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UPDATED: The upgrade to the latest version of WordPress is complete. You’ll notice a few slight changes to the blog, one of which is the new “What’s Hot” sidebar item. We would have used “That’s Hot” but I think Paris has that trademarked. “What’s Hot” will provide links to posts or tags of content that are no longer featured on the homepage, but are still of interest. The tagging is also available, but we’re just starting to back-tag content, so give us some time on that.

Some of you have asked about setting your own password, don’t worry, we’ll be working on that next week.

Just wanted to give everybody a heads-up that the PlayStation.Blog will be ‘down’ for maintenance early Friday morning. We’ll be upgrading the WordPress install to the latest version (2.3.1). The transition should be relatively painless but if you see any wonkiness on the site first thing Friday bear with us.

There are a few things we’ll be rolling out with the update, the biggest of which is tagging. We’ll be using tags to supplement our existing category structure. Once the upgrade is complete we’ll start the fun task of back-tagging all the existing content.

Tags will make it easier for you to sort/find information on specific topics, just in case you really want to review everything we’ve ever posted about Warhawk :-)

Finally, a big thanks to Matt and the rest of the WordPress community for developing a great platform. As of this post the PlayStation.Blog has hosted 190+ posts and 33,000+ comments without a (major) hitch.

We’ve got some cool ideas for 2008 and will continue to improve the blog and add features as needed.

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  • This is good news! I hope you fix the memory errors alot of us PlayStation fans get when we try to view this in XP/Vista 32/64 bit with this page in one tab, and another page in another tab. It’s kinda sad as this is the only site we have issues with. I love to read this blog, but I hate haveing to close down my web browser and have it only opened to this site when I would also like to have a tab open to slashdot, IGN, or GameSpot as well.

    Also could you make it so we can get to both this, and the PS3 forums on our PS3s? It would help out alot and get fans useing their systems more!

  • Matt and everyone who supports WordPress are amazing! We’re using it as well at

    I can’t wait to see how the PlayStation Blog evolves. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  • Awesome, by the way it would be cool if the information posted on the PlayStation.Blog would be posted on the Information Board on the XMB of the PS3. The news updates on the Information Board are far and between.

  • @ Gunwing (#2) – because so many readers tend to comment – and we love that – the pages frequently get long. That can really make load time take a hit, both on our end and on some readers. This should hopefully be a thing of the past by the end of tomorrow.

    And better integration with the forums, etc is a goal we have and are actively exploring solutions.

  • I’m going to have to bookmark this thread to go along with the other pieces of supporting evidence to throw back at people who spread FUD and lie about “Sony doesn’t listen to its fans”.
    Congrats on the “re-model”, Jeff!

  • Hey Jeff since you are the man with the megaphone to Sony’s ear.

    Give them word that the PSN store looks UGLY, Horrible, UNPRETTY, on SDTVs and a redesign would be nice.

    oh and in-game lol nah just put in their ears the PSN store is ugly on SD screens k thanks

  • Sounds good.

    Jeff hopefully you can respond to me, I was wondering where the playstation cards were? I have yet to purchase anything from the store due to the fact that I don’t have a credit card. And I am certainly not the only one without a credit card who would like to buy stuff from the store.

  • hi, jeff.any improvement that you guys add to the blog and to the playstation 3(via firmware update of course!) is always welcomed.keep the good work up!

    speaking of firmware updates and such i would love the ps3 to have a clock on top of your screen.also, more videos support,better multitasking like when i am visiting the store and i want to listen to a music track, the store doesnt stop me.(i hope u understand what i am saying)and better support for the browser as long as i enjoy the improvements that u guys did with firmware 2.01,the browser seems lacking support cuz i cant visit certain flash sites and the such,any response for any of these requests would be greatly apreciated

  • Hey there Jeff,

    This is great news! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It really makes a difference when we *know* someone’s listening.

    Keep up the great work, and I’ll be looking forward to the updates.

  • great news Jeff,
    I hope this is an improvement for the blog, but a little off topic,

    Can you tell me why my Pain characters will not work?



    I’m glad this blog is still fact it is getting better all the time!

    thanks for the hard work and commitment!

    Will there ever be a way to edit our own posts?

    just wondering, i know this is a blog and not a forum!

    thanks Jeff!

  • I think the forums are a great place for sony to get some insight into how thier fans feel.Just check out the home section

  • Come tomorrow will we finally be able to set our own passwords?

