Epic Qore Episode 16 – Featuring UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo with Jay Leno, PSPgo and Brutal Legend

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This is an epic episode of Qore. Simply one of the best.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, the most highly-awarded game of E3 2009, is our focus this month, and we’ve got in-depth and exclusive coverage – Veronica Belmont goes behind-the-scenes of picturesque Skywalker Ranch to witness the final soundtrack recording session with composer Greg Edmonson and sits down with Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig to discuss her devoted and innovative approach to this sequel. We also dive deep into the technology that brings this world to life.

Gran Turismo is coming to the PSP on October 1, and players will immediately recognize the distinct voice of Jay Leno in the game’s introduction. Correspondent Audrey Cleo meets the late night legend for an exclusive Qore interview from his world famous garage. From his first ’55 Buick Roadmaster to the ’09 Corvette ZR1, don’t miss this look a Jay’s amazing collection.

Veronica also takes the new PSPgo out for a test drive into the real world before exploring the heavy metal inspiration of Double Fine’s Tim Schaefer, creator of the epic rock and roll adventure game Brutal Legend.

Finally, you asked for it, and we’ve got it! Qore annual subscribers are invited to the MAGPublic Beta scheduled to start on September 17. All current subscribers will be sent voucher codes for the MAG Beta test coming later this month.

Here are the specifics:

  • If you are not a current subscriber, you can still get in on the Beta if you subscribe or renew on or before September 17.
  • The MAG Beta is open to subscribers only, not to single episode purchasers.
  • All Beta invitations are restricted to persons 18 years and older.
  • We must have your current, valid e-mail address on file.
  • You must be opted in to receiving communications from PlayStation.
  • Vouchers will be sent to the e-mail associated with the PSN account that purchased the Qore subscription, not to any sub-accounts.

You can update your e-mail address and check your notification preferences via your profile on PS.com or on the PS3 itself under Account Management Information. Be sure that you have “opted in” to receive our communications.

Like I said, this September episode is epic:

  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves expanded coverage
  • Jay Leno and Gran Turismo PSP
  • Our PSPgo update
  • Brutal Legend with Tim Schaefer
  • MAG Beta invitation
  • UNCHARTED 2 theme
  • DiRT2 demo

Look for Episode 16 tomorrow.

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10 Author Replies

  • Yes! #1!

    I should really subscribe to Qore…


  • BOUGHT IT TODAY, love HVB! Thanks. that was a surprise to me. MAG BETA MAG BETA keep me happy.ten billionth.

  • Still not much that we haven’t already seen, not really worth a buy.

  • MAG beta code is the kicker here, I signed up for Qore just for that + the hope to get into future Betas.

    Isn’t the Dirt2 demo already on the PS Store? Could be wrong, I thought it was.

  • Freackin sweet!!!! cant wait for the beta!!

  • *sigh* I really thought that was referring to Gran Turismo 5 at first.

  • ahh i wish qore was in the eu :( no mag beta for me :(

  • i already have to dirt 2 demo

  • Sounds awesome!

  • This episode of Qore is truly EPIC! This month is the last of my subscription but I will be renewing, Qore has really grown and is reaching its potential.

  • What a exciting episode. I am a Qore-whore.


  • I really want to resubscribe to qore.. it ended last month and i haven’t been contacted by email to resubscribe and actually haven’t got any qore email for months now regarding qore.. Also within the PS store i don’t see an option to subscribe or resubscribe.. how do i do it?

    • Make sure your Master account email address is up-to-date AND you’re opted in to receive marketing messages from us. You can update the notifications on your PS3 or online at PlayStation.com under My Profile, Notication Preferences. If your last episode of your subscription was last month’s August Episode 15, you wouldn’t be able to see a Subscription thumbnail icon in the PlayStation Store until today. Hope that helps.

  • Im already in the beta.
    Do i have to subscribe to stay in it?
    Please be honest.

  • I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s update won’t have a single thing for me.

  • Should i annually subscribe to qore or is it to late. Really want that beta. hope fully i make it to LBP water beta though

  • ^^ actually also i havent been receiving ANY emails regarding any Playstation stuff in a LONG time.. like 4+ months… im using an aim.com email account is there anything i should know?

  • The Dirt 2 demo thing is laughable, you can download it for FREE from the European Playstation Store. Nice try SCEA, but people won’t fall for those tricks ;-)

  • So..In light on the recent firmware 3.0 update and the addition of animated XMB themes, my question is:

    Is the free Uncharted 2 theme an animated theme or just a regular one?


