Introducing Qore: Taking you behind the curtain with PlayStation

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Today we are announcing that Qore: Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network, a highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program covering the world inside PLAYSTATION is on its way to PS3. Qore has been developed to give PS3 users early access to game related content at a level of quality, interactivity and depth. Everything is filmed in HD. Qore will feature exclusive news, developer interviews, in-depth game previews and behind-the-scenes looks at PlayStation games and special access to game demos, special beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content.


Our premier episode will be available on Thursday, June 5. The premier episode includes in-depth exclusive and never-before released content on upcoming PlayStation titles such as SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Secret Agent Clank, Soul Calibur 4 and Afro Samurai, as well as the latest Blu-ray Disc trailers, an exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation theme with an invitation to the SOCOM: Confrontation beta, art galleries and other surprises. We also know that many of you are big fans of Veronica Belmont, the widely-known host of numerous online video programs and podcasts and an avid gamer, so we’ve chosen her to be your host.

To get Qore, simply log onto PSN and go to the PLAYSTATION Store, as you would purchase any other form of downloadable content. Once the single Episode or annual subscription is purchased, that month’s episode will be downloaded under the “Game” heading on the Cross Media Bar (XMB). Users who purchase the “Qore Annual Subscription” will notice only that month’s episode is available to download. The following month, the new episode will automatically appear in your download list. The introductory price for Qore is $2.99 for a single episode and $24.99 for an annual subscription of 13 episodes, using your PLAYSTATION Network wallet.

As Peter Dille mentioned in a previous PLAYSTATION Network post, the broader service and community initiatives launching on the PLAYSTATION Network this year such as Qore, PlayStation Home and the Video Download Service are all evidence of our dedication to delivering an all-encompassing entertainment experience for PS fans. Qore is the first in a series of planned original programming specifically created for the PLAYSTATION Network community and we hope you enjoy it.

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  • Its nice to hear about this service. I’ll definitely be on this episode for the Socom Confrontation. Too bad I won’t be getting this on Thursday, since I’ll be working at the Belmont Stakes. Guess I’m gonna have to download this when I get back this Sunday. Thank You Sony and Susan Panico!!

  • You know it’s coming: “What about In-Game XMB? Should we look forward to this too before 2010?”

  • “Special access to game demos, special beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content.” I’m In!

  • whatisdelicious

    At first I was a little bummed that this was going to cost that much, but as long as you guys keep the quality of the show and content high and make sure there’s enough to justify the cost, then this is absolutely a great idea and one that separates the PS3 from the 360, which is what we need. Well, that and more music visualizations.

    Oh, and I really hope that the June 10 in-game firmware update rumor is true.

  • I am not so sure how to feel about this!! I mean PSN was free but slowly they are starting to charge for everythng….

  • Sounds pretty awesome. Will this be related to Firmware 2.4???

  • Hello, this is a fantastic idea, however i have a question. You do realize that by making this costly, some people will record the show off their screen and upload them online..what can you do to prevent this?
    Good day and thank you for bringing lovely veronica.

  • Oh come on Sony, charging for what is essentially a video podcast with a few extras. You have a great opportunity to promote the Playstation platform with this product by making it a free program that appears on every PS3 owners XMB.

    Its a slippery slope when you start charging for demos, betas and themes I guess the free ride is almost over.

  • Looks good. I hope there is a lot of content and hours of new things to watch i.e. like feature, reviews and interviews. Just hoping it’s not a 5 min job :P

  • Sounds cool! Is it coming to europe?

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    @ 7) The episode Qore is just one of the features..

    All these: “and special access to game demos, special beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content.”

    you can’t have without your account related to it.

    @ Playstation Blog:

    1) Is it one episode a week?
    2) How long is an episode?
    3) Will this be available in Europe? ( err.. why do i know the answer already :( )

    • @Stinkin Mushroom
      Qore is a monthly program, it ranges from 1-2 hours total length, but you control what you watch and when.

  • I love it. GOOD JOB SONY!! Playstation needs something like this. It’ll definitely make the PSN feel more like a community.

  • hey, if it makes the PSN better, w/ more demos and extra content then (I hate to say it) but I’ll do it. Just take it out automatically. 25 dollars once a year isn’t bad at all. Better yet, just make the whole Network cost 25 dollars. Just charge once a year because the last couple of updates makes no sense to be that pathetic. However, Sony needs to figure out what nintendo’s doing to keep their network totally free. Guess I have mixed emotions. But, I must say, I’ll pay the 25 dollars for better content. All I ask is that you not have us paying 25 dollars and give us the performance you gave up the past 2 weeks in a row.

  • better bring prepaid cards to europe… and not again something that users with no credit card can’t use

  • the service is a great idea, but the annual fee i think is waaay too much for digital only content. I think $16-18 is more fair

  • Great… Looks like SCEE are looking more and more backward.

    The chances of us getting something like this in europe are obviously…

    When will the prepaid cards come out so i can start giving my money to the divison of SCEA that actually deserves it.

