Epic Qore Episode 16 – Featuring UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo with Jay Leno, PSPgo and Brutal Legend

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This is an epic episode of Qore. Simply one of the best.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, the most highly-awarded game of E3 2009, is our focus this month, and we’ve got in-depth and exclusive coverage – Veronica Belmont goes behind-the-scenes of picturesque Skywalker Ranch to witness the final soundtrack recording session with composer Greg Edmonson and sits down with Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig to discuss her devoted and innovative approach to this sequel. We also dive deep into the technology that brings this world to life.

Gran Turismo is coming to the PSP on October 1, and players will immediately recognize the distinct voice of Jay Leno in the game’s introduction. Correspondent Audrey Cleo meets the late night legend for an exclusive Qore interview from his world famous garage. From his first ’55 Buick Roadmaster to the ’09 Corvette ZR1, don’t miss this look a Jay’s amazing collection.

Veronica also takes the new PSPgo out for a test drive into the real world before exploring the heavy metal inspiration of Double Fine’s Tim Schaefer, creator of the epic rock and roll adventure game Brutal Legend.

Finally, you asked for it, and we’ve got it! Qore annual subscribers are invited to the MAGPublic Beta scheduled to start on September 17. All current subscribers will be sent voucher codes for the MAG Beta test coming later this month.

Here are the specifics:

  • If you are not a current subscriber, you can still get in on the Beta if you subscribe or renew on or before September 17.
  • The MAG Beta is open to subscribers only, not to single episode purchasers.
  • All Beta invitations are restricted to persons 18 years and older.
  • We must have your current, valid e-mail address on file.
  • You must be opted in to receiving communications from PlayStation.
  • Vouchers will be sent to the e-mail associated with the PSN account that purchased the Qore subscription, not to any sub-accounts.

You can update your e-mail address and check your notification preferences via your profile on PS.com or on the PS3 itself under Account Management Information. Be sure that you have “opted in” to receive our communications.

Like I said, this September episode is epic:

  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves expanded coverage
  • Jay Leno and Gran Turismo PSP
  • Our PSPgo update
  • Brutal Legend with Tim Schaefer
  • MAG Beta invitation
  • UNCHARTED 2 theme
  • DiRT2 demo

Look for Episode 16 tomorrow.

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10 Author Replies

  • Truly awesome episode. I can’t wait to see more of Uncharted 2 (can’t get enough until October 13!), and of course the MAG Beta should be a thrill!

  • Hey, a question for Sony – If I get a code from Qore (already a subscriber) but am in the beta already, can I give my code to a friend?

  • my last quore on the subscription. too bad I can’t afford to resubscribe… but damn this is a nice going away present :D

  • The ticker bar in 3.0 is terrible and we should not be forced to endure it in any way, shape or form.

    Get rid of it Sony, make it happen.

  • thank you sony for the beta invite :)

  • Nice episode :>

  • I’m still thinking to renew my Qore. Are the behind the scenes video longer and also the interview with the developers?

  • when we can download it ?? it still say it can’t be download??

  • all im really doing is paying 22 bucks to get a MAg beta. Sry not a fan of quore.

  • Why don’t we get qore in the UK? :(

  • How do I renew my subscription? Mine expires after this month

  • I just finished watching Episode 16, and I must say that it was an excellent show. It feels like you guys have finally reached the peak I’ve been waiting for! All of the interviews were satisfying and informative, with tons of footage. Keep up the good work, because we want more and more!

  • I just installed Qore Episode 16 (I am a Annual Subscriber since August), and I cannot find the MAG Beta Invitation. You said in the Blog that we will find a MAG Beta Invitation, and I didn’t. Is there something I am missing? Like, Is the invitation going through email? I had problems with Sony only because I haven’t been receiving emails but I do have the two boxes checked. Please help out.

    Thank you.

  • Waaaaaiit.
    Okay so I got the Qore: September 2009 email telling what is in the issue etc. At the bottom, it says that us Qore subscribers are going in the MAG Beta. Question is, when will we get the codes (if it is codes, if not, please tell)?

  • My last episode of Qore is this month. Do I have to renew to still get the beta?

  • One feature I always hoped Qore would bring is the ability to save some of those screen shots of videogames onto your PS3’s HDD. I would love to be able to save some of them and make them my background.

    Any thoughts on getting this implemented into QORE?

  • haha. Kevin, you’re doing a fine job. Sure I can offer my services next month. What’s in it for me? ;)

    Ideas for Qore since it’s an application that probably affords you a lot of design flexibility: 1) Upcoming blu-ray release -can this be linked to the movie’s site and/or partner with a retailer to sell the movie from a special section of the PSN Store (complex I know) 2) Same as #1 for games 3)Somehow embed the themes (or at least wallpaper) you’re giving away right into the kick awesome artwork we get each month. A few of the wicked AWESOME (insert heavy metal air guitar solo here) Brutal Lengen art stills would make terrific wallpapers 4) have an embedded section – Qore Forum where us game geeks can discuss the latest Qore episode…possible even launch into a Qore Clubhouse in home with Qore content/chapters on different vid screens with corresponding areas to aggregate and discuss 5) Easter eggs just for the fun of it! 6) More episodes like 16. You’re right on, it is EPIC. I freakin love learning about the business and tech side just as much as playing. Amazing Uncharted 2 footage – You will NOT find this content and behind the scenes look anywhere else. Technology and Gameplay segment…Bravo!

