SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta coming tomorrow

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As we mentioned last week, the eagerly-anticipated (understatement of the year) SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta is less than a day away. Just in case you missed this recent message on, and so you don’t furiously, continuously refresh your inbox at midnight – bringing Gmail to its knees – here’s SCEA’s Seth Luisi with the rundown:

We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience of the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta delay. However, I am happy to say that everything has now been worked out and the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta will go live in North America tomorrow for anyone who has preordered at GameStop/EB GAMES. You must be registered for the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta using the instructions provided on the GameStop/EB GAMES SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta voucher to get your SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta code.

Assuming you’ve already registered, here is what to expect. At around 10am Pacific Daylight Time, e-mails containing the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta PSN codes will start going out in bursts. The e-mails will start arriving at e-mail in-boxes throughout the day. The e-mail will be sent to the PSN login e-mail address you provided when you registered for the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta. To redeem the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta PSN code, use the following steps:

* Go to the PLAYSTATION Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION 3 XMB (XrossMediaBar).
* Select “Account Management.”
* Select “Transaction Management.”
* Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION® Network Card or Promotion Code.”
* Enter the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta code which you received in the e-mail.
* Click “Continue.”
* The download will be available on the next screen.
* Redeem and download your own SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta client first, then give the code to two other friends.

I look forward to seeing you all on-line in the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta.

For continuous updates on the SOCOM beta, and everything else in the world of SOCOM – keep your browser pointed to

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  • WOO HOO going to be an awesome time.

  • Why do qore subscribers have to wait a week?

  • Send me a code to mi psn

  • that’s cool, it seems as this is the year of the betas, 1 question: wen do we get in (the ones that purchased qore)thank you

  • Cool. Enjoy, beta members!

  • Finally!

    1. Delayed Socom beta
    2. Home invites go out, I don’t get in(wtf?)
    3. Motorstorm 2 demo comes NEXT week

    Yeah. pretty crappy week for me :/

  • Yeah Really….. Qore members really shouldn’t have to wait… please someone explain.

  • I dont care if I have to wait as long as i get in, I assume qore users will have to wait

  • @XxBigP123xX… here here buddy. You are not alone…….

  • Jeff, why do we have to manually sync in Trophies after we earn them, why can’t they be atomatically synced at the second that you unlock them, like Achievements on the 360, once you earn it, your friends can see it at the moment, they don’t have to exit out to the dashboard and sync them, why do we have to do that, I want my Trophies to be synced the moment that I unlock them without me doing it manually, I think all the other PS3 owners would want this too, please make this happen, I don’t want Trophies to be inferior to Achievements because their’s sync atomatically and we have to do it manually. next firmware update, thanks!!!!

  • ARGH! Why did I even purchase Qore Sub when we keep getting screwed? I don’t like “supporting” the evil that is Gamestop/EB so I saw Qore as a great way to get into the Socom beta without having to go reserve with them. Sigh.

  • I hope it goes smoothly for all you guys, this type of game isn’t really my favorite, but i know it’s a big franchise for Sony..

    so i hope it rocks! fast lag-free servers, easy matchmaking and stat tracking, no bugs, all that!

    i feel like saying “i told you so” to Qore buyers unhappy about having to wait, but i think the insult of having to pay for advertisements, demos, and beta invites is injury enough…

  • well i just hope you don’t repeatedly get network error messages like a CERTAIN GAME (warhawk)

    it looks excellent though! i wish qore subscribers would get in at the same time. :(

  • WTF. I paid 4 Qore so i could get stuff early and it turns out we have to wait longer. Then today i get excited about a MotorStorm Demo only to find out i have to WAIT!!! Again. $h!%. I don’t see a reason to buy a sub next year. :<

  • A whole month of socom! No work for me tomorrow :)

  • I’m getting in on the Qore Beta! (I got my Qore beta invite thanks to the Playstation Magazine!!!! Which included a Qore download for free!)

    With out my Playstation magazine, then I probably wouldn’t experience Qore (Mainly because of the whole PSN card thing…) but, I kinda like the whole Qore experience! It’s only $3 an episode, so I think it’s worth it!

