SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta Info Revealed

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We normally wait until Saturdays to fill you in on the world of SOCOM, but with the news breaking yesterday and today – we thought you might want the goods a bit sooner. You’ve been asking about this for some time, and now we’re happy to share the info: the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation public beta deploys in September.

Those of you who purchased Episode 1 of Qore (or subscribed) will join the fray Monday, September 8th. Those of you that pre-order the full game can get started a week earlier.

Pre-order from where? How long does the beta last? How many friends can you share your beta with? (Yes, I said “share!”) The good folks at have the answers you’re looking for.

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  • Good, oh wait, I live in the UK, no beta for us.

  • hawt damn!

  • September 8th can’t come soon enough!

  • Come on, SCEE. Come on.

  • Any good news for us Europeans?

  • I called a lawyer after posting yesterday and with the withheld of the promised cards, you are doing an illegal business practice by setting up a store but not giving the mass majority access to it. THAT IS WRONG.

    I want in the Beta but I can’t BECAUSE I CAN’T BUY QUORE! Because the PSN Cards are still unavailable.


    Socom rocks and can you get in the BETA if you PRE ORDER the BUNDLE?????

    Oh yeah, to clear some things up from people who posted yesterday. A Beta is not really a Beta anymore persay, a beta nowadays is just a\basically a preview and nothing more. Usually just a stress test to see if the servers were set up properly. If these were real betas they would take a long time(closed betas).

  • @6

    “Socom rocks and can you get in the BETA if you PRE ORDER the BUNDLE?????”

    Here is a prime example of a person who DOES NOT READ!!!!

  • Sounds Good!

    Is there a deadline to when Beta passes will stop being handed out with pre-orders?

    Like can I pre-order the game the 28th OF Aug and still get in?

    Is there a limit of people for the beta?5k?10k?

  • @ 7 I was told by my local EB GAMES that you couldn’t. SO I am going on what they said.
    At least my nickname isn’t that of a fanatical CULT LEADER, I guess SOME people REALLY DON’T READ!!!!GTH!!


    hwy man, i know you have been posting here for a long time, but please calm down a bit- it would be a shame for you to get banned for being so overzealous about a point you feel passionate about!

    You can also just buy a PREPAID VISA!

    trust me, they work!

    good luck man

  • So i have this idea,(wich is revolutionary)
    What if.. one day of the week,we have a happy day, were only positive and good comments are allowed ?
    It would revolutionize the internetz ! and maybe break it too.

    What do you think Jeff ?

  • Sorry I had to Login again and say LOLZ to CULT LEADER. Anyways dude chill out. You may of misunderstood what they told you. I believe you can’t actually pre order till August 11th as it says

    “NOTE: Information will be available in stores beginning the week of 8/11. Please contact store to confirm availability.”

    I haven’t confirmed this as store are not open yet. OR maybe your store is not doing this deal.

    Anyways hope you have a non stressful day sir.

  • um ok………….i got tricked into getting qore……………….i wont be getting qore ever again……………..i want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m soooooo gonna download a moment it appears on PSN

  • Jeff if I buy Qore episode 1 today will I still be able to get into the beta?

  • #11 What are you thinking? That is like proposing a day where all of the fast food restaurants only served healthy food.

    That will never happen. Instead, we should try to do more realistic, reasonable things like inventing a cigarette that cures cancer.

  • @15
    im a dreamer …

  • Woohoo!

  • And so it begins. I will be seeing everyone online Sept 8. After Tax and Corporations class. :( ;)

  • What only 4 week’s to go. I guess I can put in for a vaction day at work now instead of calling in sick. Thank for the head’s up!!!!

  • Wow! cool, I can’t wait. Will Socom Confrontation be a PSN title as well as a blu-ray title like warhawk?

  • you can share the beta? Awesome!

  • preordered and done.. cool idea of sharing beta code… will let people have friends new to the series try to see if they like socom or not.

    Is it just me, or has this been a great week for this blog?? so far, uncharted update, lbp goodies, new qore, burnout news, and now socom beta dates etc..


    If sony is breaking some sort of law by not releasing PSN cards. Then why hasn’t Amazon been shut down? Its the same thing as the PSN store just on your comp instead of your PS3.
    Like FritZ said pre paid visa works the exact same way as a PSN card. So there is no reason why you cant use the PSN store….unless your broke like me of course.

    But back on topic…..

    This is GREAT NEWS GUYS!!!
    Thanks for the update!

    P.S. I LOVE Qore!
    Forget what anyone else says.
    Ive always love PS mags, so having a PS3 video mag with exclusive demos betas and content is the best thing since sliced bread!!

  • So I guess Qore is the end of betas for GAP members?

  • You know, I don’t mean to tell the developers how to do their jobs, but it seems to me that if any real significant changes could be made to improve the game you’d need more than a three or four weeks to work it out… I’d assume within a month of release the game would already be in production which would mean that any changes would also need to be in the form of patches, which would mean that the game would need a patch right out of the gate…

    ‘Course, in the above statement I didn’t take into account that you’ve obviously been play-testing for months upon months and a lot of the changes would likely be minor. I just worry that developers are no longer *taking advantage* of the HDD so much as *relying* on it. As such, we,the gamers, are having to upgrade our hard drives. From there the gap between consoles and PCs becomes uncomfortably narrow…

    I realize a lot of my post has been a “downer” so I’ll end on an “upper”- the game really does look good and seeing all of the different features, weapons and whatnot definitely make it look all the better. Thanks for adding yet another great experience to the PlayStation family. :D

  • @ JimmyHACK

    Right on bro…as the PS3 starts to ramp up to complete world domination.
    So dose this blog.
    Man what great times we live in!!!!

