Reverse-horror experience Carrion bursts onto PS4 later this year

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Reverse-horror experience Carrion bursts onto PS4 later this year

Gobble your way to freedom in a tentacular side-scrolling adventure.

We’re super excited to announce that Carrion, our grisly reverse-horror experience is chomping its way onto PlayStation 4! If you’ve always dreamed of portraying an amorphous blob of gristle, teeth, and tentacles as a PlayStation owner, you’ve come to the right place.

Reverse-horror experience Carrion bursts onto PS4 later this year

Carrion has been greedily gobbling up players during its first year on Earth, and we’ve had our sights set on bringing our tentacle-baby’s wanton path of destruction to PlayStation for what feels like forever! We hope those of you who have yet to feel the warm, sticky embrace of our alien protagonist find that it’s been worth the wait.

We are thrilled for you to soon get your feelers on Carrion, but what is a “reverse-horror experience”? Surely that’s just made-up marketing nonsense? Well, if you’re still unaware of our creepy (award-winning) creation, Carrion immerses you in the role of an abominable alien creature as it awakens in a secret, underground laboratory. With no explanation how it arrived there or for what purpose, there is only one thing on the mysterious monster’s mind: escape! And eat people. Okay, two things. But that reverse-horror title makes a lot more sense now, right?

You’ll spread fear and panic throughout the mysterious facility as you stalk and consume the secretive humans that have imprisoned you. As you grow and evolve you’ll acquire devastating abilities, including a web-like ranged attack, the ability to bend light to become temporarily invisible, and even possessing humans for maximum terror.

Your break for freedom will reveal a sprawling overworld that connects different parts of the facility, with new paths becoming accessible through your gradual evolution and successful completion of goals. It will take all your resourcefulness and cunning to navigate your crusade of chaos through the maze-like garrison as the humans begin to fight back.

We hope you guys are as hysterical as we are that Carrion is chomping its way onto PS4. We know there’s a secret monster lurking inside you all…

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