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UPDATED: The upgrade to the latest version of WordPress is complete. You’ll notice a few slight changes to the blog, one of which is the new “What’s Hot” sidebar item. We would have used “That’s Hot” but I think Paris has that trademarked. “What’s Hot” will provide links to posts or tags of content that are no longer featured on the homepage, but are still of interest. The tagging is also available, but we’re just starting to back-tag content, so give us some time on that.

Some of you have asked about setting your own password, don’t worry, we’ll be working on that next week.

Just wanted to give everybody a heads-up that the PlayStation.Blog will be ‘down’ for maintenance early Friday morning. We’ll be upgrading the WordPress install to the latest version (2.3.1). The transition should be relatively painless but if you see any wonkiness on the site first thing Friday bear with us.

There are a few things we’ll be rolling out with the update, the biggest of which is tagging. We’ll be using tags to supplement our existing category structure. Once the upgrade is complete we’ll start the fun task of back-tagging all the existing content.

Tags will make it easier for you to sort/find information on specific topics, just in case you really want to review everything we’ve ever posted about Warhawk :-)

Finally, a big thanks to Matt and the rest of the WordPress community for developing a great platform. As of this post the PlayStation.Blog has hosted 190+ posts and 33,000+ comments without a (major) hitch.

We’ve got some cool ideas for 2008 and will continue to improve the blog and add features as needed.

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  • I got him in the manhole hehe!

    Yeha I noticed it with the XMAS players too—–I thought that meant you were going to make them downloadable like XMAS week or something as a special treat or the like and their pics in there was just to show what was coming up—BTW Seanscythe is #46 my comment was #45 LOL—BTW tho dude can you reply to anything I said in #45? I desperately want to see you guys support UT3 to no end!

    BTW congrats on rocking Japan the month of November–Kotaku said you guys took it!!! Good time to be a PS fanboy LOL!!!

    Oh, and please, (this matters FAR more than in-game-xmb)

    A) Pay Square WHATEVER it takes (bake ’em a cake if you have to!) to get them to finally start remaking FF7 once they are done with 13


    B) Put the PSone original FF7 on the PSstore–I would gladly pay even 50 bucks again for it man!! Xenogears, Legend of Dragoon and the Parasite Eves would be nice too, but at least get the king of PSone RPGS hehe!

  • Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for updating the blog. I’ve had some trouble at times getting the http 404 “page not found” error when trying to log in, but I haven’t had any trouble today.
    Also, if you could integrate the blog with the information ticker o nthe PS3, that would be really cool.
    I personally don’t care about being able to set passwords, but I know a lot of otheres would like to ba able to and I appreciate you guys working on getting that up and running. Thanks again

    @ #43 OrganicShadow

    @Jeff in #50
    I think you meant #46, not #45

    Hello World!

  • @Qbrain and @Jeff for saying “Oh – and what you said”


    This is a blog about the PS3, and you JUST told us to keep commenting and that you appreciated our feedback.

    now you say “oh – and what you said” to agree with the rudeness Qbrain spat out. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL JEFF!

    Tell us one thing and then show your true feelings in a snyde way….if you don’t want to read our comments, or are so sick of PAYING CUSTOMERS..then…wow…


    Why do you think people keep saying the same things???

    Could it be this is A BLOG!?!?!? And it is “not meant for one sided conversation” remember that?

    So if you hate having to read a freakin 2-3 sentence paragraph that in you opinion is so annoying..then just delete all the comments you don’t like! You are a mod!

    Then people will know that you don’t want to hear them or address the issues they bring up.

    simple as that.

    Sorry I freaked out, but seriously, from someone Corporate just appointed to let us know we ARE being heard, to say something like that is …well…unbelievable.

  • @frito (#54): Ok well, i can understand your point about this being the PS blog, but you need to consider what I said before you blow of…

    I agree that everyone here wants to know info from sony, and i also agree that everyone wants to hear every slight little update sony made, but BE REAL. Sony makes official announcements when they want to release something, for example that XMB ingame little thing. What my point is, that already knows that we would like to have (not want…because THATS RUDE) the ingame XMB. But why saying stuff like:

    “I WANT INGAME XMB” for like 1000 times in a post that doesnt even have the slightest thing to do with it? that bothers me.

    Besides, Jeff is a guy just like us, his comments are in red because they are a little more important for us then our own. But he is a person with an own oppinion, and i can understand that he gets sick 2 about the fact that in every little post, you always get the nervous little kids saying that they want things and why they dont get it…. in my oppinion… telling the truth (what i did) isnt rude, but spamming the forums and yelling that you WANT things and starting arguments WHY you dont have it already, thats rude.