    Because I am kind of getting sick of having to reset it every time I want to log-in somewhere other than my house.

  • @14

    I completely agree. That should be in an update. I hate that I always have to check my Email for the password if I accidently log out.

  • Looking forward to the update.

  • please put video’s on the blog my ps3 can read. i can only access the blog via my ps3 and most of the video’s don’t work on the ps3. thanks

  • It would be nice if the blog will be accessible / integrated into Home and or the XMB.

    Any word on the Blu-Ray PS3 1.1 profile update???

  • Jeff, does “wonkiness” include contextual errors?

    Yeah, apparently someone “goofed” on the blog entry for the new MotorStorm DLC and caused users to expect one thing, but in reality got something different.

  • Off-topic:

    There is not option in the poll for 3rd-party characters appearing in PAIN. It’d be nice to see how strong Snake really is. If he can show up as a guest character on Super Smash Bros for the Wii, why not here?


  • Definitely need to be able to set our own password for this blog.

    Also, when you write that you will look into something and get back to us (like the 2.01 FW update for the PS3 not upscaling PS2 titles as well as the 2.0 FW), how will you communicate what you find out?

    We could also use a Flash update on the browser.

    Thanks for listening, and for replying to our specific comments every now and then.

  • hey Jeff! how about some post from Dylan about the Warhawk expansion…theres some websites with info and pictures about it and yet the official blog has nothing about it….

  • I love UpGrading

  • Cool.Upgrades are always nice.

  • @silentmatt (#14) – I don’t think that’s part of the update. For what it’s worth, I’m in the same boat.

    @Sora57 (#21) – Good question. Suggestions?

    @Captain Fury (#22) – You’ll get your wish in the near future.

  • As far as integration, I am unsure, there are some tools out there. Specifically for a forum I am apart of we are testing forum integration into our blog. The first test went great and had a seamless transition for the content we wanted. That would be a great feature to add to this blog!

  • great i hop the update fix the Comment problem(evrey time you put i Comment and

  • Like Sora57 said, we do need to be allowed to set our own passwords. Don’t know how many times I’ve had to reset mine just to log on after I deleted my cookies.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    Great I hop the update fix the Comment problem (every time you put I Comment and submit the browser well take you to the PlayStation.Blog home page rather than staing in same page)

  • Sony where is the Home Beta? WE WANT IT AND YOU PROMISED,

  • We could also use a Flash update on the Playstation 3 browser as well.

  • It would be nice to have a reply feature similar to Kotaku’s. Saving a few mouse clicks and key presses would help with the overall userbility of the blog.

  • Looks, and sounds great. I have to update my wordpress to. Waiting for the correct translation. It should also update a lot of bugs. Good luck with the upgrade!

  • How about some information about the COD4 patch, this seems to be THE game everyone is playing, or lack of, due to the problems its having. I read that it had been sent to Sony for testing on the 7th Nov but still no news.

    Also when will divx playback be enabled, on the PS3 will it be this year??

  • hey jeff please tell us what happen 2 the bowling game the truth please

  • great update good job sony.

  • @ jeff: I wanted to obtain a new password, and once i logged in, i got to my ‘personal profile’ page where i could change my password. My question: is this what we should get or am i just lucky that i could change my password before next week?

    @everyone: Im getting really really sick of all those comments about things that are so off-topic that it gets anoying.. i mean, honestly, if Sony wants to tell us info, they want to tell us info, but stop asking in every post about the ingame XMB for example, or ‘the truth about the bowling game’… for **** sake.. this topic isnt about it… so please keep your mouth shut about those things… ty :)

    the reason why i ask this is just because it gets really , really annoying. Besides, most of the questions are so easy to awnser that you can think of it yourself already.

    For instance: SONY KNOWS that we want the ingame XMB, so if they have it ready, they will come out themselves, so stop asking…

    There isnt an official COD4 patch announced yet, all the problems where server sided, besides, why ask here and not on the official COD4 forum?

    So much bul**** that it blowes my head…


  • ohh btw Jeff, is it ok if i add you to my psn buddy list?

  • Hey gays the update is soooooo cool it well:
    1- mange to fix The Comment problem (every time you put I Comment and submit the browser well take you to the PlayStation.Blog home page rather than staying in same page).
    2- Tags has been added to make it easier for you to sort/find information on specific topics.

  • Keep up the good work SONY ;)

  • @Qbrain…

    I got something you can blow, you bot. Who the hell do you think you are telling people to “shut it”?

