Bewitching crafting adventure Wytchwood comes to brew on PS4 & PS5 this Fall

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Bewitching crafting adventure Wytchwood comes to brew on PS4 & PS5 this Fall

Explore a charming world of witchcraft and fairytales in this magical crafting adventure game.

Hi there, we’re Alientrap Games and today we’re here to share our upcoming game Wytchwood with you! If you’re a fan of fairy tales (the Grimm kind), collecting newt eyes to craft hexes and cursing the living daylights out of shady villains, then read on! 

Made a deal with suspicious black goats lately? Finding it hard to get out of certain magical contracts? Nothing to worry about! In Wytchwood you take the role of a rickety old witch caught up in a dark pact she can’t remember making. You’ll travel the lands and uncover a rich narrative filled with a colorful cast of characters inspired by classic fables. A weeping maiden awaits the return of her lost love, a brutish bear loves nothing more than to knock some heads together, and a feline trickster in a smart pair of boots is plaguing the local market with her deceptions. Only with your magic and sharp wit will you be able to right these wrongs. Maybe with enough good deeds, that pesky billy goat hanging around your house will finally leave you alone! 

Even with all these evils running about unchecked, Wytchwood is fundamentally a chill game where exploration and collecting spell ingredients play a huge part of the experience. As the wicked witch of the swamp, you get to put on your hat- or in this case- your trusty cauldron, and go out into the world to discover what the lush environments hold for you. From the sunny forest, to the gloomy swamp and snow blown mountaintop, each area contains its own unique critters, plants and monsters. If you’re quick enough, maybe you’ll even snare that weird chicken legged fish that’s running around down by the docks! 

What’s a witch without her trusty grimoire? In Wytchwood, crafting potions and spells play a key role in unraveling the mysteries of the world. Did that pumpkin just… move? Crafting a Snagvine spell will be sure to hold it still. That cat seems awfully hungry! Maybe it will give you a special something if you can sate its appetite with a treat. Sometimes, an especially tricky problem will call upon you to dig deep and make something with a little more punch to it. Raising the dead takes more than a little elbow grease, after all. 

Bringing justice to the world and punishing evil doers is no easy feat, but with the right tools and attitude, you might just be the witch for the job! We hope you enjoyed this small peak at Wytchwood. Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to release. Wytchwood is being published by Whitethorn Games and will be coming to the PS4 and PS5 in Fall of 2021. 

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