PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

Brace yourselves, people! We have another great lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus this month. With shooters, puzzle games, platformers, and more, we have a little something for everyone this April.

To start things off, allow us to present Tower of Guns on PS4 and PS3. It’s about a tower filled with guns. And so much more! Shooter fans, prepare for an adrenaline-pounding challenge through a randomized tower with enemies, bosses, power-ups, and little robots that just want to hug you. Also on PS4, explore the Alaskan wilderness with Never Alone, a beautiful puzzle game with an adorable pet fox. Guide a native Alaskan girl through harsh environments in a touching effort to save her village.

For Plus members gaming on PS3, look out for Dishonored, the critically acclaimed stealth game that celebrates player choice above all else. Also in the mix is Aaru’s Awakening, a stunning platformer that’s also available on PS4. And for PS Vita, both Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag are joining the Plus lineup this month.

These games will be free for PlayStation Plus members next week Tuesday when the PlayStation Store updates. Enjoy!

PS Plus: Free Games for April 2015

3 Month PS Plus12 Month PS Plus

April’s PlayStation Plus Preview
Tower of Guns
Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
A game that needs little introduction. Why? Because it’s a tower filled with guns! Over-the-top in all the right ways, try to survive this tower with random enemies, bosses, power-ups, and a boatload of bullets.

Never Alone
Never Alone (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
This beautiful puzzle adventure tasks you with guiding Nuna, a native Alaskan girl, through breath-taking environments to save her village. Also, you get to travel with a fox! Can’t get much better than a pet fox.

Dishonored (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members
Players take control of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard framed for murder and imbued with powerful abilities to seek revenge. This game is all about player choice, and feeling awesome while executing extreme stealth maneuvers.

Aaru's Awakening
Aaru’s Awakening (PS3, PS4)

Free for PS Plus members
What started as a school project for a team of students in Iceland is now a gorgeous platformer about navigating treacherous terrain with well-timed teleports.

Killzone Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
View the iconic war against the Helghast from a mercenary’s point of view, and jump into a robust multiplayer mode to show how good (Or bad?) you actually are.

MonsterBag (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members
An adorable puzzle game about a bag-shaped monster named V trying to reach his friend Nia without scaring the pants off of people. May or may not include a battle of wits, skill, and the inevitable apocalypse.

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12 Author Replies

  • Indie games, minigames, and mobile games are destroying the video game industry.

  • to all the lazy, inept, hack indie devs: Glad my 50.00 a year is allowing you guys to make more overpriced,regurgitated junk. LOL….”innovative”….yeah w/e

    I will continue to complain until I get my money’s worth.. Dont like that, don’t read it then. I did not pay well over 500.00 (with accessories along with adding a REAL HDD with 1TB) For a Machine that plays Junk that I could buy on Steam for 99c.

    I Already Pay to Game online-It’s called my INTERNET BILL.

    Even if you could justify paying to play online, the PSN is utter Garbage and consistently is Down rather than up.

    lets see…continue to WASTE money on a PS4 or Sell it and put the money into my PC which is what I do most of my gaming on anyways ever since SONY went to hell when Jack Tretton left……

    But feel free to ignore all of your unhappy customers and respond to the few that are somehow happy with this waste of a gaming console….

    Said my 2 cents…. Dont worry, my Ps+ sub runs out in July, then I am gone for good. I’ll take my 20+ years of business 100% to PC, maybe Ill sell my PS4 for parts and I ill rip out the 1TB HDD I had to buy to only not even fill up….

    Signed- A VERY Unhappy PS4 owner!

  • @Monterossa

    It’s actually the people that don’t support the variety and uniqueness of the videogame industry that is killing it.

    It’s the people that keep supporting the bad AAA trash and paid DLC that is ruining this industry…

    Why am I even responding to you is beyond me.

  • Merc! Hurray!

  • Thanks for the update.

    Fantastic-looking month!

  • @jerseydevil.

    all I see is blah blah blah my simple minded brain cant handle variety.

    dont buy Plus than and enjoy missing out.

  • I hate that people complain about free games. Are you really that big of brats that free games aren’t good enough cause they aren’t the ones you wanted? I’m always excited for the PS Plus free games, even if I’ve already bought them; it just means more people get the experience.

    Never Alone looks great, Tower of Guns looks fun (I love arena shooters like Quake and Unreal), and I don’t know much about Aaru’s Awakening, but I’m gonna try it, CAUSE IT’S F***ING FREE! And, who knows; it may be the best game I’ve ever played. Also, I didn’t get to play Dishonored, so I’ll be dusting off the PS3 for that.

