New Indie reveals and updates take the spotlight

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New Indie reveals and updates take the spotlight

We’re brewing up a day of back to back indie updates.

Hi everyone! We’re back today with a lineup of reveals, updates, and previews for seven thrilling indie games coming to PlayStation. 

From mysterious horrors and action-packed dungeons, to colorful characters and thoughtful exploration, there’s a game from today’s announcements suited to every player. 

Keep an eye here on PS Blog as the updates unfold every half hour, starting at 7am PT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST.

Indie Spotlight announcements

New Indie reveals and updates take the spotlight

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  • looking forward to it

  • I’m very looking forward to reveals of new indie games. These are the people who do passion projects, and who tell deeply personal stories; who believe in their singular ideas and creativity with so much power, they will them to life all by themselves.

    I hope Yoshida-san’s influence can make Playstation the best place for indie devs to get all the assistance they need to make the best games they can, and for it to be the best place for them to make a business out of their passion.

    • It hasn’t.

      And I am an absolute Shu fanboy, but if anything, we are getting less Indies. Publishers like Devolver are omitting PlayStation and releasing on Switch and Xbox instead. It’s unheard of really. Maybe has to do with Game Pass money, but it was always the other way around last generation.

      Super giant games was loyal to PlayStation last generation when you look at Transistor and Pyre which was exclusive. Then they release Hades as a Switch timed exclusive.

      I hate to say it but I think the Shu move was appeared emotion and I don’t understand why. As much as he throws out the odd Tweet, he’s not bringing home the bacon. He isn’t strengthening relationships with Indie publishers or finding the new That Game Company straight out of school.

      I love me some Shu, he’s an absolute icon and a gorgeous man, but I want results. I really thought this was the perfect move for him and Sony in general, but it’s not working out that way. In truth, the loss of Adam Boyes absolutely killed Sony’s publisher relations and their Indie relationships.

      Sony used to Be The cutting Edge place on console for indie games and now we’re just lucky if we get them. Chicory was nice and Salt & Sacrifice is PC/PS4 only, but they are far and few compared to last generation.

      By the way, I love Sony and I love Shu. I’m extraordinarily happy with PlayStation and PlayStation 5 in general. But I’m honest and this is one criticism I do have.

  • Can’t wait to see Abandoned since it’s an indie title by Hideo I mean Hassan

  • We have so many questions about the trees in abandoned!!

  • Hopefully we hear about The Binding of Isaac: Repentance scheduled for Q3 2021

  • Shuhei you are the best! Keep up the great work.

  • eager to hear more about little devil inside. Hope that day is today

    • yeah me too

    • Is that game ever going to come out? It looks amazing but man they keep pushing it and we get no info.

      It’s sad that these great looking Indies like Stray, LDI, and Jett keep getting pushed.

  • Little Devil Inside?!? PLEASE…

  • Happy to hear something from Shu again~

  • Hopefully, efforts like this are accompanied by efforts to give Indies more visibility on the PSN Store & give them better access to PSN Sales than has been reported in the last couple of months. Still have wishlisted indies that have yet to have a sale or not had one in years!😕
    Still,nice to see some indies get some coverage!👍

  • I REALLY hope we see little devil inside please at least new screenshots or 2-5 minutes of new gameplay just to ensure the fans and backers that the game is still being worked on.😁 please and thank you.

    • This game did caught my attention when it was showcased over a year ago, but without any updates since then, I completely forgot about it. It makes sense that only KS backers are keeping an eye on it as they’ve already put money on the table.

  • Why all Indie Devs make metroidvania type of games instead of more original ones? I would love to see something like Front Mission, Monster Rancher or a card game.

    • I agree.

      Metroidvanias are dime a dozen and somewhat frustrating and boring. Ender Lilies was decent mostly due to art style, but the genre is oversaturated.

      We need some originality, and I am a huge rogue like fan but metroidvanias and roguelikes are basically all we get now. Where are the games like Journey (how didn’t Sony sign TGC?)?

  • I wish hollow knight silk song was announce for ps5!

  • Solid day of announcements. Mostly indies that were on other platforms being announced for PlayStation like A Short Hike, Carrion, Hades, and Oxenfree 2.

  • good evening can you also give us an update about Little devil inside ?

    Really looking forward to this game

  • Let’s hope the indie spotlight is part of an overall effort to improve indies visibility on the PSN Store after the recently reported issues/concerns. Would be nice if its backed up with improving Indie devs accessibility to the restrictive “invite only” PSN Sales…have a few indie titles wishlisted yet to see a sale years after release or their last sale was years ago!😕
    Nice to see the likes of Oxenfree Ii,& Carrion etc..,so fingers crossed the situation is improving.🤞

  • So now you delete comments from here Sony? Not only do you not listen to your hardcore fans, you delete the feedback they are trying to give you to get back on course???????

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING over there at PlayStation????

    I’m trying to help you not lose millions of PS Plus subs and you’re deleting my comments.

  • Can’t wait playstion always delivers

  • Make Unravel 1 & 2 for PS3 too, thanks.

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