First look: the headset design for PlayStation VR2

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First look: the headset design for PlayStation VR2

The inspiration behind the latest VR hardware design.

Today, I am especially pleased to reveal the stunning new design of our next generation VR headset, PlayStation VR2, together with an updated and final design image of our PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

You’ll notice the PS VR2 headset has a similar shape as the PS VR2 Sense controller, taking on a matching “orb” look. The circular orb shape represents the 360-degree view that players feel when they enter the virtual reality world, so this shape captures it nicely.

The design of the PS VR2 headset was also inspired by the look of the PS5 family of products. When our design team created the PS5 console, they also had the next generation VR headset in mind so you’ll notice some similarities in the look and feel. The PS5 console has flat edges as it is meant to be displayed on a flat surface, while there was more emphasis on adding roundness to the design of PS VR2 headset since it is meant to have constant human contact, similar to the rounded edges of the DualSense controller and Pulse 3D headset.

Our goal is to create a headset that will not only become an attractive part of your living room decor, but will also keep you immersed in your game world, to the point where you almost forget you are using a headset or controller. That’s why we paid very close attention to the ergonomics of the headset and conducted extensive testing to ensure a comfortable feel for a variety of head sizes. We already had a lot of positive feedback on the ergonomics of the first PS VR headset by carefully balancing the headset weight and having a simple headband that can be adjustable, so we kept the same concept for the PS VR2 headset. Other features such as the headset’s adjustable scope that places the scope area closer or further away from the face and placement of the stereo headphone jack also remain the same, so players will be familiar with it.

For the PS VR2 headset, we took comfort a few steps further by adding new features such as a lens adjustment dial, so users have an additional option to match the lens distance between their eyes to optimize their view. We also created a slimmer design with a slight weight reduction – even with the new added features such as the new built-in motor for the headset feedback. It was quite a challenge to create a slimmer design with new features added to improve upon our first headset, but our design and engineering teams proved this could be possible when we saw the final design!

Additionally, we’ve integrated a new vent design for the PS VR2 headset that we think users will enjoy. Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director at SIE led the headset design of PS VR2 and explains why this is his absolute favorite part of the design:

“When I started to work on the design for the PlayStation VR2 headset, one of the areas I wanted to focus on first was the idea of creating a vent in the headset to let air out, similar to the vents on the PS5 console that allows airflow. Our engineers came up with this idea as a good way to allow ventilation and avoid having the lens fog up while players are immersed in their VR games. I worked on many design concepts to achieve this, and in the final design, you can see there is a little space in between the top and front surface of the scope that contains the integrated ventilation. I am really proud of how this turned out and the positive feedback I have gotten so far. I hope our PlayStation fans will also agree, and I can’t wait for them to try it out.”

Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director, SIE

Another treat we wanted to share – similar to the thousands of tiny PlayStation symbols we added to the design of the PS5 console and DualSense controller, we also included tiny PlayStation symbols to the front and back bands of the PS VR2 headset to add a comfortable feel for players to enjoy.

When PS VR2 launches, it’ll take a giant leap forward in the way we play games in virtual reality.  There are plenty of exciting new features to look forward to in the PS VR2 system, including stunning visual fidelity in 4K HDR and state-of-art graphical rendering, enhanced tracking such as inside-out camera tracking, new PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology features such as headset feedback, and the new, intuitive PS VR2 Sense controller that creates an incredibly deep feeling of immersion. Additionally, the PS VR2 system comes in a simple, single cord set up so you can connect to your games immediately. PS VR2 development kits are already in the hands of game creators, and we are excited for what they’ll come up with to truly make virtual reality a remarkable experience for gamers. We look forward to sharing more details with you about PS VR2. Stay tuned!

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  • sell it for 400$/€ and make it steam VR compatible :) You will sell this more than ps5’s

  • I’m impressed with PlayStations continuing commitment to VR and the increased immersion it’ll bring along with the excellent DualSense controller and 3D audio. Also the high bandwidth/low latency design of the PS5 will hopefully push game development forward

  • @thdevilminer demonsouls was a PlayStation 3 remake. Which yes was only on ps5…. But still a remake

    @aljalinetp well…. They probably won’t be making many PlayStation 5 only games for another year or two till the shortage is better and also they stated they are supporting the PS4 for like what 5 yrs or maybe it was 4 yrs still when they originally released the ps5

  • Preordering as soon as I can.
    Also, sticking with the halo design is a relief as I’m not a fan of the tight and sweaty ski mask style ones I’ve got.

