlayStation.

  • I won’t say anything stupid like I’m not going to buy a PS5, because that would definitely be a lie, but you guys are really letting down your fan base at this point. If you have strategic issues with a release of the PS5, or you have some other issue, just tell us. This wait is starting to get really annoying. Thankfully price won’t be an issue for me because I put money aside last year, but it really can effect others ability to buy it. So please, stop this stupid game of chicken and just tell us what is going on.

  • “play has no limits”..! Except for the number of fans that will actually be able to buy one’.. What a joke..! Smh.. Should read ‘if you can actually find one, play will have no limits’ (narrated by James earl Jones).. Huge mistake.. Imagine all the people that will buy an xsx because they aren’t special enough to buy a ps5 at launch.. PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO WAIT.. Multi Billion dollar industry/company can’t find a way to meet the demand.. Are you kidding me.?

  • Im just going to say that if it is possible when/if you guys make a new PSVR can you let it work with a PC? with Oculus dropping the ball with forced facebook account, a good cheap headset for the PC might sell well. Most headsets you are looking at are close to a thousand dollars to get into VR on PC, so a PSVR2 that plays all my PlayStation games and PC games would be a no brainer for a ~$400 or so price.


  • I am very very happy to see the PSVR support it truly is great but right now, I just think anything that you post is going to be overshadowed by the PS5 info announcement. I personally figured the 25th anniversary has to be the day they announce the date, price, and pre-order date, its “THE PERFECT” announcement scenario but judging by the statement above, it seems you won’t have any PS5 news this week which has social media already going crazy… I mean I do have to say, at what point does holding out to announce these things become more of a negative that what it can do overall that is a positive? I love PlayStation, I am behind what you guys do but this PS5 stuff has even me worried & confused. All the best to everyone and again, thanks for this PSVR stuff but it’s going to get drowned out.

  • Is the PS5 still coming out the year? I’m asking for a friend.

  • I’m hoping for a really good sale, one that includes titles that are not usually discounted, like I Expect You To Die (last time two years ago), The Invisible Hours (last time over one year ago), Statik (last time one year ago), Ghost Giant (last time 10 months ago), Accounting+ (last time 9 months ago), Psychonauts In The Rhombus Of Ruin (last time 6 months ago), Fisherman’s Tale (last time 5 months ago).

    I’m also hoping for recent VR games to be attractively discounted like The Room VR and Space Channel 5 Kinda Funky News Flash (even though I’m aware of the game is disappointingly short and can be finished in 25 minutes, but I’m willing to pull the trigger if it’s priced really cheap…)

  • all i want is TWDO; bring it ooonnnnn…

  • Yall need to come on and quit playing put the pre-orders up we aint worried about no vr come on and go ahead and price the ps5 for 600 and be done its nt hard

  • Because of fake rumors? It is your fault for believing the rumors not theirs.
    So don’t blame them

    • Unfortunately all we have to go on is rumors.. And look, the XBox Series S was originally rumors and leaked.
      Thanks to that Microsoft went ahead and made it official. So sadly we only have rumors to go on. Sony needs to step up and make things official already.

  • Yep….everyone was asking for news about VR…not PS5….nobody wants to know about that. Please continue to not update me on the product I would like to spend my money on. Like it’s fine that VR is having a sale, but this is the 25th anniversary week of the PS1! Why would you not give more details about the consoles arriving in 2-3 months. Sorry, but this is getting super frustrating.

  • I think we need to bring back forums. Back to the topic, Rush of Blood and Astro Bots are 2 of the best games on PSVR. If you haven’t done so already give them a try especially since they are on sale this week.

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