MonsterBag Coming to PS Vita on April 7th

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MonsterBag Coming to PS Vita on April 7th

Hello, World! Here at IguanaBee we have exciting news to share — MonsterBag is about to be in your hands! Now with the good folks at PlayStation, we can share with you our release date. It was difficult for us to wait any longer, but now we can share our game with you on April 7th. Yes, it’s that close!

We know that you’d prefer to see a trailer rather than continue reading about the game, but sadly we didn’t have the time to prepare something for you, so, sorry, this is all we have… Nah, we didn’t want to leave you empty handed at this moment, so we got some help from talented folks at PlayStation, who helped us put together this launch trailer. Enjoy!

Most of you will be asking “What’s MonsterBag about?” MonsterBag is a kind of puzzle, platformer (If you think of people as a platform!) action game. The game is about a little blue monster called V and V’s journey to get back to his friend Nia (a charming little girl), passing through places filled with people.

But what would you do if you saw a monster approaching you? Smash it to death, of course! You’ll have to help V sneak past people, all the while being aware of where they’re looking and what particular behaviors they have. Don’t worry, he has a card up his slee… well, he has no clothes, but he’s not a powerless monster. V has some telekinetic skills that surely will be useful in more than several occasions.

MonsterBagMonsterBag Coming to PS Vita on April 7th

We’re looking forward to putting MonsterBag in your hands (well in your PS Vita, in your hands). Making an indie video game company from a Latin American country has been quite a challenge, but our passion has helped us cope with all the challenges that have arisen. We (Cristian González and Daniel Winkler) love what we do, and so do all the talented folks that joined us along the way, particularly David Rioseco, Glenn Lazo, and Moises Aguilera, as well as Ronny Antares, and his PowerUp Music team.

We hope you’ll love MonsterBag as much as we do! We’ve put all our heart into this story with some new and unusual ways to play so we hope that all our efforts will bring you more than one smile, some tears and a lot of “pull your hair out” moments. Finally, we want to deeply thank our friends at PlayStation for believing in us and in MonsterBag!


So prepare your PS Vita for April 7th when it launches on PS Store for $9.99. See what a team of crazy fellows from this thin, but beautiful country called Chile can offer!

All of us at IguanaBee

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  • Adore the art style.

  • I like the concept from what I’d seen/heard before. Good price too. =D

    Bout time we got some Vita content on the blog after the PS4 fest it’s been.

    • We’re glad you liked the concept. And yes, the game improved lot since we started it (that’s one of the advantages to be an indie studio)
      Also, we’re content that you liked the price too :D

  • Love the art style, love the price, love the monster already, I’m intrigued about the story and mechanics so I might as well buy it.
    Mucha suerte.

  • This looks really neat. I’m not 100% sure how you play it? haha but I’ll probably give it a shot.

  • This… looks… AWESOME!

  • Awesome! This game really looks promising. It’s nice to see that you folks from Chile could make an interesting game for Vita!.

    Greetings from Argentina :).

    • Muchas gracias Karvahl!
      Hay que demostrar que desde Latinoamerica también se pueden hacer buenas cosas. Esperamos haber aportado con su granito de arena a ello :)

  • Really cool, love the art style, but the question is, can I play all the game with normal controls? I don’t like touchscreen and rear…

    • Hi ferrers405, we’re glad you liked it so far and we hope you’ll love the game itself too.
      About your question, the game do uses normal controls, but there’s also a lot of stuff you can only do with the front touchscreen. We hope that will be no problem.

  • Love my Vita.

    Want more games for it, but prefer better quality games and not things I could get for less on my Ipod/Phone.

    Also, could Sony answer why I purchased the GoW Ultimate edition, and this morning the DLC that was provided for originally has been stripped away?

    Or why my comments have been censored/delayed since October?

    Bringing reviews of your service to other members should not be allowed or condoned regardless if you do not like the review/suggestion.

    I know this much right now.