  • Shut up! And take my Money!!😂👍🏼

  • I am soooooooooooooooo in on day 1! Hardware looks fantastic!

  • I can’t wait to dive in :)

  • Wow this looks nice. I skipped PSVR1, hopefully its easy to preorder and get one on release.

  • This gonna cost 499.99 no backwards Compatibility with ps vr1 games 😭😭

    • PSVR1 uses a completely different tracking system, no way its backwards compatible but some games may be patched forward

    • We don’t know that yet. I’d honestly be surprised if this isn’t backwards compatible considering the PS5 is with PS4 games.
      If, for some reason, it’s not backwards compatible – a lot of the developers of the PSVR1 games will no doubt port them to be compatible with the PSVR2. Just as we have seen so many studios create PS5 versions, or patches, to their PS4 games to function on the new hardware & take advantage of it’s power.

  • I wonder, will PSVR2 support PSVR games? i.e., Moss, it requires the camera, and tracking the DualShock 4 controller and I imagine it would be the same for Moss Book 2. When will we get news in this respect?

  • Day one – insta buy

  • So are we going to get some more games and are we going to need the ps5 plugged in to the vr2 or is it Bluetooth and is there still lights on the controllers and are we going to get cases for the vr2 and how long is the cord and is there a lot of them and how much is it . And it is really nice thx for making a new one it is amazing 👍🏽👍🏽

  • I wonder about the fit for those of us that wear glasses?

    • I use glases and have used PSVR without issue. I figure this one would be very much the same.

      In fact I have used a bunch of VR headsets with glasses without much trouble.

  • Looks amazing! I bought the PSVR as soon as I could & I wasn’t let down. Though now I’m extremely excited for these new features added, that will give us that extra immersion & capabilities.
    This is a pre-order item for sure; same as PS5. I’ve got as many places online set to give me notifications so I can order it the second it’s announced.

    With VR it makes more sense to say “my body is ready!”

  • Beautiful!

  • What I would like to know. Will the PSVR2 work on my existing library of PSVR games? Or will developers optimize their PSVR games for PSVR2? In other words, is Sony gonna support their loyal PSVR owners, or are they gonna give us the finger.

  • We just need an official playstation mouse to go alongside the left hand controller for fps games without the need for a keyboard! Always wanted a set up like that. Analogue movement with mouse accuracy.

    The headset looks great btw! 👍🏻

  • 2 Questions… (1). How does this design accommodate people with larger hands such as a football linebacker?
    (2). How is audio addressed when it relates to privacy? Is there built-in audio on ear?


  • As someone who struggled to get comfy in the PSVR1 due to my “high brow”, i hope they fixed that in this second gen.

    3rd gen, please get rid of the cable.


  • This actually looks great!
    Can’t wait for when it comes out!

  • How am I the only person who noticed it’s wireless, they just haven’t mentioned that yet. Look at the third image… See any wires. That USB C cable must be able to detach, there must be a built in battery somewhere and connects to the PS5 over wi-fi or Bluetooth. Why else would they mention 360 degrees if your attached via a cable? They are foreshadowing an ultra slim wireless design, and before you say it can’t be done, look at the quest, it has been done before. Sony take my money.

    • Unless… 360 is a hint at the release date 3rd June…

    • What a bizarre observation. Sony already announced last year that it has a wire. Two of the promo images here show wire. The other is simply a promo shot with a pre-production unit. The final production will have a wire, and no revisions will be made to change that for the life of the product.

    • The cable would just look weird in the top down photo, so it’s probably just edited out. The cord is visible in other two images.

      Companies do this to make the product look slightly better.

      They clearly stated, that it’s going to use a wired connection.
      Wireless obviously can be done, but it would increase the base price, causing entire solution to be less attractive price-wise.

      So I’m hoping for wireless addon at least.

    • Really wished you were right but that last rendered picture can’t say anything…

      All we need is a detachable cable then there is possibility in the future for a wearable dongle provides battery and wireless capability. PS5 has wifi 6 which should be enough with proper compression.

  • This looks great! The first gen is what got me into VR in the first place!

    I do hope it works on PCVR, too, so I can play my library of games without having to repurchase them, especially since the specs of the headset seem really good.

    • That is not going to happen, so don’t get your hopes up. Less than 5% chance of that happening, but we’ll see I guess.

  • Looks refined from the first one with a lot of nice features, though I do hope for a midnight black version.

