PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

Brace yourselves, people! We have another great lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus this month. With shooters, puzzle games, platformers, and more, we have a little something for everyone this April.

To start things off, allow us to present Tower of Guns on PS4 and PS3. It’s about a tower filled with guns. And so much more! Shooter fans, prepare for an adrenaline-pounding challenge through a randomized tower with enemies, bosses, power-ups, and little robots that just want to hug you. Also on PS4, explore the Alaskan wilderness with Never Alone, a beautiful puzzle game with an adorable pet fox. Guide a native Alaskan girl through harsh environments in a touching effort to save her village.

For Plus members gaming on PS3, look out for Dishonored, the critically acclaimed stealth game that celebrates player choice above all else. Also in the mix is Aaru’s Awakening, a stunning platformer that’s also available on PS4. And for PS Vita, both Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag are joining the Plus lineup this month.

These games will be free for PlayStation Plus members next week Tuesday when the PlayStation Store updates. Enjoy!

PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

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April’s PlayStation Plus Preview
Tower of Guns
Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
A game that needs little introduction. Why? Because it’s a tower filled with guns! Over-the-top in all the right ways, try to survive this tower with random enemies, bosses, power-ups, and a boatload of bullets.

Never Alone
Never Alone (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
This beautiful puzzle adventure tasks you with guiding Nuna, a native Alaskan girl, through breath-taking environments to save her village. Also, you get to travel with a fox! Can’t get much better than a pet fox.

Dishonored (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
Players take control of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard framed for murder and imbued with powerful abilities to seek revenge. This game is all about player choice, and feeling awesome while executing extreme stealth maneuvers.

Aaru's Awakening
Aaru’s Awakening (PS3, PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
What started as a school project for a team of students in Iceland is now a gorgeous platformer about navigating treacherous terrain with well-timed teleports.

Killzone Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
View the iconic war against the Helghast from a mercenary’s point of view, and jump into a robust multiplayer mode to show how good (Or bad?) you actually are.

MonsterBag (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
An adorable puzzle game about a bag-shaped monster named V trying to reach his friend Nia without scaring the pants off of people. May or may not include a battle of wits, skill, and the inevitable apocalypse.

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12 Author Replies

  • This is a great line up! Never Alone and Dishonored are two games I’ve been wanting to play. I got my PS3 over a year ago, so there are many titles that I haven’t bought, yet. I am loving that I’ll get Dishonored for free. There have been great titles every month. I have more games than time to play them! Keep up the good work!

  • Never Alone?…for real,wooow thank you so much.Also wow to KZ Mercenary,hard to believe you guys are giving it for free but maybe its because of the constant whining of “nothing for Vita”…lol at those who say that but I hope this month finally shut their mouths once and for all.
    Another great month,I only have Mercenary and Dishonored,looking forward to try out the other 4 games especially Never Alone…THANK YOU Sony.

  • Ps4 needs some fps or horror games!

  • Killzone Mercenary is a nice add for starving Vita owners. I will definitely try Never Alone, and I never played Dishonored on PS3.

  • To the folks that state people on the comments are mostly don’t like the content, or indies are not what are wanted.

    64 posts stating I like it, or can’t wait to play it (positive)
    20 posts stating they don’t like it or it’s “garbage” (negative).
    15 posts stating “indie station” or :indie garbage”.
    5 stating they already had the games, but liked it.
    and 4 people commenting about Driveclub.

    It’s not scientific…. But it is interesting.

  • @113 you do know that the One has only indie games too and only one retail release so far like ps4. I am Srry but I hate idiots that say I should or will switch to the one, what to have indie games too. They have child of light and pool nation both indie games, so enjoy the indie xbox games too.

  • Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty, formerly of IGN, are leading a campaign for the Freedom Wars sequel. Follow and Retweet the following tweet

    Spread the word, contribute for the greater good! Greg has made bigger games than this happen through the power of social media (Borderlands 2 for example) so we may as well give it a shot.

  • Last month was good, but this month is just OK for me. I’ve already previously purchased Never Alone for the PS4, and though educational, it’s just not a strong title. Tower of Guns and Aaru’s don’t look good to me. So this month I’m glad I have a Vita, so I can enjoy Killzone and try MonsterBag. It’ll keep me busy.