    Long story short, I’m stoked on this month’s selection. Thank you, Playstation, and please accept my apology on behalf of all the people that are apparently too good for these titles; for they know not what they do.

  • I can’t wait for the Killzone game to come out, I have been wanting to get it for a while now, but it’s free! YAHOO!! I am also very interested in Never Alone, such a nice style of game.

  • Now i need to sold my PS4 and buy either PS3 or VITA, which one should i get?

  • @ 105- All I see is a typical unparented Child of this generation. And I aint missing out on a thing. 90% of PS4’s PS+ Content has been GARBAGE that has ZERO business on a “Next Gen/Current -Gen” Console.
    I guess I wouldn’t care much either if my Mommy was buying everything for me like you or maybe you live at home still…. Either way, when you GROW up whether you’re rich or poor, if you’re intelligent and wise- EVERY PENNY COUNTS and only a KID would question that logic.

    And NOTHING Free about any of these. NOTHING.
    Good day, said my peace and wanted to respond to the ignorant child which will also be my response to the future ignorant children who respond to my post and dont have enough common sense to just disagree with it and move on or ignore it, but rather TROLL IT with Fanboyism…. *Shrug*

  • More indie games? Indiestation

  • Never Alone and Killzone Mercenary are great, but no The Guided Fate Paradox? Boo-urns…

  • if it continues we will have to switch to “one”

  • As always happy to get these games just need more time. Best Counterspy from last month and halfway through Valiant Hearts. Haven’t even had time to play Oddworld yet. Thanks again Playstarion for the variety of games.

  • Great month imho. DisHonored has multiple endings and solid replay value, Awesome game! Got to finish the DLC at some point, probably before Bethesda announces DisHonored 2.

    Killzone Mercenary needs to be remastered from the ground up for the PS4.

  • Wow, this sure is a POWERHOUSE of a lineup!

  • Killzone Mercenary is the highlight for me. I wanted it but could never afford it. The other games seem pretty cool too. Only game I already have is Dishonored so it’s a good month for me. Thanks Sony!

  • @98 Soul Sacrifice was one and I platted it. Bought Soul Sacrifice Delta because of it. I buy most of my games retail so that’s where my backlog is. Indie games such as Doki-Doki Universe, Fez, Limbo, Dokuro, Germinator, Lone Survivor, Machinarium, Proteus, Retro City Rampage, Runner2, Sine Mora, Spelunky, Stealth Inc., Surge Deluxe, and Zombie Tycoon do nothing for me.

  • Still no DriveClub, Sony? Seriously? You’re leaving yourselves susceptible to a class action lawsuit at this point as this was one of your primary bullet points at E3 for getting PS+…

  • Whenever I click on these previews the header at the top of the page is always Driveclub not sure if that’s funny or sad. I’ve been meaning to buy, but never actually get around to downloading Never Alone at least this way it loses the most annoying step.

  • Nice update! Dishonored is definitely worth playing for anyone who has a PS3. I bought the GOTY edition when it was released and have no regrets. You can safely put “Dishonored” ahead of “Thief” in your backlog queue of stealth games.

    “Never Alone” looks awesome! Can’t wait to play it.

  • Only disappointed to see games I already have/had like Killzone Mercenary and Dishonored on here but I guess that means it’s a better month for those that haven’t played those yet. I’m looking forward to the PS4 and Vita titles so hopefully they’re good!

  • man, terrible month IMO :(

  • looks like another month of ****** offerings for ps4 owners :(

    hopefully may will get back to the quality that we saw in december and january.

  • @101 As much as I don’t enjoy a lot (most) of the indie games released with PS+’s monthly games, I don’t think your $50/mo is funding the reproduction of more. You’re stating Sony is funding indie developers to make sequels of games already released on PS+ so they can release them in the future.

    Also, judging by your phrasing and anger, I feel like you are blaming the Playstation Network for being down while they are being targeted by DDOS attacks etc instead of the actual groups behind the attacks.

    Despite how I feel you are wrong on these issues and how your lack of grammar harms me so, there is a large general consensus that feels the PS4 should be getting a larger game with PS+. TLOU: Remastered, Knack, Killzone, and others have all been argued as games that would suffice. I too would agree with this, as so many of these indie games do nothing for me except add to my backlog.

    @106 PS+ is not free.

  • whoops, I meant:
    @107 PS+ is not free

  • Yet another month of garbage for the PS4. For those telling people to stop complaining about free games… they’re not free! We pay for them. How about stop giving us indie trash! There’s plenty of AAA games that are over a year old that could get new life through plus. At this rate I won’t be renewing my plus again (I don’t care about online play).