    • It\’s a regular theme. We hope to bring you animated themes as our partners allow. And, yeah, they are pretty cool.

  • Awesome, I’ve been a QORE subscriber since day 1, worth every penny, MAG Beta FTW!!! :D

  • No exclusive demos or anything? They could’ve at least had a exclusive dynamic theme for Qore subscribers (not the Afrika theme as that is already free in JPN). MAG beta isn’t that exciting and it has been going on before Qore. It just seems like Qore is getting worse and so far I plan on never subscribing to it again.

  • Is that Uncharted 2 theme Dynamic!??! PLEASE SAY YES!!!


  • Awesome!

  • why not open beta 2 single episode purchase? Sony u guys coud get a quick 2.99 from everyone but hey no worries u guys r still awesome!!

  • Wow Jay Leno endorsement.

  • Really looking forward to this one. Even more so, hoping the e-mail actually arrives. Yeah, I’m one of those people who haven’t been getting their e-mails from the PSN…but the mailer for the last Qore episode did show up, so here’s hoping the problem is fixed!

  • Please release the Uncharted 2 soundtrack on the PS Store at a later date. I’m sure it will be awesome!

  • I hate how the PSPgo has no media remote. I’ve gotten quite used to using one, and I consider it an essential PSP accessory. This alone makes me not want to get one (plus I already have a PSP). I’m interested to see Veronica go out and use the PSPgo. If the screen is visible in daylight, it very well may be worth getting.

  • When is the BETA over cuz i cant get only till the 24

  • online

  • im a day 1 buyer of qore and am glad i bought both yearly subscriptions even w/o the betas just the free games i recieved throughout has repaid for it and prob both years at that or close

  • sweet anoter qore beta invite woohoo grand turismo for the psp looks so sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yet again EU get screwed.

    No GOW collection …. awful prices…. no qore style programme.

    It’s like I try to give SONY my money but they won’t let me!!!!!

  • I want my Audrey Cleo Dynamic Theme!

  • YAWN… got into MAG on my own without paying a useless subscription. Fluff the pot a lil more and more people would consider it.

  • Uncharted 2 is indeed looking unbe-freaking-lievable, but… PSP… outdoors… where “we” play it? Who would “we” be because the only place I’ve found the thing to be playable is indoors or under incredibly dim outdoor lighting, such as in a swamp under a canopy of thick trees and foliage.

    @ onlineatron

    The EU PlayStation Blog was created specifically so you could throw around such false accusations WELL away from us. Get lost, take a look at your blog, and I mean ACTUALLY look around, and you’ll see that you get plenty of perks of your own. Either way, go complain there.

  • The MAG Beta is pretty cool (I am in it now). I am also interested to see how the PSpgos screen handles being out in the sun. I am also looking forward to seeing more details ti Uncharted 2.

  • Does the expanded Uncharted 2 info include a date for the multiplayer preorder beta?

  • hahahahha. DiRT 2 demo hahaha.

    Is the uncharted 2 theme a dynamic one?

  • Anyone else notice it says restricted to people 18 and older? D:

  • mmmm Uncharted 2……

    Who cares about the PSPsnow-your-customers-over … I mean PSPgo.

  • Nice episode. you guys should really include dynamic themes now. I would definitely buy it.

  • Make a core episode with a Firmware that feels right with a friend list that doesn’t look atrocious and I’ll buy it right away and pay four times the price of the annual subscription for core just for that single episode!

    It’s a incredible deal for your guys that love a 2.99 thingie ;)

  • Dirt 2 demo? What good is that? Its already available in the store. Least in the UK which anybody can get. I was hoping for another free PSOne Classic.

  • So is the Uncharted theme….

  • omg please tell me the Uncharted 2 theme is DYNAMIC!!!!!!!! PLEASE I WOULD SO BUY IT!!

  • If you are already in the private beta, do you stay in it or get kicked out if you don’t subscribe?

  • Kevin, you should teach Eric how to communicate on the blog.

    Here’s why you should get a Qore annual subscription:

    1) @$25, it’s half the price of xbox live gold
    2) You get at least $10 worth of free games during the year, if not more
    3) You get insider content. You belong to an exclusive club. Cool and cool.
    4) You get 2-3 beta codes a year! You get to try games before the general public, get to be part of the dev process and most importantly get to figure out if you want to pre-order or not. Usually, you need to wait for the launch date to get the demo.
    5) You get extra classic and experimental games to play with the Qore application. These are fun little sidebars.

    Get it now.

    • Nice summary of the benefits. Would you like to write next month\’s post? Thanks for the loyalty and support.

  • best qore in awhile

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