Firmware 1.90 Coming Soon

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UPDATE: The Firmware 1.90 update is available now; I’ve also included an update below that addresses some of your comments here.

Firmware 1.90 brings with it several new features, many of which readers of this blog have requested – I’m happy to report.

Customization is one new feature: you can now personalize the wallpaper on your XMB with a photo. This was one of the top three requests we received via the blog’s contact form. When viewing a photo, simply bring up the options screen by pressing the triangle button and selecting “set as wallpaper” from the options displayed. Additionally, you can now change the order of the games displayed under the game icon on the XMB.

Another new feature focuses on added communication elements: When you’re sending messages to friends on PLAYSTATION Network, you can now use emoticons. We’ve added a bunch of emoticons that can be easily accessed from the virtual keyboard. Also, another cool addition is, when an avatar is displayed during voice/video chat, the avatar will move in response to audio.

Finally, on the more technical side, you can now play AVCHD videos saved on a Memory Stick or digital video camera, and we’ve added the ability to upscale audio CD output from your PS3. Now, there are two requirements for this feature: the device you’re outputting to must support a sampling frequency of 88.2 kHz or 176.4 kHz, and your PS3 must be connected to that device with an HDMI cable or digital optical cable.

Oh, and one more thing: you can now eject discs using your controller by selecting “Eject Disc” in the options menu after you push the PS button.

Several other minor options will be included in 1.90 including a few new display options that will allow you to adjust your display while playing PlayStation, PlayStation2 and Blu-ray movies.

We’re working on additional features for our next update that will incorporate more of your feedback, so as always thanks for all of your support, and please keep those suggestions coming!

The link on the SCEA website is now live, you can get the full info on firmware 1.90 here. Also, I noticed a lot of your comments were directly related to accessing XMB features in-game. We understand this is something you want and we are working on it. For the sake of keeping all the comments below on topic, please understand that we hear this request and are working toward a solution. When I have some more info to share on this, know that I will do so here on this blog.

Now, with all of that said, thanks for the feedback. I decided to address some of the consistent comments in the body of this post instead of within the comments. One thing you have noticed is that under sorting your games, when you sort by creation date, it sorts by the date you downloaded the content. Sorting videos is done by the date that the videos were added to your hard drive. You can also ‘go-to’ a specific time in any of the videos on your HDD, by hitting triangle and then selecting the specific time from the clock at the bottom.

Something a few of you have noticed as well is that you don’t need to have the SIXAXIS controller connected to PS3 through the USB cable anymore to complete the update, which I know is something some of you were asking for.

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  • someone from Sony should go fix those ps3 display screen in the stores in FL… in stores like mostly gamestop and some best buy… they look awful ..I have the same screen and game don’t look awful …. is as if someone is work with xbox or change the contracts of something ……i had to show my little cousin how good PS3 looks on my display because he went to best buy and didn’t like how the ps3 look …
    someone need to get fired over this….i m sure i m not the only one who have this experience …

  • *Drools all over the keyboard*

    *replaces keyboard*

    That is cool! Thanks!!!

    PS. I believe firmware updates are your thing so, will the normal PSP be able to output the video to the TV? (Firm update)

    Also, any news on the create/edit/delete folders in the music/video sections feature?

    Thanks again!

  • “…one of the top three request…” The other two are DivX and non-DLNA networks ;) gawd do i hate eyeconnect and twonky media on my mac. free my content on my network!!!!

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Very nice…very nice….

  • Sweet. Very cool. Please, in-game soundtracks in the next few additional features.

  • Keep um coming Sony! Great news.. ;-)

  • i will love to have in-game soundtracks too

  • I would say the other two requests are for more video extension compatibility and in game XMB access…..I feel it coming…………

    great update though!

  • Keep ’em coming Gramps! BRING US In-Game XMB Access!

    And because we have waited so long, you best allow us to surf the internet while in-game from the XMB!


  • That’s nothing.
    How about AO-ratings on the PS3?
    I’m waiting and rather spend my 600€ this year in a nice holiday.

  • Great news! Thanks. I’ve been waiting for custom backgrounds!

    One question Eric. When viewing a photo you are able to zoom on them. Is it possible to set a zoomed photo as the background? Or will I have to re-size them on my computer.

    Thanks! Keep the updates coming!

  • cool, now when will we be able to get into the HOME BETA Trial?

