Epic Qore Episode 16 – Featuring UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo with Jay Leno, PSPgo and Brutal Legend

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This is an epic episode of Qore. Simply one of the best.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, the most highly-awarded game of E3 2009, is our focus this month, and we’ve got in-depth and exclusive coverage – Veronica Belmont goes behind-the-scenes of picturesque Skywalker Ranch to witness the final soundtrack recording session with composer Greg Edmonson and sits down with Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig to discuss her devoted and innovative approach to this sequel. We also dive deep into the technology that brings this world to life.

Gran Turismo is coming to the PSP on October 1, and players will immediately recognize the distinct voice of Jay Leno in the game’s introduction. Correspondent Audrey Cleo meets the late night legend for an exclusive Qore interview from his world famous garage. From his first ’55 Buick Roadmaster to the ’09 Corvette ZR1, don’t miss this look a Jay’s amazing collection.

Veronica also takes the new PSPgo out for a test drive into the real world before exploring the heavy metal inspiration of Double Fine’s Tim Schaefer, creator of the epic rock and roll adventure game Brutal Legend.

Finally, you asked for it, and we’ve got it! Qore annual subscribers are invited to the MAGPublic Beta scheduled to start on September 17. All current subscribers will be sent voucher codes for the MAG Beta test coming later this month.

Here are the specifics:

  • If you are not a current subscriber, you can still get in on the Beta if you subscribe or renew on or before September 17.
  • The MAG Beta is open to subscribers only, not to single episode purchasers.
  • All Beta invitations are restricted to persons 18 years and older.
  • We must have your current, valid e-mail address on file.
  • You must be opted in to receiving communications from PlayStation.
  • Vouchers will be sent to the e-mail associated with the PSN account that purchased the Qore subscription, not to any sub-accounts.

You can update your e-mail address and check your notification preferences via your profile on PS.com or on the PS3 itself under Account Management Information. Be sure that you have “opted in” to receive our communications.

Like I said, this September episode is epic:

  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves expanded coverage
  • Jay Leno and Gran Turismo PSP
  • Our PSPgo update
  • Brutal Legend with Tim Schaefer
  • MAG Beta invitation
  • UNCHARTED 2 theme
  • DiRT2 demo

Look for Episode 16 tomorrow.

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10 Author Replies

  • man dirt was in uk and the us store last update. so the theme, info on uncharted two and the massive action game beta.

  • Sony, when are we UK/EU gamers going to be able to subscribe to Qore?

    Is the fabled ‘OPMHD’ ever going to come?

    I really wish we could also enjoy shows like this and get exclusive access to betas and stuff for being annual subscribers. But it seems you guys aren’t interested in making some more MONEY!

  • Finally the blog is back online…I was scared…:D

    And about Qore…I am not subscribed so I will sadly miss out. :(

  • Just subscribed. I’ve downloaded a couple of episodes of Qore before but never had a good reason to subscribe. Now I do! See you guys in MAG!

  • Is this a different Dirt demo than what was already in the store?

  • Kevin any word on PSN Users not recieving emails and losing GAP Memberships, PS Underground original registration dates etc etc? This is a Major issue and a lot of people are missing out on pertinent information.

  • ok, I want to re-subscribe to Qore, but I do not want to use my current account. I want to use the new Master Account I create where it is only activate on my new PS3 and not the PS3 I had to send in to Sony.
    Can I resubscribe to Qore using that account, and will have have the discount or will I have to pay the full 25 dollars?

    • You should be able to use your old account on your new PS3, access the PlayStation Store and see your renewal offer…which will only last until this month.

  • Hey Kevin like others have said, many of us users are unable to get psn e-mails. Jeff R. has already responded to me and the other users on this blog saying that Sony is working on this. So any update yet on this problem. Here is a link to list the users having this issue. –> http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=psnetwork&thread.id=472708

  • i have a question… if i subscribe right now do i get previous episodes ( like from #1)… or does it start at #13

    and if it does start from previous episodes do i get the content such as the small games?

