PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

Brace yourselves, people! We have another great lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus this month. With shooters, puzzle games, platformers, and more, we have a little something for everyone this April.

To start things off, allow us to present Tower of Guns on PS4 and PS3. It’s about a tower filled with guns. And so much more! Shooter fans, prepare for an adrenaline-pounding challenge through a randomized tower with enemies, bosses, power-ups, and little robots that just want to hug you. Also on PS4, explore the Alaskan wilderness with Never Alone, a beautiful puzzle game with an adorable pet fox. Guide a native Alaskan girl through harsh environments in a touching effort to save her village.

For Plus members gaming on PS3, look out for Dishonored, the critically acclaimed stealth game that celebrates player choice above all else. Also in the mix is Aaru’s Awakening, a stunning platformer that’s also available on PS4. And for PS Vita, both Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag are joining the Plus lineup this month.

These games will be free for PlayStation Plus members next week Tuesday when the PlayStation Store updates. Enjoy!

PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

3 Month PS Plus12 Month PS Plus

April’s PlayStation Plus Preview
Tower of Guns
Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
A game that needs little introduction. Why? Because it’s a tower filled with guns! Over-the-top in all the right ways, try to survive this tower with random enemies, bosses, power-ups, and a boatload of bullets.

Never Alone
Never Alone (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
This beautiful puzzle adventure tasks you with guiding Nuna, a native Alaskan girl, through breath-taking environments to save her village. Also, you get to travel with a fox! Can’t get much better than a pet fox.

Dishonored (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
Players take control of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard framed for murder and imbued with powerful abilities to seek revenge. This game is all about player choice, and feeling awesome while executing extreme stealth maneuvers.

Aaru's Awakening
Aaru’s Awakening (PS3, PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
What started as a school project for a team of students in Iceland is now a gorgeous platformer about navigating treacherous terrain with well-timed teleports.

Killzone Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
View the iconic war against the Helghast from a mercenary’s point of view, and jump into a robust multiplayer mode to show how good (Or bad?) you actually are.

MonsterBag (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
An adorable puzzle game about a bag-shaped monster named V trying to reach his friend Nia without scaring the pants off of people. May or may not include a battle of wits, skill, and the inevitable apocalypse.

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12 Author Replies

  • Very nice!

  • Good to see PS3 land a AAA title so here’s hoping for PS4 to get one next month

  • My plus expired and I will renew, but I have a doubt, PS Plus was supposed to “give away” only games with 70+ on Metacritics and GameRankings, but Aaru’s Awakening has Metacritic and GameRankings 60-, taking into account users review, gets even worse , with average 40-; not complaining, just a remark.

  • so more rubbish then might as well go back to pc gaming this proving to be more expensive

  • Ohh no…. No love for ps4? What’s wrong here? Seriously… Too bad, will have to think over renewing the subscription for April. What a shame!

  • Another great PS plus lineup. My PS4 and Vita are always getting a work out!!

  • Pretty solid line up for April. I usually don’t comment here but I think that this line up is worth. I only own a PS3 (for the time being) and I’m really glad with this games. Dishonored only has paid off the month. I’ve never played it and I’m looking forward to it. It’s also good to see another two games for the PS3. I’ve never heard of those but they seem interesting, I’ll definetely give them a try. Never Alone has called my attention, I guess I’ll put on the huge PS4 backlog that I’ve been saving thanks to PS+.

    Great month, keep up the good work!

  • Not good for PS4. I expect better games Like Axiom Verge or Jamestown.:(

  • Wow Killzone Mercenary, amazing! I really wanted this game for my collection.
    MonsterBag I don’t know it yet, but sure will be fun :D

  • Finally a chance to play Killzone Mercenary and Tower of Guns looks cool, wanna give it a try

  • I really hope Skyrim will be a free PS Plus game, also maybe WWE 2K 14/15

  • KillZone Mercenary’s a pretty nice surprise. It was one of the few big titles I was still missing on the Vita.