  • @sacredena (#43): read better, i asked… besides, i think its also frustrating for sony itself to read those [DELETED] comments what doesnt have a point…
    Its just to get sick of.

    for example: “sony wheres open home beta, you PROMISED”
    like WTH does this have to do with the topic: ‘friday, update blog’? yes i can uderstand that you want to say what you really want, but pls not in every topic for like 500 times….


  • I appreciate you guy’s commitment and support for us fans, not only with this blog but with your recent decision to be more vocal and ‘intimate’ with us all instead of being behind and iron curtain like a lot of companies.

    Still waiting for that ‘in-game xmb’ filter so I won’t have to sit here scrolling through all the dummies that spam it.

  • Well guess what, your “IN-GAME XMB filter” doesn’t exist, just the way IN-GAME XMB doesn’t exist, so deal with it.

  • Hey man!

    A) With the news ticker you added in the 2.0 FW update—can you make it so we can subscribe to several news streams such as this blog, Yahoo NEWS and anything that could be RSS? That’d be AWESOME!!!!

    B) I second/third/whatever the thing on the passwords. Better yet—why not make a mini page that allows us to link our usernames on here with not only the PS forums but also our PSN user ID’s? That way, our password for the PS forums and/or PSN replaces it and there could be some cool cross promotional content.

    C) Under the network tab on the PS3—it might be cool to add a button (like the one for the PS store) that immediately takes you to the PS forums or PS blog—-or, maybe as an update to HOME—allow people to use a PC in their spaces and they can surf the real internet on it and access the PSblog and PSforums that way hehe!

    D) I agree with a lot of other people here—-I would like in game XMB but come on—Sony has already stated they are working on it does copy-pasting a sentence 20 freaking times speed up the process??????? All it does is irritate those of us actually interested in reading the comments!!!!

    E) Are you guys considering updating EyeCreate at some point in the future? If so, let me suggest 1) allow us to import videos/music/sounds from the XMB into EC 2) allow us to pick the format that it exports in because the current format is a pain to get it to work on Mac or PC —-other than that nice job, hehe we (my game studio— do a video podcast and we use EyeCreate to do some cool stuff for it–including making a stop-motion animation of our cat dressed up as a ninja (the love ninja–working on that right now) and answering dear-abby like letters—so yeah fun program keep the cool ones like that coming!

    F) PLEEEEASE tell me you guys are going to hit it hard with promoting UT3—that is AMAZING you can add in your own mods and the like! It would be kind of cool if you guys released a free video on the PSN to help jump start that and explain to different people (want-to-be modelers, map makers and coders for instance) how they can get started here and use the PS3 to learn skills essential to getting a job in the game industry!! Please don’t let this slip by hehe–I think it is every bit as insanely cool as LittleBigPlanet—granted LBP is going to be way easier to make stuff in but this can teach people industry-standard stuff and bring the awesomeness of PC game modding to consoles——–VERY BIG THUMBS UP TO YOU GUYS FOR SUPPORTING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff can you find out what is wrong with PAIN? I can’t play as the two christmas characters and the game keeps telling me to re-download it from the transaction section of the XMB. I already did this 3 times and it still doesn’t work, also how many times am I allowed to download this game? If it’s only 5 then I already used up 3 because the game told me to do it. Please update on this asap thanks.


    Any chance of releasing the Sony WordPress theme to the community?

  • great now just upgrade the ps3 so that remote start acutally gets fixed so that random arp requests wont wake the ps3 up, cause right now it is still broken, only a little more covered’ up with the last ‘fix’ that disables remote start without making it look like remote start got disabled (ie it still says its enabled but in order for it to work again you need to disable it and re – enable it in the xmb)

  • We also need a ‘Wambulance’ plug-in for people like #43. ;)

  • @gardea (#28) and others who asked – the WordPress experts who made all these changes possible have informed me that yes, password customization should be possible – so we’ll work on that. Stay tuned for updates.

    @chasegamez (#35) – you’ll see it sooner rather than later.

    @Qbrain (#37) – you just got into a weird place during the update.

    Oh – and what you said.

    @Seanscythe2 (#45) – I noticed this when playing last night myself, and I immediately contacted those more intimately involved in the game. Stay tuned for updates or clarification on that. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop you from launching that main guy into monkeys. Did anyone get him in the manhole (the actual hole, not the sign) btw?

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