  • more crap thats not good great job really

  • Oh BTW I miss Kristine Steimer’s voice.

    @ SayWord01 – Very well said…glad to see someone else here with sense

  • Already have Dishonored and Killzone. Another dud month for me. Tired of gettting nothing but weird little indie games on PS4.

  • Yikes, nothing for me this moth. Would still reeeeeeeeally like to see some JRPG-looking stuff like an Atelier title or even Samurai Warriors 4 or Orochi Ult.

    Indie stuff is nice once in a while, but seeing it so frequently seems like a total cop out.

  • After all the years I’ve been sub’d to PS Plus, this month, I literally want to thank Sony. Specifically for Killzone Mercenary. I was waiting on a price drop for it for so long, but now.. I can get it with +. So awesome.

  • Wow, fantastic month, what a great lineup! Thanks Sony.
    Looking forward to Never Alone, Dishonored, Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag. 4 out of 6 games is awesome.
    Now I have to update my wishlist, since we just got 2 of the games on it.

  • Well it looks like Dishonored is the only game downloading. Sony is so lucky I play mp on PS4, otherwise I wouldn’t be renewing my account.

  • Please offer a cheaper online only ps plus option so people who don’t like these games don’t have to pay to subsidize them for ones who do. I try them every month and they generally bore me.

    Make an online only and you will lose a lot of complaints. For me (ps4 only) this may be the worst month yet.

  • Thanks for Killzone Sony *-*, please released PSTV on Brazil too… I Love Vita…. bring us USFIV for Vita please… Vita needs a Street Fighter title.

  • FFS, what the F is the point of having ps plus for the PS4?! Another friggin month with only indie crap. It’s not like its a free service, give us something longer than 1 hour of repetitive gameplay! Christ!

  • Would be nice is we could get some jrpgs for once like japans playstation plus instead of these ****** western rpgs like borderlands

  • This is why i stopped buying Indies. They Always end up on plus. Looking forward to never alone.

  • I resent the fact that I have to pay to play online with my PS4 and the resentment is heightened by the rubbish offered to ps4 users each month with the IGC. I still own a ps3 but it lives in my girlfriends house….I might have to recover it. greatness awaits and waits and waits.

  • come on greatness pull yer finger out!

  • Great for Vita owners that don’t already own Killzone Mercenary. That game shows just how good the Vita could be (with the proper support). Paid full price for it upon release and was more than happy to do so.

    Almost purchased Never Alone in a sale a while back so happy to see it free now. Not sure about Tower of Guns but looking forward to trying it anyway. Glad to see MonsterBag as a show of support for the South American studio that made it.

    I think it’s a decent enough month with the PS3 offerings included but then maybe I don’t have the overriding sense of entitlement of some who post on here.

  • entitlement seems to be a buzz word with gamer types these days….I blame jimmy’s tattoo from gta5 lol. Nothing entitled about looking for value.

  • Tower of Guns looks promising and I haven’t played Dishonored in forever not really a big platformer or puzzle fan though but I might have fun playing tower of guns and dishonored I hope next month can be a very good one

  • Finally something thats not an indie for Vita on PS+.

  • @Kenokee – 125/126 – No, PS+ is not free, and I didn’t say it was. But, the games are, if you were going to have a PS+ account anyway (considering the other benefits and the fact that you have to have it, now, to game online, it’s safe to say most people on this site would).

    If you only have a PS+ account for the free games, then no, they are not free. And in a general sense, nothing is ever free. But, at $4-$6 dollars / month… come on… They’re free.

  • Ahh Ryan Clements! All the best people have left IGN! It’s just Xbox Magazine now, did you see the Bloodborne hit piece by Dan Stapleton? Gaming Journalism at it’s worst.

  • Why can’t Dishonored be on PS4? :-/

  • Queue spoiled, entitled children complaining about not getting a bunch of AAA PS4 games for their $5.

  • I could also mention that we pay more than $5 dollars for it in the UK…we get charged more for everything.