    • Your subscription starts the month of your purchase. Unfortunately, like most magazines, we don\’t provide back issues when you start your subscription.

      If you subscribe today, it starts with Episode 16.

  • I don’t want to subscribe. Can you just give me a beta key? If not, I’ll just wait till the final release

  • yea i so cantwait i want to play that MAG beta + its made by Zipper & they make great Army Games

  • wow its amazing how if that beta code for MAG is included how many people will start to subcribe. ive always wanted to but have never had a good motive but it seems i do now

  • I’d really like to see a private section of Home that only annual subscribers can get into. I’d also like that area to have an arcade of the retro games from Qore.

    I only have two complaints about Qore:
    1. it sometimes focuses too much on whatever the big push is for that quarter. I’d like to see more interviews with the little indie developers, like Pom Pom or Straw Dog, as well as the heavy hitters.

    2. I never got redeem codes for any of the PS1 games. (Not that it matters since they look and play better in the open source emulators running under Linux.) Making a download link straight from Qore to the PlayStation Store is much preferred, and I hope that is how all bonus content will be delivered in the future.

  • …and a kiss from Veronica Bellmont to me for my birthday lol

    nah, great episode !!! thanks!

  • @plaztiksyke I totally agree with everything that you said. Good points.

  • I’m trying to get the Qore subscription but its not showing it on the PS Store. Is it because I paid for August’s Qore episode? Or do I have to wait till September’s episode to come out tomorrow to subscribe to it?

    • Yes, you need to wait for tomorrow\’s PlayStation Store update to see the Subscription offer on your PS3. How\’d you like August?

  • At the end you say “Dirt 2 demo” but isn’t the demo already out?

  • @49 nutellapr
    1) What does xbox live have to do with anything? This is the PSN, not Xbox live

    3)Insider contents? What insider contents? Everything that is on Qore, you can find on IGN.com or other video game website. Qore offer nothing when it comes to exclusive previews before anyone else. Hell, Qore is usually a month late when it comes to content because we know about these contents weeks before

    4) I am still waiting on my Resistance 2 beta Code from the Qore Resistance 2 beta. Exclusive demos? When is the last time we had an exclusive demo? I will tell you when, it was last January with the FEAR 2 demo. Oh yeah, we only had a long exclusive demo before it was available on the PSN store. Since I been a Qore subscriber, we only had 4 demo before anyone else. Half of those demo, we were not able to download on time, but had to wait weeks.

    The only reason why I support Qore is for the free themes and to give Sony $25 for the PSN. I feel that I am cheating them because we do not pay for the PSN. So this is like my yearly fee.

  • Wow Sony 3 straight week of big things coming to the PS3 can you guys make it 4 weeks? I hope everyone knows you have to be annual qore subscribe to be part of the MAG beta ok you can’t just buy one episode i don’t jam the blog talking about i paid for the episode and i didn’t get . YOU HAVE TO BE A ANNUAL QORE SUBSCRIBE TO BE PART OF THE MAG BETA PLEASE DO NOT CRY AND BLOG THAT YOU PAID FOR ONE EPISODE AND YOU STILL DONT HAVE IT THANK YOU

  • I’m just upset cuz I been posting on the MAG forums and there is lots of KIDS that calim to be in the beta…half of them posted their ages and haven’t even finish middle school….so if SONY wants to uphold the rules they better do something about it…plus there are lots of NON american ppl in there that can’t even speak English….

    meanwhile US Americans can’t get any Invites…Lame

  • Hey Kevin Furuichi,

    My PS3 got the YLOD so I can’t renew the Qore subscription through that at the moment. Is their anyway I can renew it before September 17 without using my PS3?


  • LOL please make sure your e mail is current , whatever e mail you use please make sure Sony have it so you will be able to get your Mag code no one want to read about you crying that you still don’t have if you don’t check to see then it’s a you problem . please curl yourself into a ball and cry yourself to sleep if this happen to you please do us a favorite ok also FYI i hope everyone knows to give Sony time because it’s alot of e mail just letting you guys know.