    Sony has been dramatically lowering my opinion of their services/product, and if Xbox is going to atleast allow backwards compatibility my next console will definitely be Xbox 1.
    (At least they do not my false statements about backwards compatibility not being possible)

  • loving the art style :D
    keep the Vita games coming :D

    • We’re very glad you liked it (especially Cristian, our Producer & Art Director)
      And yes, this game is made for Vita, we hope you’ll like it :D

  • Looks like this has shapped up to be a very nice game, with a cool style/feel to it. I might be picking this up soon! I was reminded of Fosters Home For Imaginary Kids when watching the trailer :D

    • We’re very happy you liked how the game has become. It suffered a lot of improvements along the (long) development (that’s one of the benefits of being indie, to be able to make severe changes in the middle of the process, only to make it better) :D

  • Honestly I can’t wait to play it

  • The game looks adorable! It reminds me of a Cartoon Network cartoon. Can’t wait to get it in my hands and see how it plays. Games like these are why I love owning my Vita. Thanks for all the hard work.

    • We’re pleased you liked it so far. Has we said on the post, we’re looking forward to having MonsterBag in your hands :)
      We hope you’ll like the gameplay, animations & story as much as you expect (or even more) :D
      Thank you for your comment!

  • wowwww!!!! this looks gorgeous

    really appreciate strong, fluid animaion

    is the game similar to Ghost Trick at all????

    • Thank you very much for your comment!! We really appreciate it (especially our art team) :D
      About your question, you can judge by yourself after playing it ;)

  • Thank you very much for your comment!! We really appreciate it (especially our art team) :D
    About your question, you can judge by yourself after playing it ;)

  • Yes, adorable art style. I can’t play platformers because I suck at them. Hitting 1 button over and over and over and over, and trying to make some exact timing that I can’t figure out.

    Best wishes, though.

    • We’re glad you liked the style :D
      We hope you’ll give MonsterBag a shot, since it is way more than just a platfomer (and the platformer part doesn’t work in the usual way).

      Thank a lot for your best wishes :D

  • Looks like an episode of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, so I immediately like it.

  • That trailer blew my mind. I’ll have to dust of my PS-Vita to try this game as I haven’t had cause to use my Vita much since I got the PS4.

  • looks like a great game ! do not dissapoint me

    • We’re happy you liked so far. We have put all our effort to make MonsterBag a great game, so we’re hoping you’ll like it more while playing it :D

  • Question! Will it work on the PlayStation TV?

  • Love te art style, as latin american myself is good to see people so passionate in the gaming industry, keep the good work !!!!
    I will buy it day 1 =D

    • We’re very glad you liked the art style! Thank you very much for your comment! Here in Latin America we have a lot of passionate teams in the videogame industry, we hope this will contribute to show what we’re capable of :)

      We hope you’ll love MonsterBag!

  • Grande Chile! Me lo compro seguro! Se ve excelente! CHI! LE! chi chi chi, le le le, Colo Colo de Chile!

    • Jajjaaj, Muchas gracias! Esperamos te encante :D
      “C” “H” “I”, “CHI”, “L” “E”, “LE”, chi chi chi!, le le le! Viva Chile!

  • Wow we need more games like MonsterBag and Kick&Fennick on the vita, looks great guys, i’ll get it day 1. Mucha suerte, saludos desde New York.

    • Thank you very much for your comment! We’re very happy you’ll get it that early! We hope you’ll love it (not only the art, but also the gameplay, animations, challenges & especially the story) :D
      Saludos desde Chile ;)

  • The art and animation look great! I hope the music in the trailer is what’s in the game, as it sounds fantastic. Looks like a mash-up of Doki Doki Universe and Hohokum, both of which I absolutely adore.

    will the music assets on Vita be 320kbps Ogg?
    will it run in Vita’s native resolution?
    what’s the target framerate? 30fps? 60fps?

    • We’re very happy you liked the art and animations (with these comments our art team is growing a very large and long lasting smile :D )
      Also PowerUp Music team will be very glad you appreciate their work. The music in the trailer is not all from the game, but created for the trailer based on MonsterBag music ;)

      And don’t worry, we put all our heart to have great frame by frame animations and hi-quality audio ;)

  • Wow! Very refreshing to see someone that cares enough to take the time to respond to questions and comments.
    I hope others follow your lead.