  • PC is the way to go in my humble opinion. no fees for online gaming, cheaper games, better quality. I’m definitely being pushed away from console gaming

  • My first comment ever and probably the last one….month after month the same disappointment when I see the lineup for the ps4…i just don’t get it…how come all the games that we are getting are indie games?!? I’m really sorry for buying a one year membership…probably is my last one. Disappointing……

  • Awesome Month! Everyone going on about Killzone? Am i the only one buzzing for Never Alone?? xDD

  • To all the whiners, if you want AAA games, BUY them. There was never a guarantee when you signed up for Plus that you had to get AAA games or was promised them.

    Consider anything you buy for your collection your PS experience, and any games given by IGC as bonus.

    And if you bought a $400 system and expected Plus to be your entire collection, well, that’s just dumb.

  • Clements, your voiceover for the video brings me such happiness. You always sound so enthusiastic. BEYOND! <3

  • xolan99 you’re entirely missing the point and if you’re going to accuse folks of being dumb at least sort your grammar out. I buy plenty of games but now that I am paying for online multiplayer where I wasn’t before (on ps3) I would expect something extra and I am just not seeing it.

  • hell yeah killzone Mercenary one question if i download the games wing ps plus can i able to receive botzone. i remember last time i got all stars and i receive the season pass with no charge please answer

  • Looking forward to playing Dishonored! Been wanting to try it out!

  • Everyone can have on opinion and they are entitled to it (maybe I do feel entitled to that at least) but amongst my peers I see people are starting to express them with their wallets by taking their business elsewhere. And that is fine too.

  • it’s not whining but damn can we get something that’s not a indie game for once I don’t play indie most of the AAA games I’ve played though good ones anyways. Something that’s change of pace. Just glad I still have my ps3

  • Damn, a lot of people look at playstation plus and ask how much value can I get from this, they really should look at it as how much fun can I get from this. I find that Xbox is giving away a bunch of big games, which I either already own or am going to buy soon anyway, ps plus gives me a whole lot of games that I look at and go “cool I never thought I would get that but it has always looked interesting.”

  • Alpha you’re correct it’s either stuff I have or want in three future I speak for others. I’m not big on indie games they usually suck are to short. One sit down and I’m done I just want something worth while. Not every month but at least from time to time. Only reason why injustice was up there is it had bad sales real bad in the ps4. I guess I’m just waiting for mortal kombat to come out

  • I highly recommend Killzone Mercenary for VITA! For those who have not played

  • I get that some indie games aren’t great, but calling every indie game “garbage” is just absurd. Transistor, Rogue Legacy, Guacamelee, Steamworld Dig and lots of other games that have been free or cheap for PS+ members are great games. It’s worse when the proposed solution is to give away mediocre AAA games like Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall. I guess some people just don’t like games unless they have incredible graphics, because many indie games have much better core mechanics than their AAA counterparts. It’s fine not to like particular games, but calling a whole part of the industry that covers every genre under the sun “garbage” is a bit much.

  • A good question when are we going to get anything that’s not a indie like really it’s not asking for much but allot of these games suck or you could’ve put something like Zombie Army Trilogy. How about any of the four games that got flooded around christmas. You have 2k15, destiny, Far Cry 4, Little Bit Planet or the Last of us which is something everyone on PS4 probably has a this point it’s been shoved down our throats for months. But **** man you guys suck first off I like the PS4 not love it yet it’s still lacking allot Download speeds are the worst of all. I can download a game to my ps3 the same size and it’s done way earlier than the PS4 what did we really pay for just a new console with no Library and allot of broken promises to us dedicated ones you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for the **** it’s crazy. Allot of broken promises this console was pushed out way to early reasons why I still play my PS3 this is a 400.00 paper weight in allot of ways.

  • Well done for finally getting Dishonoured sorted out. But another awful month for PS4 owners. It is like you hate it when people by your consoles when they are new/

  • Knack was decent all killzone games should be burned

  • RYAN, Do you have any idea if an Assassin’s Creed (franchaise) DLC Sale is likely to happen in the near future?

  • Great games! Cant wait. I also wanna comment about PSN Store / PSN Plus, i just visited my friend, who has a US PSN account, and ive seen all of the content offered, which is significantly greater than the content offered here in Mexico. I dont think it is fair that we are getting charged the same price, and in US dollars, for significantly less content.

    I hope You guys do something about this, PS Plus users should get the same benefits worldwide.

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