SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta Info Revealed

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We normally wait until Saturdays to fill you in on the world of SOCOM, but with the news breaking yesterday and today – we thought you might want the goods a bit sooner. You’ve been asking about this for some time, and now we’re happy to share the info: the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation public beta deploys in September.

Those of you who purchased Episode 1 of Qore (or subscribed) will join the fray Monday, September 8th. Those of you that pre-order the full game can get started a week earlier.

Pre-order from where? How long does the beta last? How many friends can you share your beta with? (Yes, I said “share!”) The good folks at have the answers you’re looking for.

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  • Europeans, just stop it. SCEE doesn’t care about you and never will. Their laziness is just embarrassing and I’d create a petition if I were you guys.

    – You pay more for the console and games
    – You get the system later
    – You get the games later
    – You are completely out of the picture when it comes to ANY news
    – is the biggest POS.
    – No access to betas
    – Your online store just sucks

    Did I mention you paid more for all of this?

  • Guard your grill!

  • @ 46 much agreed bronxchulo

    whats the point of the beta when you have to buy the same thing that the beta is being tested for if you understand me.
    the two main reasons for betas are to test them and the second to see if you like the game but when you have to buy the item that you are testing its pointless were better off having demos if thats the case and yes next time please make sure all betas are named properly server stress test

  • Nice can’t wait, a little bummed though that Qoore people have to wait a week longer then preorder people since I figured people who got Qoore are more “dedicated” PS users and would be of higher priority. That and classes start by the time I can get into the beta >_<

  • All right I am a complete noob to Socom. I seen my brothers play it and never really was impressed. But I have completely different outlook on games now so if you decide to answer my question keep those two things in mind. Is socom really worth the stuff I see a lot of you going through. And if so what is it the game. Its online play. Or both. For Ex metal gear the game is outstanding but the there’s nothing spectacular about playing online.
    But both CAll Of dutys 4’s online and offline play is amazing. So what’s the big deal.

    Ps and know I have not seen any video. Gameplay or anything period when I ask this. But will later on today

  • @30, because scee is run by retarded monkeys and nobody there listens this is the only way to talk to anybody at sony and actually get a response because believe me as far as scee are concerned the customer is the least important part of their business.

    so excuse me if we come here looking for answers.
    if scea were as useless as scee you’d go somewhere else.

    and on that note, what about europe?

  • Sweeet. Better late than never ;)

  • Arg, I called my local GameStops and no beta in yet. There going to get phone calls everyday until they say “Yes dude we have them stop calling already!!!”.

  • Unlike other betas such as Warhawk where we were actually utilized to work out serious bugs in the game months in advance, this sounds like nothing more than a publicity stunt. I think Resistance is going this route too. They might work out the last minute bugs of having so many more people utilizing servers but I really think first and foremost that they are just using this for some sales.

  • I’ve heard good things about SOCOM on Joystiq and Kotaku. Looking forward to the beta. However, still looking forward to the Resistance 2 beta MORE. GIVE! NOW! M&M NEED!

  • Can someone please tell me what’s going with the PSN friend-list? Mine is all screwed up ever since I did the 2.41 update. Messages from one friend is going to multiple other friends inbox. Sometimes it says I have a message and I really don’t. It’s extremely screwy at this point. Will this bug be fixed anytime soon? It’s driving me insane. I know I’m not the only one with this issue.

  • ATTN all idiots crying about timeframe…

    what you don’t realize is they have been doing a nice scale beta for a while now on this game and resistance.. and the public beta is both a beta to collect information and a demo for people wanting to try early..

    info collected to help the game will, and they will release updates throughout the game no doubt several times improving the experience..

    then again you guys crying honestly have no desire to play either of these games online cause you have no clue about online game components…

  • Europe?

  • #50 You’ve said what needs to be heard, although i believe that theres a surprise comin to us (europeans) at leipzieg. i to don’t think that they take good care of us (again us=europeans). everything is more expensive than what you’ll find in the US_psn_store, and furthermore we have to wait some time for it. a very good exampel, cash,gun,chaos that still havent found its way to EU. sure we can logon to a US_psn_account (and have to use false billing address) but that’ll only screw up region marketsales further, and that way we allways look unattractive as nonbuyers.

    and im aware of some of the factors that has to be considered, things like not all contries speak english as their 1.2 or third language. and that some segments need their national language, like small kids in france, denmark or spain.. and facts have showned that if ingame speach and writings are of local dialect (did’nt want to write language three times,, woops damm) titels sell better.

    and what is up with microsoft comming with a socialaspect of consoles before sony with HOME??? sure keep the development lowbudget since it’s a free service, but come on. why use so much pr. time on a never ending line of delays and excuses. it is embarresing.

    i strongly believe that i could handle EU-psn or scee better than those IMO slacking buisnessmen they have now. i just wont do live pr ;)

    sorry for the offtopicnes and missspelling. but #50 aka aaquib2 was so “on the money” IMO, and i’m danish.

