SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta coming tomorrow

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As we mentioned last week, the eagerly-anticipated (understatement of the year) SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta is less than a day away. Just in case you missed this recent message on, and so you don’t furiously, continuously refresh your inbox at midnight – bringing Gmail to its knees – here’s SCEA’s Seth Luisi with the rundown:

We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience of the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta delay. However, I am happy to say that everything has now been worked out and the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta will go live in North America tomorrow for anyone who has preordered at GameStop/EB GAMES. You must be registered for the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta using the instructions provided on the GameStop/EB GAMES SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta voucher to get your SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta code.

Assuming you’ve already registered, here is what to expect. At around 10am Pacific Daylight Time, e-mails containing the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta PSN codes will start going out in bursts. The e-mails will start arriving at e-mail in-boxes throughout the day. The e-mail will be sent to the PSN login e-mail address you provided when you registered for the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta. To redeem the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta PSN code, use the following steps:

* Go to the PLAYSTATION Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION 3 XMB (XrossMediaBar).
* Select “Account Management.”
* Select “Transaction Management.”
* Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION® Network Card or Promotion Code.”
* Enter the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta code which you received in the e-mail.
* Click “Continue.”
* The download will be available on the next screen.
* Redeem and download your own SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta client first, then give the code to two other friends.

I look forward to seeing you all on-line in the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta.

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  • Not many ‘digg’ers on here.

  • Thanks for the post.

    I’m a Qore subscriber and although I’d like to give this a try at Beta time, I really don’t mind a week wait…just hope it’s not more than that though.

  • At all the people saying oh the qore people are not buying the game and thats why they should wait a week, if i really wanted to i could go preorder the game, get in the beta and then just get a refund … so sony gets $0 from you, where as from someone from qore they get from 2 to 3 dollars that is non-refundable.

    And its not that we don’t want to buy the game, i mean its SOCOM i’m obviously gonna buy it. And even if i wasnt a fan, i could get a headset and then just sell the game. The point is i paid money directly to sony under the impression that i would get the beta the same day as everyone else. And when iwent to pre-order they told me they ran out of codes, which i didn’t understand, so I didn’t bother pre-ordering, why let EB make interest off my money, seeing as they’re one of the major problems with gaming these days (shotty service and workers that know nothing).

    Honestly where are the sony reps? why haven’t they responded to anyone yet. Looks like they don’t have a substantial enough reason to explain for the week wait either.

  • I bought and paid for my Socom Confrontation Bundle the first day that you could.

  • I hope they send an invite to me…

    Have you a beta invite for Fersis ?
    (Thats me)

  • @40

    The premise of Qore was to get exclusive access to demos and beta invitations. When the first episode was released, the promise was exclusive access to the SOCOM beta. Shortly after, they changed it and said those who reserved the game would also get the beta. Thats nearly as bad as someone buying a 2:00 movie ticket then being told you have to wait till midnight.

    Key point; Qore = Exclusive access to demos and beta invitations. At the moment, the SOCOM beta is NOT exclusive to Qore members. Hence broken promise or poor description to the customers.

    I believe your definition of exclusive needs to be refreshed: “not divided or shared with others”.

    We paid for Qore, we have a right to complain if we are not happy.

  • So what about qore subscribers

  • lol @ Qore. Are you guys figuring out yet that you’ve been ripped off? $25 for some infomercials and late betas, hooray!

  • i don’t get my code what is going on

  • If SW: Force Unleashed is a success, are there any plans to do another SW game with the same engine?

    Does Haden have interest in making a game based off the original trilogy? Or -all the stuff after?-

  • I will not be renewing my Qore Subscription. This is for several reasons. I do not beleive that the content is good in the interviews, the host is useless. We end up waiting for the Demos, and you get a promo code in Playstation mag do DL them for free about a month late. I do not see any reason to jump in and download Qore on day one if the demos are still 2-3 months away. Sony needs to take Qore to pasture and chalk it up as a failed revenue source. I definatly feel like it is a let down and i was burned.

  • I was wondering when I would be getting my BETA e-mail from Gamestop. I thought I would get it first thing today. But I have had issues with Gamestop’s e-mailed promotions. I get so worried when Gamestop offers you something via e-mail for a down payment. There needs to be a new way to offer official codes on cards of some sort at the time of reservation. Here’s hoping for my code.

  • I have to agree with the other Qore subscribers here. The subscription has been a big disappointment. At least with the other official Sony endeavors, PlayStation Underground and OPM, I felt like I was part of a special group or was getting content that wasn’t available by any other means. Unless the quality and content doesn’t improve over the remainder of my subscription, I will also be canceling my subscription.