    SCEA can’t you just nuke david reeves and start running things in europe? Please?

  • This is FANTASTIC news!

    The PlayStation 3 is a next-gen console, and it makes sense to deliver news/demos/etc in an interactive way. Qore is basically a program magazine of the future. It’s really great news and it will help build the PlayStation 3 community. Keep PS3 users coming and you will have a massive worldwide captive audience.I just have two questions.

    1) Any chance of Qore being delivered weekly?
    A month is a long time to wait in the fast paced world of gaming. The xbox equivalent although basic comes 4x a month.

    2) Will Qore have a menu?
    So that you can jump to the section you want.


    • Yes, Andronix, you navigate through Qore to get to the content that you want to see, in the order you want to see it.

  • Sorry.
    I missed the part where it says you have to pay?! Are you having an almighty laugh?

    Sony advertise that the PSN is free in comparison to the Xbox live service. However paying for Qore is almost the same as a Live subscription in the USA. I know Qore is optional, but ‘Xbox Inside’ is weekly on the 360. This is paying for the PSN by stealth.

    Also, i bet enterprising PS3 users will just put the program on the net so not many will pay to download.


  • I get my lies from Sony for free. I don’t see a need to pay for them.

  • It sounds like a very cool idea, to me Socom beta test is worth it alone. I just hope the quality of the show and content it provides are really exclusives. I am sold atm!!

  • I’ll be picking up a subscription

  • I’d certainly love to get a subscription on this. But will I? That’s the question, do you want my euro, Sony? Because I ain’t giving you dollars.

    I understand why some people would get upset, but I wouldn’t mind paying. Beta access for $/€24.99 a year? No problem.

  • That price thing makes me uneasy. I wouldn’t want any sort of supply of current PSN content to get shifted into this subscription based set up you guys seem to be making.

    There should be some sort of deal that makes this free for a little while as a trial offer so we can see what this really has to offer.

    If this brings me Suikoden … I’m all for it.

  • Sounds like just another reason to use use money on my US PSN account instead of my EU one.

  • its great, and yes you should charge for this, and i don’t think the price is bad. mostly because you have givin us a choice of how we would like it. its best to watch it on the ps3 cause you won’t have control of it if you watch some bootleg on the net. its awesome, my only question is will we get a preview of what each epsiode will be about before we buy it. I mean dude some mags cost more a year than this and they don’t come with beta access. THE ULTIMATE EZINE

  • This would of been something interesting if not for the cost. And do not mistake me for a cheapskate but an interactive magazine directly from Playstation Network sounds a lot like paying for propaganda.

    I really like the idea of subscriptions services on PSN but I have to wonder how honestly critical this Qore is going to be. We do not pay for Major Nelson’s weblog and podcast, which is somewhat similar from what I see right now.

    If third parties did this and were allowed to be openly and properly critical, perhaps something similar from 1UP based on Playstation, an online OPM, then I could see it being worth paying for.

  • Sony this is a very sad day! I can’t believe you are going to charge us for this! PSN is free my ASS!

    Looks like the free ride is definitely over. Sony how about giving something back to your loyal public for all the support we have given you and the PS3 even after all the broken promises and delays!

    Very very disappointed!

    I don’t hold out any joy from those jokers at Sony Europe!

  • As someone else asked: does this apply to US only? Also: will the free content on PSN suffer because of this? If yes on any on the questions above then I’m sad. Otherwise, I’m glad!

  • quick question regarding “Qore”
    how is going to affect the upcoming closed beta of SOCOM? is this for the open one?

    DO we NEED to buy Qore? to download the beta?

    im confused…if so this is a cheap shot because PsN catd aren’t still out…

  • Will this feature or a feature like it appear on the euro store? i know you mainly focus on the US market, but this is something i would be intressed in getting if it was available on the Euro store.


  • Question being that the new episodes will be available once a month, will the episodes appear the first Thursday in every month??

  • Sounds nice, it gives you exclusive access to things, Ive never heard of any podcast on the internet doing that. And magazines cost half as much as this does and guess what? They have late news, not in HD, not videos and not barely exclusive.

    @PhilBZ stop crying its not like they all of a sudden started charging for psn.

  • im all over this!

  • …and then you’ll be charging to play with “dedicated servers”

    you have to keep the PSN access FREE!!!

  • Everyone calm down.
    PSN online gaming is still FREE, and thats what mathers.

    This is an optional cost for exclusiv news.
    If this coming to Euro I might watch it :)

    But I agree that the first episod should be free to let everyone make up the mind.

  • Sounds nice but I’m not so sure about the charge for it. If you get add-ons with it, that’s great, but we already get demos and we get interviews from a number of sources as it is.

  • Good idea but partially not clear.. Qore is simply a magazine with special content or it means that we have to pay for demos and that there will be new demos only 1 time a month..?

