Epic Qore Episode 16 – Featuring UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo with Jay Leno, PSPgo and Brutal Legend

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This is an epic episode of Qore. Simply one of the best.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, the most highly-awarded game of E3 2009, is our focus this month, and we’ve got in-depth and exclusive coverage – Veronica Belmont goes behind-the-scenes of picturesque Skywalker Ranch to witness the final soundtrack recording session with composer Greg Edmonson and sits down with Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig to discuss her devoted and innovative approach to this sequel. We also dive deep into the technology that brings this world to life.

Gran Turismo is coming to the PSP on October 1, and players will immediately recognize the distinct voice of Jay Leno in the game’s introduction. Correspondent Audrey Cleo meets the late night legend for an exclusive Qore interview from his world famous garage. From his first ’55 Buick Roadmaster to the ’09 Corvette ZR1, don’t miss this look a Jay’s amazing collection.

Veronica also takes the new PSPgo out for a test drive into the real world before exploring the heavy metal inspiration of Double Fine’s Tim Schaefer, creator of the epic rock and roll adventure game Brutal Legend.

Finally, you asked for it, and we’ve got it! Qore annual subscribers are invited to the MAGPublic Beta scheduled to start on September 17. All current subscribers will be sent voucher codes for the MAG Beta test coming later this month.

Here are the specifics:

  • If you are not a current subscriber, you can still get in on the Beta if you subscribe or renew on or before September 17.
  • The MAG Beta is open to subscribers only, not to single episode purchasers.
  • All Beta invitations are restricted to persons 18 years and older.
  • We must have your current, valid e-mail address on file.
  • You must be opted in to receiving communications from PlayStation.
  • Vouchers will be sent to the e-mail associated with the PSN account that purchased the Qore subscription, not to any sub-accounts.

You can update your e-mail address and check your notification preferences via your profile on PS.com or on the PS3 itself under Account Management Information. Be sure that you have “opted in” to receive our communications.

Like I said, this September episode is epic:

  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves expanded coverage
  • Jay Leno and Gran Turismo PSP
  • Our PSPgo update
  • Brutal Legend with Tim Schaefer
  • MAG Beta invitation
  • UNCHARTED 2 theme
  • DiRT2 demo

Look for Episode 16 tomorrow.

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10 Author Replies

  • haha i cant w8 till this game comes out i got some serious wooping to do :)

  • Uggh, it figures that you have to be 18 or older, which probably means sub-accounts are out. I’m 19 now, but still use my sub account thanks to my tons of save games. Wish there was a way to upgrade a sub account to a master account! :/

  • tempting

  • Yay! Jay Leno! I miss him!

  • Small question, if i subscribe today so it means i start from 16 my subscription ends at issue 28th am i correct?

  • i live in canada and am of age will i get the beta?

    also i would like to know if i messed up my account settings and it says im to young then could i call sony give them proof that im of age and get it still??

  • (ok maybe this is a dumb a question) but i how do i no if i have a master account?

  • I’m getting Gran Turismo PSP because of Jay Leno is on it. Can’t wait till the 14th!

  • It would be great to play all these news games, but since Firmware v3.0 came out many people’s Dual Shock controller wont function so we cannot play them, Sony fix the issue please!

  • I haven’t receive any emails from PSN in months, will I still get my MAG beta invite by email?

  • About Dirt2….. and I`m been pacient but I guessing by now that you guys where supose to publish this demo this week and not last week. So you people don’t wanna accept the fact that unless you answer my question from 2 post that I made to clear my doubts, this means you just made a mistake on the Dirt2 demo and was supose to be on Quore this week….. Epic Fail you guys

  • I am a Qore subscriber and I just checked my notifications and they had been turned off, so I turned them back on. When will the MAG beta invitation be sent out? Have I already missed it due to my notifications being turned off up until now?

  • i live in canada and am of age will i get the beta?

    also i would like to know if i messed up my account settings and it says im to young then could i call sony give them proof that im of age and get it still???

  • I’ve really loved my Qore subscription. Well worth it. It’s like OPM in the US all over again. In fact it’s the same subscription fee when USOPM had demo discs. The beta’s alone have been worth the price of admission. I subscribed last October or September, and have been in the betas for Socom, Home (which I’m now a huge supporter of, love it, my only complaint is other people), Resistance 2, I don’t know if my Killzone 2 VERY early beta invite from October was due to Qore or not, if so it was secret not publicly announced), Uncharted 2 and now MAG Well, I guess it’s not THAT many, but it was nice to get these early ;looks at games, and have the privelage of giving good feedback to help shape a game.

    I’ll certainly be resubscribing after my last issue.

    My only feedback for the MAGAZINE part of Qore is that, I wish there was more. For that amount of data I basically want an OPM. Not THAT much content obviously, but more. You need more journalists. I’d voulunteer for room and board, lol.

    And also, the video doesn’y NEED to be so high def. The file’s too big for the amount of content. 720p is fine for me for saved time. Show of hands?!?

  • does the PS3 make my pants look bigger?
    i mean i want mc hammer pants!

    some people can never be happy i guess?

  • Oh, hey, I just noticed….no more error when posting a comment from my PS3 browser. Nice.