    For those of you that love to whine about so called exclusive beta invites from Qore, read the whole article and it even tells you SPECIAL beta invites not EXCLUSIVE beta invites. Maybe you all should learn to read the whole article before you buy something and expect to get something you are not promised.

  • where is my beta key?? i havent got it yetttttttttt ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I have to agree. If it was told from the beginning that we Qore subsribers would get a late Beta invite fine but dropping it on us late isn’t a good move.

    I will get SOCOM but if I can get into Beta without pre-ordering the I prefer that.

  • Qore is pretty neat, i like to stay up to date on whats coming out soon and more info like behiends the scene stuff, i still miss the original playstation magazine.

  • @50 THATPSPGUY: “@ Quore people, you have to wait a week because the rest of us are BUYING THE GAME AND YOU ARE NOT!”

    First, it’s QORE not QUORE…

    Excuse me, the whole reason I bought QORE in the first place was because of the announcement of the exclusive SOCOM beta. Just because I have not placed my reservation YET (the game isn’t even out yet) does not mean I am not buying the game. While others prefer to purchase their game from other outlets than GameStop or EB.

    To assume that people are not going to buy SOCOM simply for being Qore subscribers shows how ignorant you truly are.

    I believe the more hardcore fans paid for Qore just to see behind the scenes footage bout development, download a SOCOM Theme, and receive Beta access. You are only getting the game. For your information – I AM buying the game along with my Qore 13 month subscription. Maybe you missed what SCEA advertised Qore to be about. Stop trying to explain for Sony, you don’t know squat.

    “…an exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation theme with an invitation to the SOCOM: Confrontation beta…”

  • Doesn’t say exclusive SOCOM beta. Read the whole article special beta invites not exclusive Get over it

  • @66 ou814me:

    Maybe you should read the whole page before pasting a link to something that makes you look uninformed.

    “…an exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation theme with an invitation to the SOCOM: Confrontation beta…”

    That line, as I stated in an earlier post, could be considered a broken promise OR poorly worded description. You decide.

    I for one will be getting the Beta tonight from a friend who reserved the game – as long as he gets his email. Though I still agree that special privileges of Qore members should include same day access – how else can Sony sell the media better?

    I suspect you did not buy Qore, like the rest of the HardQore gamers.

  • OK.. Usually I don’t complain about having to wait for something… But that’s usually because I’m waiting for something that I’m getting for free.

    I paid for two Qore episodes and just bought an annual subscription last night. Why do we have to wait longer? We should be getting into the beta at the same time as everyone else. Either way Sony is getting some money, either via the sale of the game (preorder) or via Qore.

    I love you, Sony, you’re treating us hardcore gamers with respect unlike the other big two… but seriously, what the hell? Qore isn’t exactly a mindblowing experience, most of the content is rehashes of stuff you can find on GameTrailers (still questioning why I bought a subscription last night) — the guaranteed betas sweeten the deal but if we’re going to be treated like second class citizens because we bought into a new form of media… well, that’s just BS.

  • Apparently you can read it any way you want. It says exclusive theme, not beta. You still get it just 1 week later. OMG are gonna be OK little buddy?

  • @redgopher:

    Well stated; Second Class.


    Stop posting about Qore, you obviously did not read the article and do not understand the frustration with treatment of the Qore members. So scram.

  • And yes, I was well aware that Qore members have to wait for access — that doesn’t make it any less unfair.

    We’re buying into something that Sony says is supposed to make us leet (sigh, I’m sorry I used that word… it just kind of, you know, wrote itself… bad hands, bad!) — but instead we’re second only to the regular joes who go and preorder stuff when the Gamestop guy asks them to.

  • still no one’s been able to give a reasonable explanation to why qore is getting it a week late. I never expected to get it exclusively as some of you people think. I just assumed I would get it at the same time.

  • Did read the whole article, twice as a matter of fact. Maybe you guys need reading comprehension classes or something. Why is it some gamers have act like two year olds? I want it and I want it now!!!!!!! It’s not fair someone else is going to play it first!!!!

    Really grow up and try to act like an adult. I know it is difficult, but I mean come on it’s just a game.

  • Simple question:

    How many Qore subscribers bought it because of SOCOM? Say “I”.


  • @ou814me:

    Look, this is the last time I try and explain something to someone so simple minded.


    Until you pay for Qore, you have no say. What-so-ever. I am only arguing on the side of people who believe they were misinformed or mistreated. I agree with them. I am not crying about not getting a game… Maybe YOU need reading comprehension classes or something.

    Say what ever you want, I’m done with you. I’ve said my peace to you and everything else is directed to Sony and anyone else I address.