  • Not a great month for PS Plus sadly. The indie titles keep on a flowin’. Normally that wouldn’t be a bad thing except that is all PS4 users have gotten since day 1. Tower of Guns looks yawn inducing and Never Alone isn’t my kind of game. While I appreciate the free games I will probably let my PS Plus membership lapse. This is the first time I have been truly dissapointed with the offerings for plus. If next month doesnt deliver, I will let my membership expire and start gaming full time on my PC. I have seen Steam sales that excite me more than this. As a long time Playstation fan and supporter, take my word for it. Blow everyone away and offer a triple AAA title that isnt years old next month. Its time to reward long time Plus members that throw money at you guys on a monthly (or not) basis.

  • This is pretty Awesomesaucenessvilleyo

    Ive been debating getting killzone mercenary for months now

    And tower of guns looks fun too

    Kiddos might like never alone

  • Man we really got screwed this month timing wise. The games are excellent though so it doesn’t matter.

  • Monster Bag looks fun and this is from someone who generally dislikes indies, April might have just be saved for me.

  • March games sucked for ps4 and now April? C’mon

  • best lineup since July ’14 ; dishonored and Killzone made my day, also Never Alone looks pretty interesting; gotta put another year on my ps+ membership

  • finally a good month, too bad dishonored isnt for ps4 though

  • Killzone on the VITA ! I loved the beta when I played it, think it should have more in the series for the vita, nice too since Ill be moving around during spring break next week! Thanks guys!! :D

  • I do kind of like that you add the slightly more obscure games, onto the list. I haven’t had a chance to play Killzone, so that will be an interesting experience. I do wish you had a bigger variety of games, such as adding something such as the Hatsune Miku game, or Freedom War’s.

  • Free games? Eh, okay, even with some winners in there, but I’d rather see a “Sodium3” in PlayStation Home. But, only six hours to go…

  • I’m excited for Killzone Mercenary. I only have a Vita. But I plan on getting a PS4 for my birthday so all these games would be great to have. I really like PS+ I wish it had more PS Vita games or PSP games.

  • I’m sorry, but I have to ask: Is anyone seriously ONLY subscribing to PS+ in hopes of free games? Or can we all just agree that we now have to subscribe purely for online services, and Sony is gracious enough to throw in free games every month to make it a little less painful? Be grateful that they give us free games with our online service fees. In another couple years, when it’s fully established precedent to subscribe to a console, there may not be any additional freebies at all. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see Never Alone!

  • Killzone Mercenary is probably one of the best choices to have on PS+ and is a keeper. It was worth the $9 I paid for it a year ago and I still think it’s worth downloading today. I probably would rather keep it forever due to how fun it is.

    Also, people who complain about the PS4 lineup are nothing but mere trolls. Don’t feed them.

    @megacarlos What the hell are you talking about? It already got the “deserved support” it needs and it’s finished. It was patched with botzone and 2 free additional maps. Learn what you are saying before spewing nonsense.

  • Reiterating a prior user, but please put PSTV compatibility to these posts (as well as any posts regarding new games/sales). While I also have a physical console, I do make purchasing decisions based on PSTV compatibility and just searching up games online does not always provide clear answers.

  • i know it doesnt make sense, but imagine how many people would switch to psn if they had the walking dead show as an exclusive how they have their show Powers.

  • I was really hoping for Triple AAA tile like Kllzone for April I didn’t even boher downloading March’s random games

  • Thanks.

    I always try out the PS+ games. But I gotta say this is the first time every game will be at the bottom of my list.
    Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised :)

    *Noticed Powers is still advertised as a benefit to Plus, with no mention of region locking.

  • ps4 indie,indie,indie…..never alone is pretty good i have it….tower of guns looks cool but are all the enemies guns and bullets?really? was hoping for a full size game like ps3 is getting. would even take an 2014 sports game….idk getting burnt out on indie games which is mostly what i buy….3 games is nice… at this point i am thinking i should have bought a ps3…after being out over a year i didnt think ps4 would be so behind on content…..

  • Nice!!!

  • Exited about Never Alone! I really wanted to try that game….