    • Hi! We’re glad to be here for help! And don’t have to blame the other studios, maybe they are too busy with the launch, a patch or even a new game, or maybe there are so many comments that they cannot manage to reply them all. But again, we’re happy to respond your questions and comments :D

  • wow, se ve genial el juego, el diseño, sonido, todo se ve increíble y mas sabiendo que viene de mi país!! lastima que no tengo vita T.T ojala en el futuro puedan lanzarlo en ps4 y espero sea un éxito chicos!
    saludos y felicitaciones por el juegazo que se mandaron =D

    • Muchas gracias!!! Qué lástima que no tengas Vita!… pero podrías incentivar a algún amigo con Vita que lo aquiera y así lo puedes probar también ;)
      En serio, nos encantaría que lo probaras y así pudieras juzgar también el gameplay y sobretodo la historia =D
      Nuevamente, muchas gracias por tu apoyo!

  • I don’t understand it, but I’m intrigued And new Vita games are always interesting.

  • Ok…im intrigued. Cant wait to see more.

  • Great looking game!

  • I dont know why or how but this game looks awesome, I would like to see some gameplay tho.
    What´s this game about? it looks like Hohokum and I love that <3

    • We’re very glad you liked it, even if you don’t know why or how. It’s good to generate that feelings :D
      Actually the trailer shows gameplay (most of what you see on the trailer was captured directly from the game on the Vita), but sorry we didn’t want to show the puzzles, because we don’t want to be Spoilers. I hope you understand that ;)
      We hope you’ll love MonsterBag as much as you do with Hohokum :D

  • the update messed my custom theme up.please just fix the lunar rising redux theme for some reason the free themes work but it does not.its not fair for me to spend money and not be able to use what i paid for.

  • can someone please let me know if the lunar rising redux theme ps4 is going to be fixed.i just bought it like 2 days ago it was installed during the update ive tried everything to get it working.this is unacceptable

  • Yeah… We really need more (and great) games on vita.
    The art style is amazing, loved this.


    • We’re very happy you liked the art style (Cristian and the rest of the art team are growing their Ego right now xD)
      We hope you’ll love the gameplay and story too ;)

  • ill say this sony your lack of care and just straight ignoring me.i will never buy anything from the psn store in all honesty ive spent hundreds if not close to a thousand on psn between my ps3,ps home,and now ps4.the same attention im getting now will be the same you get from my wallet for now on.

  • And people complain where are the PS Vita games at really. The games that come out may not be your kind of game but Sony is supporting the portable.Because if they weren’t games wouldn’t be coming out at all duh.

  • This game,Kick&Fennick,Little Big Planet,ModNation Racers should have ads on Nickelodeon,Disney Jr,Cartoon Network.

    • Thanks again for your post remanutd5 and for the good intentions!
      I have to tell that I don’t think this game qualifies for Nickelodeon, Disney Jr or Cartoon Network ads, because, despite being cartoonish, it has violence and blood.

  • Luce tan bizarro y surreal, me encanta!!
    Por cierto muchas felicitaciones por sacar adelante su juego, seguramente no es nada fácil, de mi parte tienen una venta asegurada ;) , ¡¡esperemos que nuestra querida America Latina siga adelante en esta industria con gente cómo ustedes!!

    • Nos alegra que te haya encantado :)
      Muchas gracias, todo apoyo siempre es bien recibido!!
      Y sí, no ha sido nada fácil, pero eso hará que después tengamos una buena historia para contar ;)

  • wow! increible direccion de arte, mecanicamente interesante, suena muy bien, y será lanzado en el dia de mi cumpleaños :D me encanta!
    muchas felicitaciones!! saludos de Brasil

    • Nos pone contentos que te haya encantado lo que has visto de él. Esperamos sea un buen regalo de cumpleaños :D
      Muito obrigado!

  • Looks pretty! :)

  • This game looks amazing!!! I was hoping the release date was pretty soon. Day one buy for guys.

    • Thank you very much! We’re very happy you liked it so far. We hope you’ll have a great April 7th while playing MonsterBag :D

  • Thank you very much! We’re very happy you liked it so far. We hope you’ll have a great April 7th while playing MonsterBag :D

  • OMG this looks lovely! I really would like to play this: )

  • Does this game have PS TV compatibility?

  • A fantastic game, I immediately bought it when I saw it . the design optics alone appealed to me , and it exceeded my expectations . I played Level 1-10 at a time , and so often have to laugh out loud!!! absolutely my sense of humor. Please please please more of it. I would immediately buy additional levels as addon in PS Store oder a second game like this.

    I love it!!!!!!

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