  • Can’t even describe how excited I am for this. I got a PS5 at launch in hopes a PSVR2 would eventually be released. Don’t get me wrong… I love Sony’s flat first party games but PSVR is where the real sauce is for me haha! Thanks for continuing to innovate! Day 1 fort me baby!!!

  • So psyched for this! Easily a day one purchase! So glad to see Sony supporting large AAA experiences in VR, unlike the craptastic Oculus. Sony will be the home for the most immersive, premium VR experiences. I just hope they can figure out how to get backwards compatability with PSVR 1 games. My guess is it will be out in early November for no more than 399. If they want to break through to mire people though they should do between 299 and 349 and take the loss leader approach. If they can have it launch with Horizon Call of the Mountain and Half Life Alyx that will be sick!!

  • I’ve never was into vr but I think I’m going to try this one out.

  • I personally can not wait for this!! I already packed up my 1st Gen PSVR and listed it for sale, I loved it on the PS4, but was not as happy with the integration on the PS5 so having a new one that is designed for the PS5 is perfect AND less wires!!

  • Just bring high quality games, thats all I want.

  • I am in LOVE..!

  • I’ve been waiting for my VR 1 adapter for my PS5 almost for 12 month and till now not received. I reached the call center for 10 times and every time they giving me and excuse and one of the agent just end the call and told me nothing to do from my side. so for sure not recommended to buy this version of VR. please sony hire better agent in your call center

  • Please tell us if it’s backwards compatible with the PS VR 1 or not.

  • *Breaks piggy bank* Let me preorder!!!!! Let me in!!!

  • I really like the overall design, the front looks a bit slimmer and the controller update is nice. Previous playstations looked nice but 5’s aesthetics are such a slick modern concept, I love it.

    That being said, preorders hopefully come soon because I can’t take the anticipation anymore. I’m stupidly hyped for this.

  • Beautiful design from you guys can not wait for what the future holds for this vr

  • This will be a day one buy for me if I can get my hands on a PS5 before then!

  • Why is there still a cord? You should be able to create this without an annoying cord dangling from the side og it.

    Except for the cord, the design looks fine though. I will not be buying it before it is cordless. Could be with an option to plug it in, while playing, like you have done with the controllers.

    • The cord is honestly not a big deal at all. If you want cordless go use the questy mobile phone processor. Well be using the power of a console to have much better games and experiences. 1 cord. Omg.

      Clearly youve never grown up with older consoles. Controllers used to be corded too. Oh my!

    • CrimsonMarkasaur, it might not be a big deal for you, but it is for other people.

      I don’t get how you can even compare VR with old wired console controllers. You just sit in front of TV when playing on console.

      With proper roomscale VR, you’re moving around and the cable twists and bends and get in the way.

  • I would love to see a Judge Dredd Edition on this, provided we’ll see a Judge Dredd title for the PS5. But it would be cool using a JD helmet anyway.

  • The cable not being removable is a huge mistake because if you have any issues with the wire the whole headset becomes useless. Very anti-consumer. If the wire breaks for you (common with PS VR1), you’ll have to pay a couple hundred sending it in for service. If you want to add a longer cable so you can mount it on your ceiling that’s not an option. Here’s to hoping that a fixed cable on a VR headset is durable enough to last 7+ years of full-motion gaming, getting tugged on, and pinched.

  • Now I believe the rumors that the PS VR2 will be released either this summer or even earlier!!! Can´t wait!!!

  • Love it. Can’t wait to get it. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to buy this before I can get a PS5. Hopefully it works with PC as well.

  • Does It Come In Black?

  • It looks amazing! But why didn’t Sony made a State of Play for this announcement focused in VR?! I am sure a lot of people would be amazed to see it.

  • It looks cool and they upgraded everything. I think all buy when its being sold 👍

  • Wow! That is a very nice design indeed!

  • Good, but STOP Censoring games ffs!

    • @ariesaries1525

      I want Sony to stop censoring games as well. This is why games will never be taken seriously to films and TV shows. I want to know the reason why Sony are censoring games, when Xbox and Pc are not.

  • Can I transfer to my old psvr to brand new psvr 2

  • Half life Alex would be the cherry on top!

  • Oh hell yeah! Lets go!

    Now please please please. Gravity Rush 2 VR update please!

  • That is awesome but why just unceremoniously dropped images of the final product online and not have a huge presentation? You know, a show on youtube showing off how proud you all are of this new headset.
    PlayStations communication just baffles me to no end.

    Looking forward to try it on and to learn what software will come to the PSVR2, if there is more software support from PlayStation that for the previous VR set etc.

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