  • Excuse my spelling mistakes. Writing haphazardly on the sofa and am way past my bedtime!

  • how can i subscribe?

  • Is it just me? The Uncharted 2 theme wasn’t a “Theme” at all…just one crappy wallpaper. I was so looking forward to this when I got home and it just sucked!! What a disappointment.

    The Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune one is a theme…this is just wallpaper….

  • Hi. ^^
    It’s my first comment.

    Well, I’ve been invited to partecipate in the exclusive MAG Beta Test, because I’m a QORE subscriber.
    I don’t know much about the beta tests… So, is there a place, like a forum, where I have to write my impressions, report bugs and what else?
    And, what are “Beta Test hours of operation”? Uhm… General meetings?

    Sorry for these probably banal questions.. :(

  • I just noticed that my notifications were set to off, so now that I turned them on am I going to get the MAG beta code or did I miss out?

  • #172

    I am also wondering this as well. Afraid I won’t end up getting one since I had the notification off.

  • @DeflagrationLord once you are actually in the beta you will get an email telling you how to get to the forum and bug report page….basically if you are in it already there should be a beta link in the top right corner of any playstation.com page under you login info

    found out for sure that the Dirt 2 demo is the same as the one currently in the store….dropped the ball on that one.

    I too am curious to find out if I can pass along my invite code from QORE to a friend seeing as I am in the Closed beta already…also if you can share it like the uncharted 2 beta..through account sharing of course

  • hello to all of you… i got a big problem.. i hope someone can help me…
    i subscribed to qore today for a annualy subscription… my mail box was accidentaly full and i didnt get the confirmation mail and the core beta key !! what can i do ??

  • im worried i subscibed to QORE in agust of 2009 am i garunteeded a beta invite cuz if so ihave not recieved one yet sryy if my spellin is bad

  • Do you people actually read the details or just the titles? Come on, don’t be so lazy.

    “Finally, you asked for it, and we’ve got it! Qore annual subscribers are invited to the MAGPublic Beta scheduled to start on September 17. All current subscribers will be sent voucher codes for the MAG Beta test coming later this month.”

    Not only that, at least 10 people replied and said code would be email LATER this month.

  • well sorry this was my first comment and i wasnt sure because people were saying they already got there invites but thnx for the info

  • I’m a qore subscriber but I can’t download the new episode, why??
    When I check on the playstation store, its says I should check my download list, it should be there, but I can’t find it??

  • I was wondering when we are going to be getting the codes before or on the 17th for the beta?

  • ok i got my annual qore last sep. and i cant find anywhere to renew it?? anyone that can help thx

  • or do i still get it so i wont need to renew?

  • How do I subscribe to qore? I dont see the option on the psn store.

  • Won some money at the casino Tuesday night!! What did I spend it on? How about another Playstation 3, a couple of games, quite a bit of stuff on the PStore, including QORE. I had been wanting to buy a qore subscription for quite some time, this MAG beta invitation did it for me, bummed out about the High Velocity Bowling though, seeing as how i Already own it, how bout next episode we could get either a “Any PS1 Game Coupon You want” or Crash Bandicoot. Holla back. LoL Thanks Sony! Smaller Ps3 is AMAZING.

  • Another day one Qore subscriber here, and totally stoked for the M.A.G. invite. I was hoping for the early closed beta one, but as long as I know that I’m in. Keep up the great work!

  • When is the 1.6 patch coming for Socom Confrontation? Also who do I contact to let them know of issues to correct?

  • I wasn’t opted in for emails from Sony when I subscribed to Qore today, but I just did. Will I still get my Mag beta??

  • i just got the subscription today and i cant wait for MAG

  • Ok im not sure how this whole thing is going on but i got QORE just last month so i received QORE 15 and 16 already but i have not gotten any emails about the voucher for MAG BETA when are they supposed to be sending those and one more question i dont completely understand the whole Master Account and Sub Accounts thing on my playstation 3??

  • I need your help very badly Kevin Furuichi. Does the PSN master account receive the beta code invitation or the sub account that bought and downloaded the the Qore subscription? please answer I worked so hard to try and get into this beta thank you very much for your time sir.

  • Hi, where do you subscribe to qore?

  • sweet! best thing I’ve bought this year!

  • its the 17th and no code yet. time is 530am

  • yea I bought the year worth of qore this month for the MAG beta and I got to say im quite impressed with qore. Have they sent out the codes yet cause i’ll still havnt seen mine yet

  • I bought my subscription to the full year of Qore on Sept 17 and I have not received any code yet. Has anyone that subscribed on the same date gotten a code yet?

  • I bought a yearly subscription to Qore on Sept 17 and haven’t received a code yet. Has anyone that bought a sub on the same date
    gotten a code yet?

  • I haven’t got my MAG invite yet. Waiting is hard, not even sure do I get it, because I purchased QORE annual subscribe 17th September. I really want MAG beta, it’s the best game ever!

    My question: Am I getting the invite? =(

  • great games….cant w8 to get my hands on them!

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