    Anyways, I’ll see all of you early Beta Testers online next week! (Have fun!)

  • @12

    tell all of this to xbl members, they pay more for ads lol

    i see you have no patience, pacific rift is only a week wait, these games in my opinion are worth the wait

  • @18 Money1

    I know only too well, i couldn’t believe it the first time i logged onto LIVE after purchasing my gold status for $50 and saw all the advertisements on every blade STILL there, and that avatars and themes actually STILL COST points/money..

    that’s why i really appreciate all the great free stuff PSN gives us every week!

    (also looking forward to the motorstorm DEMO, but i guess i have to wait a month…oh well i have more than enough gaming goodness to tide me over!)

  • What about the Qore people?

  • lol i didn’t mean to capitalize demo..




    !!!…..ooooooooooOOOOMED <—-an echo

    man it’s time to go to bed…

  • @19

    WoW, you serious? that’s retarded

  • is this socom different from the rest of them just like MGS4 they changed the targetting system?

    PSN: chang128

  • I preordered Socom for the ps3 through and I wasn’t given a code or told of anyplace I could go to redeem the code needed to get into this public beta. I called Gamestop and was told I was pretty much sh*t out of luck that they couldn’t help me… So what the hell guys?

    Can anyone on sonys end or someone in the “know” help me out regarding my apparent crap endorsed situation? I preordered the game for this demo… My online name is the one I’m currenly using to post here… Thank you for hearing me out at least…

  • I have two questions about sharing with friends.

    1. Can the two extra codes be given to anyone, or will they only work for those on your friends list?

    2. I plan to share this beta with my brother who plays on the same PS3. Will I need to use one of these codes to allow him to play on his PSN account, or will he be able to play the beta without needing a code?


  • I have the same issue as Glody. Pre-ordered instore at Gamestop and they didn’t give me a voucher. I wonder if I can just run around town to different Gamestops and find someone who will help me.

  • pooo… i have to work and won’t be able to play till 6:00 pm….

    BTW – Why do Qore subscribers (many of which who will be buying the game) have to wait a full week for beta access? Wasn’t part of the deal to get exclusive demos and beta invitations?… We should have it same day or earlier.

  • Oh boy~!

    I can play this NEXT WEEK!

    Along with the Motorstorm Demo!

    Maybe later on I can get in on that Resistance Beta I was promised too!

    …can you tell I got Qore?

    Please, stop releasing episodes of Qore that do no contain what they promise. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to re-download a 1.6gb file JUST to start it up again, and hit download on a link that should have worked when it was released, and then delete Qore again.

  • any way to get to beta test the game apart from pre-ordering from gamestop? they charge a pretty nice extra of 15$ to ship to canada (even though they got stores here…), so honestly i’d rather wait to pre-order from futureshop or bestbuy, no extra shipping charges there.
    if anyone knows a way, I’d appreciate you let me know (my PSN ID is the same as the username used here, feel free to add me and send me the info… or post it right here)


  • @29

    they do inlude what they promise, beta invitations, and just like you get invitations to parties and must wait til the actual party, qore has the invites but u just gotta wait

  • My PSN is Jangaboo

    Please anyone out there if you have an extra key can you hook me up

    Pretty please with a cherry on the top!

  • PSN: T3mpr1x
    If anyone has a code they’d like to share add me please. Don’t send me the code right away because I may have already gotten one, I’ll let you know if I could use it!

  • @JEFF,
    Hate to go off-topic, feel free to delete this later if you like, but could you see if anything is weird with my account on the blog? I seem to be stuck in a loop of logging in then going to comment and it saying I’m not logged in…Or I’ll log in and try to post a comment and am then given a 404 error, but I think it also mentions access denied, which is weird for a 404 error…

  • Can I get the Beta if I buy one of Qore Episodes now? which one? when is the final time I can buy it?

  • @35

    it’s the june issue of qore

  • I know this is unrelated, but Jeff can you answer something for me. I got a PS3 last January (07) and i was 17 at the time so i had to make a sub-account under my brothers master account and in August when i turned 18 i looked for a way to change emy sub account to a master account so i wouldn’t have to use my bros card and use my own, but to no avail, so i checked to see if i could do it again last month in August as i turned 19, but still there is no way to change a sub account to a master account (without changing or losing my online name).

