Friday Upgrade for PlayStation.Blog

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UPDATED: The upgrade to the latest version of WordPress is complete. You’ll notice a few slight changes to the blog, one of which is the new “What’s Hot” sidebar item. We would have used “That’s Hot” but I think Paris has that trademarked. “What’s Hot” will provide links to posts or tags of content that are no longer featured on the homepage, but are still of interest. The tagging is also available, but we’re just starting to back-tag content, so give us some time on that.

Some of you have asked about setting your own password, don’t worry, we’ll be working on that next week.

Just wanted to give everybody a heads-up that the PlayStation.Blog will be ‘down’ for maintenance early Friday morning. We’ll be upgrading the WordPress install to the latest version (2.3.1). The transition should be relatively painless but if you see any wonkiness on the site first thing Friday bear with us.

There are a few things we’ll be rolling out with the update, the biggest of which is tagging. We’ll be using tags to supplement our existing category structure. Once the upgrade is complete we’ll start the fun task of back-tagging all the existing content.

Tags will make it easier for you to sort/find information on specific topics, just in case you really want to review everything we’ve ever posted about Warhawk :-)

Finally, a big thanks to Matt and the rest of the WordPress community for developing a great platform. As of this post the PlayStation.Blog has hosted 190+ posts and 33,000+ comments without a (major) hitch.

We’ve got some cool ideas for 2008 and will continue to improve the blog and add features as needed.

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