  • ok, so my experiment failed. hehheh, I guess you can’t expect Sony to overlook stuff all the time. If you know anything about web programming, you can probably guess what I did.
    Again. I apoligize for the off-topic posts.

  • oh and frito(#54): I think Jeff is very proffesional.

  • Jeff- one issue I noticed with the new layout… when you click on a comment on the right, you are no longer taken directly to the comment (instead you are dumped at the top of the post). I assume this is a bug related to going multi-page with comments.

    Also, I got him into the manhole, but it’s kinda pointless as far as I can tell since you can’t get him back out and there isn’t anything to do in there. By the way, Pain is freaking awesome.

  • lol. awesome.

    There are pages for comments now.


  • @Qbrain-

    Obviously saying “in game XMB” a hundred times is stupid…

    but consider wahen the firmware updates have screwed up our systems seriously..

    By your logic, we should simply be quiet and hope Sony realizes what happened. lol.

    Or that we should just let them go on record as saying one thing, and then never announce anything for months and months, we shouldn’t ask about it.

    I for one have seen no official announcements about multiple VERY important aspects of what us, the PAYING CUSTOMERS, have been expecting.

    Besides, here is reason #1 for us continuing to ask for features and functionality is clear:


    the recent article about how Sony finally settled with Immersion and introduced the Dualshock because of the prolonged and consistant requests for the controller from us.

    the Sony paying customers.

    nuff said.

  • Hey Jeff,

    What a terrific topic you have created which brings in thousands and thousands of flocks to your blog!

    However, on a serious issue, I would like for you to be the voice for deaf community: I am an owner of X360 and PS3 consoles. However, on X360 side, when I download a video – you know, tv show or movie via XBOX LIVE Marketplace and to my disappointment- MS have decided not to bring either closed-caption or subtitle as an option… I am aware that they need to work this out with different studios that bring in tv shows or movies to this marketplace.

    BUT AS FOR YOU, A SONY REPRESENTATIVE, I hope you are able to voice by request Sony and other studios to work out on the detail plan on how to bring in closed-caption or subtitle for PSN Store… PLEASE? I want to buy and download different tv shows or movies FROM PSN STORE! Please be the voice for us – let them hear us.

  • Just FYI I think Jeff and Sony have been very professional –keep up the good work!

  • Due to the underlying implications, the in-game XMB feature will probably come with a major update. I think they also need to make sure it works with other unannounced features at the same time. So it’s probably quite a challenge to manage. I’d rather they take their time than to release a buggy firmware update… or some back paddling after the fact.

  • This is much easier to read now. Thanks!

  • Look, I dont give a rat’s a$$ how long it takes to implement IN-GAME XMB, but the least they can do is tell us if they are working on it, OFFICIALLY!

  • Hi, Jeff. Great to have someone listening to our requests and answering questions. It is much appreciated. I had a few questions as a Mac user. Is there any possibility of a version of the PS3 Theme Compiler that would work with OSX? Also, the PS3 (as it stands now) only recognizes iPods that are PC formatted. Any plans to expand this to include Mac-formatted machines? And to jump back to the topic of Themes for a minute, any plans to create a user-generated page on PSN so we could share our designs directly from our PS3s instead of having to hit the web?

    And one more, totally unrelated question: when can we expect to get a glimpse of what Fumito Ueda and Team ICO are working on?

  • Also, for the record, I could not possibly care less about in-game XMB, but custom in-game music would be great.

  • @64 sacredena
    They did officially say they are working on it, a few times, even here at this very blog- see:

  • @Frito (#53) – the “what he said” specifically refers to his comments “SONY KNOWS that we want the ingame XMB, so if they have it ready, they will come out themselves” and the CoD4 thing. I could’ve been clearer.

    We accept off-topic comments because, well, I understand that some of you feel really passionate about things. So, while in an ideal world, comments would pertain to the post – I’m a realist. Say what you will, just keep it civil.

    @leetfoo (#57) – good catch, we’re looking into that right away.

    @TruePS360iiFan (#60) – you make a good point, and one that I’m surprised I’m hearing for just the first time. I’m forwarding that along to the proper people.

  • They are going to do in-game XMB with Home, it makes perfect sence. They want to release them both at the same time that is what they ment when they said you will be able to do the same thing at the XMB that you can do in Home.

    So we just need to wait for Home to be released, not the beta the full thing. If it isn’t implemeted with Home then let the BiIching begin.

  • jeff- I’m sure you guys figured this out already, but the side links to posts not working is definitely related to comments going multi-page- If you click on a comment that is on a topic that hasn’t gone multi-page yet (like the warhawk one so far), you go straight to the comment.