    Question: in the next firmware update or something will there be a way to change this so i can finally buy stuff with my own money?

    If you can tell me anything related or if your looking into this, that would be nice.

  • @37

    is it yours or your brothers, because a master account controls everything on the console so it is only one master account per console, you can always go and change the credit card number or pay your brother back in cash

  • Looking forward too it. To bad it wasn’t at midnight. ;-]

  • Why do people continue to complain about Qore? Do you want them to give you the betas before they are ready? Do you actually think you should get into the beta before someone who pre-ordered the game? So your $25 for the Qore annual or even $3 for single issue is supposed to be better then someone elses $40-$60 that actually bought the game. Wow amazing logic.

  • So much for subscribing to Qore. I’ll definitely not re-subscribe once my subscription is up. It’s totally not worth it!!!

  • saw a couple peeps in home that were game launching this. totally jealous! i do want.i will have.


  • Thank you Sony for giving me everything I ask for any more for my PS3 :D

    As of right now I will have 5 diffent ways to get Socom Beta… 2 of which I dont have to do anything but wait from Qore and Official Playstatoin Magazine issue 11.

    and will have 3 codes from Preording the Game (Bundle headset game) ;)

    I bought the Annual Qore 13 issues and I enjoy it but yet I preorder my games from Gamestop too… I like a little bit extra from my Annual Qore Please! if you could.. Like make the ones who preorder and the ones who have the Annual Qore have there betas come out the same day!

    It would make a little more since right!

    Im not complaining just like to throw a pointer out ;)

    and Sony Thank you for my HOME invite Enjoy it very much ;)

    Your best belive Sony Cares :D

    Skater_Ricky, 8)

  • ——–

    I wonder if this is the only reason Qore was purchased by anyone? I have 2 episodes and don’t feel “they” are even worth a purchase.


  • the way I see it, qore is a digital magazine meant for the all around gamer like myself. I love qore, I wait every month for it as I do every tuesday for Xam’d. I think if a person is ONLY into shooters then he or she will be greatly dissapointed

  • Erm the demo of Pure is at least 1.6GB, just so to let you know.

    I wonder why I no longer receive mails from SCEE :-? I get mails from SCEA every week nicely in my mailbox but none from SCEE since about a month.

  • @40

    Why do people continue to complain about Qore?
    We paid for demos before others and behind the scene videos.

    Do you want them to give you the betas before they are ready?
    That makes absolutely NO sense.

    Do you actually think you should get into the beta before someone who pre-ordered the game?
    Pre-orderd as in put $5 refundable towards a game. My Qore money is NOT refundable.

    So your $25 for the Qore annual or even $3 for single issue is supposed to be better then someone elses $40-$60 that actually bought the game.
    Again…YOU can get your money back or put it towards something else. And yes, they are the ones that said we get early access to betas.

    Wow amazing logic.
    I know.

  • I’m excited for this!! But sadly, I have a 24 hour duty I just started, and a Change of Command Ceremony in a few hours. I won’t be able to start the Beta til tomorrow morning. Beware Saturday, September 6th. I will be head hunting.

  • @ Quore people, you have to wait a week because the rest of us are BUYING THE GAME AND YOU ARE NOT! Thats why you have to wait a week. Now was that really hard to understand. Why should you get the full beta when you are not even buying the game? You shouldn’t and thats why you get it a week later.

    Can’t wait for four hours from now to get my email, thats if slant six are going to let me in. If they try to keep me from the beta I WILL be calling them and my lawyer about the legal implications of keeping a paid customer out of a service. Ask the ex bank manger of the bank I go to, he tried to keep me from using my bank account and now he’s JOBLESS!

    This whole ordeal has really upset me as i am sharing 10 codes that I have so that more people (most I don’t even know) can play.

    I wish Zipper Interactive had made this.

    We’ll see just how good slant six are today I guess. Maybe I shouldn’t even bother sharing those codes anymore because I’m being shown by SS that you shouldn’t be nice to those that SUPPORT YOU!

    This is a travesty…

  • I can’t get it in this way :(

    If someone can please send me a code at my psn : Niko_9

    And I will be greatfull

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