  • HA! Too bad as a Qore member this bete becomes available the same day as Spore(PC). Oh well, I’m sure I can take off a few hours of creating and use it on some destruction.

    Can’t wait to check this out.

  • great news cant wait every since i bought core episode 1 ive been wondering if they had just forgot us but it looks all good cant what to pick up the socom bundle for the offical headset

  • What about for Europeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • @29: This is the US blog, managed by SCEA.

    Shouting ‘WHAT ABOUT FOR EUROPEANS?’ here is as useful as talking to a brick wall.

    Go to the message boards for the sony eu site instead. Lots of angry people over there :)

  • BETA YES!!!

    Still debating on getting the bundle as the mic does look better then the warhawk headset.

  • one question if anyone can answer this but when you creat a character on the beta or if you even can will that name be saved for you when you buy the actual game that would suck if you had a great name on the beta but when the actual game came out it was taken

  • Hey Jeff!

    Awesome news, but am i reading this correct. Only pre-orders will be able to share the code?? Subscribers to Qore cannot share??

  • @Jeigh

    Well SCEA dose stand for Sony COMPUTER entertainment of America sooo…..yeah

    And BTW the PS3 is more of FULL range home media entertainment device then just a game box. And this is why it costs just a bit more then any other consoles.

    And if you run out of room on your HDD then you ether left every game you ever played installed on your HDD. Cuz if you got a 40gig and each game is avarage 4 gigs that 10 games. Maybe your gaming practice differs from mine but when i beat a game(normaly with in the first week i get it) if the online is not the shiz then i uninstall.
    BUT…. if you are out of room due too media (movies music ect) then your already using your PS3 like a comp and should have no prob droping $50 on a new fat HDD.Just like everyone that like to store stuff on there comp dose.

    Thank your lucky stars that we can upgrade our HDD cheaply off ebay. Unlike the other guys game box that FORCE you into buying there $200 120gig P.O.S.

  • I’m a little insulted.

    I have the game pre-ordered “AND” i subscribed for the year of Qore.

    i’m in regardless. but if i only had qore i would be pissed. it was promoted as a secondary method as opposed to say those who registered via other means.

    now those that bought qore for the socom beta are treated like third rate citizens.

    i personally think this is a bad move for Qore. in the future why buy qore for its beta’s when pre-orders or other methods get first dibs.

    its also sad to see the qore community get treated like that because they are obviously playstation network supporters and this will effect our judgment when it comes to future PSN projects similar to Qore or that involve micro transactions.

    Marketing and Promotion should rethink these decisions in the future when considering the playstation networks image.

    many comparisons are made about competing online services and this only adds fuel to the fire.

    i’m happy with my qore subscription but i’m disappointed by this news.

  • finally, soccom beta here we come


  • What about the private beta.

  • This is awesome! I can not wait…with the Socom Beta and the Resistance 2 beta…its good to be in all the betas…

  • @Scorpio..

    ya i was debating that too, i already have warhawk and jawbone2 headsets for my ps3 which work well…

    i grabbed the $60 one just for the hell of getting the “official” bluetooth headset for PS3… it is only $20. So if you can get it, if you need to save that $20 towards the plenty of other games this holiday, then save it.

  • Egyptian_American

    @ post #35

    I totally agree with you man. I only bought the Qore Episode #1 the day it came out and now i find out that i get into the beta a week later than if i just pre-ordered the game in the first place? That’s so wrong on so many levels.

    Also, do you or anyone else here know which Socom bundle i need to pre-order from Gamestop (or EB Games? Can that work too?) in order to get into the beta? Can i just pre-order the $40 dollar one?


  • Good news it is coming but delay 1 week for Qore members. Oh well, that will be just 1 more week I spend with Mercs 2.

  • Jeff! Jeff!? Jeffffff!!!

    Ugh, i couldnt wait around to find out the answer to the sharing of codes question i posed in #33. So i just went ahead and preordered… for the good of the team.

    However, that has sparked a new question. How long after preordering do i have to wait to secure the code needed to download the beta??

    Come on Jeff.. field some questions.. for the good of the team!!!

  • This is great news, I can’t wait!

  • ok it taking to long for them to show my last post so i going to do it again without a link

    ok this comment is going to be way off topic but there will never be a place to ask this question.
    @ jeff and the PlayStation blogger im sure many of you guys heard of a game called braid that came out on xbox live arcade.i have an xbox 360 but refuse to buy off the broken market place.ok this is where my question come in the developer who made braid is willing to port it to the psn but it wont be out til 09 the early and only if there is a demand from both Sony and PlayStation owner.
    @jeff my question is would sony and you like to have this game on the psn?
    @the ps blogger would u guys like to have this game hit the psn and would u guys buy it?

  • Am I the only one that really hate how beta’s are being done now a days? Back in the PS2 days I mostly got into beta’s thru the GAP (which has now become a big joke of a program). I used to have a new beta to test almost every month or so.

    Now only way to get into beta’s is to BUY something. This new Qore crap is a joke. Paying to “see” stuff we should be doing for free, which in time will probally show up on some website. Having to preorder a game to get into a beta (i had used beta’s to determine if i bought a game or not, and most of the time i did). Why would I preorder a game that i might not like just to get into beta, and then come to find out i dont like the game and get stuck paying for it.

    Let’s face it. Beta’s aren’t really beta’s anymore. They need to call them what they really are. STRESS TESTS of the servers!!

  • YAH! This is great I am gonna be in this one and the R2 beta as well. Already was in MGO beta this year. Now only if I can get into the HOME Beta and LBP beta ;). I will be firing on all cylinders this year, sweet.

  • @30 they dont listen!

  • Just a question…
    If i bought the Qore, subscribed, i will get all the exclusives “downloads/beta test” games for the next 12 months??


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