  • Jeff,

    You asked me for suggestions on how you might “fill us in” on answers to our questions once the info comes in from your sources on some issues. I think to keep it simple and manageable from both your perspective and ours, it might be best to simply post a FAQ every now and then and list the answers/responses to the various questions. You may want to post a “Hardware/Firmware FAQ,” a “Games FAQ” (or specific “Warhawk” or “Assassinis Creed” FAQs, etc if there are lots of technical issues on specific games). I think if you make one giant FAQ it will not be as helpful as a couple more targeted FAQs. And update them monthly.

  • Jeff, I think sony knows. But 360 will come with divx in five days. Looking forward to it on the next ps3 fw more then ingame xmb.

    Passwordchange will be great!

  • Actually, the subtitle thing did come to my mind, but it was only because I always watch and play things with subtitles- taking the deaf community into account is a pretty good point.

    You know Jeff, you’ve sort of become an instant celebrity here. :P “WE LOVE YOU JEFF!” :P

    Any improvements are welcome.~

    I wasn’t sure who to send this to, but I’ve been messing around with the PS3ye for awhile (Aquatopia, Operation Creature Feature, Eye of Judgment, EyeCreate) and I think this really should be considered for major development titles. This could be the innovation anwer to the Wiimote- a good way to take it one up without making a sort of clone. This could be the FUTURE!! :P Well, maybe not, but it’d be an amazing change of input method. (Though, as I understand it they made Eye Toy games for the PS2. Maybe I should check those out. :P )

  • Oh, hey! After I made the comment it didn’t kick back out to the home page! I love it!

  • Heya Jeff. I have a questions that I am hoping you could answer about the PSP. I have really been looking forward to the PSP camera and GPS.

    Do you have any kinda timeframe when when those might see a US release?

  • Cant wait for custom Passwords. i will def. comment on here more once its available.

  • Keep up the good work on the blog, we appreciate it!

  • the new page number system is much better. are there any plans on blocking or at least hiding those robot posts this this:

    it gets annoying to see the comment boxes spammed with that garbage all the time.

  • wow, comment links are working right now. You guys are fast.

  • Sorry I freaked out,

    it’s just I want my PS3 to be the best it can be, and I love this blog, since it is unprecedented in this field.

    I appreciate Sony’s commitment to changing and fixing the initial launch’s debacles….I honestly feel SCEA is taking us seriously now, and hopefully when the PS3 is #1 (when, not if) this blog will still be around, not just when Sony needs every customer it can get.

    I’ve spent over $1600 so far on my Ps3 and all it’s games, peripherals, Eye of Judgement cards, PSN downloads etc. etc. and another $1300 on my Bravia LCD, so I am for dang sure dedicated to my PS3….(MY money, I’m 29, no parents to help me) and quite passionate about the PS3 rising from below back to the top.

    I just hate it when people here at the PS3 blog tell other people to shut up or the like about what and how they feel…

    of course there should be limits to our freedom of speech, and that is another reason why Jeff is here..swearing, berating, disgusting hyperlinks, and just plain being rude have no place on this blog, and I applaud Jeff for taking the time to try and tackle such a big job.

    But I’m still gonna call em like I see em.

  • That’s hot. Do you luvs it?

  • Nice update, i look forward to seeing new updates in 2008. Also ive got an idea, maybe on the PS3, you guys can put a lil icon that you press under Network and it takes you to the PSBlog. I dunno just some ideas. Also can you write this down. New official PS3 forums that you can access from the ps3 or the internet. It could tie into the blog. Maybe we could have a column that says ” What do you want” then all thoise pesky kids can write… I want XMB all day under that column. LOL. I dunno JEFF.

  • Actually scrap that i forgot about the Gamer Advisory Panel. Maybe tie in some kind of profile somethng into the blog. I like the update, and i have no clue what you guys are thinking for future updates.

  • @frito: Were all on the same side men. I mean, honestly why is everyone here? because we all are dedicated to the PS3 and want to know every single bit about it. Ofcourse its cool to be here :)

    My only little point was that i personally dont like it that you always see, in every post “SONY WE WANT INGAME XMB YOU PROMISED IT!”
    and that like 400000th times… in each post reply…

    I think many readers dont like it, im just the one who says it.


  • please make all the clips on the blog playable threw the ps3 at the moment i can’t play any of the clips on the blog.

  • Very Nice update , I am just waiting patiently for the process of changing your password since I check this site from work heh , so I mostly lurk in the shadows this is my first post since the site first started ;)

  • They still haven’t adjusted Canadian pricing?
    I’m not buying a single thing utill they do.