  • Hi what if i purchased the yearly subscription during Qore episode 2? Does that mean i missed out on Episode 1? And does it mean i wont get the beta?

  • I pre-ordered SOCOM, I bought Qore and I was selected as a community leader at the SOCOM boards. I’m ready for the BETA :)


    You can just put your REFUNDABLE $5 deposit down on SOCOM @ GameStop, then when the beta is over and for some reason you don’t like it, can flip it to another title of your choice. If you’re entrepreneurial enough you can ride that $5 all year long between offers.

    Much cheaper and better access than your $3 a pop for buying Qore, no?

  • Ugh, this is why I’m in support of blocking europe related posts. Not only does SCEE not care about its customers, but no one in north america gives a flip about how much stuff costs in europe either. It’s like you guys come here to rant about stuff just because you have no where else to go. This is a SCEA blog and no one here has any control over when stuff comes out in europe or how much it will cost. So why do you feel the need day after day to bless us with your complaints and rhetorical questions no one knows the answers to? If you want to comment on the topic (Socom open beta, last time I checked) then great, but I could care less about your european problems.

    I couldn’t agree more. Developers are starting to use the HDD like a crutch instead of a springboard to reach greater levels of gameplay and innovation. (lame analogy, but you get the idea)

  • Thanks for the heads up Jeff.

  • Well, glad to see the Qore subscribers are getting third hand leftovers beta testing. So I basically wasted my money on that Qore episode? Great way to get people to pre-order and buy the game because most do not want to wait 8 days later if they are Qore subscribers. And Sony made a few bucks on the promised Socom beta inside that useless Qore episode.

    Great thing Gamestop makes it so easy to cancel orders. I will order it, get my code, then promptly cancel, while retaining my nice beta code. I did this for Battlefield Bad Company, and I’m glad I did, cause the game sucked. But its more of a message to say “Screw you, I am not buying a game to be in a beta.”

    Aside from the sleazy marketing techniques, that is pretty awesome the beta is a month long! How sweet is that!

  • Sweet! Awesome cool theme to boot! I hope I get in!

  • Is it still possible to get that beta code if I got Qore say, this weekend?

    I’ve been without PSN for about 1 1/2 months, and without internet for a month, and I’m setting up my router this weekend.

    Please answer this Mr. Rubenstein.

    Thank you,

  • Can’t wait for the full game.

  • So does that mean that we Qore subscribers should go back to the download section ON September 8th, or will we be able to download the file earlier?

  • Im Glade were geting our Socom beta soon :D

    I really thought something was wrong with my Qore issue 1 now I know a little more why thank you for the Update :D

    Thanks agian Skater_Ricky,

  • hey…can you guys make it possible to download new Qore episodes without having to find them in that download list? it’s a hassle for those of us that purchase/download a lot of things from the PSN.

    i think i have almost two hundred things in my download list. OR you could sort the download list by type (demo, game, add-on, other). that would help too. thanks.

  • Very disappointed over the Qore issue! You have misrepresented yourselves and milked a whole bunch of us out of $1.99! NOT COOL! It clearly says that we (Qore Subscribers) would get the beta when available, not 1 week after it is available. -1 Subscriber!

  • ok people stop agruing thatpspguy it a beta dont get mad and were suppost to be talking about how crapy the xbox is.

  • Note: If you want to play SOCOM, you need to get a mic. If you don’t, do bother playing, because it’s tactical.

  • I have to admit I’m intriged by SOCOM.

  • so another sod europe offer?
    or do we just have to wait until scee can actually be bothered to do some bloody work for us?
    in which case we’re stuffed.

  • please … i need help.

    i dont want to enter home beta.. i just want is there a way to enter PlayStation HOME in my country kuwait ?

    they said there is IP lock or region lock.
    in kuwait and we dont even have PSN Store :/

    please i would like to know r we gonna enter PlayStation home just like the other region.. i’ll be thankful my friends.

  • @68, and we couldnt care less whether or not you can stand hearing our complaints.
    for the record we cant stand the way a sony company dumps on it’s most loyal customers the way scee do and as this seems to be the only place where people at sony actually interact with their customers then as long as scee are still being run by retarded monkeys you’ll just have to put up with it.
    that being said feel free to complain about my complaints all you like, doesnt bother me in the slightest.
    you dont tell me what to say and i wont tell you what to say, i thought you yanks believed in freedom of speech anyway.

  • My only question is how will the one such as myself that have pre-ordered the game from Gamestop will get their chance to join the beta? will there be a voucher or something to that affect? We would really like to know the answer cause I got pretty pumped up once I read that on the blog last night.

  • I can’t wait! Hopefully they don’t push this back too.

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