  • I was hoping for a better PS3 lineup. I want to suggest Alien: Isolation, The Evil Within, Beyond: Two Souls, Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune, Rayman Legends, Portal 2, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4 for the PlayStation 3.

  • Tower of Guns is pretty fun. And made by just 2 people. I’ll check out Never Alone and Aaru’s Awakening. I’ve not seen anything about those before.

  • is this what im actually paying to get with ps plus?….. really disappointing might not even renew my ps plus due to all the indie games we been getting. step it up sony!!!

  • Definately gonna get into Never Alone and the cherry on the pie that is Killzone for the Vita!

    Another great month with games I hadn´t bought. PS plus is awesome.

  • Not really going to lie. I could care less about all of these indies >< I miss getting good triple A titles. Even if they are out of date ones. Hell, I would be fine with a few good double A titles. It just seems recently we are getting less and less brand name games and more and more indies. Truthfully I never liked Dishonored. I preordered it, played it, wasn't too fond. So this will be the fourth month atleast that we have yet to receive anything amazing or personally what I consider decent.

  • Luckily no threat of having to shell out 17 bucks to renew my PS+ this month.

  • Very disappointed in the PS4 stuff but what’s knew…

  • “+ dkurtz1 on March 31st, 2015 at 8:35 am said:
    And another disappointing showing for PS4. Random indie games, really? Probably wont’ renew my PS Plus in April.”

    Your whiny sense of spoiled entitlement will surely be missed.

  • Patch the trophy bug from gow collection vita

  • While I do love indy games and really hope white night comes to plus soon free, i have bigger concerns. 1. Where is Drive Club? Not a fan of racing games but we were told it was gonna be free._._._. I cannot be the only person that is sick of seeing the new dlc. 2. How long do you think it will take Elder Scrolls Online to be free just like DCU? They are really smoking some hard and heavey stuff if they think people on consoles are dumb enough to pay a subscription fee for 1 game. This isnt microsoft. And 3. When is the planetside 2 beta gonna be open to everyone because that applying for a code crap doesnt work. I have used 4 emails. Blah blah blah bring back SOCOM and MAG._. HOME is a great indy and so is 90% of what i have gotten free blah blah blah PS NOW is a terrible idea. If you want it to work make it where you can purchase the games not rent them. Thanks to all who red this much

  • another crappy month for ps4 :(

  • I’ve been playing PS since the original there wasn’t Indie titles then and I don’t want them now. Games from forever ago don’t appeal either unless its a classic like San Andreas. Before anyone dubs me a child I paid for my TV my console and plenty of other gaming crap if this is the best Sony can offer a loyal customer then they don’t have the customer in mind. I’ve kept quiet the past 6 months but honestly plus games suck most of the time I miss the Sony that gave a crap about gamers. I seen someone previously comment about a subscription just for online game play I more then support that even though I already paid 400 for each console and like 50 for internet. The free games suck I don’t want them 90% of the time so offer an online game play subscription only at a cheap price. God knows you don’t spend money on your servers anyway.

  • So PS3 gets Dishonored and PS4 gets yet another side stroller and a game I have honestly never heard of but I won’t pre judge it. We haven’t seen a big title since Injustice and even that isn’t that big of a game title. Is PS4 ever going to see maybe a triple a or are We going to be stuck with 95% sidescrollers? While I do love indie devs we have seen quite a bit of sidescrolling

  • Bought a PS4 in early February , I really should have waited on purchasing it on how I originally intended.

    Arguably, the most powerful system on the market, and these are the type of games that are going to be offered with Plus for PS4?

    Lesson learned.

  • Really amped about this lineup! Already have Killzone on Vita which is fantastic, but Ive been waiting for Tower of Guns and the others look worth my PS+ money too. Thanks!

  • Nice! This month is even better than the last! Good on you Playstation!

  • Yet another ****** month for ps4 users!! Wtf is with all these indie games that NA is getting and how ****ed up is japan getting dynasty warriors 8 among other games. Bunch of bull. I renewed my plus membership for no reason

  • “Brace yourselves” PS4 owners, for yet another month of indie trash games! Oh yay!

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