  • @ all who bought Qore and are up upset at Sony. (I bought Qore aswell)

    1. Yes they mislead us
    2. Yes it sucks

    BUT – If you really can’t wait one week for Beta go pre-order it!!!!!!!!!!

    I know some people really get worked up but come on guys take it easy.

  • You guys are morons,use your heads.The week wait is likely a easy way to alleviate stress on the UNTESTED servers,get half the beta people on and downloaded one week,fill in the rest a week later,like really,its common sense for any technologically minded person.

    What i’m more concerned with is what we do if our emails block these incoming codes for w/e reason.

  • I PREORDERED SOCOM (I can provide my order number etc.) and I was not given a code…im pretty upset about this…I called gamestop and pretty much said I was sol…messed up!

  • Nynja says:

    “Until you pay for Qore, you have no say.”

    Well Iguess I have as much say as you do since I paid for the annual subscription. Maybe you should go somewhere else. I am quite happy with Qore, and I am also entitled to my opinion. Which of course is you and others like you would not be happy if you actually got what you want. If you know you want the game, then pre-order.

    And as far as simple minded, you go right ahead and be that way.

  • I got my beta key. 1.5 gig file. 90% done in only 15 minutes. Can’t wait to play.

  • @scorpio

    Sony did not mislead you. You neglected to read the print. They outright said that with a Qore subscription, you would be able to play the SOCOM demo, but not until September 12th (was Sept. 8th) The Sept. 1 (now Sept. 5) beta release was ONLY for those who pre-ordered the game.

    This was yours and anybody elses inability to completely read what was put before you.

    Don’t believe me?

    Reread the post.

  • @74,
    The Late beta Access only adds the icing to the cake. The qore girl seems like she is being fed lines from a geek off camera. The whol thing is pretty shallow as an experience. Couple that with the fact that qore can be downloaded for free via a code in the back od Playstation Magazine (You get the qore from the prior month) i see no reason to continue the Subscription. If they provide MORE content and some crazy Japanese kid with Spiked hair, i might be more inclined. I am trying to save anybody the let down and $$ out of pocket for an anual sub, which could buy PJ Eden, Stardust, and The last Guy for the same Price and have WAY MORE Pay Off. 30.00 is not enough to make a difference, i lose more running through the rain, but some kids may blow their entire allowance/lawnmowing $$ on this and get less than expected value.

  • @82
    As a technical person, i am sure you can think of at least one technical reason an E-mail may not get into your In-box…..

  • First impression, wow does this game sport some serious lag. Might have been the server I was connected to, but damn.

    Once I finally got into a game (after waiting 5 minutes to load) you had a hard time understand some people while some you could hear really well. Controls seemed alright.

    Then, I got killed. When I went to respawn, the game completely froze up my Playstation. Had to hit the power button in the back to restart.

    Thankfully this is just beta. If this were the final product, I would be pissed.

  • @86 bear0402:

    That post was -after- they released Qore and users had already purchased. So, try again.

    Too bad they did not release that info prior to including it with Qore. That would have been acceptable.

  • @88
    Clearly your not,as if you were you would know that they really is no logic to most email systems filters.

    And #90,never EVER turn your system off with the back button again,you can brick the whole thing.If your system locks up again just put your finger on the on,off……touch thing and hold it there until the system reboots.

  • Somebody please hook me up with a code I just grabbed a ps3 and I dont have any games to play so I gotta some how get it.

  • @92
    I’ll keep that in mind.

    Go pre-order the game or get Qore.


    Did not know that. Probably because I am not a Qore subscriber. My apologies.

  • Got the code. Started to play. This game sucks in comparison to the other Socom titles. Sorry but it just doesn’t feel like Socom. The character moves a lot slower. Guns have a lot of recoil. You have to shoot way two many rounds to kill someone. Sprint doesn’t feel like a sprint. Thanks for the hard work Slant, but I think you guys tried to hard to reinvent this game.

  • at people saying people are just paying for ads, laugh at xbl members, they pay much much more for ads that it’s jus hilarious

  • I love the idea of sharing codes, allows you a chance to play with people you know and introduce the game to others that wouldn’t have played before! Sadly, I’ll have to wait until the Qore invite comes along, less someone wants to share with me! PSN names the same as here, feel free to add me!

  • anyone get the code yet? I am still waiting on mine.

  • send me a code!!!


  • Ouch. The graphics in this game are pretty bad. It’s obvious the developers haven’t been keeping up with the current standards in shooters.

    I’ll forgive the load times and lag (as this IS a beta, first few hours), but there’s no excuse for the terrible visuals.

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