  • awsome i signed up for QORE just for MAG any other freebies? possibley that LBP animated theme free?

  • so if i bought evert single issue of core since it came out , i’m still not in if i dont subscribe? it’s not that i dont want it’s just my budget is kinda flimsy so i can only afford the $2.99 a month but i make sure i get every issue,and i do suscribe to the paper playstation magazine. does that count?

  • Sony adds Dynamic themes and the first edition of Qore since 3.0 we don’t get one….makes sense…lol

  • what is this Dirt 2 Demo if their is already one out in the PSN?

  • LOL please make sure your e mail is current and make sure Sony have the right e mail if you do not check then it’s a you problem not sony so please if you have to cry don’t tie up the blog just roll yourself into a ball and cry yourself to sleep ok . You have to make sure about you getting the e mail not Sony now big a big boy or girl and check right now and see if everything correct.

  • # DiRT2 demo

    Can you fail any harder? There is already a DiRT2 demo on the PSN since last week.

  • now if only it would come to the uk… i really wanna watch all this stuff :-(

  • im not gonna subscribe to Qore just for the Beta…. plus its alot of money

  • I got more than my moneys worth with last years Qore subscription. Am perplexed about the Dirt2 demo seeing as it has been released everywhere already

  • this sucks i had a mag beta invite i said my internet was 1-3 mbps but it’s 5mbps so no wonder zipper didn’t select me

  • Please tell me there’s a way to get in on the MAG beta other then subscribing to qore. perferiblly a free way as i don’t have the cash to subscribe. Please?

  • @Kevin

    I’m a qore subscriber and am eligible to be invited to the beta, but for some reason I have stopped receiving any emails from Playstation for about 2 months now, although I am opted in, and my email is on file and current. So I probably won’t recive the beta invitation to MAG. If this happens who should I contact to get a voucher?

  • Oh and I have made sure the emails are not being filtered as “Junk”

  • i haven’t gotten an email about store updates and such for months, but i did receive a beta invite for uncharted 2 multi a few months ago in the midst of not getting regular stuff. maybe there is hope for those who want in a beta.

  • what about the LBP water beta?

  • Hi Kevin, I have question if you don’t mind. I subscribed in Qore in date 21/8, but the e-mail for my account was not functioning anymore, so I changed it for another one in date 1/9. The question is, am I still be able to receive the invitation for the beta or not?!

  • Why do I feel like I always get ripped off when I buy Qore?

  • You’re slacking Sony. We got way more then one beta invite and some themes in the first three episodes last time.

  • wow Audrey Cleo is effing hot!!!! Must watch this episode of qore.

  • Please explain this Dirt 2 Demo please. Did by mistake was publish last week of the demand for it cause of been in the PSN of UK first or this one has different tracks?

  • Hey i wanted to know i going into this mag beta from a contest for doing a review is that going to be the same beta?

  • @68: Bloody Cow

    Actually, Qore had a Red Faction demo exclusively in April, didn’t it? By my count, that makes 6 demos (not counting DiRT2), 4 Beta invites, 2 full PSone games and 2-3 PSN games (depending upon when you subscribed) over the past 16 episodes. Plus the Home T-shirt and themes.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    Ok so ill get issues #16 to #28… is that correct?

    thanks so much for responding to my questions =D

  • I want to be able to disable the bloody obnoxious ticker bar is 3.0.

    Make it happen.

  • It would be nice if, like other magazines, Qore is released,at least, the 1st of each month.

  • Not entirely related but will we be getting avatars tomorrow? Don’t just ignore me, at least give me a “can’t tell you, yet”

    Please… (Didn’t want to sound like a jerk :P)

  • i live in canada and am of age will i get the beta?

    also i would like to know if i messed up my account settings and it says im to young then could i call sony give them proof that im of age and get it still?

  • i want to play MAG. NOW !!

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