  • @33
    so you agree to pay for demos and themes, things that should remain for free. ok, that’s you, but what about that countries that isn’t listed on the PSN? their users can’t access this kind of content ’cause their credit cards won’t be acepted, i know ’cause i have this problem.

    this “gold” content should remain free.

  • Well if the PSN was actually capable of streaming video then this MIGHT be ok but on a 8Mb connection the PSN can’t even stream SD content so why would I pay to download some video content with news I could get faster from some other place.

    Maybe implement RSS feeds on the PS3 and release episodes at midnight so by the time I watch it in the morning it is still actually new news and not something I have already read.

    If it automatically appears in the download list will it start downloading automatically? If so this may eliminate the need for the RSS feed for this particular implementation but I would still like RSS feeds on the PS3.

    @33 Yeah I agree the first episode should be the free hook.

    Unfortunately I don’t think this is really going to be that exclusive of news it’s still going to be all the same Sony PR BS with a gamer girl telling it to us.

    Look at the DualShock 3 and Firmware 2.40 both rumors that have came up to a loud roar and so far one turned out true long before Sony ever announced it so back to why would I pay for something that will probably just reiterate what I already read for free somewhere else.

    Which takes me back to my above comment and #33 that the first episode should be free and should rock like announce Firmware 2.40 and demo it to hook us all, at least for a little while =)

    In conclusion this is a nice addition ad a step in the right direction for the people that got burned like me by the cancellation of the Official PlayStation magazine being told that the PSN would offer the same content.

  • Europe? Or do us European maybe get the luck to pay for this with our european credit cards at least? Come on Sony … This is a gr8 idea but must be done in a worldwide access. We speak and understand the english language you know?

  • I just hope this is not an excuse to start charging for downloadable content such as demos…

  • Echoing what #35 Wildy said….

    Someone from SONY want to tell us what this means? Are demos going to be exclusive to Qore from now on, or will they still be free?

    People complain about the lack of demos and now you will start charging for them? Really? Is that what this means?

    • @reenigne

      If you purchase Qore, you will have access to exclusive content that would not be available otherwise – it does not impact the availability of the great content found on PSN, nor does it change our free play model.

  • i have no problem with this
    i got so much free [DELETED] from sony
    i don’t mind throwing sony a bone

  • At this rate, we’re going to be “nickel & dime’d” for every little thing on PSN. So what if we don’t have a monthly fee like Xbox Live? If we’re headed towards the trend of having to pay for DEMOs, it’s going to be a whole lot worse than paying a subscription fee.

    I’m not excited. Not one bit.

  • @30. If you can’t see where this is heading you are very short sighted. I think it is a brilliant idea, what is annoying me about the whole thing is the fact Sony have made such a hoo ha about the network being free.

    Do you really think if people start to pay for content that Sony are going to give it to you free?
    But don’t worry they give us so much content free now, I’m sure there is plenty to go around!

  • So basically the crap we have been getting for free is now going to be charged to get “early access”? Quite laughable. Horrible move Sony, the employess in charge should try to actually please MOST (if not all) the PSn demographics before charging for things that will eventually be free on the net.

  • When you combine all of the video content, how long is the length?

  • “special access to game demos”

    @36 I agree game demos shoulde be free. As the way I see it and belive, most of the other content will not be made, unless someone is paying for it.

    Online gameing: Free
    Home: Free
    Demos: Free
    Exlusiv news/Behind the scene: Pay

    Thats how I feel is like it to be.

  • No offense but half of you guys are to dumb to be alive. This is basically a magazine video. It has an equivalent price to that of a magazine. Its not free content because the content isn’t provided by Sony directly but by Future Inc, meaning they have to earn wages. Even if it was produced by Sony people still have to be paid.

    This isn’t a required thing so I don’t understand what the problem is this is like saying that the Official PS3 mag should come with every PS3 with a lifetime subscription.

    Does no on here realize how dumb that sounds? This is better than most magazines because it gives you exclusive content for PS3 free things with the content, free beta access and everything else.

  • @38 Yes, but Europe as a whole encompasses a lot of different languages and some not as educated as you, and for a global company to release something strictly english to all of Europe would probably be a bad idea overall. What would be better is to have it release on specific primarily english PSN stores such as the UK PSN store as that is primarily english I think that would be acceptable but the repercussions of releasing english only to all of Europe would not be worth it to satisfy the small few that want it.

    Another idea would be to have multiple languages stores in Europe so an english PSN Store spanish PSN Store and the users could pick which one they want and then the content could be updated that way. Not really a great solution because it alienates the other non english speaking users but unfortunately PlayStation isn’t just a way of life it is a business for Sony and the biggest market with the fastest return for lowest investment is the english language

    So rather than push for worldwide release maybe try pushing for Sony to recognize individual countries and PSN Stores and I would also bet a lot of it has to do with European laws and regulations as well so maybe look into that and have a chat with some politicians.

    Firmware 2.40 FTW!!!! =)

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