  • Already own Killzone Mercenary but all the other games look interesting :) Nice Month

  • C’mon not again disappointed once again the ps4 line up sucks as usual :(

  • The only game worth the PS Plus this month is Killzone Mercenary and I already own it. I can understand it being on discount, but not free. It really is a AAA title, Honestly, I think I’m gonna let my PS Plus membership expire….

  • I agree with HentayHinata, we are paying for a plus sign in the PS4 and we are receiving only arcade / indie games.
    There isn’t a good discounts on great games.

  • Wow complete garbage month, again, for the PS4 owners. Indiestation is what the PS4 should be called. You want to hear less complaints, then either start putting AAA titles on PS+ or give an update with a emu for the PS3. I’m probably going to sell my dust collecting PS4. I have actually quit buying games for it and buy them through Steam for my PC. Also the exclusives? Where are they? Not talking garbage like Knack either.

  • Killzone? That’s fantastic. I’ll give the others a shot also, but I haven’t even started the GOTY Dishonered I have, so it’s just a matter of finding the time and prioritizing at this point.

  • Yesssss! Good month. Love it. BEYOND!

  • Never alone, niiiiice. The only game for me this month.

    Still, I won’t play this month, for sure. Bloodborne is WAY TO INCREDIBLE! I’m playing that too much for my own good. It’s been a while since I played a game that much. I mean… more than a year, lol.

  • Kill Zone & Tower of Gunz & Never Alone .. Just picked up BloodBorne .. This is a great month

  • Why not add some PS1 and PSP games to PS+? I would rather play some good old game again instead some new indie title.

  • Killzone Mercenary? Wow! You guys are awesome. Love Vita!

  • @titivilus: Bloodborne is the best exclusive title I’ve played in years. Hell, the best GAME I’ve played in years. If you don’t use your PS4, why did you even bought it? And anyway, since you have it, you should keep it. The day the best exclusive (for you) will pop, you will regret selling it. And anyway, selling the stuff will get you less money. PS: Don’t buy the latest games console if you’re not a gamer. Buy the last gen, like PS3, there you’ll have huge collections of games realy for you.

  • Everyone re-tweet to Yoshida-san to get a Freedom Wars sequel on Vita!

  • Tower of Guns, garbage indie game, not even worth buying. or installing. even for free. thanks for charging 5 dollars a month to play online while no benefit for having it and just giving me ****** indie game sand platforms.

    Never Alone, garbage indie game on pc I want exclusives.

    Dishonored , **** 3 year old title I already have in my steam library so useful. why would I want to play this on ps3?

    Aaru’s Awakening, another indie game. I don’t even want in my library. not even going to buy it.

    Killzone Mercenary, vaguely decent I don’t have a ps vita though, and I”m not going to get a vita tv.

    MonsterBag , another trash indie games.

    none of these games are worth installing or even buying, they are garbage. another disappointing month of garbage. but at least bloodborne is out, and so will gtav on pc soon.

  • thank god I was thinking about purchasing killzone mercenary and never alone for the longest time but now its all FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! on the same month to boot!!!

  • Dear @yosp, @amboyes, @PlayStation. We heard @Jun_Yoshizawa. The folks RTing/Favoriting this would like a sequel to #FreedomWars, please.— Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) March 31, 2015

  • Hey guys and Ryan. Greg and Colin from Kinda Funny fame are trying to get a Freedom Wars Sequel in the works. Greg has a tweet put out here that you could help by retweeting and favoriting:

  • going to comment decent choices I want personally. stop with the indie garbage.
    the order 1886 since its going to be a flop, and there’s no way I’m paying 60 dollars for a 4 hour game.
    dying light
    saints row: gat out of hell
    even monopoly would be better than these games
    shadow warrior
    battle field 4
    plants vs zombies garden warfare
    sniper elite 3
    diablo III
    AC 4 black flag
    bound by flame
    resident evil remake
    kill al zombies
    assassins creed freedom cry
    natural doctrine
    metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots
    beyond two souls
    enslaved journey west
    assassins creed 3
    persona 4 arena
    demon’s souls
    dead rising 2 or off the record
    that’s about all I put on my list a lot of good ps3 games and these are the choices…disappointing.

  • Solid Month. Mercenary is the best Killzone on any platform. Highly recommend.

  • What a fantastic line up this month. Dishonored and Killzone are such awesome games!

    Thanks Sony!

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