  • I’d like to know what the other 2 “top 3” requests were. You told us many updates ago that you’d tell us the top 10…
    PS3 upscaling for 1080i users please…

  • I like to listen to music stored on my ps3 via music amplifier, but I hate having to have the TV on for this…

    Is it technically possible to make an update that lets you use your Cell phone’s Bluetooth to access your PS3 music list for control, without the need for TV?

  • how about 1080i/p support for all ps3 games, native and or a upscale option. i didn’t waste $4,300 on a 1080p SONY bravia to play 720p games.

    also in-game XMB. this is something we should of had at launch!

  • I agree!


  • @PSheddy

    You can always trim them and then use the image as the wallpaper


  • As for customizing the backgrounds… can we PLEASE have a theme that disables the day to night color changing (but keeps the month to month color changes)?

    If you only play at night, you always get the boring black XMB background, instead of the bright and cheery daytime colors.

  • sweet cant wait take that xbox 360!

  • @blizzard182

    Ooo I completely forgot all about that. My bad, haha. Thanks for the help.

  • @ 16 hahahah i bought that same TV for 4k as well i would lol i would love all games 1080p but first we need to be able to get to the XMB IN GAME so i can see my buddy list and what not if that comes then my xbox is dead (which after sept it will be anyway)

  • Much needed update, soon my PS3 will start feeling as advanced as my PSP!

  • What about better emulator support for the PS1/PS2? Like an anti-alias option and maybe disc speed the Ps2 even had that option for ps1 games. Good update though!

  • Why are people always complaining – why do people want and upscaled image – the graphics doesn’t get better by upscaling. If the game wasn’t built for higher resolutions its going to look even worse.

    People should stop complaining and realize that Sony is pushing updates and new ideas faster than any other console or even pc. Almost all the features of the new firmware are heavily requested features that many users have been complaining about… Sony is doing something – could anybody please point me to the Wii updates?

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    @ PSheddy

    The psp wallpapers worked like that, so you probably can. If not, just use the trimming tool.

    If I could have one in game xmb access feature, it would be the friends list. there is nothing more annoying than not being able to read a message a friend sent you while playing.

  • Thanx Erick, these are indeed great and wanted features. Something that would please a lot of us and I’m sure you guys know it is the ability to access the xmb during gameplay and to play songs from our playlist during a game.

    Keep up the good work!

  • This is ok, not really my cup of tea but fine for now i guess.
    What i would reallylike to see is

    1.XMB in game ( coming soon i hope)
    2.Custom Soundtracks ( also coming soon i hope)
    3.An equalizer of some soort for the music player, how can this feature NOT be there already???

    Thats it really, oh yeah and HOME and LBP pls…

  • great update sony, thanks for listening!

  • how about a setting that will let you put photo’s in a certain folder for wallpapers. Then each time you turn on the system the background changes to a random image inside that folder.

    Also In-Game Custom MUSIC! And In-Game XMB then I will be all set and happy. Thanks


  • @Kratos

    Ok that sounds good. Man I have just about every picture, and those looks awesome on computer backgrounds, so I’m looking forward to using them on the PS3.

  • I agree with lazedk, Sony sounds like they are listening to everybody’s input and are putting them into action. I would rather they take their time and get it right vs rushing it and putting out a buggy update…..all the good things will come….patience……trust the plan


    My group of friends have been trying to play online Co-Op Rainbow Six Vegas recently and we find the in game messaging to be very limited. One friend finally gave up after being constantly DCed and couldnt contact us in game to arrange another room.

    Many people are complaining about being unable to message in game or read a message and having to quit out of a game is very annoying.


  • My top list:

    1: XMB Access. You said ur working on it, SO GET IT OUT!
    2: Let the PS3 play most .AVI formats. I have to convert all my videos to MPEG and it means they double in size and half in quality.
    3: Custom soundtracks, just because it’ll shut people up. I dont care for them personally.
    4: ABOLISH NAT TYPES. Christ, my 360 works with voice chat on exactly the same connection, why cant my PS3.

  • 1: XMB Access.?? for?? only need friend messages and music, no full access…

  • It looks like a nice update.
    BUT… I Need, like MOST PS3 gamers, XBM access while in game. and I am not talking like what was done with Resistance (which was a nice touch)…but access to XBM at anytime while in a game (online or Single Player). So that I can chat, message, invite my FRIENDS. THAT IS ALL.
    For some weird reason, I have a feeling that not even PS HOME will make that become a reality.

