PS VR spotlight kicks off today

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PS VR spotlight kicks off today

This week sees new reveals and updates on upcoming games, as well as a VR-focused PS Store promotion .

Hey all. Over the next few days, we’re going to spotlight some upcoming games coming to PlayStation VR, including some announcements and updates for previously revealed PS VR titles.

It kicks off today at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 7am PST, and we’ll have further updates to share each day at the same time through to Friday.

And as mentioned, this is all about the games. So to manage expectations, there’ll be no PS5-related news. 

There’ll also be a PS VR promotion on PS Store kicking off this week. Read on for more! 

PlayStation Store PS VR sale  

Starting this Wednesday, September 9, PS Store will be hosting a PS VR promotion. This sale will showcase the diverse range of experiences only possible on the platform with a range of titles available at a discounted price for a limited time*. 

That includes titles such as: 

  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • Blood & Truth
  • Borderlands 2 VR
  • Everybody’s Golf VR
  • Farpoint
  • Firewall Zero Hour
  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR
  • L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files
  • Superhot VR
  • Tetris Effect
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

From Wednesday, September 9, head on to PS Store from your PS4 or browser to check out the full sale list when the sale goes live. 

*PS VR promotion runs until September 23, 23.59pm BST/PST.

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  • Nausea tabs on prescription with every game sold😁
    VR is the bomb
    But i cant handle it….

  • In like 3 months it’ll be the new year. We still have no PS5 price and pre order info. When can we get that?

  • Hey Sony. I’ve been brand loyal since day 1. But honestly, what the heck? XBOX has revealed EVERYTHING except the price & release date. There are still a LOT of things us loyal gamers would like to know. Aside from the price & release date. There’s it’s FULLY backwards compatible back to the original XBOX. Yours? Partial compatibility for some PS4 games. User interface? Unknown. Those are only a few questions. Are you going to wait until the actual release date to give all the info? Seems like it. You’re breaking our hearts. Please give us the info.

    • Well they lost me…with everything going on in the world… I could have my money going to another purchase.. Instead of waiting this long for a system with no real backwards compatibility. The ps plus is a joke with their so called free games list every month.. And blocks on everything like preference of head phones and cudtom systems… I’m out

  • Playstation, give me the fricken price and open preorders. This is starting to get ridiculous, and you’re starting to lose people here. You’re losing the hype high ground, and a v.r. presentation isn’t going to help.

    • I’m already gone… They expect people to shell out AT LEAST… 500 at the last minute… The best thing that happened was tge pre-order especially at gamestop and Walmart… Now it seems like they are taking it away… By them waiting… It seems to me that it might not be working as effective as they thought… The ps5…taking too long for me so I’m out

  • who seriously cares about PSVR at this moment.

    The main thing people are waiting for is a price & release date for PS5

    The fact that you guys are being so secretive with it is honestly annoying at this point.

    All the mystery and talk of “focusing on value” makes it sound like you’re charging way more than the prices expected & you’re hoping to just keep it secret until the last minute to where people are so ready/hyped that they’ll just buy it no matter what.

    Release the price already, its literally the number 1 thing we actually care about if you listen to us for once.

    • I am patiently waiting for Minecraft PSVR and for new VR controllers so I can put my move controllers in the microwave for 30 minutes. :)

    • Maybe you don’t care. We VR fans are excited to see minecraft coming this month.

      Who are you kidding? Us PS fans are definitely getting a PS5 even at $500 ish!

  • I am patiently waiting for Minecraft PSVR and for new VR controllers so I can put my move controllers in the microwace for 30 minutes. :)

  • Nope.

  • Any chance of Beat Saber or Vacation Simulator?
    My Wishlist is bored of seeing them!

  • I don’t Give A fu!k about the psvr.

    Can We get The price and Release date.

    Y’all are so Lazy

  • Ya know what Sony…. I’m out… I case you people didn’t realize… There is a pandemic going on and people have lost jobs… Your not helping by pushing the cost, pre-order, and release date to the last minute.. This is uncalled for to keep people waiting and speculating this long… It’s not cool to expect people to shell out 500 AT LEAST… at the last minute because you choose to have consumers waiting. I don’t like being played with like that so I’m out… Tired of waiting… I can find something else to buy… I know you may not care… But I hope others that feel the same way that I do.. Will hopefully speak up and voice their frustration because this is simply uncalled for.

  • Hey Sony. XBOX finally released all the the info on their system. Pre-order Sept 22nd. Release date November 10th. Price XBOX Series S $299. XBOX Series X $499. Your turn. Don’t keep us waiting

  • Be is dumb talk ab the ps5 you really wait till the week of the rumor to say anything regarding Sony’s dumb. Makes me want an Xbox

  • Cancelling my game preorders for ps5 I’m getting an Xbox now because you guys drag this out. No information for 3 months. I know Sony won’t Care or ever even see this but I hope enough people make this decision too to make an effect

  • stop taking long i’m sick of waiting my son has been sick and been wanting this just open pre orders

  • Look at all the complaints, and no response on here from sony. This isn’t a blog, it’s a place for comments to go and get ignored by sony. Obviously they don’t listen to their fan base. If they did, we’d all know the price and when we can pre-order. They won’t even acknowledge that we’re on here complaining. They DON’T CARE. Should we anymore?

  • Ok so you now know xbox prices. Now just wait for Sony to crunch numbers and tell everyone its more expensive

  • I really wish that the VR game: I Expect you to Die would go on sale! I’ve been waiting for a long time.

  • What’s up Sony? I guess XBOX wins. They release everything, and you don’t tell us squat. Really changing my opinion on purchasing a PlayStation 5 when it comes out. Which really sucks. Because I’ve been brand loyal since day one. All the way back to the PlayStation 1. But still even with all these complaints Sony, you’re not doing a damn thing. This is a sad day for all of us PlayStation loyal fans but you just don’t seem to care if you loose customers. Xbox is going to release before you and they’re taking pre-orders before you. So what’s the deal?

  • So it’s the 11th and this spotlight on VR has been a giant let down where’s the new VR announcements again? It’s just been a sale which features the same games that always go on sale and an acknowledgement that Minecraft is getting a VR mode.

  • Was so looking forward to Vr games but the selections are weak and few and far between.

  • I just saw the back of the Playstation 5. No PSVR ports.

    So now I have to choose between 4K 120HZ VRR on my new TV….. or having my VR plugged in and usable for games like Hitman 3.

    Is the breakout box 48Gbps HDMI guys!? Come on. Why do I feel punished constantly by you guys for trying to support you early.

  • So much for the advance notice of when pre-orders will go live (no notice drop). Not only that. But none of the websites that were offering a notification of pre-orders notified me as well. And I used two different email addresses for each website. No notice. No notice. Best No notice. No notice. Not even in the junk mail for my two emails I added. 2 emails and 4 websites. 0 notifications. Obviously I didn’t get my pre-order in

  • сейчас идёт розыгрышь пс4?

  • Please, Sony, create a realtime IPD adjustment setting for the PSVR, accessible by holding the PS button. The way it is now makes impossible to share the PSVR with another player. The adjustment process is so cumbersome!

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