  • @Qbrain

    You’re totally right! I mean, after all, these are video games we are talking about, and the bottom line is they are supposed to be fun!

    I guess it’s just because as a day 1 launch system owner, I’ve seen the whole gamut of the PS3 experience…and this blog is such an amazing thing to have, to be able to give direct ideas and feedback to real Sony influential peeps and actually have them respond is so awesome….I just hope it stays that way!

    cheers, man!

  • Please try to fix the media problems in the next firmware release. 2.01 is very buggy and no longer plays HD movies to their full length, system will completely freeze up and you have to hard reboot, these files all played find before 2.0 update.

    There are extensive threads on it in the official Playstation forums under media.. Please forward those comments on.

  • Yeah password customization is a big thing for me…I was a daily user here but once I lost the e-mail to the password I just went away for a while.

    It’s just annoying to have to be checking your password all the time…(and yes I hate cookies unless they’re chip-ahoys).

  • not-buying-incognito

    bla bla bla bla bla,

  • Well just like to say I’m gonna fight the DISC-crimination you “Sony” putt on the consumer.. YOU CAN”T SELL A GAME AND NOT TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE WITH NO CREDIT CARD!.. I live in Europe and be damn sure Neeli Smit-Kroes will get an E-mail from me pointiing this SCAM out. I got Oblivion, but can’t upgrade.. I got warhawk but can’t uograde.. I got EYE Cam, BUT CAN”T BUY ANY GAME (except EoG) can’t you see how wrong it is what you’re doing??????? haven’t you thought of this before you started? I’m pretty F’d now with the PSN and the whole “Store” BS. It’s pure DISC-CRIMINATION!

  • the next firmware must (3.0 at the very latest):

    add in-game xmb or messaging at the least, ALL OF THE PSP FEATURES (rss feeder, fast forward, etc.), feature a browser that works exactly as fast as the one on my computer (flash update, shockwave plug-in, java update, etc.), and finally, it must not take 20 minutes for some to download.

    work on some sort of torrenting feature for the psn, where the data is cached in each region on either local ps3 owners consoles and if the user approves it is sent out to other ps3s to increase the download speed, or at the very least, just bump up the bandwith and make it a 500 kb/s download speed on your servers.


  • @nabokovfan87

    I agree about the faster servers being needed…But this is still year one for PSN! Xbox Live has been around for like 5 years now..

    about the “torrenting”- good point- I thought the Cell processor was supposed to form some network online to link up to other PS3 Cells around the world and somehow increase performance?? Am I crazy or was that a launch pipedream?

    It does suck on Thursdays when everyone is downloading at the same time. My T1connection actually crawls..lame for sure!

    I know Sony has enough $$$ to buy some faster infrastructure implements for sure!

  • hey there SCEA/E/J.
    quick idea for in-game custom soundtracks:

    allow the gamer to specify what songs should be played when – i.e. categorize a song for “Action” “suspense” “chase scene” etc. I know in the old days when i had an xbox, the wrong songs would come on at the wrong time, and caused a “disconnect” with the game and I.

  • Why should we shut up about Sony’s long time promises from all those E3=shows hmph lets see E3-05-E07-Ridiculous!!Jeff Rubenstein!..

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    Its been nice seeing that sony is hearing what we say! and thus, ive been inclined into give a few ideas for you: (no im not going to ask for In-Game XMB, im not to worried about that)

    1) I really think you should have a company make a game where all the sony characters from different games, like Kratos (god of war), Nariko (Heavenly sword), Drake (Uncharted), Ratchet and clank, and alot of other characters from sony games to battle against one another in deathmatches and stuff. it could be a multiplayer only game and i think many of us would like to use our favorite character to fight against one another online. (am i right?)

    2. to make the PSstore more user/family friendly, you should have movies, music and ect to dowload for a sertain price or something. and also have like mini stories and such of games for us to read. idk, but i think that’d be a great idea. it would bring the whole entertainment idea behind the PS3 to life!

    3. Also, what others have been saying about Unreal Tornemant 3 and that you should support it to the max is very true, its nice to know the your system can handles mods and such and you should rub that in Microsofts face for the time being:) lol.

    also, make sure your support Metal gear solid, Haze and other thrid party games being made exclusively for you system alot!

  • Jeff! I hope you’ll be able to respond to this. In regard to the prizes given to the winners of the recent PS Schwag contest, can you tell me if any/all of this great stuff will be available for retail either online or out in the stores somewhere? I’d like to pick up some of these items as Christmas presents.

    Thanks Jeff!

  • Keep up teh good work!!! ~_~

  • yah if you got no life but uder than that its cool

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