    I hope I am wrong

  • Great news :D
    So happy for this update….

    Finally wallpapers!!!! lol

    But next on the list – In game XMB…

    The option to fast forward music with 3 speeds like on the psp…

    And this may not be realted to firmware..But the problem I’m having is that the Playstation Network doesn’t support the Caribbean Islands!!!

    + It isn’t possible to change the country of residence of the PSN account which I need to do in order to purcahse from the PS Store…

    Seriously…the network needs to support us Caribbean owners… There are tonnes of PS3’s active in my country Trinidad….
    + Sony will get more money :) from network sales..
    I so badly want Nucleus and Tekken and Flow from the PS Store but can’t buy… :(

    Defeats the purpose of online sales huh?

  • i would like to fast forward just like the psp… 10x 30x 120x or faster… i’ve a lot of live gigs on my ps3!!!

  • Well done guys and thankyou for informing us.

    keep up the great work.

  • @Sony

    Let us people from Latin America (Argentina to be exact) register.

    I can not use my credit card!!! You would think that this should be simple but it is not. I CAN buy things from PS Store and I want to!

    Who should I talk to?

  • Eric I have one question: Last week in the EU PSN the demo of the darkness was released, but we did not get it on the US, why? I know that the demo “arrived” there one day before the release of the game and maybe it was a good way to support the sales of it, but even though the game has weeks here many people has not bought it yet. Is it too hard to make it available for us?


  • Once again I wish we would start getting more third party content available on the store. Not just demos either, but content overall. Specifically the game add-ons from Activision and Bethesda for Marvel: UA and Oblivion respectively. Consumers are willing to pay money to purchase this content and it would go a long way in catching up with 360 gamers who have had these additions for months now.

  • @TheApprentice

    Nucleus is such a fun and clever game! Tekken is a classic so if you liked the other Tekkens you probably like that one.
    Flow is VERY pretty…but not much gameplay out of that one.

    But damn it Sony…you’re doing the USA, Japan, Europe,Australia but your forgetting the Caribbean Islands?!? Tsk tsk! Also the people in the military seem to be having the same difficulty

  • @ Eric

    Thanks for the info. on the update. I really appreciate Sony letting us know about these.

    Here’s my list of items which I’m not sure would be on other’s:

    Improved grouping / sorting on:

    Games, how come we can’t choose to sort or group the games that we’ve downloaded? I would like a way to sort and group game types so that my downloaded purchased games don’t look so cluttered (I’ve got the Midway classics, a few demo’s and a few PS1 games)

    Photos – good grouping and sorting options, but can we also allow the same sorting options to work in the ‘attachments’ selection list when trying to send a photo to a friend on the PSN? I have hundreds of photos and it is a pain to send game screenshots I downloaded off the interent to my friends to show them how cool a game looks right now because I have to scroll through all of them to get to the one I want to send.

    Music – Create an XMB music player, especially if Sony wants us to use the PS3 as a media Hub, I want to be able to create playlists

    Video – how come the XMB can’t remember the sort order (if we change it to ‘import date’) of the video clips? After logging off, the clips are sorted again by alphabetical order…

    @ gigakain, #35

    R6V has port forwarding for multiplayer online games, I also had a lot of disconnects until the host opened the ports necessary and detailed in the manual

  • this firmware update sounds like a joke, i never once asked to be able to customise my wallpaper. i do want in game XMB access though and that is no joke. what a load of bloody rubish.

  • @blizzard182 and Sony

    I agree with you. Im from latinamerica also (Peru) and i want to buy games and updates from PS Store and i can´t because of the credit card problem…

    Please Sony, admit our countries or admit our credit cards, either way is $$$ for you and satisfaction for us.

  • Sony is listening! give Sony your feed back on what you like and do not like. If you have a Wii or a XBOX 360, please help and give Sony the things that you like about the two other systems to make the PS3 better. Great job Sony keep up the great work with updates, I like that your programmers are working hard and putting out great updates, thanks all you hardworking programmers, have some more cola, and keep on typing. Keep the updates coming!

    Looks like a lot of stores are selling out of the 60gb systems.

    Waiting to be part of the next Home testing!

  • @47
    Sorry, didn’t realize PS3 updates revolved around your wants and needs.

    So what are you going to complain about when you get XMB?

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