  • nice update i wish the uc2 theme was dynamic

  • Sweet, I’am gonna subscribe to Qore so this money is use to create another cool firmware with lot’s of ad’s all over my screen on a system I already payed for.

    ***Looks at Eric Lempel***

  • how can i get qore episodes and i dont have a ps3 ? helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • When will we receive the email with the codes? This is my first subscription!!!

    • The vouchers won\’t start rolling out until close to the Sept 17 start date of the Public beta. We wanted to make sure folks are aware of this for the Sept episode since you only have until the 17th to subscribe.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    One question my renewal subscription was in august and i havent renew it yet then this new episode comes out tomorrow will my renewal offer will be still on psn or i have to pay the $25??

    does that make sense my english is bad.?

  • What time does the playstation store update occur?…and is it only on Thursdays, cuz I notice some content that is being added during the week.

  • I have had Qore since the beginning, and boy has it paid off. Thanks a lot guys! I love watching the Qore videos and I love all the bonuses that come along with a subscription.

    I’d love some exclusive animated themes and avatars (now that 3.0 supports it). Thanks for all the sweet stuff.


  • I want to be able to disable the bloody obnoxious ticker bar in Firmware 3.0.

    Make it happen.

  • I’d like to get Qore and I just got a email with a “Just showing our gratitude” thanking me for buying stuff on PSN maybe…

    But I just can’t right now being that the state of the 3.0 firmware is just so damn poor. What a step back for PS3 it is. God the friends list is so ugly and the 3 PSN store icons is so irritating, and NO new features besides that status bar with a crappy ticker. Ugh… Sony… Will you ever listen to our comments.

  • so this episode had uncharted 2 theme…. i really like u guys custom the icons too but not just the backround

  • God. It seams some users dont read info so often. Go complain about the 3.0 Filmware in the Playtation forums. That is all.

  • So if your not older then 18 you WONT get a beta key? I know a lot of people who will be angry about this =/ How many keys will you get?

  • I bet MAG is gonna be umm…hardQore??? hmm?

  • I love Qore! Half the reason I upgraded my internet connection was because I was tired of waiting over four hours for it to download. Veronica is a great host also, she seems to care about what she’s reporting just as much as me or she’s just great at faking it lol. I’m looking forward to everything in this episode but the PSPgo update is standing out for me, I pre-ordered one but I’m still on the fence about it.

    I need a new PSP to replace my broken one but the PSP3000 is looking like a better value with the current PSPgo package being just a PSP…. I believe in you Sony! You can make the PSPgo a better value, you have the power! lol

    @KBNizzle: I’m in the MAG beta and yes it is “HardQore” lol

  • This is a awesome qore episode. Looking forward to it when i get my Slim :P

  • Will you guys start offering Free Dynamic themes or ‘Premium’ avatars?

    If So, I’d subscribe to Qore instead of having to pay $2.99 all the time for dynamic themes. It will add up anyway to a year of Qore.

  • Will there be another way to participate in the beta?

  • My last episode of QORE in my subscription is the september episode. while I do intend to renew, will I be receiving a beta code as I am already subscribed to receive this episode or do I need to renew first?

  • Ill be renewing my Qore sub… as soon as the firmware is fixed el oh el

  • Why can’t I have Qore in The Netherlands.
    You Americans are lucky basterds!

  • What’s MAG?

  • And I’m from England. We don’t have it here.

  • qore i mean

  • Not interested. I can subscribe (I think) from my USA account but I’ll be damned if I’m going to do anything like that just for a CHANCE of getting a BETA of an FPS game (as if there aren’t a bazillion of them already)

  • I finally subscribed last weak after letting all of the freebies and extras slip through my hands since it came out. This episode looks great.

  • Qore totaly worth every penny. I will be returing for my second year this month. I like art work in the games section would like to add them to my Pic’s (so I could use them as back grounds) wish there was way to do that. maybe there will be in the future. :)

  • mag.com

    answer to what is MAG

  • Will there be any forums to leave feedback and for bugs that we find for the M.A.G beta since after all it is still a beta.

  • also for the euro’s the beta programme in Europe is a bit different since there is a team picked from ps3 owners. This team does all the beta testing. It seems like that most people that what to be on this beta just want to play it first. This is a bad mentality to have when beta testing, the idea is that you help break and fix the game. This is why Europe has done it this way to get proper actual data on bugs.

  • I still believe that members of Sony’s Gamer Advisory Panel should either be given access to single episodes of Qore for free, or given a nice discount on the subscription. It is definitely something that should be considered, given the number of GAP panelists there are.

    I’ve been thinking about getting an annual subscription otherwise… but money is pretty tight right now, especially since I just bought Guitar Hero 5, and I’m getting The Beatles: Rock Band next week… maybe sometime soonish… maybe in a few weeks or months. I just haven’t seen anything with Qore to really tell me that I “need” to be a part of it yet. Getting free games every once and a while, behind-the-scenes interviews and such is cool, but it just doesn’t seem like so much of an incentive so far.

    Good job with the work on it, though. I do appreciate the effort and manhours that go into its production. I think I am just going to wait and consider any incentives to buy-in.

  • Paying to beta-test, is this Bizarro World?

  • @Kevin, is this a different Dirt 2 demo? Isn’t there one already on the PSN?

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